11 Most Profitable Vending Machines

Have many times you have been waiting at the lobbies of hospitals, schools, companies or any other location, while at the same time being hungry or thirsty? For those type of situations, vending machines are saviors! You can basically find them anywhere and nowadays its products’ offer is getting more diverse as well. So, if you plan to get into vending machines business, some of the questions that certainly will pop up are: how much money does a vending machine make and are they a good investment? You can find those information in 11 Most Profitable Vending Machines.
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10 Most Sexually Active Colleges in India

In general, colleges are the places that are easily associated with sex. There are two reasons why. First, it is a place for youth and secondly, parents are not allowed. Two reasons to make you feel free to do whatever, wherever and whenever you want. And I think we are all adult enough to be aware of what can happen when you are on the college party. Let’s just say, they are not very “innocent” gatherings. Not to go too far with these, I wouldn’t claim every college is the same. According to some student remarks, some of them are highly sexually active, while others feel like they are still in the primary school.
Interested to know which are the 10 Most Sexually Active Colleges in India? Check them out!
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16 Easiest Mozart Piano Pieces that Sound Complicated

If you are a piano student, one thing is for sure: you cannot pass any of your exams if you didn’t play at least five pieces of Mozart. We all know how important and great his work is, but are we all aware that he was composing some of his first pieces when he was only 5 years old? That is exactly why Mozart is another word for genius. Some of his famous works include operas like Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute and The Marriage of Figaro, the Symphony No. 40 in G minor and For Elise. However, he has many many more, which you will find in 16 Easiest Mozart Piano Pieces that Sound Complicated!
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7 Best Smartphones With Stylus in 2018

Among numerous smartphone models and their updated versions each month, I would always choose a smartphone with a stylus. Why with stylus, you wonder? Because phone with pen looks way more elegant and classy and in my opinion, it never gets out of fashion. Also, if you want to have a more professional look, this is something that you should have in your bag, ladies especially! 

On the contrary, when it comes to gentlemen, the situation is a bit different — them using a smartphone with a stylus might look like they are too picky or too “precious.” However, if your hand fingers are a little bit bigger, regardless which sex you are, smartphone, or even better, a phablet with stylus is perfect. 

If the topic interested you, don't be lazy to check out the 7 Best Smartphones With Stylus in 2018 in order to know which one of them you should buy next!
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Top 15 Countries with the Largest Middle Class Population in the World

The differences in income and wealth distribution of a country can be seen nicely through ratio of classes in the society. Today we are taking the middle class into consideration as the best parameter showing these inequalities.

But, first, there is a problem of defining middle class which is not always easy and experts on the field also have some disagreements and different opinions:

According to CNN Money, the middle class is characterized by their place in five categories: income, wealth, consumption, aspiration, and demographics. By the income middle class represents the population whose income is in between that 20% of the poorest and 20% of the richest people. Since wealth does not have to be proportional to the income (having in mind savings for example), some characterize middle class being 3/5 of the country’s wealth. Consumption is one of the categories that might show better the position of an individual than income by the amount of spending. Then we have the aspiration, rather a non-directly measurable category, but showing the personal tendencies and possibilities through showing off the socio-economic status. And finally, there is a demographic category takes into account education, age, race together with income as wealth indicators.

Even though there is not a single definition of the middle class, it is more or less a thing that can be measured and compared globally. In short – countries with big middle class are usually those wit least differences in income and wealth distribution. In today’s world a middle class boom is seen in Asia and developing countries (but even though it encompasses millions of people it still represents a small proportion of these countries) while a slight shrinkage is seen in most Western European countries. To see more on this issue you might check out the article published by Insider Monkey concerning the Top 15 Countries with the Largest Middle Class Population in the World.
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16 Best Karaoke Songs for Bad Singers

There must be a lot of people out there who love singing. Are you one of those people who spend a lot more time in the shower than necessary performing concerts and operas? If that is the case, you must love karaoke.

And here are some interesting things about karaoke that you probably didn’t know:

Let’s first begin with some fun facts. You probably do not know the origins of the word “karaoke.” Karaoke is a Japanese word which can be translated to something like empty singing with an orchestra (kara-empty, oke-orchestra). Karaoke was “invented” in the seventies by Daisuke Inoue who made a first karaoke machine so that he could “teach people how to sing.” The other reason Daisuke invented karaoke is that, as he says, he was the worst musician ever, and while playing drums at a local bar in Kobe he wanted to make his life easier by creating a machine that could do the work for him. Back then he couldn’t have dreamed that his invention would become one of the most popular entertainment devices.

