16 Countries With the Highest Cost of Living in the World in 2017

Have you always wondered which country would be the best to live in? We certainly know which countries are the most expensive and famous for their high living standards, and that is exactly what this article is about.
There is such a huge gap between the developed and developing countries. While India and Egypt seem to be the most affordable countries to live in in the world, developed countries like Switzerland and Iceland appear unbelievably expensive. Few of us could afford to keep up with their luxurious lifestyle. If you are planning on traveling to these countries anytime soon, make sure to bring lots of cash because everything is pricey in these places.
To learn more, take a look at this useful article about 16 countries with the highest cost of living in the world in 2017
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16 Creepy Craziest Worst Things Found on the Deep Web

Deep Web is often a topic of discussions and various myths. What can you find there, how to access it and who uses the Deep Web? One thing is for sure, it is the meeting point of criminals, terrorists and those who strive to find similar perverted minds. While the Internet is flooded with fake Creepypasta Deep Web stories, there is a large number of stories which are more than creepy and sick and yet they have proven to be true. Many mistake the terms Deep Web and Dark Web but these two are not the same. Deep Web is any page that is not indexed by search engines and Dark Web is a part of Deep Web and is known as a place where (among others) notorious criminals communicate and negotiate about human trafficking, child pornography and "business" transactions. Besides to those interested in shady and illegal activities, Deep Web is also appealing to all those who wish to truly remain anonymous while communicating with others. in order to access Deep Web you have to download TOR through which you can access the darkest corners of the Internet. Once you do that, if you are smart enough, full anonymity is guaranteed. 

Insider Monkey staff compiled a list of 16 creepy craziest worst things found on the deep web and the list is trustworthy since the author emphasized which stories could be fake and gave sources for other information in regards to what you can find on the Dark Web. Unfortunately, the scariest stories are true and they represent only a tiny, tiny portion of the horrific secrets of the Invisible Web. The largest portion of the Deep Web is dedicated to child pornography and abuse. Due to the complete anonymity of its users, it is almost impossible for intelligence agencies to uncover who stands behind these heinous crimes. However, breakthroughs do happen which uncover at least parts of well-protected Dark Web pedophile networks. 
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15 Countries with the Strictest Customs, Border Control and Airport Security in the World

Flying is becoming the easiest and most convenient option for traveling. It saves a lot of time and with many budget airlines, costs of traveling by plane are affordable for almost everyone. The worst part of traveling by plane is the lengthy procedure which precedes the actual flight. You have to worry about baggage allowance and strict rules what you can and cannot bring on board. If you are traveling with your laptop and camera, be ready to quickly take everything out (without damaging the equipment) and packing it up before nervous passengers start getting nervous. Of course, this is expected on all airports but some are more strict than others. 

Insider Monkey experts compiled a list of 15 countries with the strictest customs, border control and airport security. This article provides you with everything you need to know about strictest borders in the world and airport security. You probably wondered why Australian customs are so strict and the answer is pretty simple: Australia's geographic position and very specific flora and fauna. In other words, Australia has species which are specific for its territory and introduction of some biological material could completely destroy its ecosystem. When it comes to the most militarized border in the world, this title apparently goes to the border between North and South Korea, which makes sense if you think about it. USA-Mexico border is another border which has the best border security force in the world and with President Trump's newest actions, it seems that this security can only get stronger. Still, none of these countries took number the top position on this list. 

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Most dangerous, ghettoest cities in America in 2017

The United States of America is considered the land of dreams. It is the place where people go to attain the lifestyle they always thought they could have with the freedom they always envisaged. However, the truth is never quite as glorious.
To put it shortly, America has a gun problem. It has the highest guns per capita ratio in the entire world, and due to lax gun laws and active gun lobbying, it isn't out of the ordinary to learn about a mass shooting occurring in a city in the US.
Guns don't just kill people, they are a valuable aid towards committing crime as well, and so, it stands to reason that some of the worst cities in the US have a gun problem as well.
So which cities are ruining America's freedom? Well, Insider Monkey has us covered! This article titled '35 worst, most dangerous, ghettoest cities in America in 2017 ranked by FBI' concludes the cities to blame for America's worsening reputation among the developed countries in the world. And it uses FBI statistics as the basis for its ranking, so we can be certain its accurate as well. Check out this excerpt
'The US may be the biggest superpower in the world, but it focuses on using its wealth and power to interfere in the matters of other countries, whether they want such interference or not. This is why perhaps it often neglects its own cities, and hence they suffer.

Homicides are increasing significantly in the country on the overall level, with St. Louis, Baltimore and Detroit topping the list of cities with most murders in 2017. St. Louis seems to have made it a habit, with the city also managing the highest murders in US by city in 2016. The human life seems to have little or no value in such cities, and you should be cautious when visiting or living in cities such as Emeryville, California, that are considered to be one of the worst cities in America to live in.'
If that piqued your curiosity, head on over to the full article. Believe me, you won't be sorry!
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10 most racist states towards Muslims

It isn't easy being a Muslim in today's world. The world is progressing and modernizing, and is in the process of rejecting religion entirely. The biggest impact of this decision has been faced by Muslims, who are arguably the most religious people among all the religions.
On the other hand, the terrorists who claim to be Muslims haven't done their religion a favor either. Not only have they killed tens of thousands over the years, but they have generally only killed Muslims. Further, they have tarnished the image of Islam to a point beyond which it may never recover. This has led to anti-Muslim sentiment growing and is one of the reasons behind the recent spread of Islamophobia.
While the US claims to be tolerant of other religions, the facts don't portray a pretty picture. An article by Insider Monkey titled '10 most racist states towards Muslims' attempts to address this serious topic. Not only does the article address which states are most anti-Muslim, it also addresses the reasons behind this in the following paragraph
'However, that is never an excuse for violence. Unfortunately, you will be bound to find such incidents of discrimination towards Muslims in a country where the President himself is a racist, homophobic bigot who actively campaigned on the basis of discrimination and, won! Thus, it comes as little shock that hate crimes against Muslims rose significantly after Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States of America. America is supposed to be accepting of different cultures and identities. Some of its biggest cities have a large mix of people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. However, at the same time, mosques are being burned down, and Muslims are being killed for standing up for women, which begs the questions, why are things changing in this regard?'
Be sure to check out this article if you want to know the sufferings of Muslims in the United States today!
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most addicted, drug infested cities in America in 2017

