17 Cities with the Highest Suicide Rate Per Capita in 2018

Suicides are a huge issue in today’s world. Around 800,000 suicides happen annually throughout the world.  But surely statistics are not the same in different parts of the world. It seems that the countries with the most suicides in the world also have most problems with depression and issues like alcoholism and political situation in the country.

On the matter of suicides in general, there are some locations where they are more common:

Although we are talking about cities here, the vast majority of suicide in the countries in general is done by people living in rural areas. But on the other hand, there are many interesting and mysterious places where suicides take place. One such place is Aokigahara forest in Japan, which seems to be among the favorite places to take suicide.
On the more bright side, one of the least suicidal countries is surprisingly (or not) Saudi Arabia, followed by Syria and Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman and Jamaica, as the data from 2012 suggests. But, more interestingly, countries that are marked as the “happiest countries” in the world are showing a high rate of suicides. Such as the example of Switzerland where around 1,000 suicides are committed annually. There are also the Nordic countries like Finland or Denmark which also show a high percentage of suicides.

So, suicides being more common in rural areas and special places, which leaves cities and urban areas in the second plan of the picture. But nevertheless, we do not say that the issue of suicides in cities should be neglected. On the contrary, suicide is a serious issue and as such should be treated seriously no matter where it happens of course. But while we, simple readers, cannot do much on suicide prevention (except offering the help and support to those in our surroundings), we can check out which the 17 Cities with the HighestSuicide Rate Per Capita in 2018 are.

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13 Best Karaoke Duets For Male-Female Singers

So, you have been invited to (or are organizing) a karaoke party. In each case, it is good to be prepared and have some ideas about the music choice in your head. Here we are to find out which are some of the best duet songs for karaoke singing.
But why duets exclusively? Well, although it will surely end up in crowd singing, duet karaoke songs are the best choice for those who are shy and not confident enough in their singing abilities. As it says:

Singing duet songs would actually be a better solution for newbies especially if you are shy and need time to relax at the beginning because in this case there’s always someone to cover your mistakes. But, on the other hand, if you are interested in picking some of the best karaoke duets for male-female, have in mind that those might not be the easiest ones as well. But no worries, karaoke is all about fun, and no one will judge you for your mistakes or bad voice. But first, before you decide to try singing duets, you might want to try yourself out with some of the best karaoke songs for bad singers by picking some of the 16 Best Karaoke Songs for Bad Singers.

So, yes, before picking a song for duet, especially if you are the one of those shy people, and need a good ice breaker, you really might try out some songs for bad singers. That would actually boost your moral, if you can sing them well, that means you are not as bad as you thought.

So after that first step, now you are ready for picking some good duet karaoke sons. But first be sure to pick a good partner – someone who can cover you either by loudness or good singing abilities. Nevertheless, no worries, and take a look at some of the13 Best Karaoke Duets For Male-Female Singers.

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10 Best Whiskey Countries in the World

Any whiskey lovers there? Or beginners on that matter? Well, if you want to find out which are the best countries for whiskey, let’s find out.

 Even though Scotland is the homeland of modern whiskey, alcohol had been known to humankind for millennia of course. Made from fruit or grains, people have distilled alcohol in one way or another. But some alcoholic beverages have remained and become one of the favorites throughout the world. Yes, that is the case with whiskey, not accidentally named the water of life.
 Nowadays there are so many different types of whiskey since it is one of the favorite world-widely widespread drinks, and there are some regions of the world which are more famous than other for the production of whiskey. So, that is why in the USA for example, you will find bourbon (and on this matter you might be interested in Best Bourbon for the Money in 2018: 10 Best Bourbons under $50), while rye is characteristic for Canada and so on. On the other hand, many would agree that among the top 5 whiskeys in the world majority would come from Scotland, but that also depends on personal preferences.

Yes, whiskey is popular. But what makes one country better than other when it comes to whiskey? Well, there are many criteria we can take into account when talking about it. First of course what comes to mind is the technique and quality of distillation itself. Some distilleries have a distinct way of ageing, distillation, grain mixture or some other important part of whiskey making process that makes their whiskey recognisable among others. Other criteria are, for example, the amount of whiskey production and export, or the consumption and demand.
So, as some countries are synonyms for beer, like Czech Republic or Germany, we are here to see which 10 Best Whiskey Countries in the World are. Let’s check them out.

