12 Award Winning Science Projects for 10th Graders

If you became interested in science during the elementary school, you would surely like to try yourself out on some of the science fairs now when you have gained more knowledge. And we are here to help you pick some of the award winning science projects for 10th graders.

But first, before starting a science project, you need to decide your field of interest, since science encompasses one broad world of thinking and ideas:

...the first thing is, of course, choosing your field of interest, whether it is any particular field of biology, physics, earth sciences or whatever else. For a winning science project, you should also pay attention to current hot topics in science (if, you are not a genius which can think of something revolutionary, which is not impossible either). Such topics include environmental issues, health issues, resolving problems of pollution, food, but also some things that would make everyday life easier. Now when you have gotten your topic the first thing you should think about is making of a hypothesis: why you are doing this particular thing, why is it important, in which way does it help the science? A good and cogent hypothesis actually helps a lot; both with making your task clear to yourself and making it interesting and clear to the audience.

Probably picking the right subject would be the hardest part, and making a decent hypothesis afterwards. When you have finished that, the fun part starts: making experiment, collecting the data, building models or prototypes, analysis and getting and explaining the results.

So, even though the majority of work still stays on you, we are here to help you in terms of giving you some guidelines and ideas for science projects, and here are some you might be interested in: 12 Award Winning Science Projects for 10th Graders.

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