6 Elvis Presley Conspiracy Theories

What can we say? A persistent belief is that "the King" did not die in 1977. Many fans persist in claiming he is still alive, that he went into hiding for various reasons. This claim is allegedly backed up by thousands of so-called sightings. The main reason given in support of the belief that Presley faked his death. Beside this one, there are other conspiracy theories surrounding Presley as well. To know about them, just visit the Insidermonkey and read the article they featured on the 6 Elvis Presley conspiracy theories.

Some of the ideas are more fanciful, but there’s also a lot of evidence which suggests The King’s death was not what it seems. There are public appearances decades after his demise, news records, eye witness, reports, photos and bizarre stories. To know details about them, all you have to do is, visit the Insidermonkey and read the featured article. Moreover, if you want, you can also take a look at 6 conspiracy theories about Princess Diana’s death as well. These conspiracy theories have lots in common! Read More!

6 Facts About Operation Northwoods Conspiracy Theory

When you have an official story that is so clearly false in so many ways, there are going to be a multitude of valid angles from which to examine and expose the deception. There are also going to be many directions the movement can take to advance the cause and to awaken the uninitiated. And Operation Northwood is one of that kind of story. You probably already know conspiracy theories about Operation Northwoods. But there are facts as well. In case you are curious to know them, there is an article compiled by the experts of Insidermonkey featuring 6 facts about Operation Northwoods conspiracy theory. Just take a look!

For those, who don't know about it, Operation Northwoods was a proposed operation against the Cuban government. American military leaders drafted plans to create public support for a war against Cuba, to oust Fidel Castro from power. The plans included committing acts of terrorism in U.S. cities, killing innocent people and U.S. soldiers, blowing up a U.S. ship, assassinating Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees, and hijacking planes. They even kept it as a secret for nearly 40 years. Surely, there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there, including about this particular operation. If you want, you can also check out 6 Elvis Presley conspiracy theories as well. Read More!

Project MK Ultra and Other Shocking CIA Programs

When the extent of the U.S. government’s domestic spying program was revealed this past summer, many were surprised and outraged: how could a government which so prizes liberty of its citizens covertly collect data on its own people? Yet, sadly, this is not the first time Uncle Sam, without permission or notice, secretly gathered information on its people and wasn’t even close to the greatest atrocity.  For that, there are numerous other examples. To know about the worst of them, check out an article of Insidermonkey on the project MK Ultra and other shocking CIA programs. This article will surely give you some new thoughts.

Likewise, many of the experiments of CIA were done secretly. Not all testing was done unwittingly, although that did not make it any more ethical. For example, in a prison experiment conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health Addiction Research Center at the Lexington Rehabilitation Center, prisoners who volunteered to participate in a hallucinogenic drug experiment were promised doses of the drug of their addiction. Shocking, isn't it? However, since this declassification was done decades after the deeds, they’d just raise their shoulders in a shrug, apologize for their predecessors and move on. If you want to see what the US government is able to do, please read up on 6 facts about Operation Northwoods conspiracy theory as well. Read More!

11 Most Popular Songs about Money

Money may be considered the root of all evil, but it is also the inspiration for some of the best songs ever. Though love is the most popular theme when it comes to music, but money is not too far behind. Interested to know about the famous songs about money? You have come to the right place! Just click on the link and read all about these 11 most popular songs about money.

Everyone needs money! And, sadly, everyone around the world seems to be suffering from lack of it. The paradox of money is a subject well-represented in popular music. Maybe because we enjoy hearing musicians sing about the pains of fame and fortune, or maybe we feel at peace knowing even millionaires aren’t satisfied with their cut of the capitalist system. Whatever the reason, there’s no shortage of tunes about money. And the article of Insidermonkey on the topic is the proof of that.

Anyway, if you read the article of Insidermonkey on the most popular songs about money already and liked it, be sure to check our previous post about the 11 most popular songs about death as well Read More!

11 Most Recognized Gangsters of Hollywood

Films have produced countless iconic gangsters, but when it comes to find the best of them. It is kind of hard. And that hard job was done by the experts of Insidermonkey. If you interested in gangster movies, you must check out their article on the 11 most recognized gangsters of Hollywood. Probably you know most of them already!

