Mistakes you can make as an Entrepreneur

Planning to start business on your own? You must know about the worst mistakes an entrepreneur can make. It is not easy for someone to start something new and do it without making any mistake. But knowing about it sure will help you to avoid mistakes and increase your chance of success.

To become an entrepreneur you need to know your way around, have the will to take risks and most importantly know what is best for you. Imagine a scenario where you are going to invest in franchises as there are so many affordable option, our suggestion will be to take a look at our list featuring the 8 Cheapest Franchises You Can Buy Into and find out which one suits you better.

Anyway, as being said, there are so many things to consider. You have to be careful with your investment, get the right crew, and listen to all opinions. There will be many problems, but you must have the courage to face them and not without being stressed and fall apart.

So, if you are going to be an entrepreneur and interested in knowing the problem first, there is a detailed topic about ten worst mistakesan entrepreneur can make on insidermonkey. Take a look whenever you can, because knowing about what is ahead of you will never hurt.
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5 Most Valuable Brands in China.

I just read two articles with the title Top Luxury Brands in the World and 7 Most Expensive Clothing Brands on Insider Monkey.

Interested to know what the most valuable brands in China are? As one of the fastest growing market segments, China is amongst the leading candidates for overseas firms planning to create their manufacturing operations as well as market their products. Most people think that western brands will easily take over the Chinese market but that can't be further from the truth. The most valuable brands in China are in fact local brands. Brands created by private Chinese companies are more successful than brands created by public monopolies that are supported by the state. Private Chinese brands also fare better than foreign brands.

Chinese entrepreneurs like Jack Ma was able to surpass Western brands because they know what'd work in their home country. If you'd like to read which other Chinese entrepreneurs and brands are succeeding in China, visit Insider Monkey.

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What are the Busiest Shipping Lanes in the World?

I  read an article about the biggest shipping companies on Insider Monkey.

Have you ever asked yourself exactly what the particular busiest shipping lanes on earth are? These watery corridors involving commerce are so crucial that they are the lifeblood of the worldwide economy. While most people has seen packed massive ships carrying tightly packed storage containers, most people are in fact unaware of exactly what channels these ships use when they transport their merchandise around the world.

For this reason, the busiest shipping lanes in the world are extremely vital to the global economy and trade. The Panama Canal and the Suez Canal are two of the most famous shipping lanes, but there are many more that shorten the distance between the World's most prolific exporters and importers. Turkish readers are also probably aware of the fact that Istanbul Bogazi or Bosphorus is among the list of 10 most busiest shipping lanes in the world.

If you wish to find out more about where these fleets operate, check out the list of the ten busiest shipping lanes is bound to peak your interest on Insider Monkey

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The Top High Paying Seasonal Jobs in America this Holiday Season.

Hey guys, I just found a list of  the top summer jobs in America on Insider Monkey. It discusses the list of summer jobs, jobs during holiday season, and other seasonal jobs.

Whether you have a degree or not, there is surely a flexible position available somewhere in the country, especially during the holiday season. So if you are such a person and are looking for seasonal jobs in America this holiday season, make sure to check out the following list on high paying seasonal jobs available in America.

Firms need to acquire temporary workers for the holiday season, or hire contractors, not only to deal with the increase in demand, but also to keep costs down. Since these workers are hired for a short period of time, salaries tend to be quite lucrative, thus making these positions very attractive for people with flexible schedules. Nevertheless, the reality is quite different, and in fact, companies also hire professionals and actually pay quite well, check the list of high paying seasonal jobs in America will demonstrate.

On Insider Monkey you can also see a list of  the 8 best summer jobs for college students. That will help you. Find out the perfect match for you.

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What are the Qualities That Make You A Good Team Player.

Want to find out What are the qualities that make you a good team player?

I just read a post about the qualities that make you a good team player on Insider Monkey.

Whenever I go through job postings I notice that employers are looking for candidates who are “a good team player”. Despite living in a highly competitive society, being a good team player is an absolute must, especially when it comes to business. What are the qualities that companies look for?

Insider Monkey identified 6 qualities that make you a good team player. If you want to ensure that you work in a supportive environment, then this is the list for you. You should also check out what habits that age you beyond your years so that you can avoid them.

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Who is the World’s Richest Chef?

Who is the World's richest chef? When I was reading an article about the most profitable businesses on Insider Monkey I came across the answer to this question.

You may think that Rachael Ray, Wolfgang Puck, Paula Deen, or Mario Batali may be the richest chef in the World. However, none of them even come close to Jamie Oliver in terms of net worth. In fact, their combined net worth is unbelievably smaller than Jamie Oliver’s net worth. Can you guess how rich is Jamie Oliver? $170 million.

You may be interested in starting a business. But what has made Jamie Oliver such a wealthy man? Though nobody’s is denying his unmatched cooking skills, we’re betting that Mr. Oliver also has a keen business sense.

So, check out our articles about 7 most profitable businesses you could start, 10 most profitable franchises in 2014, and most profitable small businesses.

