8 Countries that Produce the Most Leather in the World

If you're interested in getting to know the 8 countries that produce the most leather in the world, look no further. This list should take care of that. Leather production industry is among the most important industries in the world. We simply depend on leather if nothing else, then for our footwear which is often a direct product of the leather industry. Of course, leather has much more widespread use in our daily lives than that, but our shoes or boots are the simplest and most common examples. 

Buying leather directly supports the misery of the slaughterhouse. According to statistics from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and the Council for Leather Exports, the value of leather exports from India – which is one of the largest leather manufacturers in the world – is 10 times greater than the value of its meat exports. So clearly cows and other cattle are suffering and being cruelly slaughtered so that the leather industry can profit from their skins. And, if you like to read about top producers of various products, including agricultural, be sure not to skip our article on countries that produce the most kiwi fruit in the world!
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10 Best Places to Retire in Thailand

Thailand is known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful climate, plus its ruins of ancient kingdoms, many present-day temples and, of course, Thai cuisine, Thailand offers a mix of everything from vibrant cosmopolitan cities to quiet waterside towns. Over the years, Thailand has turned into a popular destination for expats in search of a change of scenery, new cultural experiences, affordable health care, possible tax benefits and a lower cost of living during retirement. Here, Insidermonkey experts take a look at 10 best places to retire in Thailand. 

Thailand is one of the world’s most popular locales for good living abroad. And there are lots of reasons why. For pennies on the dollar you get a year-round tropical climate and access to modern comforts and conveniences, including affordable, high quality medical care. There’s something special about this corner of the world. It’s an exotic place—orange-robed monks collect alms at dawn—yet it’s easy to live a comfortable lifestyle, similar to that of the West, but without the headaches and extra expense. You can also check the list of the 10 cheapest places to retire aboard.
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8 Countries That Produce the Most Paper in the World

One of the biggest paper and pulp mills in the world is situated near fray Bentos in Uruguay. This pulp and paper mill is from the Finnish paper company of Botnia ( second largest producer of paper in the world ). The facility is producing 1 million tonnes of bleached short-fiber eucalyptus pulp per year. An even bigger one is near Pangkalan Kerinci in the Riau Province on Sumatra in Indonesia. This paper and pulp mill which is called; APRIL Indonesia, is situated on a 1,750 hectare site. APRIL operations include pulp and paper mills, an integrated chemical plant, and a power plant that generates all the energy for the complex, mostly from bio-fuel. The Kraft pulp mill is the biggest single-site pulp mill in the world with a capacity of 2 million tons per year. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the countries that produce the most paper in the world.

Among continents, European Union countries accounted for the highest dollar value worth of paper exports during 2015 with shipments amounting to $81.1 billion (52% of globally exported paper). In second place were Asian exporters at 24.9% while 15.9% of worldwide paper shipments originated from North America. The 2-digit Harmonized Tariff System code prefix is 48 for paper and paperboard including articles made from pulp, paper and paperboard. You can also check out our other article on the 8 countries that produce the most pistachios in the world!
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11 Best Surgical Hospitals in the World

Medical research is constantly pushing the boundaries of health care and redefining what is and isn’t possible. Keeping pace with this vigorous progress, hospitals across the globe are continually updating their equipment and services in order to offer the latest in high-tech medical care. From specialist cancer centers with state-of-the-art digital imaging scanners, to multi-disciplinary mega-hospitals featuring cutting-edge medical robots. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 best surgical hospitals in the world.

The expanded ratings are an important companion to the Best Hospitals international rankings, which since 1990 have helped patients whose care is especially challenging and complex make smart, well-informed choices. Hospitals are ranked in 16 specialties on how well they care for these patients, for whom the stakes may be a matter of life or death. For them, venturing beyond a trusted community hospital to seek care at a truly exceptional medical center, even one hundreds or thousands of miles from home, may be the wisest option. You can also read 11 biggest hospitals in the world.
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Top 7 Ivy League Colleges for Finance

The eight Ivy League universities are among the most prestigious schools in the country. And Harvard University sits comfortably above the rest, according to a new list from the Center for World University Rankings. The organization's recently released 2015 rankings for the top-1000 universities in the world included each of the Ivy League schools. CWUR uses eight distinct indicators to determine their rankings, with categories including quality of education, alumni employment, and influence. Insidermonkey experts made a list of top 7 Ivy League colleges for finance.