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10 Cheapest Places to Buy Cigarettes in the World

Being a dedicated smoker or not, have you ever wondered which are the cheapest places to buy cigarettes in the world? It is an interesting question since tobacco and cigarette prices are generally on the rise globally.
Yes, there are health consequences of smoking (as well as alcohol, unhealthy diet and unhealthy lifestyle in general). Governments are putting efforts in reducing number of smokers by many means: rising taxes on tobacco which consequentially rises the prices, banning smoking on public places, banning cigarette advertisement etc…

But tobacco was being used since 4000 of years ago among the peoples of South America, being chewed or smoked. In these cultures, smoking, and use of tobacco and other psychoactive substances, in general, was of the ritual importance and was consumed by shamans. It was of course introduced to the rest of the world when American continent was “discovered” by Europeans in the 15th century when the mass production and cultivation of tobacco started. Even though there are more ways of tobacco use than smoking, such as sniffing or chewing, the most common way of tobacco use remained in the shape of cigarettes.

Since the smoking and tobacco (and alcohol and other psychoactive substance use in general) have been in human society for such a long time as part of culture, it is hard to eliminate these habits from people’s lives.

But, as it is to be expected, high income countries are doing better job when it comes to minimizing the cigarette selling and use. On the other hand, cigarettes are way more affordable in low and middle income countries, as well as the alcohol, and hence these countries have more health issues related to tobacco and alcohol.

But anyway, health consequences of tobacco use are not in our focus now. We are here to investigate where you can buy the cheapest cigarettes. So, for that matter we have found for you a choice of 10 Cheapest Places to Buy Cigarettes in the World.

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10 Best Things to Sell on Craigslist in 2018

Are you thinking of getting rid of all the old stuff you're not using anymore? Luckily, you don’t need to have a garage sale to do that; there is a more elegant way. There is a variety of apps where you can sell or buy anything you like; you just have to pick the one you find suitable. Although there is no dedicated app, Craigslist keeps providing a reliable service for years which explains why there are so many users on this platform so you should give it a shot.
You can advertise so many things on Craigslist, not just real products but jobs and services. At times you can find some really weird ads o this platform but if you're looking for 10 Best Things to Sell on Craigslist in 2018, then look no further. Take a look at this list and start earning money!

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10 Best Things to Sell on Shopify

Are you thinking of starting an online store? You really should. But where you ask? Shopify is the answer. This ecommerce platform is ideal for selling stuff online. So many people are buying and selling on Shopify that is high time to join them. If you want to become a merchant on this popular platform, you should do a research and find out what sells well on Shopify. Recently, I discovered this list of 10 Best Things to Sell on Shopify and it opened up my eyes.
Trending products sell well on the platform, much like everywhere else, so take a look at this article to see what the popular items are. 
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12 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally and Online

Do you have a cluster of old things that just sit around the house? We all do. Spring cleaning is the time when we get rid of all these things we no longer use. But how? A garage sale? If that's not your taste, what do you do?
Luckily, there are so many apps where you can list of all those old items (and even garage sales) and turn them into cash. I have been wondering what the best apps to sell stuff are and I came across 12 Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally and Online, and I found my answer. If you want to get rid of some stuff badly too, I suggest you take a look at this list. Craigslist and Letgo are just a few of them listed here. 
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7 Richest Most Powerful Ethnic Groups in America

America, the multi-racial and multi-ethnic country, is home to more than three hundred millions of people and many different ethnic groups. Some are smaller while some constitute up to 17% of the entire population of the United States.
According to the United States Census Bureau, 17.8% of the entire population is Hispanic/Latino, which is the largest ethnic minority, while Black or African American population constitutes about 13.3%.
But what are the richest and most powerful ethnic groups? According to Insider Monkey’s 7 Richest Most Powerful Ethnic Groups America, they include Jewish Americans, Indian Americans etc. Check out the article to sell the full list. 
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Top 10 Plastic Surgery Countries In 2018

Opinions are divided when it comes to plastic surgery but almost everyone is doing it nowadays. Or at least you know someone who changed something about their appearance with the little help of plastic surgery.
Even though rhinoplasty is still one of the most common procedures, it’s not just the nose, the lips, and the breasts anymore. Women and men both undergo a series of procedures to change their appearance entirely. Their chin and cheeks are among the top choices when it comes to plastic surgery. Just to be clear, we’re not judging. On the contrary, if improving one’s aesthetic features of the body makes them more confident and thus happier, then we say go for it.