Anyhow, if you really love singing but you are very bad at it, karaoke is a perfect thing for you? Why? Well, no matter how bad you are, the point of karaoke is having fun and socializing with your friends in pleasant friendly atmosphere. Karaoke are also a good thing for those shy people who are desperate to show their talents to others but just can’t.

If you are a bad singer with no music talent whatsoever, whatever the choice of the songs might be you will probably sound terrible anyway. But if you want to spare your audience a bit, you might be looking for some songs that suit you the most, and for that we have found perfect source for you - 16 Best Karaoke Songs for Bad Singers.
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16 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

In the present time, there are many good options from working from your home, and freelancing is becoming more and more popular. And there is good money in that as well. But, how about being your own boss? If you want to start a new business of your own you might reconsider some options first.

There are many different choices here, depending on what kind of business you want to start and develop. There are, for example, we can say “specialized” business ideas without investment targeting certain parts of the population, such as 10 Legitimate Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms without Investment, for example. If you are good at making, repairing, maintaining things, then you would be interested in low investment manufacturing business perhaps. Then, if you feel comfortable working from your home and need low and small business ideas from home, why not try some of the 11 Most Profitable Home Businesses with Low Startup Costs? And finally, now, some general summary of very profitable business ideas can be found at 11 Most Profitable Businesses with Low Startup Costs.

First you should reconsider what you really know to do. And after thinking of something that suits you the most, you should do the market research and demands in your area – starting a job only relying on your own preferences is not the smartest thing to do. And in the end, reconsider the investment costs, which is sometimes the most important thing that will decide whether you will start a business or not.

Anyhow, if you are out of ideas, and want to start a profitable business and invest little or nothing in it you might get some ideas to think about while reading the article published by Insider Monkey – 16 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit.
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11 Best Mountains to Climb in the World

People have many passions in their lives which are sometimes not quite understood by others who are not into it. That is also the case with mountaineering, climbing, hiking and that spectre of eccentric adventurous and extreme sports and hobbies. But once you get into the world of climbing there is no coming back. That means you will have a need to explore more and more and more, both the new techniques on one side and new places on the other side. But nevertheless, even places you have visited before can always be seen from the other perspective which is the case in the world of climbing.

And, since we have mentioned here hiking, mountaineering, climbing, what are these categories anyway?

It depends whom you ask. There are things like mountaineering, sport climbing, traditional climbing, bouldering, ice climbing, hill walking, scrambling just to name some. And since each of these is a science for itself, we will not go through any of them particularly, we will just say that all these divisions are prone to constant changes, inventions and development (both on matter of technique or equipment), and they inevitably overlap.

So all these can (and do) overlap. And of course, many people who try one thing try many others. But some, on the other hand stick only to one thing, going to the very core of the thing they are doing. Nevertheless, the matter of choosing your favorite is one thing and choosing the places you want to visit is another. Some places are better for freeclimbing, others for hiking, some are top challenges not everybody would dare to do and so on. We have found a collection of suggestions which cover a lot of these, so you can check out the 11 Best Mountains to Climb in the World to get some ideas and something to think about for your future climbing career.

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8 Biggest Identity Theft Cases In American History

The definition of identity theft explains it as the theft of personally identifying information including a person’s name, date of birth, driver’s license, social number, etc. Identity theft cases occur on a daily basis. According to ISAI 2010, every year about 15 million people report being victims of identity theft. The total financial loss every year sums up to $50 billion which is not a small amount. 
There were some pretty interesting cases of identity theft in recent history including the case of a man who pretended to be a doctor for about two decades. Even though he was caught every time, he continued to pretend and find jobs as a physician. If you would like to learn more on this and other cases of identity theft, take a look at 8 Biggest identity Theft Cases in American History

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Top 10 Countries With the Highest Immigration to US

Have you ever wondered what the top 10 countries with the highest immigration to the US or the countries where most immigrants come from today? The US is naturally, among the top countries of choice for international migrants but European countries are very popular too.  Immigration, by definition, is international movement of individuals seeking a place to settle, reside, work or study in another country, and the term immigrant refers to someone residing in America who was not a U.S. citizen at birth. America has always been the favorite place to seek refuge and to start a new life in the land of the free and so, it is the country with the largest immigration population today. 
When it comes to the US, the highest number of migrants come from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador etc, like you will see in Top 10 Countries With the Highest Immigration to the US. If you want to learn more about immigration to the US, take a look at this article. 
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Top 11 Immigration Countries With Highest Foreign Born Population In The World