A career in finance can be lucrative, challenging and rewarding. Every type of business and organization in every field needs someone who takes care of the financial side of things, and a finance degree can lead to work for the government, for corporations, for nonprofits, for small businesses and even to self-employment. A career in finance can mean advising the very wealthy on where to best profit from their investments, helping low-income people pay for education and homes, working in international banking or development, assisting young entrepreneurs in obtaining loans for their start-ups and so much more. The world economy may be struggling and the allure of banking or Wall Street jobs may have dimmed, but the flexibility and stability of finance means this is a solid career choice with many interesting options for graduates. The best start to a good career is a good education. You can also consider reading our list of top Ivy League economics colleges.
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8 Countries that Produce The Most Lithium in the World

A soft, silver-white metal, lithium is part of the alkali metal group. It is highly reactive and flammable. Due to its high reactivity, it hardly occurs in the free state in nature and is always found in the form of compounds. After the Second World War, lithium production experienced a boost due to technological advances and the need to produce nuclear fusion weapons. To commercially produce lithium, salts are extracted from water in mineral springs, brine pools or brine deposits. Then the metal is produced through electrolysis from a mixture of lithium chloride and potassium. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the countries that produce the most lithium in the world.

Continued developments from Tesla Motors stoked further interest in the mineral, although that’s not the only reason for lithium’s success. Despite accounting for only a fraction of lithium demand worldwide, Tesla has contributed to plenty of excitement in the junior lithium space, encouraging more and more junior mining companies to switch to lithium. Given the growing importance of energy metals and lithium-ion batteries, securing a consistent supply of lithium is a top priority for technology companies around the world. Lithium’s uses extend far beyond rechargeable batteries, but many predict that this application will dominate demand for the metal in coming years. You can also check out the list of 8 countries that produce the most salt in the world.
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8 Countries that Produce The Most Nickel in The World

While many expected the nickel price to continue to rise in 2015 on the back of Indonesia’s ban on unprocessed ore exports, it ultimately fell from $14,767 to $9,895 by September 2015. Overall, global nickel production increased slightly in 2015 compared to the previous year (2,450,000 tonnes vs. 2,530,000 tonnes). And as mentioned above, the nickel price declined in 2015, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). Decreased prices were attributed to declining growth rates for global production of authenticate stainless steal and commissioning of nickel refineries in Madagascar and Canada. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the countries that produce the most nickel in the world.

The rampup of production at ferronickel smelters in Brazil and New Caledonia also played a role. Despite weak prices and oversupply of nickel, companies continue to bring on new mining and processing projects in anticipation of a turnaround in the global economy. The Philippines saw an increase in its nickel production from 2014, producing 530,000 tonnes last year. In 2015, the Philippines was the largest exporter of DSO in the world. The country took advantage of Indonesia’s export ban and stepped in to distribute to China in 2014 with the Philippines’ nickel exports to China increasing by 24 percent in the first 10 months of the year, according to Bloomberg. You can also consider reading the list of 8 countries that produce the most crude oil in the world.

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10 Best Places to Retire in Ireland

From the illustrious Kennedy clan to the city of Boston’s rich Irish heritage, the Emerald Isle’s influence on the United States is practically non-quantifiable. More Americans claim Irish ancestry than any other, except for German. In fact, according to the last U.S. Census, more than 34 million Americans claim either full or partial Irish ancestry. That’s seven times the current population, 4.8 million, of Ireland itself. Retirees who are considering Ireland as a possible place to settle might be motivated not only by typical reasons – safety, beauty, cultural riches, outdoor recreation and general quality of life – but also by a keen interest in their own cultural heritage. Here are the list of 10 best places to retire in Ireland created by Insidermonkey experts.

A lot of people dream of moving to a foreign island when they retire. You know, a place with plenty of sun, lakes, and swimming pools. However, for some Irish people, there is no better place to retire than their home country, and it isn't hard to see why. What is the retirement age in Ireland? Sixty-five. And as any sixty-five year old will tell you, retirement age really creeps up on you. Whether you're in your twenties or pushing sixty, it's never too early to start planning your retirement, and we're here to help you with that. You can also take a look at this list of the 10 cheapest places to retire abroad.
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Top 3 Social Trading Sites

Below is a list of the leading social trading networks (mainly Forex, though some stocks, indices and commodities too). As a social trading network we identify any website or company which enables traders to share their trades and/or trade ideas with other traders. Our main focus is on Forex networks which offer both a social trading and community aspect, as well as auto trading capabilities. This is the functionality which allows investors to automatically copy or mirror the trades from other traders on the network in their own trading account. Insidermonkey experts made a list of top 3 social trading sites.

