15 Gayest Cities in America Per Capita in 2018

Nowadays gay marriage is legal in every state in the US. But this status was hard to gain, and LGBT and gay communities have (and still are) gone throughout rough times. That is why, when concerning America, it is a normal thing to find bigger LGBT population in some rather than other places.

But, generally speaking, apart from these known centers (and even within them), we can never have the real figure on the matter of percentage of LGBT population, because lot of people just do not want or cannot speak about these issues, and that is why researches like this are always somewhat controversial.

First, not all areas would be covered by the same number of the sample taken. Then, not everyone would feel comfortable answering questions about their sexuality. But nevertheless, it seems that Americans are slightly more opened towards this question. The survey conducted by Dalia has shown that around 5.6% of Europeans identify themselves as LGBTQ, where the figure is as much as double in the US, being 12.1%. But that is one of the numerous studies that are trying to get the closest to the real figure on the percentage of the gay population in the US. Research conducted by Gallup shows a quite smaller percentage of 4.1% of Americans identifying as LGBT. The third opinion, by Williams Institute of UCLA, shows an even lower figure of 3.8%. So whichever of these seems the most realistic one; they are all estimates.

And as we have said, apart from these general figures, some placer have always been known as gay centers, like San Francisco for example. And if you want to find which other places also have the greatest percentage of gay population in America e recommend you to check out 15 Gayest Cities in America Per Capita in 2018

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