People migrate constantly and the USA has always been one of the most attractive countries for international migrants. Europeans, Asians, Africans...America is referred to as the "melting pot" for a reason. However, in recent years the situation is dramatic. People fleeing from war and other difficulties have no other solution than to try to find a better life for themselves and their families somewhere else.
Developed countries are naturally the most common countries that migrants and expats choose. Such countries include Germany, France, Italy, USA, as well as Saudi Arabia and UAE. Top 11 Immigration Countries With Highest Foreign-Born Population In The World speaks just about that. In this article, you'll find what the most common countries of choice for international migrants and expats are. 
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10 Most Profitable Coins and Cryptocurrencies to Mine in 2018

As more and more people are involved in cryptocurrencies, the pioneering Bitcoin is getting more value as the one of the strongest coins and cryptocurrencies out there. Since that is the case, it is becoming harder to get Bitcoin and mine it as well. Bitcoin mining seems to be profitable if you hire professional miners using expencive ASICs. And that is not profitable to everyone.

There are still many other possibilities if you are into the cryptocurrency mining. That leaves you to severl mining choices, some of them being GPU or CPU:

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in general includes support of graphics card, which was developed by NVIDIA (for personal computers) for purposes of acceleration of deep learning, analytics and engineering. So, while CPU (Central Processing Unit) works with several cores by sequential processing, GPU has many smaller units which perform tasks at the same time, which makes completing tasks faster. But, on the other hand, CPU, although not working simultaneously, works faster on completing individual tasks. And considering CPU vs. GPU in coin and cryptocurrency mining at home computers, opinions differ. Some people do both, but then face the hardware problems (overheating) and higher electricity bill (yes, cost of running the processor should also be taken in mind), while others use GPU or CPU only. Some of the leading GPUs for coin and cryptocurrency mining are NVIDIA and AMD nowadays.

Whatever your mining preference (and possibility on this matter) would be, it is good to know coin and cryptocurrency trends. That means you should follow them cautiously in order to make the best choice for mining. There are a lots of ways to find out which coins pay off the most at certain moment on various websites specialized in filtrating best options for you depending on your computer hardware preferences. Nevertheless, if you want to get the insight at the most popular and coins that pay off the most for mining at this moment, we can recommend you the digest of 10 Most Profitable Coins and Cryptocurrencies to Mine in 2018.

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11 Least Polluted Countries in the World in 2018

Pollution is always a hot and trending topic. And as the time is passing and more and more industries are developing, pollution issue is getting even more important. That is especially the case with developing countries like China for example, which are is one of the most polluted countries concerning the air pollution.

 And yes, air pollution is the first obvious kind of pollutions that comes to mind when thinking of pollution in general. That is also what governments are usually most concerned about and some countries are working hard on preventing future impact on air pollution in their countries introducing green technologies and finding ways of decreasing CO2 emissions. But:

We should not neglect the other kinds of pollution having the air pollution the first on the mind. Water pollution, as we have mentioned, is one of the others. Since nothing in nature occurs as a sole event, that is how water pollution is related with other kinds of pollution, for example, chemicals and pesticides used in agriculture rinse directly to the underground waters or nearby streams, which then come back as rain when all that water evaporates. Apart from this, solid waste and sewage and industrial waste discharge are also heavy pollutants. A report of Ocean Healing Index organization notices that wealthier stable countries and regions with stable governance tend to have higher scores that impact the global ocean health, meaning that they care more about their waters.

So when thinking about pollution as the whole package we should take in mind other kinds of pollution as we have seen. There is a nice overview of countries that are the most aware of this issue on the Insider Monkey, so if you are interested in this topic you should check out their article about 11 Least Polluted Countries in the World in 2018.
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11 Easiest and Cheapest Kit Cars to Build

There are many interesting things you can have as a hobby. But there are those eccentrics enthusiasts who literally dedicate whole the free time they have to it, and one of the most hard core among them are kit car hobbyists. And kit car building and collecting does actually require a lot of devotion but a lot of money as well.

It seems that kit car building is losing the popularity it once had. But there are still those keeping the thing alive, by purchasing and maintaining old-school kit cars, but also building and buying new ones. There are several companies nowadays producing and developing new (and replicas of old) kit car models, both as a finished car or a kit.