They are the people you do not want to deal with. They get what they want when they want it whichever way they prefer to do it. They are called the mobsters, gangsters or wiseguys. And these are the actors who have played the roles so effectively that some people think they are real life gangsters. And they are the most recognized gangsters of Hollywood. Of course, there are many actors that tried to do gangster roles, and few were successful. But those successful ones cemented their place in the Hollywood history, and became some of the most famous people in the world. They earned their fame, unlike the 10 most famous Hollywood socialites. Read More!

11 Cities With The Highest Demand for Geologists

As modern science allows us to learn more and more about planet earth it only makes sense that we'll need more geologists to help make these cutting-edge, scientific discoveries. Basically, for geologists, anywhere is a good place to live, because geology is everywhere. But if you are looking for the best, you might have to choose a city where the demand is very high. And To help you with your research, there is an article on the Insidermonkey covering 11 cities with the highest demand for geologists. Fellow geologists, who are looking for a new place to move, this article of Insidermonkey can surely guide you.

But remember, living in an area you want to live in can be worth tens of thousands of dollars to people, so it might be a better decision to seek out somewhere you would want to work and prove to them you deserve a competitive salary. Large cities are often where these energy companies are based, so you can secure a great advisory position if you would prefer to stay out of the field.

After all, geologists are few and far in between. This is in stark contrast to chemical engineers. In case you want to compare both of the profession, check out these 11 cities with the highest demand for chemical engineers as well. Read More!

11 Most Popular Places to Propose Marriage

Marriage proposal is a magical thing. Every women dream of it, many industries are based on it, and millions of men a year must think up a way to do it. And with all the ways to pop the question, what to do to make it memorable? Don't fret, go for one of the most popular places to propose marriage! That surely will be a good start for you.

The day a couple engaged is the happiest time in their lives. Many people choose to have small weddings, or lavish, grandiose celebrations, but there is one thing that all weddings have in common: They have to begin somewhere. For many people, asking the question at the right time and choosing the right venue to do it at is almost as important as the wedding itself. And this article of Insidermonkey surely can help and guide you with choosing the right venue. Moreover, to help you with the proposal speech, experts of Insidermonkey compiled a list of 11 Most Romantic Things to Say to Her as well. Read More!

11 Craziest Records Registered in The Guinness Book

People do crazy things all the time. Some of them are so insane and extraordinary that they qualify for a place in the Guinness World Records. And if you want to know about the craziest of them, check out an article of Insidermonkey featuring 11 craziest records registered in the Guinness Book.

There’s no better place to look for world records than in the Guinness Book of World Records. On some days where you may be bored or stressed out, it’s always fun to take a look at some of the world records and think about if you could have accomplished any of those. Or maybe you think of a world record that you could set. You might also think that the records shown here were never physically possible before. Read the article of Insidermonkey and maybe you’ll even be inspired to come up with something new to set a record for.

Surely, the book contains some that you would never think of. If it can be measured, it is in the Guinness Book of World Records after all. Just to give you a general idea, the book contains a record, held by Coco Chanel, about the first perfume launched by a couturier. You can also check if her perfume is among 6 most popular perfumes of all time. Read More!

11 Saddest Songs of All Time

Music has the ability to evoke emotions; it can make us laugh, fuel our anger, provide comfort during loss, or even make us cry. With that in mind, researchers of Insidermonkey came up with the top 11 saddest songs of all time that are guaranteed to make you cry. If you are planning to have an onslaught of emotion, these 11 songs surely can lead you there.

Sometimes there’s no better friend than a really good, really sad song. It assures you that you’re not alone, that someone else has felt this pain and turned it into a gift for you. Locking yourself in your bedroom to listen to mopey music isn’t just wallowing. It’s allowing the grief a place to breathe, allowing you to experience the pain in its fullness and hopefully come out the other side. We need sad songs for the comfort they can provide. And these songs from the Insidermonkey's list surely will give the comfort you are looking for.

However, instead of being sad, if you want to be inspired, the list of 11 most inspirational songs of all time is the one you are probably looking for. Read More!