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What are the Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying a Franchise?

What are the pitfalls to avoid when buying a franchise? I came across the answer to this question when I was reading an article about the list of 10 most profitable franchises in 2014Buying a franchise may be the best option for people who want to go into business without the hassle of having to come up with a product and developing a brand.

According to Insider Monkey the first and maybe the most important step in buying a franchise to pick one of the most profitable franchises.

Quiznos isn’t the only franchise that had disgruntled franchisees. Burger King was sued in 2009 by the National Franchisee Association (NFA) because the company set the price of its double cheeseburger at $1 which understandably hurt the profits. Low priced items lose money but they attract traffic to the restaurants. The parent company has incentives to drive traffic to the restaurants even though the promotions are losing money for restaurant owners.

The main point of these examples is that there are several pitfalls to avoid when buying a franchise. Please check our lists of 6 High Margin Franchises to Invest In and 10 Best Fast Food Franchises To Purchase.

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Who are the Richest Billionaires in 2014?

Who are the richest billionaires in 2014? You wouldn't see any Turkish billionaires in the list of World's top 15 billionaires. I

When we take a look at the richest people in the world, we come across people who are top class entrepreneurs, titans in their industries, or people who’ve simple inherited their fortunes. Except Warren Buffett, none of these people are hedge fund managers.

In this article you will see  a list compiled of the top 15 billionaires in 2014, based on the statistics issued at the beginning of March by Forbes Magazine. This year, Forbes’ list features a record number of billionaires: 1,645, 268 of which are complete newcomers. Their aggregate wealth? A whopping $6.5 trillion. Judging by the looks of these figures, one thing is clear: wealth is spreading across the globe.

Also check out our lists of youngest hedge fund billionaires and top 20 female billionaires in 2014.

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What do Jim Goetz, Peter Fenton and Jim Breyer Have in Common?

What do Jim Goetz, Peter Fenton and Jim Breyer Have in Common? According to an article by Insider Monkey they are some of the most successful venture investors that you probably haven’t heard of before. You hear the names of hedge fund managers or entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. However, you usually don't hear the names of venture investors who make success possible for these young entrepreneurs.

We read an article on Insider Monkey that presented a list of the top 6 venture investors for 2014. This list is based on Forbes Magazine's 4th edition of the Midas List. You probably don't know that Midas lived in ancient Turkey/Greece. Every year, Forbes sets out to uncover those venture capitalists that truly have the Midas touch. Dealmakers in science and high-tech are evaluated according to a wide range of parameters, such as IPO market capitalization, although Forbes also relies on the opinions of experts in the field. All of the 6 venture investors in our list are billionaires.

If you want to see who the top venture investors in 2014 are then take a look at the list on Insider Monkey. Don’t forget to check out the lists of most profitable businesses, most profitable franchises, and most profitable small businesses.

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What are the Most Affordable Tourist Destinations in 2014?

What are the most affordable tourist destinations in 2014? I just read an article about the least expensive tourist destinations in 2014 on insider monkey.

The article is full of interesting and unknown facts. Most people think that having an expensive long vacation will make you happy. However, research results shared in the article claim that most people are happiest before they go to the vacation. After the vacation the jump in happiness vanishes. One major implication of this research is that people shouldn't waste their money on expensive and long vacations. It is much better for your personal happiness to have multiple cheap vacations. This is also better for your budget.

Anyway just check out the list of top travel destinations in south america, best places to visit in Mexico that are safe and beautiful, and cheapest countries to live in the World.

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What are the Most Common Phobias in America?

What are the most common phobias in America? We just read an article about the most common phobias in America. The article does not mention Muslum Gurses or his fear of spiders. 

We are all subject to various fears and phobias, making a list of the most common phobias in America an easy one to compile, and one that everyone should be able to relate to.

On the other hand, the ones we aren’t afraid of can naturally seem kind of silly to us, since those things come across as completely tame or harmless in our minds. In some cases, those fears and phobias develop because of life experiences, why can explain why some people have some of the lesser common fears that others don’t.

However, even when not speaking of the most common phobias in America, it’s sometimes simply the case that the person was essentially born with that fear, and nothing that happened in their life was going to change that. To know more about such phobias and how they can develop, check out  What is a phobia?

Now, let’s check out our own list of the 15 most common phobias in America.
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Which Teams Have a Chance to Win the Super Bowl in 2015?

Hey guys I came across an article about the most profitable US sports teams. These aren't just expensive toys for the rich. They also make a lot of money. European soccer clubs mindlessly compete with each other and push wages they pay to their players. That's not the case in America. They are way smarter than Europeans. They have salary caps which limits the revenue share of players to 55-60%. This also ensures that teams can't dominate the scoreboard by outspending other teams.

Which are the only teams with a chance to win the Super Bowl this year? American football is the most popular sport in America. It is very entertaining for the viewers but players don't make as much as they make in other sports like basketball and baseball. What is the reason? Injuries. NFL players usually play only for a few years.