And there again are even those more hard core than it can get who are capable of building their own car. That means good knowing of mechanics, materials and other stuff. There are also some kit car building manuals as guidelines, but you will nevertheless have to possess a lot of knowledge even having the manual in order to build a functioning kit car. One of such manuals was the first of its kind, as a guideance how to build Locost:

…So, back in 1996, there was a manual published by Ron Champion named “Build your own sports car for as little as £250,” and that is how Locost kit car term was introduced. The manual was not precise as in following each step but giving a reader very good basis and accurate starting point on how to build your own kit car. The prototype for this manual was the famous Lotus 7 racing car of the sixties. The name Locost refers to the low cost of course as the first association, but to the Lotus as well.

So if you are a kit car enthusiast and need some ideas for your next project proceed to the  11 Easiest and Cheapest Kit Cars to Build.
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Top 10 Drinking Countries with the Highest Alcoholism Rates in the World

Alcoholism is getting more serious issue globally. But it is interesting to see the alcoholism trends and in which parts of the world it represents huge problem for example.

What is the cause of alcoholism? Well it is hard to answer to this question especially because the answer is complex because there are many factors contributing it. There is first tradition of some countries – is homemade alcohol a usual thing tracing centuries back for example. Then there is mental conditions connected to it, most common being stress and depression. Then there is alcohol price and availability in the race as well. And on the other hand there are religious reasons for not drinking alcohol. On the alcoholism rates in a specific country a lot of impact also have the laws of legal drinking age, alcohol availability and hours when it can and cannot be sold and to whom.
But then there are some interesting facts on which country drinks which alcohol the most. Take beer for example:

Let’s also see some interesting facts. You might have wondered which those countries that drink the most beer are. The Czech Republic and Germany must be somewhere at the top, since they are one of the most famous beer countries in the world, right? Yes, Czechs beat all others by beer consumption with around 142 liters per year per capita. But Germany (with 104.7 liters per capita) here stands only at the fourth place, having Seychelles and Austria ahead, with 114 and 104.8 liters per capita respectively.

So, if you’d like to find out more interesting facts about alcohol and drinking culture in different countries in general, we can recommend you to proceed to Insider Monkey’s article, the Top 10 Drinking Countries with the Highest Alcoholism Rates in the World.

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10 Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets in 2017

Being in bitcoin and cryptocurrency thing means being constantly updated with the situation on cryptocurrency fluctuations as well as monitoring and predicting the trends. The high value of bitcoin is rising since there are many people who are getting introduced to it every day, and many companies and countries are starting to accept it as a legal mean of pay. One of the opportunities of gaining bitcoin, the coin of the highest value of all cryptocurrencies is through the faucets.

Reminder for what bitcoin faucets are:

 Bitcoin faucets are simply those apps or websites with lots of advertisement from which you can gain satoshi (the smallest bitcoin units worth 0.00000001 bitcoin, or 10-8milli bitcoin faucet). When you register to a bitcoin faucet with your bitcoin wallet address, you will need to fill in captcha or do a little quest to get a reward in terms of satoshi which are recompensed in certain time intervals. But why do these websites offer to earn satoshi for free? The faucet websites are loaded with advertisements which give profit to the site based on clicks and impressions. So, the more clicks on the website, the bigger the profit. And in order to gain a greater audience, bitcoin faucets reward their members with free bitcoin. 

So now, the important thing is knowing where to invest time and effort while going thourg the ocean of available faucets. One of the important things also is being able to see spam and malware threats which are very usual in these things, in order to avoid them on time.

While things constantly change on the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market, it is important to follow the trends of course. Things can and do change over night (and even more often). And for the matter of some of the faucets of the highest values you can check out the 10 Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets in 2017 by Insider Monkey.
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Top 11 Immigration Countries With Highest Foreign Born Population In The World

People have always migrated searching for places with better living conditions, but in recent years, the numbers of international migrants really went up. Fleeing from war and a bad economy, people run towards Europe or the USA hoping to find what they seek. 
According to International Migration Report, the number of international migrants worldwide continues to grow very fast reaching about 258 million in 2017. The report further states that in 2017, two-thirds of all international migrants were living in only twenty countries with USA, Saudi Arabia, and Germany at the top of the list. While 17 million of international migrants came from India in 2017, Mexico followed with 13 million. 
If you are interested in knowing what countries host the largest number of migrants, take a look at Top 11 Countries With Highest Foreign-Born Population In The World to find out.
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16 Cool Things You Can Only Buy in Japan

The land of the rising sun is the dream destination for many people, and you are probably one of them if you came across this list. Of course, if you are planning a trip you will probably first think about transportation, accommodation, and SOUVENIRS. Depending on the taste of your friends and family, it is very likely that you will look for things that are unique to Japanese culture. Insider Monkey Staff compiled a list of 16 cool things you can only buy in Japan and it can definitely give you some nice and original ideas. In this case, original can also mean a bit strange. Who knows, maybe someone really wants/needs honey-flavored condoms packed as cute candies or armpit coolers. 