11 Countries with Best Food in the World for Retirees

Food is one of the most important thing to be considered. Specially for retirees, expats and old people, since they simply can't tolerate certain foodies. And that's why retirees seeking new places should check out the local food type first. And to help fellow retirees with that, experts of Insidermonkey compiled an article featuring top 11 countries with best food/diet in the world for retirees and expats. If you are an expat and seeking a new home, this article can be really helpful to you.

The secret to taking control of your retirement in 2016 and making this phase of life a grand adventure, even if your retirement nest egg is modest, is expanding your horizons. Take your retirement global and you can maximize your quality-of-life return for every dollar spent. Where should you go? One of these 11 countries with best food can be your new home! And for further query, check out the top 11 countries with best healthcare in the world for retirees and expats as well. Read More!

7 Countries That Make The Best Cigars in The World

Ask anyone on the street where the best cigars in the world come from. Chances are you’ll hear the same four-letter word uttered each and every time, Cuba! But what about others? If you want to try different things, there is an article on the Insidermonkey featuring 7 countries that make the best cigars in the world. Fellow cigar lovers, don't forget to check the article out.

Cigars are usually associated to power and wealth and it goes without a say that they’re quite expensive indeed. First time smokers are normally shocked when they want to purchase cigars because of the price tag. Even though most other countries produce classic cigars, Cuban cigars without a doubt rank the highest in any list. But Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos are not bad either. Just check out the detailed article of Insidermonkey and know all about them.

On the other hand, if you think that spending money on a brand new car is better than wasting it on smoking, check out 7 countries that make the best cars in the world instead! Read More!

6 Most Adulterous Professions in America

Worried about your partner's wandering eye? Turns out there could be reason for concern, especially if they work in certain professions. Want to know about those adulterous professions? Visit the Insidermonkey and check out the list of 6 most adulterous professions in America!

Working outside of the home, and earning decent wages helps to stabilize the home environment. But, there is a catch. There are specific careers in which highly educated people are much more susceptible to giving into the temptation of cheating, for men and women alike. Even though who already has inside his heart the seed of infidelity no matter what their profession is, we can say that some of them surely tend to lead to an unfaithful behavior. And moreover, speaking of adultery, beside professions there are so many other aspects as well to be considered. For an example, just check the 10 most adulterous countries in the world. Even places/countries have different impact on this! Read More!

11 Cities With The Highest Demand for Kindergarten Teachers

Not all cities value teachers equally. In fact, a recent study by the experts of Insidermonkey reported on the cities with the highest demand for kindergarten teachers clearly shows that. In case you have any doubt, just visit the link and read all about the cities that values kindergarten teachers the most!

I believe this list of Insidermonkey will be helpful for those entering the teaching field to make an informed decision about what the teaching field offers in terms of pay and benefits.  This list can also serve as a way of navigating through a very confusing maze of salaries and benefits for kindergarten teachers. After all, kindergarten teachers make less than many other professions, with geologists earning more, which is evident in the 11 cities with the highest demand for geologists.
Read More!

11 Cities With The Highest Demand for Teachers

If you've ever thought of becoming a teacher, you've probably wondered where the best state to work would be. But when you look at the job market, you have many things to consider. And to help you with that, experts of Insidermonkey compiled a list on the 11 cities with the highest demand for teachers.

Due to the economy, teaching positions have become more competitive. Some have left the corporate world to find their calling leading classrooms, and even higher education has seen a boost in enrollment for advanced degrees.  Some cities that were once places that teachers flocked, struggle to keep teachers employed and offer contracts for the next school year. But other cities still show promise for providing a place for new and continuing teaching careers. In case you are interested, read the article of Insidermonkey and find out! Moreover, if you want more specific information, you might want to check another article on the 11 cities with the highest demand for kindergarten teachers as well. Read More!

10 Most Dishonest Professions in America

You may have different opinions on what constitutes a good career, but there’s a general consensus about the least respected jobs in the America. These jobs are believed to be the most honest and ethical, according to research done by the experts of Insidermonkey. So, if you want to know which job they are, just click on the link and read all about these most dishonest professions in America.