Drugs can be so amazing, yet so dangerous. While everyone knows that drugs such as marijuana and LSD cannot result in deaths directly, they are viewed with the same negative outlook as the actually dangerous drugs such as heroin, cocaine and of course, Breaking Bad's favourite, methamphetamine. However, while these were the most dangerous drugs in yesteryear, opioids have caused an unprecedented crisis in the United States. They have been responsible for over 60% of the deaths caused by drugs and are causing the government billions of dollars in damages. As I write this, the Trump is about to declare the opioid crisis as a 'Public Health Emergency'. However, it is truly sad that it took them this long to get about to it.
There are a few bad eggs in the US which have led to this crisis spiraling out of control. This Insider Monkey article 'top 20 most addicted, drug infested cities in America in 2017' talks about the worst cities for drugs and actually seem to have researched the topic instead of just regurgitating other articles. While it addressed the drug crisis, it also makes some really good points about their legalization such as 'Deaths from drug overdoses and drug abuses have been a way of life in America; they are often easily available, and despite stringent penalties for possession and sale, little achievements have been made other than condemning people with a few grams of marijuana to life in prison. This is going on in 2017 when we are in possession of enough facts to know that the best way forward is the legalization of marijuana, which will regulate the industry, destroy drug mafias and earn billions in taxes.  Further, this will allow people with a drug problem to come forward and get the help they need, instead of being ostracized which in turn leads to them hiding their habit.' Be sure to check out this article!
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15 biggest US government cover ups of all time

The US government is often more shady than corrupt organizations. It has trillions of dollars in its hand and is often run by a bunch of sleazy, incompetent people which has never been truer than now. However, whenever people claim that Trump is the worst President ever, I point to acts carried out by the governments in previous presidencies and they fall silent. And no, I'm not talking about 9/11 truthers or people claiming that even Sandy Hook was a conspiracy theory. I'm talking about the time when the USA used chemical weapons on civilians or hired Nazi scientists to compete with the Soviet Union in space research.

While conspiracy theorists are often crazy and completely wrong about the conspiracies they believe to be true, the US government is no angel either. In order to further their agenda and promote only that which serves their interests, the US government has engaged in major cover-ups. And even though I have always been a fan of learning about the lengths the US government has gone to in order protect its interests, an Insider Monkey article '15 biggest US government cover ups of all time' managed to shake me to the core. The article details some of the absolute horrific crimes the government has covered up. If like me, you think that the US government is up to no good, check out the Insider Monkey article!
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21 Best Places to Visit in Africa Before You Die

Have you ever thought about African adventures? Where would you go?

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and in the same time the second-populous one. On such a big territory there is, of course, many exciting things to see, especially as nature is almost intact in this part of the world. With its natural diversity, every corner of it could turn out amazing. Most of the places are also under the protection of the UNESCO World Heritage Center. One of the most exciting things to see is the great migration in Tanzania. It is the movement of vast numbers of the Serengeti’s wildebeest in order to find fresh grazing or water.

If you eager to find out more about places to visit while traveling we advise you to check out  21 Best Places to Visit in Africa Before You Die and to make your own African bucket list.

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16 Countries with the Tallest and Shortest People in the World

The genetics of height are fascinating but how do they work across the globe? Are they different in the US than say, in Asia? Well surprisingly (and interestingly) yes, they are. Insider Monkey's article on the 16 countries with the tallest and shortest people in the world describes very succinctly how height genetics vary among various races. Here's a little snippet of the phenomena:

"Interestingly, if you see a white man, his height, i.e., whether or not it's above average, is about 80% determined by genetics while the rest is a direct impact of his environment, which includes nutrition, health and even social stature! While if you see a Chinese man, his "heritability" of height will probably be around 65%, as opposed to the white man's 80%."

So you see things are extremely dissimilar when considered in different parts of the world. Not only do our appearances differ when we consider one race to the next, our average heights also fluctuate quite considerably. That is probably why countries with the tallest people contain all European nations while countries with the shortest people have among them South American and Asian nations. What exactly the countries are, you will have to find out by clicking on that link! Along the way, I assure you, you will also get to read other interesting facts.
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15 Best Paying Jobs for Doctors in the US in 2017

I'm addressing all you future doctors out there! If you're stumped in the course of deciding what medical specialty would be the best for you, maybe this list of the 15 best paying jobs for doctors in the US in 2017 by Insider Monkey will do the trick.

The article also lists some of the advantages doctors enjoy in the world and in the United States. It says: "Not only do doctors top the highest paying jobs in the world list (in case you were wondering what the highest paying job in the world is), but a doctor's career is quite secure if you ask me. They can say with certainty that their job will have demand, it will keep growing because unfortunately, people will get sick and new diseases will be discovered, keeping the pockets of physicians well filled."

However Insider Monkey missed out on one thing doctors experience the most in their line of work and that is high esteem. The profession is also one of the most meaningful jobs to perform according to various surveys. So whichever medical field you end up choosing in the end, these are the benefits you will enjoy for sure. But it is important to make an informed decision and for that the above linked article may be your best bet. Peruse the list and see if it helps you select the best specialty to reap benefits out of your hard work!
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30 Smartest Countries With The Highest Average IQ in The World in 2017.

In order to calculate IQ of one society researchers usually take part of the population as an experimental base (as they cannot approach all the people) and calculate its average IQ. In this particular matter, IQ is usually measured by using logical and mathematical reasoning tests. 

There are many controversies about IQ tests as your results can depend on the mood of that day, differences in intelligence etc. Therefore, we cannot take it as only parameter of one's intelligence, not to speak of one's country's intelligence level. However, Insider Monkey had wrote a very good article based on the proper research from Richard Lynn in combination with PISA research of top performers in science, reading and mathematics. You want to find out more? Check it out on 30 Smartest Countries With The Highest Average IQ in The World in 2017.
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8 Second Careers for Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers are, or at least should be, among most respected individuals because they risk their lives every day to save ours. I bet that every one of us thought:"How great it would be if a could be a detective or policeman  and save people's lives. However, career span of law enforcement officers is relatively short and many retire earlier than planned. Physical and psychological takes its toll and sometimes the best option is to retire but what if you miss your old job?!

Insider Monkey staff compiled a list of 8 second careers for retired law enforcement officers   which provides you with quite a few options. Jobs for ex police officers are usually connected with security sector such as being a CCTV operator, private investigator or intelligence analyst. Although many decide to choose similar jobs, there are always professions which are not closely connected to law enforcement. You can always start your own business and maybe live your childhood dream. In any case, options are numerous. 