Most successful traders are extremely secretive about their strategies. For a very long time this has put other investors at a disadvantage. That’s when the concept of social trading appeared. At present, social networking and online trading are the internet leading activities, so it was only a matter of time until someone came up with a combination between the two. Social trading is a growing phenomenon through which online traders make trading decisions based on financial data gathered from multiple web platforms. You can also check out our article of the monthly average realistic returns of a Forex trader.
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10 Countries that Export the Most Cheese in the World

Cheese is a well-known and popular dairy food throughout the world. Milk is the main ingredient and comes from cows, sheep, and goats. Cheeses come in various forms; hard or soft, herded or smoked, aged or fresh. The list goes on and on. For many people, cheese is the perfect finish to a delicious dish. For others, cheese is never on their plate. The difference is cultural. Although not everybody consumes cheese, the world economy has a high demand for it; in response, some countries have included it in their exports. This list of the countries that export the most cheese in the world created by Insidermonkey experts looks at top cheese exporters around the world and ranks them by the value of their exports. This ranking reflects neither consumption nor production.

Cheese has a long history in dairy farming nations. Citizens within these countries often take pride in their unique cheeses because of the cultural identification they represent. This dairy product is a valuable food item and when consumed in moderation has a high nutritional value. Demand for cheese has gradually increased over the last decade and as Asian markets begin to develop a taste for it, that demand will only grow. This is good news for the top exporters in the world as it provides the opportunity to expand. Also check out our article on the 11 most expensive cheeses in the world!
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What Are The Monthly Average Realistic Returns of a Forex Trader?

When it comes to returns, Forex trading profits are unrivaled. This is due to the nature of the markets, which can either make you one of the richest in the world or one of the poorest. Of course gaining immense amounts of capital in a short time is possible, but the smaller the account, the less the chances of doing so. We hear stories of that one kid from a lower class family that started trading and in a short amount of time made millions. These stories are heart-warming and inspirational, but usually always due to superhuman focus on daily learning and trading till all that work pays off. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the monthly average realistic returns of a Forex trader.

There is also another type of story too. The story of the guy who made millions trading a few days, then lost everything because he was convinced he had found the holy grail - when in fact, he was just lucky at the beginning. I don't blame people for making this rookie mistake either. Without proper trading principals, failing is easy. But you can't be lucky all the time, unfortunately. We can not expect that the stars will always align in our favor. It is important to understand that in spite of luck being a welcomed factor, it's not a reliable one. You can also consider reading the realistic Forex trading returns you should expect.
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8 Countries that Produce the Most Books in the World

UK publishers released more than 20 new titles every hour over the course of 2014, meaning that the country published more books per inhabitant than anywhere else in the world. According to a new report from the International Publishers Association (IPA), UK publishers released 184,000 new and revised titles in 2013. This equates to 2,875 titles per million inhabitants, and places the UK an astonishing 1,000-plus titles ahead of second-placed Taiwan and Slovenia (1,831). Australia is considerably lower, at 1,176, while the US published just 959 titles per million inhabitants. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the countries that produce the most books in the world.

The data was compiled from a mix of figures provided by national publishers’ associations, national libraries and national ISBN agencies, and excludes self-published titles, said the IPA. The organization considered 40 countries for its report – those for which it could obtain “a reasonably reliable value for either the total book market or for publishers’ net revenues”. The UK figure is drawn from sales monitor Nielsen Book, which recorded the total number of new and revised titles published in the UK as about 184,000 in 2013, of which 60,000 were digital. You also should not miss our other article on the seven easiest Dickens novels to read first!
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8 Countries that Produce the Most Salt in the World

Salt is one of the most important gifts of God on this planet not only for human beings but also beneficial for animals and plants.  Basically salt is a mineral substance that is composed of Sodium Chloride which is chemically abbreviated as (NaCl) a chemical compound and belongs to the biggest class of ionic salts. a major mineral needed for human body In the natural form crystalline mineral is known as the Rock salt and also known as halite. As Salt is found at various places, we couldn’t say it is extracted from salt mines only but the sea is also a major source. various seas and oceans contains large percentage and quantity of salt and it is the major mineral constituent in Sea. according to an estimate, about 35 grams of salts are found in 1 litter of sea water. All types of foods are tasteless without its presence no matter how may spices are put in. No doubt saltines is one of the basic and major human tastes. Insidermonkey experts made the list of the 8 countries that produce the most salt in the world.

