15 Countries with the Best Weather All Year Round

What is the perfect weather, and where are the paces with best climate all year round? Is it diversity, having all the weather conditions combined, or is it homogeneity in terms of stabile climatic conditions and no weather extremes? That depends on the personal preferences of course. And not only preferences exclusively, but health conditions as well. Some climates and weather conditions are better for some health conditions than others.

But first, we need to make a distinction between weather and climate:

Climate is somewhat a summarized representation of the average weather on the planet. As weather, the climate is influenced by temperature, humidity, pressure, elevation, precipitation, latitude and so on. At the beginning of the 20th century, Wladimir Köppen made the first climate division, which, with some revision is still used today, known as the Köppen–Geiger climate classification. By that classification, the whole climate on the Earth is divided into five main groups with subdivisions (depending on temperature, humidity, and other factors): tropical, arid, temperate, continental and polar. Now, weather, as we have said, is somewhat more of a temporal thing. Of course, you wouldn’t expect to see snow in equatorial belt deserts (though on some rare occasions as it was this winter, there was actually snow in Sahara), or dry, warm days in, say, Norway.

So climate represents summarized weather conditions. But weather is something of a temporal thing that affects our everyday activities and moods. That is why probably perfect weather would be described as sunny, warm, and pleasant in terms of humidity and other elements that affect people. That would especially be important for the people whose health conditions and moods very a lot due to weather, as we have noted earlier. Anyway, according to Insider Monkey’s article on this matter, let’s see their choice of 15 Countries with the Best Weather All Year Round.

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