Biggest Corporate Scandals

Oh, how much we’d like to gossip about some scandal that has happened recently. It’s our favorite subject when we’re having our morning coffee with our friends. It could be something connected with our neighbors or something that has happened at work, the supermarket or anyplace else. But the most interesting scandals that people like to talk about are the corporate scandals. The corporate scandals always include some major bankruptcy of a failure. They are usually about some supposed allegations of someone’s unethical behavior. Usually, that ‘someone’ is a person acting within or on behalf of the corporation involved in the scandal. A corporate scandal can also include an accounting fraud of some sort. Some of the biggest corporate scandals that have happened in the worldd had not only caught the eye of the public, but also impacted the economy of the state where they happened.

A corporate scandal is any set of questions, unethical, or legal actions that a potential individual or a group of individuals within the corporation itself engages in. Since it’s associated with some major companies these type of scandals usually become a wide public incident. When a scandal arises, there are many questions asked about the corporation’s actions, which are either illegal or proven to be illegal. They are hence brought about from legal actions or decisions, or from allegations about some unethical practices or behaviors. They might also be because of some person acting within the company on his/her behalf with or without consideration for the company.
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Best Small Tech Companies

Nowadays it feels like the software is eating the world. That means that every new company now has to be somehow of a technology company, especially if that company wants to grow rapidly.  Most of the new companies today are leveraging technology for everything they do, like, marketing, supply chain management, internal communication, product development, and so on. But all of this does not make a company look like a technology company. Companies which primary business activities are connected with the technology industry, such as computer software, hardware, internet, computer services, electronics, e- commerce, semiconductor and telecom equipment can be referred to as technology companies. The company is a technology company if it is in the business of selling technology. If your product, which you make money by selling it, has some scientific knowledge which helps in solving some problems, then your company is a technology company.

            As we can see, the technology plays a very important role in the world today. That is why most of the companies that are tech companies have a very huge success in the modern society. But, not only the big company names in the society today manage to keep that success. Also, many of the best small tech companies in the US nowadays succeed to make and obtain a big success in the industry. A lot of these small tech companies have managed to make a brand for themselves, most often on the basis of the line of their work they conduct. Such as, offering something distinctive and indispensable to the society. The ranking of these small tech companies is conducted through the revenue that is generated from the sales in the past year. 
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Best Paying Medical Specialties

Whether in a private practice or employed by a healthcare system or a major hospital, the physicians are very well paid. Doctors are paid some of the highest medical profession salaries. But, even though doctors are the best-paid professionals, not all medical specialties are paid equally. If you always wanted to become a doctor, and the earnings are one of the crucial factors in your decision, then you would consider choosing one of the best paying medical specialties.
By the time, you complete your medical school and training and become a licensed doctor, the lists of the best paying specialties in medicine could change and vary a lot. But no matter how much the list changes, the surgeons would be among the top of the best paid medical professions. But, even in that specialty there is a ranking system. The orthopedic surgeons, as well as the cardiac and transplant surgeons,  would, without a doubt, vary among the first three places on the ranking system. But, even if you are not a surgeon, there are many other specialties that are well paid. Such are the oncologists, gastroenterologists, urologists and many others. But it doesn’t matter which specialty you choose, all medical professionals are very decently paid. On the plus side, if you are a good physician and you do your job well, you can always get a raise and make more money. All that would depend on how much you progress and what you contribute to the specialty you’ve chosen. 
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Best eCommerce Platforms for Small Businesses

If you are interested in doing business online and not sure about where to invest, this article on best eCommerce platforms for small businesses will hopefully shed some light on this subject for you.

Ecommerce business owners have many choices when it comes to shopping carts or eCommerce platforms. Though most of the people say that it is kind of easy to deploy and manage. In reality, however, most business owners wind up hiring a designer and a Web developer to help them create the perfect eCommerce site. That said, there are plenty of intrepid entrepreneurs who truly want to build and manage their eCommerce site themselves, even when they don’t know how to do it by themselves.

If you're planning on launching a new business, having a good online store is essential. To make the best for your business, you need to keep up with the best of the latest eCommerce platforms, to help make using your website a seamless and user friendly experience. Knowing more about some successful people might help you with that. And if you are interested, there is a list of the 12 most profitable small businesses.

Anyway, if you plan to invest in hosted eCommerce software to grow your small business or start a new online venture, please click on the given link and visit insidemonkey. There is a detailed article about Best eCommerce Platforms for Small Businesses just for people like you.
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The Most Expensive Cat Food Brands of the World

Nutrition is one of the most important keys to your cat's health and longevity, one of your most important responsibilities as a cat owner is to provide your cat with the necessary nutrients required for its growth and maintenance. To do this, it is first necessary to understand what cats need in their diet. And if you are a pet lover and want to treat your cat with the best, check out these most expensive cat food brands.