Whether you like it or not, your choice of career says a lot about you. Considering the fact that we spend the bulk of our lives either working or sleeping, how we choose to spend our days gives an insight into who we we are. And surely, if you work in any one of these professions, chances are pretty good that people don’t view you in the most positive light. Though judging someone on what they do for a living surely not be a good thing. But still, people of America generally have their own perceptions of any given profession. They are often dealing with recognizable brands just like America itself is a brand for many a good and bad things at the same time. Speaking of brands, here’s a list of 10 common words you didn’t realize were brand names. Read More!

11 Best Places in USA to Visit for Singles

Not all cities are created equal for those looking to find someone, whether to marry or just be single together. With that in mind, Experts of Insidermonkey made a list covering the best places in USA to visit for singles. If you are a single without any string, one of these cities from the list can be your new hometown.

These cities tend to have higher-than-average rates of people who go to art galleries, bars, nightclubs and pool halls. They have more residents who are likely to dance, sing karaoke and go to romance movies. Whether they do these things on dates or to learn what dating is like is open to interpretation. After all, these are the cities where it’s great to be single, but maybe good to find someone to stop being single as well. In case that happens, you might someday need to check out The Best Places in USA to Visit for Families instead! Read More!

11 Most Expensive Countries in Europe

You might think life here in America is expensive. But it turns out that when compared to the rest of the world, the U.S. doesn't even make the list of the most expensive countries. While many countries in Europe made it to the list. Surely it is not a good thing, and if you are planning to move there, you must know about these 11 most expensive countries in Europe.

There are various factors due to which the living cost in these countries are increased such as monetary value, investment, interest rate, exchange rate and currency of the country. Cost of living is considered to be very high in the developed countries. Survey of the economists of Insidermonkey covered almost countries of the Europe. And according to the survey, these countries are considered to be most expensive. It is because the economists do the survey of cost of living of many countries, and the cost of living was much expensive in these countries as compared to all other countries of the world. Now if you are curious about the names, just visit the link above and read all about these expensive European countries.

Moreover, if you want to compare these countries with other part of the world, there is another list on the 11 most expensive countries in Africa for you! Read More!

11 US Cities with the Most Pleasant Weather for Retirees

If you want to find some of the best retirement spots in America, my advice to you is this: Head for the cities. where there is plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature. Even in spots that have extremely cold winters, retirees are still able to leave their homes and enjoy a breath of fresh air. In turn, many of the most active communities tend to have the happiest residents. Now, if you want to know the best cities suited for retirement, there is a list compiled by the experts of Insidermonkey featuring 11 US cities with the most pleasant weather for retirees.

Many people dream of moving to a new location in retirement. When you are no longer tied to your job you can finally take off for a warmer climate, pursue your hobbies, or simply move closer to your grandchildren. Selecting a place to retire requires a great deal of thought and planning. Moving to a lower cost locale than where you live now can give your nest egg a much needed boost. Make sure that any place you move to has quality health care facilities in case you need them. However, if you think, the climate condition of the U.S. is not good enough, you might want to check out these 21 cities with the best climate in the world year round instead. Read More!

11 Cities With The Highest Demand for Dental Hygienists

But with the job market getting tougher, families thinking about relocation choices, nasty-looking criminals banging on the door, and dental hygiene schools opening up on every corner, you might wonder if a change of scenery would be helpful. So,  if you are wondering about what states has the highest demand for dental hygienists, to help you along, there is an article on the Insidermonkey featuring 11 cities with the highest demand for dental hygienists. Don't forget to check it out!

For many of us, we’re pretty partial to where we live and work. We think it’s a great place with a lot of great features. Maybe, it’s the place where you were born and raised and you can’t imagine living anywhere else. All of those things are great … but is where you are right now a great place to work in a dental practice? If it is not, then you should probably consider one from the list. But if you don't want to practice at all, and more interested in teaching, the scenery is totally different. Just check out these 11 cities with the highest demand for teachers. You will be able to figure out the difference easily. Read More!