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10 Best Vacations for Senior Citizens with Limited Mobility

If you've been looking for best vacations for senior citizens and vacations with little walking, look no further, because here are 10 best vacations for senior citizens with limited mobility!

The reason we are this excited is the fact that you are having the time of your life as you are reading this. Doubtful? Well, aren't most of your errands in place? If you have children, would you say they are earning enough for themselves? Did you get rid of that mortgage a few years ago? If the answers to the above questions are positive, you must agree with our statement that now is your time to shine.

However, nothing is perfect, so your body may not be able to match all your travel desires. Being retired implies having a lot of free time, which is great considering that now you are interested mostly in limited mobility travel. Walking isn't as easy as it used to be, and it takes a lot more time now to get from point A to point B. That's the reason why you've come here in the first place, and it's the right place to be. This article is going to give you a list of the most popular vacation spots for the elderly, together with the descriptions of facilities available. You'll be pleasantly surprised that the list has something for everyone. This means that you will have a wide variety of activities to choose from, depending on the location. However, pleasant climate is what all these places have in common.

Get ready to pick a location and have the best vacation of your life! Slow movements are no problems here, so enjoy your life in one of the destinations in Insider Monkey's 10 best vacations for senior citizens with limited mobility.

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Top 8 Most Profitable Specialty Plants to Grow in a Greenhouse

As the title says, today’s subject will be about profitable plants. Whether you are an experienced agriculturalist or just a beginner and have grand ideas about profiting from growing specialty crops, a bit of new research and reminders are always welcome.

Agriculture is advancing on a daily level, we can notice, so it is good to be updated with the news if you are interested in this field. Regarding greenhouse business, there are plenty of new ideas and developments on this field. Apart from specialized stores and companies that provide modern greenhouse kits and additional equipment, there are also new technologies applied in greenhouses. Some of them include hydroponic technologies which use has shown as a great success:

In considering the most profitable crops to grow in a greenhouse, you should not limit on traditional growing only. Hydroponic and aquaponic techniques of growing plants are other solutions, for which you will need some additional equipment and setting for your greenhouse.  But with a bit more investment you will get much better results since it is much easier to provide the plant with nutrients it needs through water than through soil. Most of the plants have shown great results in terms of yield and health, and hydroponic systems and technologies are being upgraded constantly.

Apart from the hydroponics, you can always turn to oldschool traditional growing in your greenhouse. But whatever your choice would be, the first thing is thinking about which plants are the most profitable to grow in a greenhouse. We have found some interesting ideas on that issue on an article published by Insider Monkey - Top 8 Most Profitable Specialty Plants to Grow in a Greenhouse. There you will find ideas both for small and large scale growers, so whichever of those you are, make sure to check out the article.

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15 Most Respected Jobs in America in 2017

Is prestige a job brings really as important as job satisfaction, or salary for that matter? I would say it isn’t. And this article by Insider Monkey on the 15 most respected jobs in America in 2017 echoes my sentiments. While respect is indeed quite welcome and is in fact an element of job satisfaction, it is not everything. It is only just that: an element.

Having said that, I think it’s interesting to note the most respected jobs in the country as they give you a good idea of the views and opinions of the masses, and that is always a plus.

The article I linked above also indicates that the most prestigious jobs in the world are quite similar to the ones respected in the US. It says that: “Respect is a subjective concept, and although every country has different morals and values, the most prestigious jobs in the world have something in common with the most coveted jobs in America. The USA and the rest of the world agree that jobs that tend to assist citizens and societies in some way or the other are the ones that warrant the most appreciation. That is why doctors, military officers, nurses, firefighters, and similar jobs are always present on every list of occupations ranked by esteem, in the USA or otherwise.”

It is intriguing to know that while there are so many differences prevalent among various nations of the world, differences that even lead to violence sometimes, the values we hold dear remain the same. This fact is definitely something to keep you going, in a world where peace appears to be a concept for idealists. Some of you might accuse me of grasping at straws, but it is what it is.
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12 States with the Highest Percentage of African American Population

It may not be interesting for many to note how different races are distributed geographically throughout the country but Insider Monkey has managed to make the topic quite intriguing with its piece on the 12 states with the highest percentage of African American population. Listing the Blackest states, coupled with amazing facts about the state of racism in the country, the article ends up being quite thought provoking.

Check out this snippet from the aforementioned article: “Let's consider Louisiana, for example, that holds a very high spot on our list, but has also been considered the most racist according to an analysis of tweets conducted by Abodo, based on the overall derogatory language used in tweets. The state was also ranked number 3 in anti-Black tweets.”

The above fact quite clearly shows how density of minorities in a particular area does not mean that that place will be tolerant. Maybe it just gives the state more opportunity to commit hate crimes? Of course, not all citizens of the US are racist. It is merely some White supremacists that have besmirched the name of many. But that does not mean that racism should be dismissed as a nonexistent issue. It is in fact prevalent in America and is highly significant. The matter has been more under scrutiny since Trump joined office and for good measure, but let’s not go into that, shall we?
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15 Most Profitable crops in the World

In order to draw maximum from the land you own, it is important to choose crops which will bring the most profit for you. Although many people think that you have to have a huge chunk of land to earn money from agriculture, this is not completely true. If you are smart enough to choose the right crop, you can earn a lot even on a small farm. Some of the most profitable agricultural crops per acre include hemp, garlic, ginseng, tomatoes and gourmet mushrooms. To see the rest of the list of best cash crops for 1 acre, take a look at article about best cash crops withthe highest profit per acre.

Insider Monkey experts realized that there is potential in growing high profit cash crops which is why they investigated about 15 most profitable crops in the world. Most of these crops are edible and some like willow and bamboo are grown for biomass industry and making furniture. Depending on your capabilities, time and money you are willing to invest, you can start your own business by starting to cultivate one of the crops from this list. 

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20 Best Paying Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere in the World

“Jobs you can do from anywhere have become really popular in the last couple of years, and I know many people who travel a lot and earn money with the help of these “work anywhere anytime” jobs. In most cases, those are jobs you can do online without a degree; you just need to have certain skills, such as knowledge of English language or any other language, excellent writing skills, good command of grammar, or something else related to IT or graphic design. However, there are some other possibilities as well, especially if you are a very communicative person. For example, I have a friend who is a certified fitness trainer, with a lot of experience and knowledge. She has decided to travel the world, and before visiting a new country, she makes a research on the possible short-term employment while living there. That is how she sustains herself for a month or two. Yes, it sounds very adventurous and it is, but it’s definitely worth trying.

