15 Best Places to Live with Low Humidity and Mild Winters in the World

When the “perfect weather” is mentioned what is the first thing that comes to one’s mind? Probably a sunny beach with palm trees and a magnificent view on the azure sea. Or not? Some people might prefer mountains and glaciers and bit colder climate to live in.

Of course this is the matter of personal preferences. But there are some facts, concerning a particular component of weather/climate, humidity:

Humidity also affects human health conditions in general (some more and some less of course). For example, high humidity levels in the hot temperatures will make the feeling of heat much worse, since the sweat which regulates our body temperature cannot evaporate as quickly. The best relative humidity, that feels the most comfortable is somewhere around 45%. But nor extremely high neither extremely low humidity is good for human health, even though both high and low humidity climate conditions have pros and cons. For some health condition, such as arthritis it is well known that lower humidity rates help with the symptoms, and on that matter (and also some of the places with the best weather in USA to live) you can check out the 10 Best Places to Live in the US if You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So this time we have tried to find some places with low humidity but mild winters on the other hand. On the first sight it might seem like an easy task, but actually when you realize that mild winters are a characteristic of tropical and subtropical and Mediterranean climates, humidity comes as an integral part of such climates. But nevertheless, there is of course a lot of diversity on our planet, so any combination seems possible. For this matter, check out the 15 Best Places to Live with Low Humidity and Mild Winters in the World.

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