Japan is famous for products such as origami, sushi and unique Japanese knives and swords, among other things. However, some of these can be found elsewhere and nowadays it’s pretty hard to find cool things to buy in Japan that you can’t buy elsewhere. Consumer society is growing more than ever, and you can find anything your heart desires even outside the country of origin. However, it is very likely that you will have more choice if you are in Japan, in this case. Although some products on this list can be bought elsewhere there is a benefit of buying them in Japan. For example, it might be a good idea to buy electronic devices in Japan. Why? Well, Japan is a first-release country for various electronic equipment and prices can be more affordable than in your country. Of course, this is not always the case. However, if you want to be the first one to have newly released gadget, Japan is a right to place for you. 
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10 Good Cheap Cigars For Beginners

Although it is equally harmful than smoking regular cigarettes, for some, smoking cigars is more than just inhaling smoke. It's a lifestyle. They pair it with a nice drink and enjoy it very slowly to taste all the flavor. It looks sophisticated, at least when you see it on TV. This doesn't mean you should take up smoking cigars. But if you want to try, here's where you'll find cheap ones. 10 Good Cheap Cigars For Beginners.
Despite what many people think, smoking cigars does not have to be some expensive habit. Fortunately, there are many cigars on the market that cost less than a dollar so don't worry. This list contains 10 very affordable cigars that are also quite good so why not give it a look?
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18 Professions With the Highest Alcoholism Rates in US

Alcoholism has high rates in general among population, and in America that is especially the case. The researches have shown that alcoholism rate in Americas is around 40% higher than the global average. In US only during the last several years alcoholism rate has grown from 4.6 to 13% among women and form 17.9 to 29.4% among men, an women showing tendency to rise these figures even more.

People become alcoholics for many reasons. One of the most common ones is coping with too much stress. Stressful situations are part of everyday life of course, but some things impact on it more than others. Such is the job, and therefore some professions have higher percentage of alcoholics than others. What cause stress on the job are many factors: deadlines, objective dangers (in jobs that involve weapons or excavations or mining for example), responsibilities, bad working environment which includes bad relations with co-workers, irregular schedules and many more. Of course, not all of these things will impact on everybody the same, and not everyone has the same capability of coping with stress, since:

…it is not easy to answer the question of what profession drinks the most alcohol, on one hand simply because we are talking about people here, and everybody is different in sense of capability to cope with stresses and other job problems. Generally, individual factors are decisive if somebody is going to be come alcoholic such as level of education, level of social skills, enduring in stressful situations, coping with deadlines, responsibilities, and other working environment pressures. So, overall, the more stressful the job, the more likely for that profession to have greater percentage of alcoholics.

Anyway, there still are those professions which tend to have more alcoholics. And if you are interested to find out which those are concerning USA, you can check out the article published by Insider Monkey on that matter – 18 Professions With the Highest Alcoholism Rates in US.

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8 Easiest Jimi Hendrix Songs to Play on Guitar

Jimi Hendrix was a music legend and one of the most iconic figures of 20th century. Even though he died at very young age, and thus not having a long music career, it can be said that all of the songs that were left behind him are very well known by generations and generations.

But, how easy it is to play Jimi Hendrix songs? It seems that chords and riffs used in his song are actually not hard. What makes Jimi’s songs hard if not impossible to copy is his playing style and unique way of improvisation and experimentation he had. For example, there is one chord which became his signature chord ever since:

…That is why, when looking for easiest Jimi Hendrix songs to play on a guitar, some would say that is impossible. That is why it cannot be easily decided which one is the hardest Jimi Hendrix song. What also made Jimi Hendrix guitar music recognizable is the “Hendrix chord,” or “Purple Haze” chord, which became somewhat of his signature chord. And that is dominant seventh sharp ninth chord (or 7#9), and that can be heard throughout his opus.

So, what are the easiest Jimi Hendrix songs to play on guitar? It is a simple question, but the answer might not be as simple. Because, as we have seen, if you want to copy Jimi’s style that might give you headache, but if you simply want to play his songs and get to know their structure than the job will be much easier. So it is rather a question of personal preferences than the level of hardness indeed. Now, if you want to try out playing Jimi Hendrix songs, you might check out the article we have found on this matter published by Insider Monkey - 8 Easiest Jimi Hendrix Songs to Play on Guitar.

