8 Most Educated Countries in Central and South America

Countries that are struggling with economic and political issues do not put education always on the top of the list of priorities. But as we can see, the situation in South and Central America is getting better on this matter. Many countries of South and Central America have status of developing countries, among them being both some of the poorest, like Haiti, and the richest countries like Argentina and Chile.

Anyway, even though there are many things that need improvements, things seem to get better in countries of South and Central America regarding the educational system on one hand:

The situation of the education system in Central and South America today is still progressing and struggling. Over 90% of the population is literate, and the majority of children are provided with primary and secondary education, having as well tertiary education well developed. But the issues of education problems in Latin America such as quality and a proper investment in education remain. The poor quality of education can nicely be seen from the fact that Latin America is as much as 2.5 years of schooling behind the OCED average. That has much to do with the quality of schools in Latin America since students score very low on many subjects such as maths for example.

Apart from general compulsory education, secondary and tertiary education levels are of course available in these countries. There are both public and private universities, some countries counting several dozens, some which are ranked highly and some of which are not, as everywhere else. Generally speaking, you can get a good tertiary education in South and Central American countries. To check out which the best among them are (based on the tertiary education), go to the article published by Insider Monkey - 8 Most Educated Countries in Central and South America.

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