The important thing to remember about nutrients, particularly vitamins and minerals, is that your cat needs the correct amount-but no more. It is possible to have "too much of a good thing" when it comes to vitamins and minerals; the use of supplements not only is unnecessary but also can be potentially dangerous to your pet's health. A key point to remember is that cats are different than other animals. Because of cat's unique metabolism, what might be good for you might be detrimental to your cat. A high-quality cat food assures an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals in your cat's diet.

Anyway, like any other pet owners, we love to pamper our furry friends, but of course within our limits. But if you don’t know much about their nutrition and interested in giving your pet the possible best, the article on insidermonkey about The 5 Most Expensive Cat Food Brands surely will enlighten you.

However, in case you are planning to get more pets, you shouldn't miss out this feature on The 9 Most Expensive Cat Breeds as well.
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Best Finance Blogs

There are a lot of finance bloggers today, and many consider them to be a dime a dozen. But they can provide good market advices and helpful information. They have their advantages, and these days any advantage can make a big difference. When it comes to financial blogs, there are a lot of lists and rankings to determine which are the best. People who are not involved in the website marketing, or are not involved in blogging at all, are not familiar with the specific statistics that are used in the best finance blogs list. The statistics are based on the Alexa ranking, Compete, Twitter, Facebook, Google PR, and many more.

All of these websites have a particular and unique system according to which they track which website get the most views on their blogs. For example, Facebook lists how many people have liked the official Facebook blog page. The same is with twitter, how many people have followed the official Twitter blog account.  But, from all of the approximately 6.000 news sites, the Alexa website is the most popular.  The rankings rely on a large number of factors, including quality, originality, precision, and of course, popularity. Also, the value of the financial blog is a crucial factor. But the most important key for a financial blog to become one of the best, is to provide helpful information and advice on how to surpass the market, how to make it outshine, by investing some of the best ideas of the number one hedge fund managers.
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Healthiest Fast Food Chains in the United States

When you’re trying to eat healthy, fast food chains don't exactly seem like a great dining option. Burgers, fries, and milkshakes probably aren't your best bet if you’re on a diet. But over the past several years, fast-food chains have taken major strides to offer menu selections that are decidedly healthy. If you care about the quality and freshness of your food, if you care about the quality of the service you receive. The article about the healthiest fast food chains in America might help you out.

Plenty of fast food brands are promoting healthy foods these days. Some of them are offering low-calorie, health-conscious menu items, and several others have followed suit. While it’s certainly a good sign that such influential fast-food companies are taking the initiative to help Americans maintain a more balanced diet, it’s time to take a closer look at just how healthy the options actually are. And if you want to compare them with the rest of the world, take a look at the 10 biggest fast food chains in the world and see what their standards are as well.

Anyway, we all know it's healthier to skip the fast foods, but everyone eventually finds themselves at a roadside rest stop or in a fast food restaurant. The trick is making the healthiest fast food choice you can and the article on insidermonkey about the Healthiest Fast Food Chains in America surely will give you a head start.
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BuzzWorthy Cannabis Stocks And Some Smoking Derivative Plays

With marijuana legalization riding high, investors are looking for ways to play the trend. So far, though, even the biggest companies in this green rush have yet to turn a profit. If you are interested, feel free to read about these Four BuzzWorthy Cannabis Stocks.

Marijuana is going to be a huge growth industry with lots of profits to be made. However, that doesn't mean you buy a hyped up weed-related stocks that has no revenue, no earnings and probably just changed its name and stock symbol. Just like any other business, you should do some research before putting money into it.

Now, while public marijuana smoking may still be not the wisest thing to do, considering it will still be a while before we get a realistic concept of how law enforcement is going to respond to the new variable on a practical, street-level basis. However, it is an undeniable fact that marijuana and marijuana-related products are now closer to mainstream than ever. And if you are looking for some proof, you might check this post on 5 Biggest Celebrity Stoners Who Love Their Reefer.

Anyway, as the laws finally made it easier to research the true benefits of this natural substance, a growing number of young companies are leading the way to make up for decades of lost time. And to know about them, please check the article on insidermonkey about 4 BuzzWorthy Cannabis Stocks and Some Smoking Derivative Plays.
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The Top Wealthiest Soccer Teams in 2014

Football, or simply soccer as many North Americans still likes to call it, being undeniably one of the most popular sports in the World, naturally also draws a lot of media interest and generates revenues like few other in the business. If you are a soccer fan, then you may find interest in this list of the top wealthiest soccer teams in 2014.