As we have already mentioned above that it is not essential only for human beings but is also much necessary for animals.  A report has revealed that the animal tissues contain more quantity of saltines as compared to the plant tissues. It has a long history as it was first discovered and founded a long time back estimated 6000 years. It is typically produced from the salt mines or through fading of the seawater or mineral rich spring water in the shallow pools. Its numerous products that are considered the most popular and widely consumed products are prepared in different industries and some of its major products are chlorine and caustic soda. Moreover it has various industrial uses in the production of polyvinyl chloride, paper pulp, plastics and many other products. So, what are the countries that produce the most salt in the world? Are they also the countries that consume the most salt? Read on to find out!
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10 Most Consumed Meats in the World

For thousands of years, poultry supplied meat and eggs, cattle, sheep and goats provided meat and milk, and pigs provided a source of meat. These species are the main sources of animal protein for humans. The meat derived from cattle is known as beef, meat derived from pigs as pork and from chickens as poultry. Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world accounting for over 36% of the world meat intake. It is followed by poultry and beef with about 33% and 24% respectively. Insidermonkey experts made a list of most consumed meats in the world.

Even though awareness about cruelty free lifestyle may be rising in some sections of society, meat consumption actually continues to rise worldwide. This owes itself to rising levels of affluence in the world. This is unfortunate not only from the vegan point of view, but also from the environmental standpoint. More and more of the forest cover of the world is depleted due to rising demands for meat, leading to increased green house gas emissions and ultimately climate change. Do also take a look at our other list of the 10 countries that eat the most meat to see how the meat eaters of the world are spread worldwide.
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10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Japan

Japan has seen a record number of tourists visit the country in recent years as a weaker yen makes trips more affordable. The fall in the currency also means Japan is now a relatively cheaper place to live compared with other cities across the globe. Japan's got the first two positions secured with Tokyo and Osaka. According to Mercer's 2009 Worldwide Cost of Living survey, Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world, knocking Moscow off the first place. If you thought you're paying a lot for your daily expenses, try buying a coffee, a newspaper and a bus ticket in Tokyo, it will knock you off. The newest entry to the top is New York. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Japan.

Human resources consulting firm Mercer says Tokyo has dropped out of the top 10 in  its annual cost of living survey for expats. Japan’s capital fell to 11th place from last year’s 7th, thanks to the depreciation of the yen against the dollar. The annual survey compared the cost of more than 200 items and factors including housing, transportation, entertainment and food, using New York as the base city. The list was topped by Luanda, Angola, for the third straight year because of the high cost of imported goods and safe living conditions there. Just a few years ago, Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya were all in the top 10 on the annual global ranking list. Now the cities are not even included in the top 5 of the regional list, currently comprising Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul. You can also check out our previous article, 10 most expensive cities to live in Germany.
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8 Countries that Produce the Most Tobacco in the World

Tobacco is main ingredient of cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and flavored shisha tobacco so it is cultivated in many countries on large scale; usable tobacco is obtained by curing the leaves of tobacco. It can grow in all continents of world except Antarctica because it needs moist and warm environment to grow, it is also consumed on large scale as snuff, chewing tobacco, and dipping tobacco. Its cultivation was started in Mexico around in 1000 BC and now world is producing about 7.5 million tons of tobacco every year, the top tobacco producers of world are China, Brazil and USA. Use of tobacco promotes many diseases in human body especially those affecting the heart, liver, and lungs, and several cancers but beside this entire danger world is growing it every year in tons. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the countries that produce the most tobacco in the world.

More than 80% of the world's one billion smokers live in low- and middle-income countries. The number of male smokers in China exceeds the entire population of the United States. Greece maintains the highest level of smoking, along with Turkey and Hungary, with 30% or more of the adult population smoking daily. Greece and Mexico are the only OECD countries where smoking appears to be increasing in both men and women. Only 5.4% of people are protected by comprehensive national smoke-free laws globally and Of the 100 most populous cities, 22 are smoke free. Second-hand smoke causes 600 000 premature deaths per year. In 2004, children accounted for 28% of the deaths attributable to second-hand smoke. You can also check our article on countries that produce the most tea in the world.
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10 Countries that Export the Most Coffee in the World

With a café on nearly every corner in countless cities around the globe, it comes as no surprise that coffee is one of the top commodities worldwide. As the global third most consumed beverage, after water and tea, coffee beans are in high demand everywhere. The top producing nations each produce millions of kilograms of coffee beans that find their way into the hands of eager consumers. Second only to oil, coffee is the world's second most traded commodity, with about half a trillion cups drank per year. Not only used for brewing a cup of joe, the coffee bean (through decaffeination) provides caffeine for beverages (cola), pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Despite the different flavours there are two main commercially grown beans Arabica which accounts for 70% of coffee and the Robusta bean which is far cheaper and easier to grow. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 countries that export the most coffee in the world.