Insider Monkey wanted to know what countries are the top plastic surgery destinations so they made a list. Plastic surgery is very popular in these countries and they aren’t afraid to say it. Go check out Top 10Plastic Surgery Countries in 2018 out to learn more. 
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17 Countries With the Most Single Females In The World In 2018

We know that it can often be quite difficult to find someone. Perhaps, if you’re a guy, you think that your chances would be better in another country? That is actually not a bad idea. If you are looking for the best countries to find a girlfriend, according to the United Nations report from 2015, there are 124 countries in the world with more females than males, so the odds are on your side. On the other hand, the country with the highest male population, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates has the lowest female to male ratio. 

17 Countries With the Most Single Females In The World in2018 contains no less than 17 countries where females are the majority of the population. This means more chances for you so what are you waiting for? Check out the list now. 
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Top 10 Cities With Most Breast Implants In US

When it comes to cosmetic surgery trends, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation are not the only two popular procedures, even though breast augmentation continues to be the most popular procedure. Facial fillers, CoolSculpting and other non-surgical fat reduction methods, and scar treatments are also quite popular lately. 

According to the report from ISAPS, Americans spent quite a lot of money on plastic surgery. In some cities, people are more likely to undergo a cosmetic procedure than in others. If you are curious as well to learn what those cities are, Insider Monkey has the answer. Top 10 Cities With Most Breast Implants In US contains a list of 10 cities where people are most likely to get a breast augmentation as well as some other procedures. Take a look at the article to learn more.  
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15 States with Toughest Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence is something that should have been overcome ages ago. If we look at the greatest human achievements concerning technology and science, it seems almost impossible that still, the relations between people are not on the satisfied level. What’s more shocking is that not only random human relations are not “regulated,” if we can use this phrase, but quite often that’s the case with family relations as well. You would think that this is not your case, or that it is impossible your future spouse is capable of hurting you, but never say never. What is more, sometimes even the profession can influence the rate of domestic violence.

Do you know which are the 15 States with Toughest Domestic Violence Laws?
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15 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World in 2018

This is something both women and men have in common – they like sex. However, there are many differences in how we perceive it. Traditionally, women are considered to be the emotional ones, who always get attached after having sexual intercourse, while the men can sleep with many women without being emotionally involved. Has this image changed? I would say one big YES. There has been a shift when it comes to the what men and women want when it comes to sex. Nowadays, it seems that women aren’t the sensitive ones in a relationship. Most of the women these days don’t mind having a one-night stand. If we go back in history, this would be an unimaginable assumption. Therefore, a lot of studies are conducted mostly on women and their sexual activities. One of them is the research of the most sexually active cities in the world, which will be mentioned in the text that follows - 15 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World in 2018
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5 Most Popular Best Selling Bible Translations in 2018

In the world, there are basically over hundreds of different translations of the Bible to English language, and each version can be analyzed in different ways. So, we have a literal translation, which is a word-for-word translation from Greek and Hebrew to the English language. The other option is thought-for-thought translation, which put the emphasis on the importance of the meaning of the translated sentence and the context of the whole text. Based on these differences, people have their own preferences. As we cannot agree on tastes, it means there is no universal agreement of what is the best Bible translation. But it is known which one are the 5 Most Popular Best Selling Bible Translations in 2018
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11 Worst Neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2018

By watching a lot of movies about the New York City, I could easily conclude that not every neighborhood there is equally safe for living. There is always a bunch of people who are in a big hurry to get to the work, or they are rushing home. In the metro, there is always a huge mass that is either trying to desperately get into the train or once they are in, fight for the seat. On the other hand, if we take into account movies, there is magically enough space on the streets for occasional car racing and police chases. My opinion is that this is possible just on the screen, even if we take into account some of the less crowded cities.