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17 Easiest Marathons for Beginners in US and Europe

So, you have decided to run a marathon. And probably you are a very beginner in running. Well, then, before going through some of the easiest marathon races for beginners, you should consider some other things before that.
It is important to get ready for the race, and if you are beginner in running or in sport in general you should get some guidelines first. There are three important things beginners should have in mind when getting ready for marathons: physical readiness and exercise, healthy nutrition and mental readiness.

Physical readiness is the most important part of the procedure of how to prepare for a marathon. If you are very beginner, any distance might seem long for you. But don’t give up! In order to get ready for, say, half-marathon you will need about 15 weeks of preparation. You should consider running at least 30 minutes three times a week, each week prolonging your running distance, up to the phase where you can more or less easily run 13 or 14 miles. But be patient and don’t rush. Take an easy pace, the speed that suits you the most at the beginning, because injuries from running (and any other sport especially if you are a beginner) are often.

So, as you have seen, getting ready physically takes time. That also leaves you time to get your thoughts in order. Think positively, think about boosting your moral, think about the process of your preparation and not only about the final goal. And in the end, look for some advices for healthy nutrition which is very important part of anyone being physically active.

You will get a nice introduction on the things we talked above in an Insider Monkey’s article, and after that you will get the selection of the 17 easiest marathons for beginners in US and Europe.

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7 Easiest Illegal Drugs to Make at Home by Using Legal Ingredients

Humans have been experimenting with drugs, it seems since ever. There have been many scientific researches that have shown that the use of psychedelic substances has a very long history with human species, and it seems that our extinct cousins Neanderthals knew about painkillers and psychedelics as well:

 Anyway, concerning human species, using psychoactive substances has a very long history. There is evidence for use of betel nut in Timor, which dates some 13,000 years back, which is still in the use today, just to name one example. Also, opium, mushrooms, marijuana, nicotine, and many other plants containing psychoactive substances have been found on many prehistoric archaeological sites throughout the world. There is also some evidence from 30- to 48,000-year-old specimens from El Sidrón cave in Spain that Neanderthals have also been using some painkillers and plants with psychoactive substances.

Since drugs have a long history, that means there has been a lot of experimentation with huge range of substances in order to make drugs. That is also what the recent centuries have brought, introducing synthetic drugs as well.

Many legal substances and chemicals when mixed together apparently can provide an illegal drug as a result. Since only a minor knowledge in chemistry is needed to produce these drugs, only the proportion and the amount of these substances is needed to know and almost anybody can make illegal drugs at their homes. And we are not counting thins like marijuana or shrooms here, since you do not do any chemistry in order to produce those. So, if you are curious to find out which illegal drugs can be made with some legal ingredients and chemicals, we have found an article dealing with, the 7 Easiest Illegal Drugs to Make at Home by Using Legal Ingredients.

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10 Easiest Jack Johnson Songs to Learn

Jack Johnson is a popular musician who plays acoustic soft rock influenced by other chill music styles such as surf, reggae or folk music. These influences should not surprise you since Jack Johnson grew up on Hawaii having a surf career before becoming a musician.

But living on Hawaii, during his life he has encountered the consequences of pollution and waste in the oceans and pollution in general. That is why he made big moves towards spreading the awareness of these important issues. As you might already be familiar with this:

There are several non-profit foundations and social networks launched by him and his wife. The first foundation started by Jack was Kokua Hawaii Foundation in 2003. It is oriented towards schools and education of children about ecology and problems our planet is facing with pollution. The second foundation was raised in 2008 by Jack and his wife Kim, the Johnson Ohana Foundation for promoting and “supporting organizations that focus on environmental, art, and music education.” In the same year he launched a social network called All At Once, just to name some of his social web activities (which are not foundations), where people interested in environmental issues can easily connect and do some action in supporting plastic reduction in their communities, or growing organic food and promoting Farm to School movement.

Anyway, in his music he also tends to draw attention at these import issues, such is the case with one of his latest videos for the song “You Can’t Control It”.

Putting aside the environmental issues, music of Jack Johnson is great for playing since it is easy to learn. If you want to see which songs in particular, we recommend you to check out the 10 Easiest Jack Johnson Songs to Learn article published by Inside Monkey.