An estimated 3.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day. Climates and growing conditions must be just right to grow the most popular bean in the world. While many of the top coffee-producing nations are well-known, some may come as a surprise. The coffee tree is a tropical evergreen shrub and grows between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Around 70 countries produce coffee, with the overwhelming majority of the supply coming from the developing countries of Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia. Here’s your list of the 10 countries that export the most coffee in the world, feeding the caffeine cravings of the countries that consume the most coffee in the world.
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Top 7 Ivy League Colleges for Economics

Ivy League is partly a reference to a style that appeared on these campuses in the 1920s and remained part of campus life through the 1950s. Ivy League affiliation went on to become part of the American Dream, as well as a sort of "brand." Eight institutions comprise the Ivy League: Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Brown University in Rhode Island, Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Economics has remained one of the most popular majors at Harvard, Yale and Princeton for many years. Insidermonkey experts made a list of top 7 Ivy League colleges for economics.

Students interested in how we use money and other resources can explore these well-regarded universities from around the world with a strength in economics and business. The field encompasses a range of subjects, including finance, management, organizational science and labor matters. These are the world's top universities for economics and business, based on their reputation and research in the field. You can also check out our list of these most influential papers on economics.
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8 Countries that Produce the Most Crude Oil in the World

The volatility in oil prices over the past decade has created plenty of concern for business people, national governments, and global policy makers alike. With such uncertainty in pricing, coupled with environmental concerns as our world’s appetite for fossil fuels grows, the questions of whether there are enough petroleum oil reserves to satisfy demand, and what the consequences of its extraction will be, have never been more pertinent. In order to shed more light into a somewhat ambiguous subject, Insidermonkey experts have profiled the countries that produce the most crude oil in the world to help put their positions within the energy landscape into perspective.

The volatility in oil prices over the past decade has created plenty of concern for governments and policy makers at the global stage. This lack of certainty, coupled with environmental concerns as the world grows ever more energy hungry, the question of whether there are enough petroleum oil reserves to satisfy the demand and what the consequences will be has never been more pertinent. In a bid to shed more light in this somewhat nebulous sector, we have profiled countries with the highest oil reserves in the world. Aside from keeping tabs on the petroleum production, exporting, as well as statistics on the 15 countries with the largest oil reserves, the OPEC is also an influential force in the global oil market and its prices.
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11 Best Places to Retire in North Carolina

Most people spend the majority of their adult life planning and saving for retirement. Once the day comes, and you’re left with limitless free time and a destination in mind, you’re probably ready to say goodbye to the city life and enjoy Tuesday cocktails on the beach, or a light Friday hike in the mountains. From beautiful scenery, decent cost of living, and accessible amenities; it’s no surprise how popular a destination North Carolina is for retirees. Wondering where though? Here are the list of 11 best places to retire in North Carolina created by Insidermonkey experts.

Living in North Carolina puts you in prime adventure territory. Residents here enjoy 300 miles of pristine beaches and some of the country’s most beautiful old-growth hardwood forests and mountain tops. Asheville, Greensboro and Charlotte are among the best places to live in North Carolina, a state experiencing continual economic growth. Home to Pinehurst, one of the country’s most beloved golf courses, Seagrove, the handmade-pottery capital of the U.S., and Biltmore, America’s largest home, North Carolina has a strong tourism industry. If you’re not on the lookout for the 7 most affordable countries to live and retire in and you want to enjoy your golden years at home turf, but Florida or Arizona is too mainstream for you, check out what North Carolina has to offer you instead!
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6 Easiest Dead Languages to Learn

A dead language is a language that no longer has any native speakers, although it may still be studied by a few or used in certain contexts. If there are only a few remaining elderly speakers of a language and it is no longer used for communication, then that language is effectively considered dead even before its last native speaker has passed away. The death of a language is rarely a sudden event, but usually takes place gradually as a language is marginalized or slowly replaced by other languages. Some of the most well known dead languages include Latin, Sanskrit, Old English, Aramaic, Ancient Greek, Old Norse, Coptic, Iberian, Etruscan and Porto-Undo-European, just to name a few. You can read the list of 6 easiest dead languages to learn created by Insidermonkey experts.