Cities With The Highest Demand for Accountants

Accountants are everywhere. Big cities, small towns, anywhere business is done there’s a need for accountants, auditors, bookkeepers and all other number crunchers. But let’s face it, for the biggest concentration of accounting, cities are the best places to be. So, which cities are the best? With answer to this question, experts of Insidermonkey compiled an article on 11 cities with the highest demand for accountants. If you are looking for a job in financial sector, this article can be your best guideline.

Staff shortages and growing demand have accounting firms and finance departments desperate for employees, which puts job seekers in a great position. Nonetheless, the list I am talking about is compiled from data from the field, and takes into consideration which positions are most in demand in a particular city, the outlook of the local job market, average salary figures, and local quality of life. These surely are great places to be an accountant. After all, the United States is home to over a million accountants, which in turn demonstrates the high level of demand for the profession, several times greater than other professions. For an example, dental hygienists is not a demanding profession at all. But still, if you are one, you might want to check out these 11 cities with the highest demand for dental hygienists. Read More!

6 Best Rated Mattresses for Back Pain

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can lead to or worsen back pain. An ergonomic mattress encourages good sleeping posture, relaxes muscles and generally provides healthy, wholesome sleep. So, if you are suffering back pain, maybe it is because of your current mattress. Now, if you have any plan to buy a new one, the article of Insidermonkey on the 6 highest rated mattresses for back pain can surely be your guide!

Waking up with back pain in the morning is more common than you might think; it’s the single most common complaint of musculo skeletal discomfort. Much of this unnecessary and easily avoided discomfort is due to body aches and pains caused by poor quality uncomfortable mattresses or pillows, which can keep a person from getting a sound nights sleep. Experts of Insidermonkey's in-depth research into this field has made it possible to compile a detailed buying guide and unbiased mattress reviews to help you along the path to finding the best mattress for back pain relief.

On the other hand, if you are not suffering back pain and more into luxury, another list of the most expensive mattresses in the world, might be the list you are looking for. Read More!

10 Top Google Searches in 2015

The word Google has been part of the dictionary since 2006, which tells you just how vital the search engine has become. Google’s annual list of its most popular search terms give us a snapshot of what people have been most curious about over the past year. In case you want to know if you have missed any vital news of 2015, check out the list experts of Insidermonkey compiled on the top 10 Google searches in 2015.

For me, the more I browsed around Google’s lists of 2015’s top searches, the more depressed I get. Paris under attack, Cecil the Lion, Volkswagen emissions scandal, the list goes on. But lets be optimistic a little! It’s not all bad news. Some of the year’s most popular searches covered far less woeful topics, and the world’s top Internet company just released its lists covering the top searches of the year. Some of them will surprise you and some of them are well expected, but browsing around these lists will definitely help you relive a roller coaster of a year. So, what are you waiting for?!

Speaking of Google searches, some of you might also want to check out these 11 most googled female celebrities in the world as well. Read More!

11 Cities With The Highest Demand for Lawyers

A career as a lawyer can present you with excellent opportunities and provide a good income. But your opportunities and income potential will vary greatly depending on where you decide to practice law. To help fellow lawyers with this part, experts of Insidermonkey compiled a list of 11 cities with the highest demand for lawyers. Visit the link, read all about these cities, and make the most of your career by choosing to practice in one of these best cities for lawyers.

This is a list that’s worth keeping in mind as you try to figure out where you may want to start your career. It really depends on the type of life you’d like to lead. Do you want small-town charm or big-city flair? It’s really up to you. Choose wisely, young attorneys, for soon, you may be complaining about your lack of work/life balance if you want the best of the best.

But keep it in mind that the salaries paid to lawyers are much better than in most other professions, even accountants. And if you are an accountant, this article surely has no use for you. But don't be disappointed. For people like you, there is another article on the 11 cities with the highest demand for accountants as well. Read More!

11 Most Popular Songs about Friendship

Songs can succinctly tell stories. Many songs have succeeded in glorifying relationships. And one such relation is ‘Friendship’. Songs dedicated to friendship have deeply touched one and all. With Friendship Day around the corner, let’s take a look at the list of the most popular songs about friendship which was compiled by the experts of Insidermonkey!