Soccer is a game of passion; it’s a game of thrill yet excitement. All across the globe the game has earned immense popularity and it is liked by the huge masses of people. In fact soccer is considered as the ‘Most popular Sport’ around the world. The players, the managers and the assistants and many others contribute to build a team and various soccer clubs are formed. Each of these clubs comprises of players belonging to different countries, teams, and they step onto the field to compete with each other. It surely is not an easy success.

By the way, if you are bored with the topic of soccer and more interested in other sports, let’s say, Tennis! You probably are looking for something like the list of Top 10 Best Paid Tennis Stars in the World.

The dynamics of “the beautiful game” of soccer has changed significantly over the years and due to its popularity, commercialization has been introduced and soccer has become part of the business world. So, when it comes to the richest soccer team, most of the popular teams have billions. And if you eager to get to know about them, here’s a list on insidermonkey about the top wealthiest soccer teams in 2014.
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The Most Expensive Headphones in the World

Expensive headphones are one of those products that some people have an instant and visceral aversion against. These folks have probably never heard decent headphones, so can’t imagine what good-high end headphones can sound like. If you want to know more about it, check out these most expensive headphones in the world.

Usually all modern headphones are created to serve a solitary purpose and that is to bring music to our ears without compromising comfort, mobility, and annoying other peoples. But some are just a whole lot better than the others. Super bass, noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, crisp sound. These are just some of the premium options a lot of people want their headphones to deliver. But just like mobile phones, premium options are features you won’t find in cheap headphones. If money is not an issue and you are interested in elite technology, be sure to check out our countdown of The 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones on the Market as well.

Indeed, there’s a certain magic inherent to premium headphones. While they all have their own unique strengths and musical biases, they also tend to impart a universal sense of immediacy and visceral impact to well-recorded music. Now, what would you say, if we told you a pair of headphones cost the same as a car or even a home? Well, don't freak out and check the insidermonkey for the detailed post about the world’s most expensive headphones.
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Most Expensive Cities to Live in the United States

Affordability aside, America's costliest cities often have a lot to offer residents: diverse populations, interesting attractions and active social scenes. Costs alone cannot dictate the attractiveness of a place. But knowing the numbers could help you make an informed decision about relocating to a pricey new city. So, wouldn't you like to know what the most expensive cities to live in North America are?

However, if you are thinking that only rich people live in these expensive cities, you are wrong.  Having the high cost of living doesn't mean that the city is providing the best public service. Nor it means that the city is full of rich people. There is something more. Now, if you are confused, you should check the list on the top 10 richest cities in the world, so you can compare both lists and get a clear idea.

The cost of living has gone up for most of us across the US. But, some places are and will always be more expensive to live in than others. Some people are glad to make the sacrifices needed to live in the most expensive cities in the US. Others would rather trade the high cost of living and live in an inexpensive location that leaves money in their pockets at the end of the day.

So, what are the most expensive places to live? Well, let’s visit the insidermonkey and see for yourself!
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Self-Made Billionaires Who Started from Scratch

There’s a reason not everyone is a billionaire. It takes a lot of hard work, brains, business sense, ambition and just a smidgen of being in the right place at the right time. Wouldn't you want to understand how they broke through, beat the odds and grew their fortunes into billions? Well, knowing about the self-made billionaires who came from nothing might give you a head start.

The idea of becoming a self-made billionaire is so intriguing. It seems nearly impossible to us common folk, sure. But these ten men have beaten the odds and done just that. They come from a variety of backgrounds; some grew up nearly in poverty while others were comfortably middle-class. However, all of them have one thing in common, and that is ambition. Many started businesses young, and it’s impressive to realize that some of these men started on the path to wealth before many of us could even drive a car. Looking at their past and seeing how far they've come, many of them even make it look easy. But as the old saying goes, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Now, you probably thought they spend their fortune on the most exquisite things, having the most extravagant lifestyle. But of course not all of them hold such a luxurious life. Some are quite cautious with their vast wealth, particularly The 7 Most Frugal Billionaires in the World. You will be really surprised to see how they lead their life.

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The Most Common Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified food is food which has been produced using organisms that have been engineered genes. Genetically modified food either contains genetically modified organisms, or genetically modified organisms have been used to create the food. You probably already know that most of the food we consume today is not totally natural. But if you are wondering, there is a list of the most common genetically modified foods.

Like humans, all organisms have genetic material. When scientists alter genetic material, or DNA, it's called genetic modification. Genetically modifying foods or food crops can enhance taste and quality, increase nutrients or improve resistance to pests and disease. In some cases, genetically modified foods help conserve natural resources, because the altered version might require less water or energy for processing. Here is a list of 5 fascinating examples of genetically modified organisms, if you are interested in knowing more about what they are and how genetic modification works.