Dead languages are often confused with extinct languages, or languages that are no longer in current use and don't have any active speakers. While some scholars have tried to draw a line between the two, in reality, dead languages and extinct languages have undergone more or less the same phenomenon: they have lost native speakers and are no longer commonly used. Due to increasing globalization, thousands of languages are becoming extinct or are at current risk of extinction. The world's linguistic diversity is steadily declining as major world languages (such as English) take over and languages with less speakers begin to die out, or lose native speakers. Almost a quarter of the world's languages have less than a thousand remaining speakers, and many linguists estimate that at least 3,000 languages are guaranteed to become extinct within the next century. If you think these 6 easiest languages to learn are not for you, or if you’re not ready to take the challenge, you’re welcome to check out our previous list easiest second languages to learn for English speakers, where we do a similar experiment but focus only on currently spoken languages.
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Top 5 Ivy League Colleges for Law

While law school applications have decreased in recent years, pursuing a legal degree is still one of the most popular post-graduate pursuits in America – and while everyone has heard of Harvard, Yale, and Columbia when it comes to law school, those who only consider the Ivy League miss a number of fantastic, often over-looked, schools. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of the top 5 Ivy League colleges for law.

Even though the Ivy League is an athletics conference, the eight member schools are better known as academic and intellectual powerhouses that attract some of the best student talent in the world. While all of these schools will rank high on any list of the best universities, we decided to look internally, and see which academic institution is the best in the Ivy League. One thing is for certain — Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are in a league of their own. Combined, the three schools only ranked in the bottom half of any of our categories once, and there was a massive difference in points between our top three spots and the rest of our final list. In fact, if you take a look at this list of the 10 most expensive law schools in the US, you’ll notice that all five of Ivy League law schools have made their appearance there.
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Top 7 Ivy League Colleges for Engineering

Engineering boasts one of the highest starting salaries for those with a bachelor level education, and one of the best salary growth rates throughout an individual’s career; choosing an engineering program with the best return on investment even further boosts one’s lifetime earning potential. Generally, even the highest earning potential for engineers can be achieved with just a Bachelor’s degree. However, engineers wishing to teach at a collegiate level or conduct advanced research and development at the pinnacle of the field will often need a Master’s or a Doctorate. Insidermonkey experts made a list of top 7 Ivy League colleges for engineering.

The rankings are pulled from U.S. News and World Report and listed in order of the institution’s 30 Year Average Net Return on Investment. The purpose of our ranking is to highlight the top engineering schools that offer students the greatest future earnings potential. This will help future engineering students make informed decisions about how to get the most for the time and money they invest in their education. There are many different focuses in the engineering field; median pay, while high across all the specializations, does differ slightly. You can take a look at this list of top 20 engineering schools in America in 2015.
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8 Worst Corporate Scandals in Europe

From Volkswagen’s Dieselgate to Martin Shkreli, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, to Sepp Blatter, the disgraced former head of soccer’s international governing body, 2015 did not disappoint on corporate scandals. The allegations weren’t as big as, say, Enron or Madoff, the characters were just as captivating. Shkreli was defiant on Twitter. Perhaps the most blatant was Volkswagen, which ran commercials of its engineers as angels even when company officials were setting up elaborate systems to lie to customers and get around pollution controls. Here are the worst corporate scandals in Europe, list created by Insidermonkey experts.

With the documentary  Inside Job winning an Oscar, you'd think that massive financial fraud is a modern invention.  Well, think again. History is full of scams and frauds that removed billions of dollars from the pockets of investors and destroyed entire economies.  This post contains some of the most memorable. There is one huge difference, though, between the Great Wall Street Ripoff and the all the rest of these history-making scams. Take these 8 worst corporate scandals in Japan, for instance. It isn’t any different in America or Europe as well.
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10 Best Countries for Offshore Banking

We frequently hear about offshore bank accounts in the news or in the movies because those trying to hide money for criminal reasons usually utilize these accounts so that they are not caught up in their shenanigans. However, that is not all an offshore bank account is about. In fact, having an offshore bank account means saving tax dollars and some may have other reasons behind it. Just because someone has a bank account outside of the country doesn't mean they are a robber or a member of the mob. Here is the list of 10 best countries for offshore banking made by Insidermonkey experts.

Offshore banks do not report your income to the IRS like U.S. banks do, so they use an honor system. This means that it is up to you to report your income, but changing laws and other factors can cause issues if you do not comply with the laws of your own country. However, offshore accounts keep matters private and keep others from learning of your affairs. That is why such accounts are so popular among people all over the world. Without further ado, let’s see which countries are the best for opening an offshore account and stashing your rainy day cash (especially if you come from one of the top US cities for saving money).
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7 Best Ivy League Schools for Psychology

If you’re considering a career in the field of psychology, often times the first decision that needs to be made is which school you should attend to gain the needed knowledge. Across the country there are a number of schools that have well-established and respected psychology departments. The top psychology schools in the United States come in various forms, from large public universities, to exclusive, private schools. With the increased development of and reliance on the internet, many of the best psychology programs out there are offering courses online in order to eliminate geographical barriers and other roadblocks that prevent many some individuals from pursuing a degree. Here is the list of 7 best Ivy League schools for psychology created by Insidermonkey experts.