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10 Easiest and Cheapest Luxury Cars to Maintain

Having a luxury car brings much other expense after buying one. This includes paying immensely high insurances, maintenance and of course repairs. These are the three inevitable things you will spend a bunch of money on if owning a luxury car. Just to give some examples:

Insurance is also among the important issues concerning your annual costs. Some of the most expensive brands concerning annual insurance, as well as the most expensive cars to maintain as we have seen earlier are Mercedes ($3,500 and more) and BMW (around $3,000) again. On the other side of the specter are Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda (with around $1,000 on average).
So, to summarize and add: you might find a fancy luxury vehicle in good condition for a low price no doubt, but be sure you can go on with that. Luxury cars have expensive insurance; repairs cost more, they often require premium type fuels and are usually harder to sell.

Surely if reconsidering buying a luxury car everyone would have in mind the high cost of maintenance. But, of course there are some brands which pay of more than others on longer distances. Not that they would be worse than the more expensive to maintain luxury car, it is rather a choice of preference. There are those who would need the newest, most luxury BMW, Mercedes or other German elite car, which are among the top expensive cars to maintain and own in general. But there are others that would be satisfied with something more down to earth. And we would also note here, no luxury car is going to be bad, on the contrary, it has not earned the title for no reason.

Anyway, if you are considering buying a luxury car that is easy and cheap to maintain, there is an article about 10 easiest and cheapest luxury cars to maintain published by Insider Monkey, so take a look at it.
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7 Easiest Jazz Instruments to Learn

If you are into the jazz music, you probably know how diverse and innovating jazz music is even after more than 100 years of its existence. The roots of jazz music go back in 19th century New Orleans, where various music styles were combined into a new musical expression. The first jazz, known as Dixieland jazz was inspired by ragtime and blues African-American music. Almost immediately after the first jazz orchestras were formed it has become one of the most popular and mainstream music styles not only in America but throughout the world:

After the establishing the unique, recognizable sound, since 1920s jazz has become the most popular music of its time, and became known as “Chicago” jazz style. During that time jazz has gotten the swing element, which has become one of the trademarks of jazz onwards. Legendary Louis Armstrong was the star of that era. That was the beginning of the Jazz Age, an era of the book of jazz music and development of unique artistic expression on other fields of art, which ended after some decade after, with the beginning of the Great Depression. Nevertheless during that time jazz music has become widespread not only in the US but throughout the world.

Apart from the Chicago style, new ages have brought new ideas and experimentations and that lead to creation and separation of many jazz subgenres. That has also introduced many new instruments into the jazz music. But some of the “classical” instruments that were used in first jazz bands include trumpet, violin, piano, saxophone, banjo, guitar, drums, string bass, clarinet to name the most common ones. Nowadays, there is a division of instrument groups that characterize a jazz band: horn section and rhythm section as the most important ones, and the others which include woodwind instruments, guitars, violins and whatever else.

If you are interested to find out more about jazz instruments and jazz music in general, go to the Insider Monkey’s Article about the  7 Easiest Jazz Instruments to Learn.

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Top 25 Countries with Highest Foreign Currency Reserves in the World

CEIC – Euromoney Institutional Investor Company was founded in 1992 by a team of expert economists and analysts. Now, they provide one of the most expansive and accurate data insights into more than 195 economies in the world for forex reserves.

What are forex reserves, you may wonder? The are international reserves are any kind of reserve funds that pass between the central banks of different countries in the world as an acceptable form of payment. The reserves can either be gold or some else specific currency, like dollar or euro. Which country has them the most?

Check out on Top 25 Countries with Highest Foreign Currency Reserves in the World!
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25 Most Sexually Active Cities in America

Did you read about 25 Most Sexually Active Cities in America by Insider Monkey yet?

This interesting article is based on much of a research.  First, they checked which are America’s most sexually satisfied cities and most sex-happy cities. Next, they searched for the cities that buy the most condoms, and finally they ended  with Lazeeva’s study about most sex-positive cities in the world.

This study was particularly interesting as it defines sex-positiveness as “having or promoting an open, tolerant, or progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality.” The researchers ranked the cities in the world according to sexual activity, sex toy consumption, and porn consumption, to name a few. Once they collected the twenty-five most mentioned cities from these lists, they ranked them according to the Background Checks’ ranking of the most sexually diseased states in the U.S., based on the latest CDC’s findings.