However, many neighborhood in NYC are just not safe. Eager to know which are the 11 Worst Neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn in 2018?
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15 States with the Highest STD Rates in the US in 2018

Sex is fun and interesting practice, let’s put it like that. However, it can have its negative sides, as well. Yes, you guessed it, the STDs or the Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I think that sexually active people are well aware of their existence, but the question is, do they protect themselves enough? Quite often, condoms are not enough protection. I am not saying that you should take pills and in the same time sleep with condoms (let’s not exaggerate), but, I have an urge to strongly emphasize in this article, the importance of doing regular gynecologist or urologist check-ups.

Why do I think this is so important? You will find out by reading about it in the 15 States with the Highest STD Rates in the US in 2018!
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7 Most Racist Rappers in the World

It is always so difficult to write about sensitive topics such as racism, feminism, LGBTQ population and similar. Somehow, whatever you write concerning them, has to be thought through. And even after all that heavy thinking, you are still not sure if you might hurt somebody with the things you said. However, after being in “writing business” for quite some time, I realized that regardless of the topic and its sensitiveness, there’s always somebody who will not agree with you. And that is completely fine. After all, freedom of expression counts both for the writer and the reader.

That is why you should take a look at the 7 Most Racist Rappers in the World prepared by the Insider Monkey!
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11 Easy Award Winning Science Fair Projects for 9th Grade

As a fresh high schooler who likes science, you would surely want to give the best to show how serious you are in your first scientific projects. So because of that you would probably want to try yourself out in some science fair. For such occasion you would need a good science project idea, and preferably a winning one.

Before we proceed to some ideas for the easy winning science fair projects or 9th grade, let’s make a short introduction on what you should have in mind before proposing a project. There are some things that all true scientists have in mind and follow when conducting a research. Well, that is what you should also have in mind as a young enthusiast:

What are those basic things you will need in order to do a scientific work? One of the important factors concerning any science is being innovative and “thinking outside the box”. That’s how you will get some innovative ideas that will push you further and maybe make some extraordinary scientific achievements. Then other important thing about being a scientist means being consistent and knowing well the scientific method. A scientific method encompasses all the steps of a scientific research. Let’s be clear here, there is no strict definition of what scientific method is, it will depend on many things including the field of science, goals etc.

So, never lose the idea of the scientific method while working on your projects. After picking some of the scientific areas and fields you like the most, then comes the time to think about what particular thing you would like to do. For that we have found some interesting ideas for you that cover variety of scientific fields. Go and check them out on 11 Easy Award Winning Science Fair Projects for 9th Grade.

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15 Countries with the Best Weather All Year Round

What is the perfect weather, and where are the paces with best climate all year round? Is it diversity, having all the weather conditions combined, or is it homogeneity in terms of stabile climatic conditions and no weather extremes? That depends on the personal preferences of course. And not only preferences exclusively, but health conditions as well. Some climates and weather conditions are better for some health conditions than others.

But first, we need to make a distinction between weather and climate:

Climate is somewhat a summarized representation of the average weather on the planet. As weather, the climate is influenced by temperature, humidity, pressure, elevation, precipitation, latitude and so on. At the beginning of the 20th century, Wladimir Köppen made the first climate division, which, with some revision is still used today, known as the Köppen–Geiger climate classification. By that classification, the whole climate on the Earth is divided into five main groups with subdivisions (depending on temperature, humidity, and other factors): tropical, arid, temperate, continental and polar. Now, weather, as we have said, is somewhat more of a temporal thing. Of course, you wouldn’t expect to see snow in equatorial belt deserts (though on some rare occasions as it was this winter, there was actually snow in Sahara), or dry, warm days in, say, Norway.

So climate represents summarized weather conditions. But weather is something of a temporal thing that affects our everyday activities and moods. That is why probably perfect weather would be described as sunny, warm, and pleasant in terms of humidity and other elements that affect people. That would especially be important for the people whose health conditions and moods very a lot due to weather, as we have noted earlier. Anyway, according to Insider Monkey’s article on this matter, let’s see their choice of 15 Countries with the Best Weather All Year Round.

