15 Gyms with Most Locations Nationwide in 2018

More than ever we are now aware of the importance of healthy life styles, which include less additives, better nutrition, and, of course, crucial importance of physical activity. That is because obesity has become one of very serious problems world widely. Obesity does not mean just being fat, it trigger many serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, liver diseases, heart diseases, just to name some.
On this matter, let’s see what the situation with obesity in the US is:

One huge problem that can be solved with the help of regular physical activity is obesity. And obesity is a huge (and a rising) problem in the US and globally as well. Obesity is measured by the amount of fat in the body through the BMI (body mass index), calculated through height and weight proportions, and obesity is considered to be with BMI values 30 or more. Statistics show that as much as 36.5% of US adult population is obese, which is a very alarming figure. But probably good news is, as some statistics are showing that Americans are actually caring a lot more recently about their health, having 51.7% of adults over 18 engaged in an aerobic physical activity, while 21.% practice both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.

And now the good news. Apart from rising number of gyms in general, there are gym chains which now have their franchises in many states. That is a good thing first, because that means that more people are involved in physical activity since the demand for gyms is obviously rising. Second, it means that whenever you travel somewhere in the country you will be able to exercise in your own gym with your own pass, meaning you pay less. And last but not the least, many of these chains already have gyms throughout the world as well, and the numbers are increasing. Anyway, to see which those gyms are, check out 15 Gyms with Most Locations Nationwide in 2018.

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