Friendship is a complicated thing. It can save your life, like when a good buddy gets you through a bad breakup or it can drive you absolutely nuts. Still the greatest feeling in the world is having a best friend, someone who adores you and your quirks. While romantic ballads are timeless, music really hits its stride when talking about those who truly know your intimate secrets. And musicians find inspiration in many themes such as friendship, love and even money! The last one is hard to believe, but just check out this article about the 11 most popular songs about money. Read More!

8 Worst Corporate Scandals in Japan

The scandal at Toshiba has got Japan’s government worried that investors will lose confidence in the country. Japan has its own problems with antiquated oversight of top managers but companies have cooked the books throughout history and worldwide. But this Toshiba scandal is not the only one. There are many. If you want to know about them, there is an article you can find on the Insidermonkey covering 8 worst corporate scandals in Japan.

Corporate scandals are never insulated. It affects more than just the executives and employees. When shit hits the fan, investors lose money, the government uses taxpayer money, and the economy bleeds profusely. But still, most of the time these crimes goes unpunished, even the biggest one. Such as Toshiba scandal, which was surely one of 10 biggest corporate scandals in modern history. Read More!

11 Most Ethnically Diverse Cities in Europe

We now live in a world without borders. Thanks to immigration, cities all over the world are transforming into baskets and melting pots of culture. But the most interesting, culturally diverse, and amazing cities are in the Europe. Want to know about them? Just visit the Insidermonkey and read all about the 11 most ethnically diverse cities in Europe.

The world is a fascinating place bound by unique cultures and languages. As large as it is, it is also small, with various groups gathering in cities all around the world creating vibrant places to invigorate any culture lover. From Australia and Africa to Europe and the America, there are many cities in which visitors can explore the world or at least a smaller portion of it. But in this article, experts of Insidermonkey look at 11 of the best cities in Europe. Moreover, if you want to get the bigger picture, there is another article on the 14 most ethnically diverse cities in the world as well. Read More!

10 Most Prestigious Cheerleading Squads

Any sports would not be the same without the cheerleaders. In the 10 most prestigious cheerleading squads, Insidermonkey focused on the beautiful ladies representing their respective sides. Some beautiful hot women dancing along the sidelines have become the most fascinating experience for fans in the stadium as well as for those watching on television.

Cheerleading is a professional career all over the world. Cheerleaders are the greatest source of attraction for a team and are responsible for more coverage, local support and increase media image of a team. Since that many franchises hired cheerleader’s squad to increase their promotion, media coverage and local support. These cheerleaders are enhancing the charm and attraction of any sports. Apart from entertaining fans, many cheerleading squads of America even perform for the United States Armed Forces, and are actively involved with their communities. Anyway, to know about the most Prestigious of them, just visit the link above.

NFL also heavily influenced by the appearance of cheerleaders as they represent American football on a global scale. Speaking of NFL, check out another list of the 11 most expensive NFL stadiums to build as well. Surely, this is also an interesting theme to read. Read More!

10 Most Googled Movies in 2015

With the new year around the corner, Google has released trends ranking movies according to the number of times they were searched for around the world this year. So, if you are a movie lover, you should check out the list experts of Insidermonkey compiled on the top 10 most googled movies in 2015, and see if you have missed any good one!

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again. No, not of shopping mall Christmas carols and rowdy holiday crowds (Those times should be over by now). So, now I’m talking about Google’s annual lists of the top search terms for the year. Naturally that includes movies. After all, we should know what the world of entertainment was into. Anyway, visit the link and find out what the most searched for movies of 2015 were. Moreover, some movies have been so popular this year that they’ve not only made it onto the most googled movies list, but also on the list of the top 10 Google Searches in 2015. Want to know about them? Just hit the link! Read More!

10 Most Googled Music Artists in 2015

Despite only coming back onto the scene in October 2015, Adele dominates Google's year-end lists. The singer was the top trending music artist on Google last year, according to Google's Year in Search review. But what about the rest? If you are curious, there is an article of Insidermonkey on the top 10 most googled music artists in 2015. Check it out yourself, and let us know if your favorite one is missed.