For years, psychology has been one of the most popular choices for undergraduate majors. On the one hand, the chance to study the human brain and what motivates behavior is tempting to the majority of 20-somethings. At the same time, psychology is appealing because it’s broad enough to give graduates the space to pursue careers in business, marketing, law, education, social services, medicine, healthcare…the list goes on. In other words, it’s hard to go wrong with a degree in psychology. If you’re in the market for a B.S. or B.A. in Psychology, you’re probably interested in two things: affordability and selectivity. Check out our previous list of 7 best universities in the world for psychology.
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8 Countries that Produce The Most Fish in The World

Fish is animal with skull and backbone lives in water mostly oceans. Largest fish producing country have long coastlines. Fish has thin and slim swimming body. It give eggs to promote their production. It remain the biggest resource for humans from ancient ages to present age to survive on earth. These are different with size and taste located in all over the earth’s water. Mostly are captured from sea with ships under government or private business. They lock them in farms or ocean with structure of wires and bars. Keepers give them unique food and care them as animals. These have better taste than others due to unique food. Largest fish producing country have two methods of fishing. First is to capture from sea or any place of water and 2nd is to farm them into small and big size ponds with desirable taste. Fishers have specific techniques to take the fish from farm or ocean. They use boats in ocean with large nets. Processing industries welcome the fishers. The handle the raw fish, freeze them and make different products. Then raw products are processed for eating, storing and making food recipes. Here is a list of 8 countries that produce the most fish in the world created by Insidermonkey experts.

China is the largest fish producer country in the world. They have the largest population to support and it is the gift from God to people to eat. It is very hot for body. It is best food for cold areas to decrease the body coldness. Production of a country increases the economy as China has highest world fish production statistics. Some countries which are landlocked they have no business of sea. Large sea coastline nations have big business with sea to improve their economy. For some further fish inspired reading, be sure to check out our list of 11 countries that consume the most fish as well.
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11 Best Selling Yankee Candle Scents

One thing we always love about our home is that it always smells good. We aim to keep it that way. Even if the decor isn't up-to scratch yet, or there is a bit of clutter on the shelves, We pride ourselves in the fact that everyone who comes through our door tells us how lovely our house smells! Apart from keeping the place clean in general, the main reason for such a pleasantly scented abode is the love of Yankee Candles. We adore them. In particular, We adore the wax melts that people use in an oil burner or warmer, as they are so quick in filling the room with fragrance. Over the years We have developed our favorite Yankee scents- the ones we go to time and time again. Here is the list of best selling Yankee Candle scents created by Insidermonkey experts.

So many people will advise you to use the full tart, unwrap and place in your oil burner, or tart warmer if you have bought directly from Yankee. Not only is this poor value for money, as the scent burns away quite quickly and intensely, but it also makes for a very strong smell which can be overwhelming depending on the chosen scent. With that in mind, we generally cut a small hole in the wrapper and then crush and sprinkle a small amount of the tart (about the size of your thumb's fingertip) into the well of my oil burner. Not only does this mean the wax tart lasts longer, but we can also have the same scent filling more than one room in my home in a pleasant, and not overly scented way! And they’re relatively inexpensive, just like the 10 Best Things to Buy on Amazon Under 20 Dollars.
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12 Highest Paying Countries for Civil Engineers

Civil engineers leave their marks on the faces of our cities more than we know. Every building, road, bridge, sewage system - any public works project has likely passed the scrutiny of a civil engineer. These individuals are responsible for designing and overseeing large-scale construction projects, and largely shaping our hometowns into what they are today. The average pay for a Civil Engineer is $63,005 per year. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years' experience in this field. A skill in Project Management is associated with high pay for this job. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the 12 highest paying countries for civil engineers.