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15 Cities With Best Climate in Europe to Live

Do you like hot sunny beaches, and warm weather all year round? Europe can offer you that. Do you like nice chill summers and snowy winters in the mountains? Europe can offer that as well. Climatic ranges from polar to tropical ones can all be found in Europe, so if thinking of living in some of the European cities for climate, there is choice for everyone there.

And since climate preferences are somewhat subjective matter, there must be some general agreement on what is the most suitable climate for people in general, right?

Well, on this matter we must get a bit more subjective. Of course, year-round sunny beaches are a stereotype of best weather and climate locations. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Some people like snow, some people like heat, so the warm beaches are not the only criteria in the game. There is also one other rating of the climate – the Köppen–Geiger climate classification. In short, this classification represents several main climate types throughout the world based on temperature and humidity. It is a division of climate we are all familiar with, having five main groups: tropical, arid, temperate, continental and polar. There was also interesting research done on climate score using this classification which puts up hot Mediterranean climate (that belongs to the temperate climate group with the symbol  Csa – C meaning temperate, s meaning hot summer, a meaning dry summer) as the best climate.

So, apart from the Mediterranean climate (which covers we huge range of European cities on that matter) there are many other pleasant climatic conditions in the whole Europe, so if you would like to see where those conditions are among the best, you can check out the article published by Insider Monkey on this matter: 15 Cities With Best Climate in Europe to Live.

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16 Accidental Scientific Discoveries and Inventions Made By Mistake

Have you ever asked yourself which everyday things that are a normal part of our lives were discovered by accident? Do you know how many lives were saved just because some of the most important medical devices were invented by accident?

Science is a wonderful thing, since it helps humanity both intentionally and accidentally. Actually it is not science itself, it is people who do it of course, and people make mistakes. Scientists usually have a somewhat different point of view on the world around us. Imagination and open mindedness is the key thing in scientific way of thinking, but:

Well, of course, not too open-minded because while “Keeping an open mind is a virtue…(but) not so open that your brains fall out”, as it was nicely said by Carl Sagan. But anyway, many of the accidental scientific discoveries that changed the world actually happened due to the clumsiness or by chance, not even being close to investigate the things they accidentally came up with. In order to explain the role of so called “accidental” discoveries played in the history of science, we can see that it is actually very high percentage of “accidental” discoveries in science – round 30% of discoveries happen by mistake or accident. While looking for some explanation or discovery there are a lot of unexpected things occurring in the way of scientific research, some of them being serendipitous and some just show up on their own.

So, mistakes do happen. Everywhere and all the time. And some of them have changed our lives and became a normal thing that we don’t even think anymore that they had to be invented at some point. Well, let’s not waste time on this talk now, and check out now the 16 Accidental Scientific Discoveries and Inventions Made By Mistake.

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15 Best Places to Live with Low Humidity and Mild Winters in the World

When the “perfect weather” is mentioned what is the first thing that comes to one’s mind? Probably a sunny beach with palm trees and a magnificent view on the azure sea. Or not? Some people might prefer mountains and glaciers and bit colder climate to live in.

Of course this is the matter of personal preferences. But there are some facts, concerning a particular component of weather/climate, humidity:

Humidity also affects human health conditions in general (some more and some less of course). For example, high humidity levels in the hot temperatures will make the feeling of heat much worse, since the sweat which regulates our body temperature cannot evaporate as quickly. The best relative humidity, that feels the most comfortable is somewhere around 45%. But nor extremely high neither extremely low humidity is good for human health, even though both high and low humidity climate conditions have pros and cons. For some health condition, such as arthritis it is well known that lower humidity rates help with the symptoms, and on that matter (and also some of the places with the best weather in USA to live) you can check out the 10 Best Places to Live in the US if You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So this time we have tried to find some places with low humidity but mild winters on the other hand. On the first sight it might seem like an easy task, but actually when you realize that mild winters are a characteristic of tropical and subtropical and Mediterranean climates, humidity comes as an integral part of such climates. But nevertheless, there is of course a lot of diversity on our planet, so any combination seems possible. For this matter, check out the 15 Best Places to Live with Low Humidity and Mild Winters in the World.