Anyway Insider Monkey discusses this year's best NFL teams and took a closer look at the only teams with a chance to win the Super Bowl.

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5 Clear Reasons LoL is Better than DotA, Continues to Rule MOBAs.

Hey guys I just read topics on insider monkey about the 10 most popular video games of all time.

This must be one of the most ridiculous lists I have read on the site. Fortunately it is getting a lot of traffic. We are going to share an excerpt from Insider Monkey. This article also got a lot of attention on Reddit too. Here is the excerpt:

There is a continuous, ongoing debate over whether LoL is better than DotA, and owing to the rabid fanbases on both sides, the debate is naturally a rather heated one. This specific subject matter is indeed sensitive, because so many enthusiasts ordinarily have a clear preference first or one another, and differ regarding the superiority associated with 2 Multiplayer On the internet Challenge World (MOBA) game titles. The particular growth connected with game titles possesses improved your entire leisure sector, along with most of these online games have perhaps produced cult followings close to them of which remain to this day along with clamor pertaining to a lot more (where is usually a completely new Chrono online game?? )

If you are interested about which are The 10 Most Popular Video Games of All-Time, check out the list we’ve made featuring a ranking with the most popular videogames of all time.
Within this top ten, gamers have chosen names like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

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What are the Most Affordable Boarding Schools In America in 2015?

What are the most affordable boarding schools in America in 2015? I read an article about the  Best Boarding Schools In America on Insider Monkey.

Boarding schools are places for rich people to dump their kids for a few years. I don't understand why anyone would send their kids to a boarding school if they are interested in the best interests of their kids. They will lose complete control over their kids and have to hope that their kids turn out to be mature adults. Here is what Insider Monkey said about this issue:

Irrespective of why a family might want their child to serve this type of school, most parents would want their kid to attend one of the 6 best Boarding Schools in the world, one with small classes and renowned teachers.

By limiting our list to schools that have no religious requirements, provide education for both genders for at least 9th through 12th grades, and weighing factors such as tuition and the amount of aid provided by these schools, we've ranked the cheapest Boarding Schools in America for 2015.

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What are the Greatest Empires in History Which Nearly Conquered the World?

What are the greatest empires in history that nearly conquered the World? A few of  the most powerful countries in the World militarily have come near accomplishing this. Turks have a few empires that dominated the World a couple of times but you wouldn't believe which was the greatest empire in history? Here is what Insider Monkey said:

Battles and wars have been prompted by the desire to conquer territories, sometimes to reassure their already acquired portion of the world, sometimes to expand their culture and knowledge base, as easily as to maintain their heritage, among several other causes.Over different periods, civilizations have grown and flourished like living things, establishing their territories, drawing their frontier lines, and laying out the limits of their domains.

If you are interested in some of the countries which have developed pretty powerful armies, check out the list we've made featuring The 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World: Military. This time we examine some of the greatest empires in history. Considering the dimension of an Empire requires some precise definition. We have chosen to list the following empires regarding their maximum land area occupied, in million km2. So check out the list of the greatest empires in history!

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What are the Best Places to Visit in Central and South America?

I just read an article about the best places to visit in Central and South America on Insider Monkey. This article is written by a South American so it is very accurate. South America is much cheaper to travel than North America and there are a lot of interesting places to visit. Here is an excerpt from Insider Monkey:

Let’s get a close look at the ten best spots to visit in Central and South America and see what wonderful places await those who decide to hit the trip south. The best places to visit in Central and South America not only possess natural beauty, but also have rich cultures. Whether you enjoy visiting ancient ruins, going to the theater or visiting museums, these destinations have much more to offer than just sandy beaches and all-inclusive resorts.

There are so many countries to choose from on the South American continent (and the southernmost top of the North American one) that it can be rather overwhelming to plan a trip to the region. Would you like to know what the best places to visit in Central and South America are? Then you've come to the right place.

While some countries are more sophisticated, others offer an ancient heritage dating back centuries, making your travel that much more interesting. And for this you just need to see the best places to visit in central and south America before you die

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1What are the Vocational Skills in Demand Today with Jobs Waiting to be Filled?

Want to know which are the 10 vocational skills in demand today?

Most people don't make enough money because they don't have the necessary skills to switch to highest paying jobs. Most high school graduates make less than college graduates but there are a few exceptions. Someone with an undergraduate degree in philosophy probably won't make more money than a plumber who can handle a water leak when you are in need and charge an arm and a leg for his services. You won't try to shop around when your house is ruined because of a leak. Anyway, here is an excerpt from Insider Monkey about this topic:

Despite the common belief, contemporary vocational careers are not only limited to manual and procedural skills, but also technological competence, communicating skills, typing skills, writing abilities and much more.