The list is maybe a little surprising, I thought we'd see Drake on there, but it doesn't include any EDM artists. Electronic dance music feels like an outdated narrative by now, as it seems like more or less a fact that it has already successfully infiltrated the mainstream, but if these numbers are right, clearly it's not as popular as it's sometimes made out to be. And not just artists, the Google has released lists of the most searched for queries throughout the year, including the top 10 most googled movies in 2015 as well. In case you are not a fan of music, and have more passion for movies, the list I just mentioned might be more interesting to you. Read More!

5 Hotel Chains Preferred by Cheating Couples

It's no secret that unethical affairs generally take place in hotel rooms and away from the family home. And though hotels would prefer to sell themselves as destinations for business travelers and families, a lot of the revenue hotels see comes from infidelity. Even, some of  the hotels make most of their money from cheating couples rather than usual customers. In case you want to avoid such places, you should check out the article experts of Insidermonkey compiled on the top 5 hotel chains preferred by cheating couples.

There are many reasons why people choose to cheat on their husbands, wives, and partners. One thing they all have in common is that they don’t want to be caught. Instead of taking the risk of cheating on home turf, couples take to the nearest hotels for the privacy they sorely need. Hotels are private, discreet and they’re perfect for a meeting you don’t want the world to witness. There’s a lock-and-key door, a bed, a shower to clear off the evidence, and drapes to draw over the windows. When cheaters have only one thing on their minds, a hotel room is easily the most convenient and safest location. But surely, hotels are not the only place, where these cheaters meet. It can also be limited to other ways of physical contacts and is overall called adultery. To find out where adulterous people mostly reside, check out 10 most adulterous countries in the world. Read More!

11 Most Expensive Clothing Brands For Kids

Many parents are conscious about their dressing and are willing to purchase expensive clothes for their kids to maintain their status and move in the high-class society. But, you have to know about them first! Also just because clothing is made for little people, doesn’t mean the price tag is actually any smaller. In fact, many of the kiddie couture lines cost more than a lot of adult clothing lines do. Way more than you probably think. Anyway, you don't have to take my words for it. Just visit the Insidermonkey, and see these most expensive clothing brands for kids!

There are hundreds of luxurious clothing brands in the world which are making clothes for kids. The clothes made by them are very stylish and according to the latest fashion. The clothes of these brands are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone, and only rich people can afford them. No need of kids clothing? No worries. There is another article on the 9 most expensive clothing brands in 2015 was solely compiled for you! Read More!

11 Highest-paid College Football Coaches

College football is big business, and coaching salaries seem to increase significantly each year. Also as the demand increases for colleges to compete for national championships, salaries for the head coaches are skyrocketing. Have any doubt about it? Whatever the case is, don't forget to check out the list made by the experts of Insidermonkey on the highest-paid college football coaches. If you are fan of college football, you might want to find out, who tops the list of highest-paid college football coaches, after all.

As I said, it is really a big business. The colleges that comprise the top five conferences pulled in $3.17 billion in revenue in 2014 alone. That’s an average of roughly $50 million per institution. To make those revenue numbers, these big colleges pay their head coaches well, making them the biggest individual winners of all. They are one of the top paid public employees in the states, and that’s because it is worth spending money on them. It’s clear that college football coaches have every reason to sing out loud being the most important parts of their respective programs. Speaking of singing, take a look at the list of 13 highest paid singers in the world in 2015 as well. Read More!

11 Cities With The Highest Demand for Paralegals

 Unlike some jobs that can be outsourced or lose value in a struggling economy, paralegals are always valued and in demand. That said, some cities offer more options for paralegal employment than others, due to a variety of circumstances. If you are looking to start your career as a paralegal, I insist you to check out an article of Insidermonkey on the 11 cities with the highest demand for paralegals. Surely, this will help any new paralegal a lot!

When you are in search of paralegal jobs, you want to consider the highest paying ones. This means you will have to check out a variety of options, and finding the right city/place is the most important of them. To have a great paralegal salary, you must have to find a place where your demand is high. And that's where we come in. Carefully check out this article of Insidermonkey, find out the best suited city for you, surely the benefit will be yours.

On the other hand, the field is totally different for professional and qualified lawyers. In case you are one, you should consider one of these 11 cities with the highest demand for lawyers instead. Read More!