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12 Award Winning Science Projects for 10th Graders

If you became interested in science during the elementary school, you would surely like to try yourself out on some of the science fairs now when you have gained more knowledge. And we are here to help you pick some of the award winning science projects for 10th graders.

But first, before starting a science project, you need to decide your field of interest, since science encompasses one broad world of thinking and ideas:

...the first thing is, of course, choosing your field of interest, whether it is any particular field of biology, physics, earth sciences or whatever else. For a winning science project, you should also pay attention to current hot topics in science (if, you are not a genius which can think of something revolutionary, which is not impossible either). Such topics include environmental issues, health issues, resolving problems of pollution, food, but also some things that would make everyday life easier. Now when you have gotten your topic the first thing you should think about is making of a hypothesis: why you are doing this particular thing, why is it important, in which way does it help the science? A good and cogent hypothesis actually helps a lot; both with making your task clear to yourself and making it interesting and clear to the audience.

Probably picking the right subject would be the hardest part, and making a decent hypothesis afterwards. When you have finished that, the fun part starts: making experiment, collecting the data, building models or prototypes, analysis and getting and explaining the results.

So, even though the majority of work still stays on you, we are here to help you in terms of giving you some guidelines and ideas for science projects, and here are some you might be interested in: 12 Award Winning Science Projects for 10th Graders.

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6 Most Common Second Languages In Europe

Currently, there are about 6,909 languages in the world and it is estimated that half of those languages will become extinct in the future.
While most of us cannot pronounce a single word of another language than our mother tongue, many people speak 2 or 3 languages. If you have ever been in Europe, you have probably noticed that most people you encounter in the streets will be able to help you in English. That is because almost all European students learn English in schools. Besides English, French, German, and Spanish are very popular as second languages too so a lot of students study them in schools.
Have you ever wondered what are the most common second languages in Europe? Insider Monkey has put together a list of them so you may take a look. The list contains 6 Most Common Second Language in Europe, so check it out if you want to learn more. 
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10 Best Fields of Law to Practice

Defining "best field of law" is a very tricky task since every field of law has its importance and purpose and it would be unfair putting one field over the other. Although this specific issue is not measurable the common question is about most lucrative law practices and highest paying law fields are often seen as the best ones. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual salary for lawyers, in general, is around $118.160. The lowest 10% in this profession earned around $56,910 and those in the top 10% earned even more than $208,00. In any case, if law career is in your mind, you should focus on getting proper education including specialization if you are committed to building your career in the specific field of law. Also, there are lawyers who never enter the courtroom but focus their expertise on research, drafting and advising.

It is good to have in mind your possible field of work once you start with your education but during your B.A. studies, you will have more than enough time to choose what interests you the most. Depending on your personality and career aspirations you will choose the field of law that suits your needs in the best possible way. Bear in mind that some fields of law require irregular and longer working hours than others. Insider Monkey staff compiled a list of 10 best fields of law to practice and they are ranked according to the median annual wage. This list can offer you the idea about possible careers in different fields of law and median annual wages for these professions. However, don't expect that you will earn that much money at the very beginning of your career. You might need to work your way up until you can earn these amounts of money. Anyhow, make sure to take a look if you are interested how much money lawyers in various fields earn. 
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15 Gayest Cities in America Per Capita in 2018

Nowadays gay marriage is legal in every state in the US. But this status was hard to gain, and LGBT and gay communities have (and still are) gone throughout rough times. That is why, when concerning America, it is a normal thing to find bigger LGBT population in some rather than other places.

But, generally speaking, apart from these known centers (and even within them), we can never have the real figure on the matter of percentage of LGBT population, because lot of people just do not want or cannot speak about these issues, and that is why researches like this are always somewhat controversial.

First, not all areas would be covered by the same number of the sample taken. Then, not everyone would feel comfortable answering questions about their sexuality. But nevertheless, it seems that Americans are slightly more opened towards this question. The survey conducted by Dalia has shown that around 5.6% of Europeans identify themselves as LGBTQ, where the figure is as much as double in the US, being 12.1%. But that is one of the numerous studies that are trying to get the closest to the real figure on the percentage of the gay population in the US. Research conducted by Gallup shows a quite smaller percentage of 4.1% of Americans identifying as LGBT. The third opinion, by Williams Institute of UCLA, shows an even lower figure of 3.8%. So whichever of these seems the most realistic one; they are all estimates.