Now, let’s take a look at the list on insider monkey along with the highest paying vocational careers

These vocational skills do, however almost guarantee you’ll find willing suitors on the job market.
Taking all of this into account, it is probably a good idea to shift our attention to the vocational skills market and analyze the possibilities it offers. Not everyone has access to higher education, but vocational training can help you learn helpful skills for career paths that are needed right now. Thus, we have compiled a list of the vocational skills in demand today.

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Avoid These 30 Worst Halloween Costume Ideas Ever

Hey Guys, another Halloween is nearly upon us, and so are some of the most expensive clothing brands which I found on Insider Monkey.

I’m guessing all of you out there have your own Halloween costumes ready, or at the very least, an idea of what you’d like to dress up as. Of course, finding worst Halloween costume ideas ever is a hard task and sometimes the line between originality and insanity is blurry. What you should be aiming for is something sexy, but not slutty; daring, but not ridiculous; funny, but not offensive…you get the idea. But just in case you’ve let your imagination run too wild this year, to help you avoid the embarrassment, we’ve made a list of the worst Halloween costume ideas ever, and you probably couldn’t top the frightful horridness of these costumes if you tried.

If you are not into Halloween, then you should spend your time and money on something else. Why not clothes? You could even pretend they are intended to be part of a costume, right? So take a look at the Top 7 Most Expensive Clothing Brands. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything at all, at least you’ll have something to do while you’re friends and family surf the net incessantly looking for the perfect Halloween costume.

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Hedge Fund News: James Dinan, John Burbank & David Einhorn

Milwaukee Bucks add third hedge fund owner (CNBC)
Billionaire investor Jamie Dinan, founder of York Capital Management, has joined fellow hedge fund managers Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital and Wes Edens of Fortress Investment Group as a “substantial” owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks
Ex-analyst gets 5 years in prison in NYC case (PressTelegram)
A former investment analyst for a San Francisco hedge fund was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison. Before hearing the sentence Matthew Teeple apologized for bringing shame to his family. “It saddens me beyond words and I am deeply remorseful,”
Everest, Passport and the Emerging Market Mantra (InstitutionalInvestorsAlpha)
John Burbank, the CEO of Passport Capital in San Francisco, has been looking pretty smart about how to play emerging markets. About two years ago in September the Chinese Internet commerce site Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA) came out with the biggest initial public offering of the year, at $22 billion.
Prince Harry: Seeking Hedge-Fund Hottie? (NYMag)
Prince Harry: spotted giving a speech in London last night. “I am not entirely sure who made the seating plan but I am sitting between two men,” Harry said (glaringly?). “I thought it would just be 100 women and myself.”
Short Seller Mulls Starting Hedge Fund Management Firm (FA-Mag),
The founder of research firm Muddy Waters LLC who has exposed accounting problems in a pile of Chinese companies. He said “We are more so than ever very seriously considering becoming a fund manager, but it would not be the same sort of Muddy Waters 8,000-page reports,” Block said in an interview. “When you’re running a fund management business, it takes a lot of resources to put those out."

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The TOP 10 Most Hated Television Characters of All Time

I read an article about Top 10 Most Profitable TV Shows on Insider Monkey.
If you had been thinking precisely how specific major indicators are accomplishing, checks out our own countdown and listen to! The world associated with TV set manufacturing is actually vast and as well as TV series from all different countries and genres bring an eclectic mix of characters to the screen.
Some TV appearances have become famous because of their secret plan, some have made history because of their amazing actors, and some will always stay in our mind due to their hateful characters.
Wondering which are the ten most hated television characters of all time? Right here, you will find both kinds of the most hated television characters of all time with Top 10 Most Profitable TV Shows in the countdown on insider monkey.

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10 Foods to Eat before a Workout.

High cholesterol levels are a concern for many people, making it vitally important to know which foods to eat to lower cholesterol levels. It has come to be almost a common thing to say “you should have a balanced diet”.
Well the thing is, several illnesses and bodily conditions such as high cholesterol levels are mostly derived from a bad diet. Diet influences all our biological processes, and can alter our total health.
There are foods which contain HDL, the “good” cholesterol, which lowers LDL levels, helping you maintain regular levels of cholesterol, adding energy and preventing diseases. Indeed, some products contain a large amount of cholesterol, LDL, which increases overall cholesterol level, and therefore contributes to increasing the risks of acquiring all diseases derived from it, such as heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, it might come as a surprise that some foods are not only healthy, but can also help you balance your cholesterol levels.
Furthermore, some foods have a justified bad reputation: junk food, carbs, and sugar are not only fattening, but also scarcely nutritive and can even alter your physiological system.
If you were wondering which the 10 Foods to Eat are before a Workout, check out the list with the ideal foods to eat to lower cholesterol and see for yourself ways to start improving your way of life!
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6 Ways to Make Money in ArcheAge and Build Your Empire

