7 Smoothest SIngle Malt Scotch for Beginners

There are always interesting legends and stories about alcohol throughout the world. Some of them are true, some of them are not, some of them tickle your imagination, in each case they are interesting to listen to. But science also has something to say about this issue as well. One of the latest discoveries in what is today Anatolia has shown that people were using alcohol some 11,500 years ago, just some time before the Neolithic.

And what about whiskey itself? Although it was definitely known to people of the world, and Scotland as well the first information comes from the medieval Scotland. So, the story begins like this:

Though brewing was of course known prior to this date, the first official record story goes back in 1494, not so long ago as some might have thought, in the time of the reign of King James IV of Scotland, when he ordered from a friar named John Cor, to make the water of life from 8 bolls, or, 1,120 pounds of malt. And after that time almost nothing was recorded about whiskey distillation to the year 1644 when the taxation was introduced to alcohol. Anyway, whiskey was, of course, produced and consumed a lot, whether it was an underground activity or not. And since the 19thcentury, when a new law was brought up (the Excise Act) brewing whiskey became legal again a new golden age of whiskey had begun.

Maybe this story intrigued you so you decide to try a bit o this water of life, as it is called. If so, check out the 7 Smoothest SIngle Malt Scothc for Beginners. Apart from the collection of good whiskeys to start with, you will also be provided with some nice advices on how to drink it and fun facts about whiskey as well.

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