What new technologies offer is the fact that you don’t have to be present in a certain place in order to do your job well. Now that everything can be done remotely, we made sure to bring you the list of 20 best paying jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. Check it out and find the job that suits you best! 
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13 Jobs That Have Weekends Off for College Students

“Flexible jobs for college students are something that students really strive to find while they study, and flexibility actually relates to working hours in most of the cases. So, when you say “flexible jobs,” it usually refers to jobs that can be done part-time, online, or in any other way that can allow you to study and attend at least some of your mandatory lectures. If you read our list of best flexible highest paying part-time jobs for college students in 2017, you will see that possibilities are actually numerous. The list of jobs for college students has been increasing year by year, as there are more and more students who choose to work and study together. Amazingly, there are also some jobs that include some other amusing things, such as traveling for example. So, if you read our list of best part-time jobs with tuition or travel benefits, you will realize that many companies offer exactly this and that you can certainly find the one that suits you best.”

However, having weekends off is definitely the most important, especially when it comes to students. As they combine both studying and working from Monday to Friday, free weekends are definitely necessary so they can organize their private life, rest a little bit, and do something they love, but have no time for otherwise. It is why there is a list of 13 jobs that have weekends off for college students.
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11 Best Franchises to Own Under 50K in 2017

How to get rich and not die trying? Why don't you buy a franchise from Insider Monkey's 11 best franchises to own under 50K in 2017?

If you have some qualms about it, think about Subway, 7-eleven and McDonald's. Indeed, these are all franchising businesses and everyone knows the profits they are earning are huge. Surely they cost a lot more over 50K, but with these franchises you are going to do just fine. After all, a franchise gives you the opportunity to use someone else's recipe for success, readjust it to your needs and make profit.

This article is going to explain what it actually means to own a franchise, i.e. what a franchise is, and you can read about its advantages and downsides before making the final decision. The author analysed the current trends in 2017 market and created a list of best (low cost) franchises. Also, you will find out the minimum and maximum investment needed, so there are no unpleasant surprises once you enter the business.

Therefore, if you wish to invest your money in something reliable and profitable, have a read of 11 best franchises to own under 50K in 2017.
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11 Low Cost Franchises With High Profit in 2017

Have you ever been in the situation when you had some money, but didn’t have the idea what exactly to do with it? One of the best options would be to invest in a low cost franchise and get more than you bargained for.

Sometimes in your life, an opportunity arises and you get hold of some cash. Whether we are talking about savings, extra profit, a lottery win or heirloom, it doesn't matter. When you have the money, the question arises what the best possible investment is. Of course, sometimes the plans depend on how much you've got. If we're talking big money, buying a real estate is what everyone recommends. But how do you know when is the best time for purchase, and what if it turns out to be in worse shape than you had expected? Starting your own business is what usually gets people thinking next. And there is no business like franchise business. Basically, you buy a formula for success that actually works! 

If you have a read of 11 low cost franchises with high profit in 2017, you will find out how much money you need to invest for starters and what progress the franchise made in the previous year. One good thing about franchising is that you can invest little money and expect high profits. How little? Well, most of the franchises on this list cost less than $10,000.

Take a closer look at  11 low cost franchises with high profit in 2017 and you'll have done the first step. Small for a man, but giant for your future.
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12 Best Boarding Schools in the World in 2017

Not the most expensive, not the most exclusive, but simply the best boarding schools in the world in 2017. The  ranking isn't based only according to the tuition fee, if that's what you've been expecting. There are some things more valuable than money, and that is time.

Insider Monkey's list of top boarding schools is based on the student teacher ratio, and you will hardly find any similar list online ranking most elite boarding schools according to the number of students and teachers available. Why is student teacher ratio so important? First of all, that is probably the main reason why you are sending your child off to a boarding school instead of a regular one. Everyone is inspired to do their best if they have someone to pay special attention to them. Secondly, since most of the schools have little difference in other qualities (all excursions are incredible, the certificates are similar, food and boarding are excellent), this would be the quality that sets them apart. Hence, it is most reliable when discussing the quality of boarding schools.

Therefore, go ahead and find your best at  12 best boarding schools in the world in 2017.
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15 Hardest Working Countries in the World Ranked by Average Working Hours

It is often a popular myth or opinion that Japanese are the hardest working people in the world. But, counting working hours, that is certainly not the case. Japan is a wealthy country with stabile economy just like Denmark or Sweden, but those countries have the shortest working hours in the world!
So, productivity and economic power of some countries does not necessarily reflect through average hours worked by employees. Global trend nowadays is to shorten working hours and gain better productivity. Some countries follow the drift, but others remain rigorous on the issue. To see which are those hardest working countries in the world by averade working hours, jump to the Insider Monkey's article on this issue and get your answers! Read More!

16 Best, Most Expensive, Biggest Celebrity Homes in the World in 2017

A lot of people dream about having a bunch of luxurious sport cars, and truly gigantic mansions, but there are few who actually get to have this. Yes, you might be rich, you might have a nice house, and a nice car, but are you up to the level of the 16 best, most expensive, biggest celebrity homes in the world in 2017? Didn't think so, but if you want to take a peek of some of those, don't hesitate to click on the link to our article. Spoiler alert! Someone in this list actually has a darn waterpark!
Since prices and ownership vary in time, it is not surprising that this article about best, most expensive, biggest celebrity homes in the world in 2017 is quite different from our 10 most expensive and biggest celebrity homes in 2015. Here, I shall list the houses according to their price, and the best way to know how much one of this unusual homes are supposed to be worth is when they’re in the process of switching hands. And where does this celebrity real estate information come from? That would be The NY Post, Zillow, Page Six, and Daily Mail. All the houses featured here were either bought or put on the market in the year 2017, although I also took into account those that were listed in previous years but remain for sale until the date. Read More!