Do you want to know which the easiest ways to make money in ArcheAge are? Here It is, 6 Ways to Make Money in ArcheAge and Build Your Empire.
One of the most highly anticipated MMORPG’s in years has finally released, and due to its wealth of options, player-driven economy, and less lucrative questing system that other games of the genre, players are clamoring for ways to make money in ArcheAge; especially players who aren’t lucky enough to have patron status.
Likewise, the gaming industry continues gathering more public and players every year, broadening its market and targeting not only teenagers, but also children and adults as well, and that is allowing the industry as a whole to mature and grow, resulting in deeper and more varied play experiences like ArcheAge with each passing year.
If you’re interested in The 10 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time in which made it easier for pave the way in which regarding ArcheAge’s recent assent, read the list we’ve produced, presenting individuals videogames in which produced record, including ancient Tetris, as well as greater current Nintendo Wii console Athletics.
Within this game, you can choose among different lifestyles and systems, such as housing, fighting, farming, trading, shipping, piracy, or justice, allowing users to build castles, claim territory, set up fiefdoms or trade.
Want to know more? If so, please visit insider monkey.
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6 of the Worst Greeting Card Messages Ever Crafted

I just read an article about worst greeting card messages ever crafted on Insider Monkey. Ask yourself what the worst greeting card messages are? The older you get, the lazier you feel when you need to get a present.If you ever imagined you could simply buy a card in a rush and let that be a good gift, then think again, or you could end up sending a loved one an awful card similar to the worst greeting card messages we’ve compiled for you here.
Whether it’s humor that just doesn’t fly, or cards that are just flat out snarky or mean, you have to wonder what some writers, editors, and publishers were thinking printing these cards and shipping them out to retailers. Over the years we’ve seen multiple messages on greeting cards that we just couldn’t get off of our minds, especially if they’re some of the worst greeting card messages we’ve ever seen. Much like we can say about the messages contained in our recent piece on The 40 Best Fortune Cookie Sayings That Will Leave You Bemused, Befuddled, or Beguiled.
Because it’s not just that they’re bad, offensive or lame, it’s the fact that they were not created with that purpose.
If you want to see some of the worst greeting card messages you could ever express to someone, visit Insider Monkey.
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Cities with High Demand for Nurses

Specialties in health care are constantly in demand. That’s why we’ve made a list of The ten cities with high demand for nurses, to help those with the proper skills Make their way to a city and people that are in desperate need of their services. The Employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 19% from 2012 to 2022.
Becoming a registered nurse isn’t that much expensive or lengthy as other health Careprofessions. The entry level, education required is an Associate’s degree. Finally, The pay is definitely tempting; according to the 2012 figures registered nurses make Around $65,470 per year.
If you're looking at the health care job, you may want to discover which one is The top ten best paid medical specialties. RNs manage patients they're also tech People about health issues with emotional support for the patients and their families.
There are many nursing specialties including dental nursing, ambulatory care nursing, Critical care nursing, emergency and trauma nursing, flight nursing, forensic nursing, Holistic nursing, medical, surgical nursing, legal nursing, psychiatric nursing, military Nursing, neonatal nursing, telenursing, travel nursing, school nursing and even Space nursing.Nurses can work in several places like hospitals, nursing homes,
home care services Etc. 
As you've seen nursing is a very wide profession, RNs will be in high demand in near Future. Recent statistics show that by 2020 US will experience nursing shortage. We gathered data from the Occupational Employment Statistics, published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. So, are you curious about the ten cities with high demand For nurses? Visit Insider Monkey to read the full article.

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Warren Buffett yatirimcilarina gonderdigi mektuplardan bir tanesinde finanscilar EBITDA'dan bahsetmeye basladigi zaman cuzdaninizi saglama alin demisti. Insider Monkey sitesinde EBITDA terimini aciklayan bir yazi yazdik. Bundan sonra cokca kullanilan terimleri herkesin anlayacagi dille aciklayan yazilari daha sikca yayinlamaya baslayacagiz. Read More!

‘’Bunların döneminde ekmeği karneyle alıyorduk’’

Ya da o dönemin deyimiyle tayınlama denilen olay.

Eleştirmeden-savunmadan önce popüler söylemleri ve siyasi çıkar için kullanılma durumlarını önbelleğimizden temizliyoruz. Çünkü objektif olmak ilk seçenek, sonra da dönem ve durum analizi yapmak gerek.

‘Haddime değil ama..’ diyerek başlıyorum:

1 Eylül 1939, İkinci Dünya Savaşı başladı. Türkiye iki taraftan da gelen baskılara rağmen bu savaşa dâhil olmadı. (Ancak 23 Şubat 1945 yılında fiilen olmasa da İtilaf cephesine savaş ilan ederek politik yerini belli etti).

Atatürk’ün daha başlamadan önce bu savaşı tahmin etmesi ve önlemleri ona göre almaya çalışmasına rağmen 1938 yılında vefat etmesi, savaş öncesinde Türkiye’ye zaten her yönden olumsuz yönden etkileyen bir duruma sokmuştu. TBMM, Atatürk ile benzer görüşlere sahip olan İsmet İnönü’yü 2. Cumhurbaşkanı olarak seçti.