And as we have said, apart from these general figures, some placer have always been known as gay centers, like San Francisco for example. And if you want to find which other places also have the greatest percentage of gay population in America e recommend you to check out 15 Gayest Cities in America Per Capita in 2018
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15 Most educated Countries in Europe in 2018

How is Europe going on with the education? Well, some of the oldest and best universities if the Western Civilization were founded here and some of those still have the old glory of the yore being one of the most prestigious universities out there.

The story of foundation of first universities of Europe goes back to early medieval times, when there were some monastic schools by the churches and monasteries, which gave the first institutionalized kind of education. Afterwards schools have separated from the church, and first real universities were opened. First of them was the university of Bologna in 11th century, followed by Oxford and Paris universities, which, of course, still exist.

With a long and important history of high education, Europe is still a great place for studying. There are many universities in Europe that teach in English. On that matter, you might be interested to find out which the best universities in Europe for international students are. There are many universities, apart from those in UK and Ireland where international students can find cheap universities that teach in English and some of the best counties to study in Europe for international students where that is possible are Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. From the huge list of universities in Europe some that offer cheap education in English, and also highly ranked, are: University of OsloUppsala UniversityUniversity of TübingenLeiden University, just to name some.

 So, since we are talking about high education concerning Europe, have the tides changed from the countries with the first and oldest universities towards some other regions? Surely, but in which way? If you are interested in this matter we suggest you to go through 15 Most educated Countries in Europe in 2018, based on the percentage of population with tertiary level education.
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8 Most Educated Countries in Central and South America

Countries that are struggling with economic and political issues do not put education always on the top of the list of priorities. But as we can see, the situation in South and Central America is getting better on this matter. Many countries of South and Central America have status of developing countries, among them being both some of the poorest, like Haiti, and the richest countries like Argentina and Chile.

Anyway, even though there are many things that need improvements, things seem to get better in countries of South and Central America regarding the educational system on one hand:

The situation of the education system in Central and South America today is still progressing and struggling. Over 90% of the population is literate, and the majority of children are provided with primary and secondary education, having as well tertiary education well developed. But the issues of education problems in Latin America such as quality and a proper investment in education remain. The poor quality of education can nicely be seen from the fact that Latin America is as much as 2.5 years of schooling behind the OCED average. That has much to do with the quality of schools in Latin America since students score very low on many subjects such as maths for example.

Apart from general compulsory education, secondary and tertiary education levels are of course available in these countries. There are both public and private universities, some countries counting several dozens, some which are ranked highly and some of which are not, as everywhere else. Generally speaking, you can get a good tertiary education in South and Central American countries. To check out which the best among them are (based on the tertiary education), go to the article published by Insider Monkey - 8 Most Educated Countries in Central and South America.
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7 Smoothest SIngle Malt Scotch for Beginners

There are always interesting legends and stories about alcohol throughout the world. Some of them are true, some of them are not, some of them tickle your imagination, in each case they are interesting to listen to. But science also has something to say about this issue as well. One of the latest discoveries in what is today Anatolia has shown that people were using alcohol some 11,500 years ago, just some time before the Neolithic.

And what about whiskey itself? Although it was definitely known to people of the world, and Scotland as well the first information comes from the medieval Scotland. So, the story begins like this:

Though brewing was of course known prior to this date, the first official record story goes back in 1494, not so long ago as some might have thought, in the time of the reign of King James IV of Scotland, when he ordered from a friar named John Cor, to make the water of life from 8 bolls, or, 1,120 pounds of malt. And after that time almost nothing was recorded about whiskey distillation to the year 1644 when the taxation was introduced to alcohol. Anyway, whiskey was, of course, produced and consumed a lot, whether it was an underground activity or not. And since the 19thcentury, when a new law was brought up (the Excise Act) brewing whiskey became legal again a new golden age of whiskey had begun.