12 Questions to Ask Someone to See if They are Lying

Have you ever had the sneaky feeling that someone was shamelessly lying to your face? Of course you have; we all have. It is a terribly awkward situation, not only does it make you angry, it also awakens a need to know the truth. We humans are curious animals, and we don't like to feel in the dark about things -especially if they might involve us- nor do we tolerate being left out. This is why I bring you the 12 best questions to ask someone to see if they are lying!
In order to fashion this article, I’ll first divide the task of finding out the truth into phases that’ll set the tone of the questions and the approximate number of those required. I found that categorizing the questions makes the process of explaining this easier. Once this is done, I will present you with a super-sassy hypothetical situation that will be followed through with 12 corresponding questions to ask someone to see if they are lying, their possible answers, and what to look out for, as you move further down the article. It is not an easy task to make up so many discussion questions about lying since it requires to fashion a whole lying situation out of nothing; I’ll do my best. Read More!

15 Most Diverse States in America in 2017

The USA is the country of more than 325 million people. Therefore it's not a surprise that is rich in diversity in every possible sense. After all, it's not called “melting pot” for no reason. When we talk about diversity we can think of many things – different religions, ethnicity, educational level, race, social status, etc. However, people most often think about diversity in the sense of ethnicity and most of the articles you can find concerning this topic is precisely about ethnic diversity.

One of the articles that got a bit deeper into the topic is definitely 15 Most Diverse States in America in 2017 published by Insider Monkey. They compared three parameters of diversity: race, religion and education. Interested in results?
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15 Oldest Countries and Nations in the World

The age of the Earth was a center of discussion for many, many years. Between the 18th and the 19th century, the first who spoke about the approximate age of the Earth was Arthur Holmes, the geologist. By developing a technique for measuring the age of rocks, Holmes proposed that the Earth is around 1.6 billion years old. In the years after, and still, nowadays, the Earth and its age are continuously questioned and analyzed. According to Live Science, the planet of humans is considered to be about 13.7 billion years old. However, which are the oldest countries and nations in the world?

Measured by the date of independence, countries and nations are ranked very precisely in the Insider Monkey's article of 15 Oldest Countries and Nations in the World. Check it out!
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11 Best Group Songs for Talent Shows

If you like watching talent shows, you must've noticed that groups hardly ever win. Not to worry, this article offers you the songs that will change all that because they are bound to impress the judges. Insider Monkey analysed which groups have enjoyed world wide fame and how they got there, i.e. which songs led them to the top.

As a contestant, you know you aren't supposed to reveal even the tiniest part of your stage fright or nervousness as it may impede your performance. On the plus side, being in a group helps immensely. Whatever happens, you're in it together. Be it success or failure; you will share it with the people you love. On the other hand, a group usually has the challenge to stand out from the other participants once you get to the finals. So far, the British girl band Little Mix is the only group ever to have won The X Factor. Generally, solo artists are more appreciated, and it is easier for them to become noticeable and lovable by the millions. That's exactly why you need a powerful song to get those standing ovations!

In 11 best group songs for talent shows you will find excellent songs for acapella singing, as well as  boy and girl bands. What is more, some songs which are originally performed by a female vocalist have actually been sung by a boy band, and the risk paid off. Therefore, gather round your friends and check which song out of 11 best group songs for talent shows suits you best.
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15 Cheapest Universities in USA for International Students

Some hate it, others admire it, but everyone would always choose to study in the USA. There's no doubt about it.

Why is the USA so appealing to the future freshmen? There is not an easy answer. Is it because the US is known for shaping future world's leaders, or some of the most powerful people in the world? Perhaps it's because the land of the free and home of the brave offers spectacular job opportunities (just remember all those stories about self-made millionaires)? Or maybe it's all due to the popular blockbusters about college life in the US? Whatever your reason is, Insider Monkey is  going to help you by listing 15 cheap universities in the USA for international students in 2017.

Believe it or not, studying in the most powerful country in the world doesn't have to cost you a fortune. All of the listed universities will cost you less than $10,000 a year, and you'll even find information on one whose first year for freshmen is free. Yes, you read it right. Free. Go ahead and check for yourself the list of 15 cheap universities in the USA for international students in 2017.
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10 Things Fraternities Look for in Rushees

It's that time of year again, so here is a must-read list of 10 things fraternities look for in rushees!

Rush week is the time when Greek houses recruit their new members, and the person being recruited are you, a rushee. You want to look and do your best so that you could join in the frat of your dreams. Don't worry, the article will give you useful tips on what to wear, what to talk, who to talk to...everything! Just make sure you obey the rules, and the fun can begin! Put your ego aside and make sure you really match all the requirements! Because college is (Greek) life. 
On arriving to college you want to meet as many cool people as possible. Those cool people include beautiful girls, too. Or guys, if that's what you're into. But we are swerving off the topic. Being a part of a fraternity is the best possible way to find support for studying and partying. Admit it; you've been waiting your whole life to leave home, parents and that nosy neighborhood (especially that old neighbor who must've been a spy in her previous life). And finally, there you are! Right on campus, and everyone is buzzing around with activity. 

Let's cut to the chase and show you 10 things fraternities look for in rushees. After reading this, the only problem you'll be having is whose bid you're going to accept. Because you'll have a load!
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16 Easy Songs to Sing That Make You Sound Good

"And Iiiiii will always loooove youuuuuu....."- if you know you won't ever be able to pull this off without the neighborhood cats running for their (nine) lives, it's time to check out 16 easy songs to sing that make you sound good.
 By the way, these are no karaoke songs. Karaoke singers have it easy. Firstly, if they choose a song that is a crowd pleaser, the work is done. No matter how croaked or high pitched your voice is, by singing a crowd-pleasing karaoke song everyone will soon join in, and no one will even remember the sound of your voice. Also, even if you accidentally didn't pick one of easy karaoke songs for bad singers, you can always count on your audience to be slightly intoxicated. Or that you are feeling a bit tipsy yourself, so you can always blame bad singing on the alcohol. Either way, you can find an excuse for an embarrassing performance. But what excuse can you provide when you (and your audience, if any) are dead sober?

But you can feel free to let your voice be heard with these 16 easy songs to sing that make you sound good. Next time you open your mouth in an attempt to sound good, you won't be faced with cringing or raised eyebrows. Feel free to give in to the music, and sing your heart out!
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12 Biggest and Best Fireworks Displays Around the World

Fireworks were invented by Chinese, and were used during religious rituals, with belief that they could scare off evil spirits. It seems that today fireworks work much better against humans. Smoke and dust that contain heavy metals are obviously “great” for humans; and what do you think are leftovers from fireworks if not just that? Barium is poisonous and radioactive, but is great for vivid green colors in fireworks. Want some cancer? Whoops, I mean fireworks. Copper based colors are used for blue fireworks, and they release dioxins, which cause – you guessed it – cancer. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 12 biggest and best fireworks displays around the world.