Sene 1940, 2. Dünya Savaşı’nın tarafların dışındakilere etkilerini yavaş yavaş göstermeye başladığı yıllar. Bu savaşa girmesek de dışa açık bütün ülkeler gibi Türkiye de sosyoekonomik olarak darbe yedi.
Savaştan önce Türkiye’nin almış olduğu ‘silahlı tarafsızlık’ kararı ekonomik olarak ülkenin gelişimine büyük darbe vurmuştu. Bu politika çerçevesinde 18 milyon civarı olan nüfusun 900.000’i silah altına alındı. Bu durumun üretime olan katkısının ortadan kalkmasına ilave olarak beslenme ve barınma gibi ihtiyaçlarının da ortaya çıkması ile ülkeye olan ekonomik yük hayli arttı. Askeri harcamalara bütçenin %60’ı gibi çok yüksek bir oran ayrıldı. Bu harcamaları kaldırması olası olmayan Türkiye emisyon dediğimiz para basma olayına girdi. Bunun sonucu da kaçınılmaz son olan enflasyon oldu.

1938 yılını baz alırsak 1943 yılına geldiğimizde enflasyon %357 oranında artmıştı. Tarım %29, sanayi %22,3, diğer sektörler %22,1, GSMH %24,9 ve kişi başı gelir düzeyi %30,7 oranında azaldı. Üretimin 4’te 1’i kayboldu.

Bu olumsuzluklar baş göstermeden hemen önce 1940 yılında Milli Koruma Kanunu çıkartılarak devletin bir takım önlemler alması bu oranlarla karşılaşılmasını engelleyemese de olası daha vahim bir senaryoyu engellemişti.

Son bir kez daha özet geçersek:
- 2. Dünya Savaşına katılmamamıza rağmen aldığımız önlemler ekonomik açıdan ülkeye ciddi darbeler vurdu.
- Askeri yatırımlar dolaylı olarak diğer sektörleri de etkiledi.
- 1923 yılında alınan radikal ekonomik kararların 1929 Buhranı’nda sekteye uğramasından sonra tekrar toparlanan iç üretim ve dış ekonomik ilişkiler 1939 yılından sonra büyük bir sekteye uğradı.

Şimdi yazının başına gelebiliriz:

İç üretimin ve ithalatın dış konjonktürden etkilenmesi sonucu normal fiyat mekanizmalarıyla arzı arttırmanın mümkün olmaması ve/veya mevcut arzı koruyamaması tayınlama denilen uygulamayı başlattı. Bu uygulamaya kısa açıklama olarak ‘talep edenler arasında, arzı belli bir kritere göre paylaştırılması’ diyebiliriz. Yani herkes ihtiyacı olan şeyleri istediği kadar değil belli bir miktar kadar alabilecek. Ve bunu belirlemek için karne kullanılacak. Bu uygulama 13 Ocak 1942 tarihinde başladı. Hanedeki kişi sayısı kadar karne verildi. Örneğin kişi başı günlük 375 gr. ekmek alınabiliyordu.

Ve gelelim bu yazının nedenine;

Günümüzde ‘bunlar’ denilerek kendilerinin karşı cephesi olarak belirtilen ve dönemin hükümetini eleştirerek kutuplaşma siyasetiyle çıkar sağlamak amacıyla siyasi propaganda aracı olarak kullanılan tayınlama uygulamasının sadece siyasi beceriksizlik olarak görülmesinin/gösterilmesinin yanlış olduğunu, bu uygulama öncesi uygulanmak istenen ve kısmen uygulanan ekonomi politikalarının dış nedenler dolayısıyla sekteye uğraması ve bunun sonucunda dönemin hükümetinin hakedilenden daha ağır şekilde iç siyasette cezalandırılmasının yanlış olduğunu, ayrıca karne uygulamasının dönemin şartlarında mecbur kalınarak uygulanması ve benzer zamanlarda İngiltere ve Japonya’nın da bu uygulamaya başvurmasının bu mecburiyete kanıt olduğunu düşünüyorum.

Asıl sorulması gereken;

1923 yılından 1944 yılına kadar ayağa kalkmaya ve ayaklarının üstünde durmaya çalışan Türkiye’nin bu kısa aralıkta etkisi uzun yıllar süren 2 büyük kriz(1929 Büyük Buhran ve 1939-1945 2. Dünya Savaşı) yaşamasına rağmen kendi başına ekonomik olarak direnirken, 1944 Bretton Woods’tan sonra kurulan İMF ve Dünya Bankası gibi kuruluşların etkisine girerek ve 1946 Marshall Planı ile değişen ekonomik duruşunun ve girilen liberal akımın ülkeye nasıl bir etkisi olduğudur.(Bu yazıyı da Menderes’in Develeri adıyla önümüzdeki günlerde hazırlamayı düşünüyorum.)
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Ters Açı Borç Yazıları

