15 Cities With Best Climate in Europe to Live

Do you like hot sunny beaches, and warm weather all year round? Europe can offer you that. Do you like nice chill summers and snowy winters in the mountains? Europe can offer that as well. Climatic ranges from polar to tropical ones can all be found in Europe, so if thinking of living in some of the European cities for climate, there is choice for everyone there.

And since climate preferences are somewhat subjective matter, there must be some general agreement on what is the most suitable climate for people in general, right?

Well, on this matter we must get a bit more subjective. Of course, year-round sunny beaches are a stereotype of best weather and climate locations. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Some people like snow, some people like heat, so the warm beaches are not the only criteria in the game. There is also one other rating of the climate – the Köppen–Geiger climate classification. In short, this classification represents several main climate types throughout the world based on temperature and humidity. It is a division of climate we are all familiar with, having five main groups: tropical, arid, temperate, continental and polar. There was also interesting research done on climate score using this classification which puts up hot Mediterranean climate (that belongs to the temperate climate group with the symbol  Csa – C meaning temperate, s meaning hot summer, a meaning dry summer) as the best climate.

So, apart from the Mediterranean climate (which covers we huge range of European cities on that matter) there are many other pleasant climatic conditions in the whole Europe, so if you would like to see where those conditions are among the best, you can check out the article published by Insider Monkey on this matter: 15 Cities With Best Climate in Europe to Live.

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