Pretty much any color of fireworks has got some of the “healthy” components, including strontium, lithium, aluminum, rubidium and so on. Fireworks are a threat to health, and are especially irritating to those suffering from asthma. Water supply contamination, and acid rain are additional possible “benefits” of fireworks. A study, on Oklahoma lake, showed that within 14 hours after the fireworks, percolate levels rose from 24 to more than thousand times the mean baseline value! It took from 20 to 80 days for those concentrations to revert to normal levels. You might be interested in our list of the most celebrated holidays in the world.
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15 Most Popular College Majors in 2017

What do Computer Science, Nursing, and Statistics all have in common? They all made it to the list of most popular college majors for this year. When making a decision about what to study in college, you may experience anxiety, full body sweats, night terrors, nausea, and a desire to bury your head in the sand, or run away to a foreign country where no one will think to look for you. This is completely understandable. The decision to study Communications over Biology will undoubtedly alter the course of your life. The only way you can feel a bit more secure in making this decision is to do your research. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 most popular college majors in 2017.

Software engineers are the creative minds behind every computer program. Some of them work on applications for your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Others work on developing systems which run the devices or control networks. Many software engineers work in firms that deal in computer system design and related services. We collected all of the majors from each list, and then sorted them according to a number of students who reported studying within that major.While you’re at it, also check out our list of the 11 Best Master’s Degrees for the Future.
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10 Career Options for Non College Graduates

With the recent fluctuations in economies around the world, affording a college education is costing a fortune to the students, leading them into a never-ending loop of debt. The increase in the number of success stories of young entrepreneurs both from and off Silicon Valley has started to boost the levels of confidence in students from all the age groups to do something efficient in the early stages of their life, rather than following the routine model of the college education. May whatever the circumstances be, billionaires like Richard Branson, Joe Lewis, etc. have proved that success in life can not necessarily be achieved only through a structured college education or a degree. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 career options for non-college graduates.

This usually motivates people to look out for challenges at the early stages of life by venturing into the business world in quest of money and opportunities. Most of the people that set out in search of different prospects at this stage in life are recent high-school graduates. It is prevalent for these students to look out for some easy money in the form of a part-time job or during their summer breaks. Usually, jobs are searched around hospitals, as they keep a student in the surrounding neighborhood and don’t demand any experience. Medical Assistant, Medical Biller, etc. are a few examples where individuals are hired without prior experience. You can also check our list of 10 High Paying Non Customer Service Jobs Without a Degree.
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7 Best School Districts for Autism in New Jersey

According to CDC’s report, 1 in 45 people in New Jersey is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This number is huge, especially if you compare it to the national average which is 1 in 68 people. Due to a large number of persons with ASD New Jersey has developed a very good autism service network for autistic persons and their family.  Autism Family Services of New Jersey is offering advice and recommendations about programs, schools, therapies and residential programs for persons with ASD in New Jersey and their website is a place where you can find a lot of useful information. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best school districts for autism in New Jersey.

It is not unusual that families with school-aged children move from district to district in order to have their children enrolled in good schools. Having a good school is of extremely important when it comes to children with autism. Due to the specific nature of autism spectrum disorder, children with ASD do not experience the world in the same way as we do and it is important to help them find a suitable environment for learning. Traditional curricula can overwhelm children with ASD, especially because a lot of them don’t have the same language skills and auditory skills as their peers. You can take a look at our article about 7 best school districts in New York City for autism.
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5 Underground Fake ID Places in NYC: Chinatown, Brooklyn and More

The Big Apple has a lot of wonderful places that are worth your time exploring, but you might discover something darker on your adventures around town. For a local, this may be something not new at all, but for a tourist, you should avoid these places that could get you into trouble. There are reasons why people or those who are not the legal age take the risk on getting fake IDs. One of the reasons could be peer pressure. Teens who have a set of friends that are all of the legal drinking age, might feel pressured to join in on the fun. Who wants to get left out at home anyway? Insidermonkey experts made a list of 5 underground fake ID places in NYC: Chinatown, Brooklyn and more.

We have picked two places from their list. The first place is Midtown Manhattan. The most sought after place in Midtown Manhattan is the Times Square. Tourists never miss a chance of exploring Times Square. This busy place has everything under the sun and that even includes a shop for fake IDs. While there are a lot of business here due to the fact that Times Square is the center of commercialism, you have to look yourself and see where you can find a shop here that can make you a fake ID. The second place on our list for now is Brooklyn. From food to sights, Brooklyn will never fail you. You can also check our list of 7 easiest and most common fake ID states.
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16 Easiest Heavy Metal Songs to Play on Guitar

As for metal music, nowadays there are many genres and sub-genres, since it has been always evolving and crossed with other music genres and styles. But heavy metal is one of the founding and initial sounds of metal. Anyhow, there are often disputes and many disagreements between metal music fans about a band belonging to a certain metal sub genre, especially because many bands tend to develop a unique recognizable sound, using particular distinctions or features of different metal sub genres. So, for verification, so to say, whether a band is categorized as heavy we have consulted Encyclopedia Metallum. Insidermonkey experts made a list of easiest heavy metal songs to play on guitar.

Practicing any instrument requires dedication and practice on daily basis. There are many recommendations for practicing “metal” guitar playing. Those are practicing various exercises for both hands, including scales, arpeggios, fretting and so on. And even if metal is prime goal of your music development, apart from starting with easiest heavy metal songs to play on guitar be sure to go through various music styles like blues or jazz from which you can learn a lot, and of course don’t miss trying out some of the Easiest Famous Songs to Play on Guitar.

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11 Easiest Credit Cards to Get With No Credit

Although most credit cards are easy to get, the FICO score is a very important parameter for determining users’ eligibility. Good credit score will allow you to apply for the cards with unlimited funds, affordable APR, attractive rewards and high cashback rates. On the other hand, if you have a bad credit, the number of credit card possibilities will drastically shrink. Getting your first credit is not easy. Nobody wants to give you a loan if you don’t have a proven track record of using and returning borrowed funds. Still, having no credit and being ‘credit invisible’ is better than having a negative credit score. Insidermonkey experts made a list of easiest credit cards to get with no credit.