Uzun süre Ekonomi Türk'te çok güzel yazılara imza atan barış kendi blogu ters açıda yazmaya devam ediyor. Geçtiğimiz 12 yıla yönelik oldukça sağlam borç yazıları serisi Türkiye'nin AKP dönemimdeki ekonomi yönetimine ışık tutarken AKP'nin iktidara gelişi ile çakışan ve AKP'nin iktidarda olduğu 12 yıl boyunca kısa bir ara hariç tam gaz devam eden iki büyük FED havadan para basma döngüsünün (biri 2001 Dot Com Balonu söndükten sonra başlayan ve 2008 Global Finansal Krizini hazırlayan düşük faiz dönemi ve ikincisi de 2008'den sonra QE1, QE2, ve QE Infinity olarak ard arda gelen ve önümüzdeki yıllardaki krizi hazırlayan para basma döngüsü) Türk ekonomisine etkisini gözler önüne seriyor.

Bugün insanlar neredeyse 100% politikaya konsantre olmuşken bu Ocak'ta biraz tattığımız ve önümüzdeki yıllarda acısını çok kötü yaşayabileceğimiz pek de iç açıcı olmayan borç problemi ile ilgili mutlaka okunması gereken yazılar. Erdoğan hükümetinin o zaman Kemal Derviş'in gazladığı ekonomik reformların momentumu sağolsun tam şişmediği için 2008 yılında krizin "teğet geçtiği" ekonomik balonu, 2008 sonrasının kötü ekonomi yönetimi ile AKP tarafından bugün bir kriz çıktığında tam göbekten vurulup patlayacak kadar büyüdü. Yönetimin, hele hele bu oy oranları ile ekonomi konusunda yanlışının farkına varıp da önlem almayacağı neredeyse kesin. Siz hangi partiden olursanız olun bireysel önleminizi alın. Borcunuzu kapamaya, birikimlerinizi arttırmaya ve "baba bu siteden evi 250,000 TL'ye şimdi almazsan yarın 400,000 TL olacak ve sen de çok ağlayacaksın" tadında "ekonomik baloooooooooonnnnnn" diye bağıran aptallıklardan uzak durmaya bakın. Özellikle vatandaşın borç durumu vahim görünüyor (Borç Yazıları (2)):

Türkiye’de vatandaşın mevduat bankalarından, taşıt, konut, düğün, nikah, boşanma kredisi adı altında aldığı toplam kredi miktarı 2002 yılının sonunda 6.6 milyar lira imiş. Enflasyonu hesaba katarsak bu rakam bugünün 5.9 milyar lirası kadar. Ya da başka bir hesapla o günkü dolar kurundan 3.8 milyar dolar. Aradan geçen on iki yıllık AKP iktidarında mevduat bankalarının vatandaşa verdiği kredi elli kattan fazla artarak 310 milyar liraya yükseldi. Yanlış duymadınız. Dilerseniz  rakamları şuradan siz de kontrol edebilirsiniz. Yıllık ortalama yüzde 43 oranındaki artış hızıyla vatandaşa verilen kredi 2013 sonunda tam 51 kat artarak 309.9 milyara ulaştı. Aralık sonu dolar kurundan 153.5 milyar dolar.Bu ne demek? Kabaca şu demek, nüfusumuzu 75 milyon kabul etsek yeni doğan bebsinden teneşirdeki mevtaya kadar herkesin kelle başı 2000 dolar borcu var demek. Bakın ne güzel korkuttum sizi.
Yazılar şurada :

Borç yazıları (1): Borçlanma, faiz enflasyon
Borç yazıları (2): Vatandaş ne kadar borçlu
Borç yazıları (3): Özel sektör ne durumda?

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Facebook'un Whatsapp'a 19 milyar dolar ödemesi

Facebook Whatsapp mobil mesajlaşma platformunu 19 milyar Dolara satın almış. Dün en çok konuşulan ekonomi haberi buydu. Bazı yorumlarda sadece 55 kişinin çalıştığı bir mobil mesajlaşma platformu şirketinin nasıl dev havayolu firmalarından ya da kimya şirketlerinden daha değerli olur şaşkınlığı vardı. İlk bakışta olay gerçekten ilginç. Facebook whatsapp'ın ilerde birgün, o da olursa, planladığı yıllık gelirin 19 katını ödeyerek Whatsapp'ı aldı. Eğer sadece ekonomik açıdan bakarsanız Facebook'un ödediği paranın karşılığını alma ihtimali küçük.

Whatsapp ilerde birgün tam 1 milyar ücretli kullanıcıya ulaşmayı hedefliyor. Whatsapp ücreti şu: İlk bir yıl bedava sonra ise senelik üyelik 1 Dolar. Bu sistem tutmuş olmalı ki şirket birçok startup'ın aksine karlı. Ama eğer 1 milyar kullanıcı hedefine kanımca kendinden çok daha iyi olan WeChat gibi Asyalı rakiplerine rağmen ulaşsalar bile 19 milyar geliri elde etmeleri 19 sene sürecek. Eğer bu gelir modeli değişmezse tabii.