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20 Most Dangerous and Deadliest Roads in the World

Why do people love dangerous roads? Moreover, you might even ask yourself how were they build in the first place? Well, half of them are shaped by nature. Meaning, their shape depends on the natural characteristics of the terrain along the road path. The other half is human-made. During the construction of, for example, Karakoram Highway, around 900 people have died. And even after its construction, because of the carves and other things, people keep on having traffic accidents.

On the other hand,  if you are an adventurous type of person, then reading about 20 Most Dangerous and Deadliest Roads in the World will maximally excite you! The thing is, even though these roads look unstable and cause us fear, at the same time, most of them are located In the most beautiful natural landscapes. Enjoy!
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7 Easiest Lotteries to Win in the World

Some of the people on the Internet wrote that there are no secrets of how to win the lotto, and I must agree. But, how to increase chances of winning the lottery? To answer this question, many blogs and websites were created. People that are good at mathematics tend to calculate approximations of getting the jackpot. Some of them can be of help, others don’t.

What can be of the most help is definitely to read about 7 Easiest Lotteries to Win in the World!
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25 States with the Highest Suicide Rates in America

There are around 800,000 suicides throughout the world annually, and that makes suicide a huge problem and it is becoming one of the leading causes of death as well. Some global statistics show that there are 10.7 suicides per 100,000 people. Where does US stand in this picture? Surprisingly (or not) it isabove the global average with 14. 3 suicides per 100,000 people.
Since suicide rates in America are this high there are numerous centers and organisations which eork on suicide prevention in each state. The facts also show that suicide rates are slowly going up in many states, and what is even more alarming is that suicide rates in children are on the rise. More than ever we nowadays see and hear news about 9- and 10-year-olds committing suicides. Apart from children, teenagers and young adults are age category that commit most suicides. In most US states, suicide is number 2 cause of death in these age categories.
There can be many causes that make someone commit suicide. The main leading cause is depression which is also on the rise.

Depression rates by state vary, and according to some data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 2010, among the top depressed states are Mississippi (14.8%), West Virginia (14.3%), Alabama (13%), Oklahoma (11.3%) and Tennessee (11%).
Preventing suicide is very important, and especially recognizing first signs of problems, since a lot of them happens as a result of some mental illness. But on the other side, some suicides happen unpredictably, after some emotional breakdown such as financial problems or everyday life stresses. It seems that economic status is one of the major depression causes, having in mind that population below the poverty level is 2.5 times more stricken by the depression than the population living above the poverty level.

These are just some of the facts you can find on suicides in the US, and if you want to find out more about this issue, go to the 25 States with the Highest Suicide Rates in America.
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16 Healthiest Countries in the World 2017 List

Have you ever wondered how much a lifestyle impacts your health? Sometimes there is not much time to think and reconsider what to eat for example, and we all go to the first fast food kiosk. And then it happens again. And again. But of course, if continued, that kind of diet leads to serious health issues, like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes which are one of the leading causes of all the major diseases that are one of the main mortality reasons in many countries – coronary diseases, cancers. Together with bad nutrition, alcohol and tobacco are also one of the biggest triggers for a whole spectre of diseases.

So, combined, good diet and exercising on regular basis have a good impact on health. On the contrary, obesity, alcohol and tobacco use are one of the health’s worst enemies. Some of the unhealthiest countries in the world are among the top in the use of tobacco and alcohol. That brings Eastern Europe as the region with the least healthy countries in the world, according to research, having heavy drinking culture and high obesity rate.

General health of society is not only individual issue. Some people exercise more and eat healthier which is of course matter of choice. But advertising and promoting healthy lifestyle is one thing that will bring the awareness to more people. Gaining knowledge about the main health issues and causes of diseases is one important step for each individual towards healthier lifestyle, and that is the responsibility if higher instances. Some countries are more successful in spreading the awareness than others of course. On one hand, that is general status of the country, the wealthiest the country is, the more topics it will have covered for example. SO, if you are interested to see which are the most successful countries on this issue, go to  16 Healthiest Countries in the World 2017 List and find out more.

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10 Easiest IoT Projects For Students

Everyone is talking about IoT lately and it seems that it's slowly taking over the world. It is an amazing technology defined as the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. 
There are many courses online where you can learn the basics of IoT so that you can begin to work on some cool projects and build amazing devices. 
In 10 Easiest IoT Projects For Students, there are 10 of such projects. They all come with an extensive guide on how to build the devices so you don't need to go through any troubles. Just follow the instructions and you can make an IoT alarm clock, for example, or automated blinds. There are no limits with IoT technology so check out this article to get inspired. 
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