Taking your first credit card or a loan is a big responsibility, and you shouldn’t apply for it if you aren’t ready to pay your bills on time. If you have decided to start building your credit score with an easy-to-get credit card, there are several things you should have in mind. Make sure that you have a job with an income that will allow you to make regular credit payments. If you want to make this process easier, try to find a co-signer. This way you will use other people’s good credit to get your first card. If you would rather focus on debit cards, check out the list of the Easiest Prepaid Debit Cards to Get for Teens.
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10 Best Places to Live in the USA for Sinus Headaches

Whether you are at work, vacationing at the beaches of Greece or socializing with the group of friends you regularly see on Friday nights, having a headache most certainly will not enhance your experience. Quite the opposite, it will decrease your work productivity, distort the azure color of the Mediterranean and make your friend’s bad habit of chewing loudly even more annoying. In short – headaches are no fun and everyone knows it. In case you are having troubles with sinuses, Insidermonkey experts article offers you help by providing a list of the best places to live in the USA for sinus headaches.

Sinus headaches are very often associated with other types of headaches. Sudden changes in weather or variations in barometric pressure can cause migraines, which are mistaken for sinus headaches. American Migraine Foundation suggests that “90% of the time self-diagnosed sinus headache is nearly always a migraine“, meaning, only 10% of the time people actually suffer from a sinus headache. I am unfortunate enough to have deviated nasal septum so I belong to this 10%. In my case, it is a hereditary condition so sinus headaches are something I have to deal with every winter. You can also check 10 Best Places to Live In US and Canada For Migraine Sufferers.
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11 Lowest Calorie Diet Friendly Wines You Actually Want to Drink

We’ve talked about wines more than once, and we can (almost) all agree that wine is special in so many ways. It’s something you look forward to when coming back from work on a Friday night, and something you can share with your friends to make it even more special. Besides, wines have so many health benefits that we can only begin to name them. It helps some serious health conditions and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. One of the best features of wine is certainly the fact that wine drinkers have a lower mortality rate than beer drinkers. And it’s all thanks to a natural compound called restorative found in grapes and red wine. Insidermonkey experts made a list of lowest calorie diet friendly wines you actually want to drink.

But what about all the calories? One glass of wine can range between 110-300 calories, and considering how sometimes it’s difficult to stop with the first glass, 300 calories seems like a lot. Sugar and alcohol are two components that are responsible for getting fat when drinking a lot of wine. It might not seem like a big deal to those of us who don’t drink a lot or often, but it certainly is a big deal to people who are used to drinking wine every night. Especially if you’re on a diet and trying to cut back on calories. You eat healthy food, you exercise regularly but you still can’t seem to lose weight? So you should check out our list of11 Lowest Calorie Beers With the Highest Alcohol.

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10 Technologies of the Future 2020

So, what kind of technologies are we looking for? Well, we’re looking at the things that are already here, but have yet to reach their fullest potential, things that can still grow and evolve into the kind of technologies that power up the entire world. These are technologies that we all use, that we’ve come to love and appreciate, and which will continue to grow and evolve until they reach a point where they become essential to the world around us. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 technologies of the future 2020.

If you’ve read the tech news pages in the past few months, we’re sure you must have noticed all the security breaches Internet of Things (IoT) devices encounter. Most of these problems stem from the faulty security of these devices, as manufacturers seem to completely ignore the fact that they connect to the Internet, so they are instantly vulnerable to attacks. The situation has become extremely bad in recent years, with IoT devices becoming infected by various trojans with the purpose of making them a part of botnets to boost the power of the next Distributed Denial of Service attack. You can also check our list of Countries that Have Invented the Most Things in All Human History.
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10 Hardest Beauty Pageant Questions and Answers

Understanding what the hardest beauty pageant questions and answers are is pretty easy when you have watched “Miss Congeniality” one hundred times on cable –as has yours truly. It is true that no speech will ever knock it out of the park as Gracie Lou Freebush’s, but some of these gals actually give her a run for her money. In fact, some of the questions I couldn’t answer myself, so if you think you are oh-so-clever, you might be in for a big surprise. First and foremost, as you might see in Insidermonkey experts list of hardest beauty pageant questions and answers are about education, questions are not aleatory.

Personally, I find it unfair that some queries are based on knowledge, while others are about opinion, but the world of pageants is not exactly “the fairest of them all”. In fact, given that the Universe is as wide, vast, and infinite as it can get, the contest sounds pretty rigged to me. I mean, out of all the galaxies, planets and stars –even those unknown to us- Earth has won EVERY YEAR. Either the contest is fixed, or women throughout the whole universe are ugly af. First and foremost, as you might see in our list of 12 Pageant Questions and Answers About Education, questions are not aleatory.
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10 Companies that Hire Adults with High-functioning Autism or Asperger’s

Finding a secure employment and having a dream job is hard for everyone but especially for those with autism spectrum disorder. For adults with autism spectrum disorder, including high-functioning autism and Asperger’s, employment opportunities are very scarce. The problem arises as soon as these individuals finish high-school. There are a lot of government-funded educational institutions and care facilities for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder but as soon as they graduate there is almost no place for them to go. This is confirmed by a report published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 companies that hire adults with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s.

According to this report only 20% of young adults with ASD worked at a full-time job, earning only $8,10 per hour which is significantly lower than the average wage of individuals who are not on the spectrum. The conclusion of this study states that population with ASD is experiencing particular difficulties while transitioning into employment. Their combined unemployment and under employment rate is around 90%, according to Huffington Post. If you are wondering which jobs are suitable for individuals with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s, take a look at our list of Best Jobs for Adults with High-functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.
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10 Worst Neighborhoods in The Bronx

The Bronx is considered to be the northernmost borough of New York City. It has 42 square miles and a population of 1,455,720, while at the same time it is the only part of the Big Apple which belongs to the mainland of the North America. Another interesting fact about The Bronx is that it got its name after the Swedish sea captain Jonas Bronck, who established the first settlement in the Bronx in 1639, as part of the New Netherlands colony. According to U.S. Census Bureau from 2016, there was 44.9%of white population, 43.7% of African-Americans, 2.9% of American Indians. Insidermonkey experts made a list of worst neighborhoods in The Bronx.