Peki Facebook'un bir süre önce Google'ın söylentilere göre 10 milyar Dolar teklif edip de alamadığı Whatsapp'a bu kadar para bayılmasının gerçek sebebi ne? Bence Facebook son yıllarda kendi varlığını direkt tehdit eden şirketleri almak gibi akıllıca bir strateji uyguluyor. Önce Instagram mobil fotoğraf paylaşım şirketini aldı. Bu şirket Facebook'a çok ciddi tehditti zira internetten "bak Doburcan'ımın yanaklar al al", "Mahmudumla sabah kahvaltısı keyfi", "Paris'te dolanırım havamı da Facebook'ta atarım" tadı foto paylaşımı zaten Facebook'un kullanılmasının 80% sebebi. Instagram bunu daha iyi yapıyordu, Facebook aldı ve yolundan çekti.

Mobil mesajlaşma Facebook'un alanı değil ama Whatsapp ya da WeChat gibi mobil mesajlaşma platformları da zaten sadece mesajlaşma sistemleri değil. Benim gördüğüm Çin kökenli eşim ve arkadaşları da dahil Asya'da büyük bir kitle son 1 yıldır Facebook'tan tamamen kopup WeChat'e geçtiler. Fotoğraf, video, mesaj, statü güncellemesi gibi herşeyin yapılabildiği bu platform çıktığından beridir hiç birini benim gibi dinazorların mekanı Facebook'ta görmüyorum. Eşim ve çevrem benim gibi 35 yaş üstü segmentte ama buna rağmen kolayca WeChat'e adapte oldular. Siz artık daha genç kesimin Facebook'tan kopma hızını düşünün.

Facebook'un dün itibarı ile piyasa değeri kağıt üzerinde $173 Milyar dolar. Daha önce Facebook'un halka arzında hisse senedi almanın akıllıca olmayacağını yazmıştım. Facebook'un sonunda ne olacağı belli değil. Facebook halka açıldığında büyük ihtimalle krallığının tepe noktasında idi. Mark Zuckerberg akıllıca bir hareketle son ana kadar bekleyip hisseleri tepeden halka açtı. Facebook'un şu anki 175 Milyar Dolar değeri de kasaları FED tarafından taze taze havadan basılmış kağıt para dolu Wall Street'in kendini alpha dog sanan ahmaklarının reel dünyaya pek basmayan kafalarında uydurdukları bir fantazi. Elemanlar paraları batarsa da nasıl olsa devletçe bizim paralarımızla kurtarılacakları için pek fazla analiz etmeye gerek duymadan sürü psikolojisi ile abanıyorlar şirketin senetlerine. Biz bu filmi 13 sene önce bu geri zekalılar sadece domain adresi olan şirketlere milyonlar aktarırken bol bol izlemiştik sonra da başka aptalca yatırımlara aktarırken de izledik.
Her neyse, Facebook Whatsapp'ı alarak bu 175 Milyar doları 2-3 senede sıfıra doğru dalışa geçirme potansiyeli olan bir şirketi bünyesine kattı. Yani 19 milyar dolar verdi ama 175 milyar doları sağlama aldı. Başka bir deyişle Facebook Whatsapp'ı büyümek için değil küçülmemek için aldı.

10 yıl önce 2004'te hepimiz geleceğin sosyal medyasının myspace olduğu, Nokia'nın eline kimsenin su dökemediği ve RIM'ın devleştiği bir dünyada yaşıyorduk. Facebook myspace'i, Apple Nokia ve RIM'i 3-4 yılda devirdi. Aynı şey her an Facebook'a da olabilir ve hatta kanımca Facebook Instagram ve Whatsapp gibi satın almaları yapmazsa 1-2 seneye aynı durumla karşılaşacak.

Kısacası 19 milyar dolar harcadılar ama başka çareleri yoktu. Whatsapp sana bana 19 milyar etmez ama Facebook için çok daha fazlası eder. Akıllıca da bir iş yaptılar.

Bu arada genç girişimcilere bir tavsiye: Eskiden işin raconu innovatif bir startup kurup bir deve mkul fiyata satmaktı. Bugünün raconu ise bir devi tehdit eden bir startup kurup şirketi o deve katmer katmer fiyata satmak.
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Hür Fikirler'de yazıyorum.

Arkadaşlar, Hür Fikirler isimli web sitesinde yazmaya başladım.
İlk yazım "İktisat Biliminden (Herkes İçin) Beş Temel Prensip" 
İsteyenler "rdynk"nın yeni yazılarını Hür Fikirler'den takip edebilirler.
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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest and most lucrative ones around, with sales for prescription medication ranging in the billions. We would like to present you with a list of the best selling pharmaceutical drugs in history, worldwide, in a style similar to our coverage of the world's biggest IPOs ever. Please visit on Insider Monkey for more information on the best selling pharmaceutical drugs.
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