Over recent years, the demand for civil and structural engineers in countries such as Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and China has been very high. Experienced engineers who can go straight into the workplace are preferred, but there may be opportunities for graduates too. Do plenty of research by visiting the websites of different countries’ engineering institutions, such as Engineers Australia, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and Engineers Canada. You need to think about visa requirements, the job market and the practicalities of living in another country, plus the fact that some countries require international engineers to have at least two years’ experience. Once you’ve determined the country where you’d like to work, identify prospective employers that suit your area of interest. Search for job openings through international job boards and use employers’ native websites rather than a British version that might not display international vacancies. Don't forget to check out the list of 12 highest paying countries for software engineers.
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11 Highest Paying Cities for Nurse Practitioners

Nurses have an abundance of variety in their working conditions these days, from choosing the kind of medical facility they want to work in to deciding what specialty they want to pursue. There are even more options for nurses who decide to further their education, like nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are indeed nurses, but they have more job responsibilities than a registered nurse, so it makes sense that their salaries and job requirements would differ. They also usually hold an advanced degree, whether it’s a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). According to AANP, 95.1% of Nurse Practitioners have graduate degrees and an outstanding 86.5% maintain their national certification. Here is the list of highest paying cities for nurse practitioners made by Insidermonkey experts.

Every nurse practitioner brings different needs and dreams to the table; what's best for one job seeker won't work at all for another. In theory, though, nurse practitioners have some needs in common: a desire to heal and help people, an enthusiasm for solving problems and stimulating the mind, at least a bit of ambition--there's usually some adventure-lust in there, and of course a lot of people appreciate job security. You can also check the list of highest paying states for nurses in America.
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10 Countries that Export The Most Beer in The World

The USA produces a truly titanic volume of suds each year in fact, according to Kirin Brewing Company's global beer production report, American brewers turned out nearly 6 billion gallons of beer in 2013. That's billion, with a B. And beer, also with a B. Before you celebrate American beer exceptionalism by shotgunning a brew, though, you should know we're not actually no. 1 in the beer-brewing world; that title goes to China, which out-produced America by more than 6 billion gallons of suds. If you need context, that's more than twice the output of the U.S., and quadruple of Germany, the land effectively founded on beer and sausage. Check out the list of countries that export the most beer in the world made by Insidermonkey experts.

In 2015, the world’s ten largest beer exporting countries pumped out 75% of the $13.4 billion worth of beer exported around the world (roughly $10 billion). We took a close look at these ten countries, and each of their ten thirstiest customers. And when we say thirsty, we mean thirsty. The top ten export markets for these countries collectively imported 85% of the beer that they offered to the entire world. That adds up to $8.5 billion — a whole lot of beer. Of course, be sure to check our other beer related lists like one about countries that make the best beer in the world.
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10 Best Places to Retire in Australia

From Geraldton to Merimbula, there’s so many amazing places to retire to in Australia, so where do you choose? Here’s the best places to retire in Australia. When it comes to choosing where to retire, it’s good to give the decision some careful thought. Who likes packing up the belongings and moving house several times? Not many people. However, it can be a difficult decision because Australia is a beautiful country, so you’re spoiled for choice! For many over-60s, the decision will come down to a few important factors, such as where your children and grandchildren live, what amenities are available, good transport connections and affordable housing. Good all-year round sunshine doesn’t hurt either. For this reason, Queensland has always proven a popular choice, with places like the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, however, there are great places to choose all over this great southern land.

Before making your final decision, however, do your research. It can be a costly and not to mention annoying for anyone who had to move again, and again. With so many amazing places to choose from in Australia, we take a look at some of the most popular places to retire. However, we do recognize that not everyone wants to move far from the United States. If you’re one of them then we suggest that you take a look at the best places to retire in Canada.
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8 Countries that Produce The Most Cheese in The World

Cheese is a food which consists of milk with different flavors and shapes. Cheese producer country are mostly from Europe and America. Milk is get from cow, buffalo and other animals like sheep and goat, and then liquid form is converted into solid form. There are many kinds of cheeses made in different areas. Different kinds of fruit are also mixed for flavors. Chocolate and strawberry taste cheeses which are also very famous. Different herbs and milk forms are used for new flavors and colors for attracting the customers. Also use different vegetables, fruits and other things for new varieties. Cheeses are rich of phosphorus, nutrition, protein and calcium. Cheese production industry is widely spread around the world. Insidermonkey experts made a list of countries that produce the most cheese in the world.

It is rich in protein, fat, calcium, and phosphorus which are very beneficial for human health that’s why hundreds of countries are producing tonnes of cheese in different flavors and textures. It is basically an ancient food and it has long history but there is no evidence of specific origin of cheese making region, according to record of archeologist the earliest evidence of cheese making shows that this process was started around in 5500 BC in Poland. There are many different kinds of cheese produced in the world fruits, vegetables and other things are also mixed to add flavors and color in it, the most popular kinds of cheese are Cheddar, Cottage, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Ricotta, Roman, Cream, and Swiss cheese. You can also check our list of 7 countries that eat the most cheese in the world.
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