Moreover, 56.0% of Bronx’s population was of Hispanic or Latino origin, which makes it the only borough in NYC with a Hispanic majority. This cultural diversity dates back to 19th and 20th century when this neighborhood received many immigrant groups from European countries like Ireland, Germany, Italy, and the Caribbean region including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Furthermore, this multiculturalism also influenced the development of hip hop music and break dancing. You should check out our previous article about 10 Worst Poorest and Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in New York City.
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11 Best Credit Cards with the Highest Limits

The first successful credit card in the United States and the world was called the BankAmericard, and it was launched in Fresno, CA in 1958. This card has later turned into VISA and become the world’s most popular credit card brand. Since then the credit cards have overtaken the world by storm, due to their practicality and the easiness of use. Today, we can choose between dozens of different credit card brands and deals, with each one providing a unique value offer. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 best credit cards with the highest limits which will help passionate shoppers and travelers to choose the credit card that will satisfy all of their wishes and needs.

Since only the people with an incredibly good credit score can receive high-limit credit cards before you apply to one of those you should check your credit and try to repair it if needed. There are many ways how you can improve your credit, but the most important thing is to pay all of your credit installments on time. Apart from a good credit score, these cards also require you to have an adequate income. Still, some high-limit credit cards can be issued to clients whose income is only $100 higher than their monthly expenses. The list of the Largest Financial Services Companies by AUM will help you to find the most perspective credit card deals, offered by the strongest players on the credit market.
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19 Green Business Ideas for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

The question of global warming and the overall condition of our planet has been a burning one for a long time now. We urge people to recycle and do all they can to protect the environment. There are all sorts of campaigns designed to raise awareness and encourage people to do more for Earth as in the end, we are the ones who caused the damage in the first place. It’s up to us to save our planet too so that we have a planet to leave to future generations. If you’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur and help save our planet at the same time, then it’s time for you to read Insidermonkey experts article on 19 green business ideas for eco-friendly entrepreneurs.

There seems to be a growing trend of green businesses and environmentalism in recent years. This growing market has a lot of potential and offers numerous opportunities for young entrepreneurs just like you who are looking for ways to start a business and protect our environment too. Speaking of young entrepreneurs, if you are thinking of starting a business but without investing a lot of money in it, and you live in the Philippines, take a look at our list of 11 in demand business ideas without capital in the Philippines.
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10 Most Famous New York City Hotels Featured in Movies

When the directors and the actors are joining their forces to create a unique and great movie, there are a lot of things they need to consider, especially the directors. For one movie scene to be great, directors mustn’t save money. On the contrary, they are paying a lot of money for one scene to come out great, and they are always searching for new, unexplored and beautiful locations for filming. While they are looking for the perfect spot to film a movie scene, often, they cross paths with luxurious and historic hotels. Among the most hotels that are being used for movies are hotels located in the New York City because they abound with luxury, glamor and their unusual design. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 most famous New York City hotels featured in movies.

In New York City, there are many great hotels with different styles which make them perfect for filming all different kinds of movie genres ranging from horror movies to romantic comedies. These hotels are pretty expensive, as some of their rates start from around $900 per night, but if you can afford to book one of their most luxurious suits, it could cost you up to $50,000. Now we don’t know how much the directors need to take from their budget to pay for filming in one of the most luxurious hotels not only in the Big Apple but the whole world as well, but, considering the prices per night, we can only imagine. You can check our list of 20 Oldest Hotels in the World that Still Exist.
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20 Oldest Hotels in the World that Still Exist

Long tradition and continual business surely are indicators of good quality that has gained visitors’ trust through centuries. These hotels all have unique looks, characteristics and stories, quite the opposite of popular modern hotel chains. But back on historical hotels, what they all have in common is blend of historical architecture and modern styles. Rooms are unique and often decorated by artists. They are usually quite luxurious and expensive due to their reputation. All of them have interesting stories and sometimes myths created. However, many of them were visited by some historically important persons. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the oldest hotels in the world that still exist.

These old hotels, mainly from medieval times onward, are all placed in similar – historical surroundings: around castes, churches, spas and on important roads. Many of them have been in possession of one family, and they can trace dozens of generations through history. That’s also why while you reside in some of them you can try unique products, like beers or wines that are also part of a family business, since many of them own vineyards and their own farms. If, nevertheless you are interested in those, take a look at 10 Largest Hotel Chains in the World in 2017.
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11 In Demand Business Ideas Without Capital in the Philippines

If you have always dreamed of starting your own small business, then now it’s the time to take action. Who doesn’t dream of being the boss and not having to work for someone else? But sadly, many people fear that they will risk everything and fail, which would leave them broke and jobless. Also, so many people believe that tons of cash is needed to fund a business so they limit themselves and suppress their dreams. Well, if you were now is the time to change your point of view. We are here to pass the good news. Perhaps you were aware and perhaps you were not, but there are a lot of great business ideas that don’t require a lot of money. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 in demand business ideas without capital in the Philippines.

The mistake many of us make is expecting results right away, which is very difficult to achieve. We want to minimize the risk and if things get a little risky, we will usually back out and give up on our ideas. But the fact is that nothing is certain. All businesses have both the potential to succeed and to fail, and as much as we try to predict the future, some things are unable to predict. But a thorough research of the market is of utmost importance before you decide to start a business and what type of business you want. We also have something for all of you living in the beautiful country of India – 10 Easiest Business Ideas Without Capital in India .
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11 Lowest Calorie Beers With the Highest Alcohol

We don’t want you to be fined for DUI or anything else for that matter. Being a responsible drinker is what we fully support. By drinking these low calorie beers you are also being responsible when it comes to your health and well-being. Regarding the global hype for being fit and healthy and bearing in mind how much people love and cherish their beer, writing about the lowest calorie beer with highest alcohol content is a must. After all, beer is made of cereals, and cereals are super healthy, right?  It seems as soon as the man started growing cereal he somehow thought of a way to make an alcoholic beverage which was to become an absolute favorite. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 lowest calorie beers with the highest alcohol.

First of all, the title says “lowest calories” , so the focus is on the fact we provide you with beers you will be able to drink more without the fear of getting a beer belly. People worldwide enjoy it for various reasons – some say it is refreshing, others love the taste, and there are many reasons why beer is so beneficial to our mind and body. Additionally, see if you are already contributing to the global consumption by checking out our list of best selling beers worldwide in 10 Best Selling Beer Brands in the World Heading Into 2017. Some of the beers also made it into our list. Let us see now how we obtained the results for it.
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