Maybe this story intrigued you so you decide to try a bit o this water of life, as it is called. If so, check out the 7 Smoothest SIngle Malt Scothc for Beginners. Apart from the collection of good whiskeys to start with, you will also be provided with some nice advices on how to drink it and fun facts about whiskey as well.
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15 Gyms with Most Locations Nationwide in 2018

More than ever we are now aware of the importance of healthy life styles, which include less additives, better nutrition, and, of course, crucial importance of physical activity. That is because obesity has become one of very serious problems world widely. Obesity does not mean just being fat, it trigger many serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, liver diseases, heart diseases, just to name some.
On this matter, let’s see what the situation with obesity in the US is:

One huge problem that can be solved with the help of regular physical activity is obesity. And obesity is a huge (and a rising) problem in the US and globally as well. Obesity is measured by the amount of fat in the body through the BMI (body mass index), calculated through height and weight proportions, and obesity is considered to be with BMI values 30 or more. Statistics show that as much as 36.5% of US adult population is obese, which is a very alarming figure. But probably good news is, as some statistics are showing that Americans are actually caring a lot more recently about their health, having 51.7% of adults over 18 engaged in an aerobic physical activity, while 21.% practice both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

And now the good news. Apart from rising number of gyms in general, there are gym chains which now have their franchises in many states. That is a good thing first, because that means that more people are involved in physical activity since the demand for gyms is obviously rising. Second, it means that whenever you travel somewhere in the country you will be able to exercise in your own gym with your own pass, meaning you pay less. And last but not the least, many of these chains already have gyms throughout the world as well, and the numbers are increasing. Anyway, to see which those gyms are, check out 15 Gyms with Most Locations Nationwide in 2018.
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19 Good Mid Range Karaoke Songs to Sing in 2018

So, you are interested to see some good mid range karaoke songs to sing? But, do you even know what the mid range is?

Well, in professional singing, there are some more or less strict divisions of voices, both male and female. The most common three female voices are soprano, mezzo soprano and alto. Male voices, on the other hand are divided into countertenor, tenor, baritone and bass. But everybody has an individual voice range and some range feels the most comfortable, natural. Singing technically is actually rather a hard skill, which takes up lot of time and practice, and middle range represents special problem for professional singers. But for us amateurs, let’s see how the middle range voice can easily be “found”:

Now the question arises, how to find your own middle range voice? Well, it might be not as easy to realize this on your own if you were not musically trained. But, try this out: sing for the lowest tones you can, up to the highest ones. When you start feeling the vibrations in your mouth and throat, that would be somewhat of your middle range (while for the lowest you would use your chest as a support, and for the highest you would hear your voice “pushing” in your head and feeling like it is forming above your palate and in the upper skull).

So, since everybody is unique, all the voices are different, how do we even have collections such as this? Well, there are some general unwritten rules that everyone knows what is meant by middle range more or less. And if you want to find one such collection that encompasses id range voice songs, also including duets, corwd singing as well as male and female songs, check out the 19 Good Mid Range Karaoke Songs to Sing in 2018.
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16 Easiest College Majors That Make The Most Money

Have you decided what you will major in yet? If not, then we have good news. 16 Easiest College Majors That Make The Most Money contains useful information that can help you decide. 
Many college students first think of how much they will earn when choosing their majors, and while some may argue that is a wrong way to go, we have to admit that we understand completely.
 We live in tough times and one must have financial benefits in mind when thinking about their future career. Others seek easy majors that require minimum effort. But all majors require some effort so what are you to do? Well, a major can be easy to some people and difficult to others so it all depends on you. But take a look at this useful article just in case. 
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15 Funny Things To Sign Your Friends Up For Phone

Do you like to mess with your friends, coworker, and even family members by pulling a good old prank? You're not the only one. Pulling pranks is what we do, and it seems that this habit isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Pranks have evolved though and now we mess with our friends with our phones because we use them all the time. 
15 Funny Things To Sign Your Friends Up For Phone contains a list of excellent apps and ways to mess with your friends via phones. You can download an app on your phone or your friend's phone, and then sit back, observe, and laugh. Take a look at the list to discover what apps are those. 
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