However, depending on how you look at it, the practice of genetically engineering crops is either an advantage for civilization and the greatest hope to feed a hungry world, or a dangerous interference with nature that threatens both our health and our ecosystem. Regardless of your perspective, you probably ate enough genetically modified food already. If you want to know what they were, check out insidermonkey, and read the article on the most common genetically modified foods.
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The Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Owning your dream car isn't just all about making the payments. The cost of insuring some of the world’s most extravagant sports cars could punch another hole in your wallet each month. Before you are going to buy one of those, you should know about the Most Expensive Cars to Insure.

Now, if you don't like modern cars, you can go for the classics. But the insurance rates of classic cars are even higher than modern sports cars. If you are brave enough and want to take a look, check these 15 Most Expensive Classic Cars and get familiar with the priciest antique vehicles on earth.

Anyway, if you're in the market for a new car, you've probably already considered things such as styling, comfort, features and fuel economy. But if you haven't considered auto insurance costs, you could be missing a big part of your vehicle's total ownership costs. When it comes to specific types of cars, there are a variety of factors that determine how much you'll pay for car insurance. 

However, with the current economic situation, peoples are keeping tabs on their expenses more closely. This does not just happen among the lower- or average-income people, but also those who belong to the top tier of economic class. After all, these same people are also the most financially literate, very conscious of where their money goes and that most of the bulk of their income goes back to smart moneymaking projects and not just pricey items. So if you are one of them and thinking of getting a new car, please visit insidermonkey and check out the article on The 5 Most Expensive Cars To Insure in the World. Sooner or later, the knowledge surely will help you.
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Cheapest Boarding Schools in Europe

Boarding schools in Europe have a tradition dating back to the very roots of Western education. Of course, today's schools have also come a long way from those roots. If you care about your children, want them to grow up having an excellent education and if you are worried about your money as well, maybe the list of the cheapest boardingschools in Europe 2015 can help you.

For most students coming from abroad, the appeal of any boarding school in Europe is the Western education system, exposure to Western culture and of course immersion in English and other European languages. In a European boarding school, students from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds mix together, learn from each other, discuss their backgrounds and acquire a stronger understanding of each other and the world in general. But if you are interested in teaching your children American culture, there is a list for you as well with The 6 Cheapest Boarding Schools in America 2015.

There is little doubt that the education offered at a private boarding school is one of the best gifts you will ever give your child. But whenever you are looking for something cheap, always keep in mind that a school which has a lower base tuition may not in fact be less expensive than a school which charges a higher base tuition. That's because the amount of financial aid which the more expensive school might offer could make it the less expensive alternative. Now, if you don’t know what to choose, the detailed post on insidermonkey might be able to guide you through and help you to select the possible best boarding school for your children.
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Best Value Investment Blogs that Every Investor Should Read

Blogs are everywhere these days. With a few clicks any person can voice their opinions in a public forum on any subject just whenever they want. As a source of insight and information, they have many professional sources, including newspapers, and while many offer little redeemable value there are blogs out there that know what they’re talking about. You probably heard so many success stories and people behind them. Well, maybe it is time for you to become successful and just by investing your money on blogs. Now, if you are curious, visit the list of Best Value Investment Blogs and kill your curiosity.

When it comes to investing in your future, you've got to be extra creative and ambitious. That’s why it’s vital to start researching investments and savings opportunities that will give you the maximum profits in the long-term, when you most need it. And of course, investment blogs are a good choice and can be your way to be wealthy and prosperous.

Anyway, there are lots of blogs out there on the subject of value investing, and the quality and content vary widely. But with so many blogs out there on the subject of value investing, the quality of content varies widely. So in my opinion, insidermonkey is the best source of information if you are looking for the ten best value investing blogs.

And please, don't forget to also check out The top 100 Best Finance Blogs as well.
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Cities With High Demand for Nurses

A career in the health care industry is one that is just about always in demand. There will always be employment for nurses and other health care workers, especially due to the increasing number of population. However, as there have been issues with the economy, it can be difficult for new graduates in any field to find a job. Relocating to a different city might bring with it the opportunity to not only find a job, but perhaps one that is higher paying than would be in your current city. And if you are in a situation like that, you should check out the list of cities with high demand for nurses.

Although many nurses work in hospitals, other locations such as home health care, retirement homes, doctor’s offices, schools and prisons also need qualified nurses. Some rural areas struggle to attract doctors, and trained nurses are being used to fill that gap.

However, if you are not a nurse, but doing the other healthcare job, and interested in the health care job market, you might like to find out which are the Top Ten Best-Paid Medical Specialties.

Anyway, when considering which states are best for nursing careers, it is important to consider other things than simply the pay rate. California and Hawaii, for example, have a high cost of living. Other states may have a lower cost of living, but fewer options for advancement or entertainment outside of work. Now, if you are confused, the list of ten cities with high demand for nurses on insidermonkey might clear your head and help you to decide wisely.
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Cities for the Ultra Rich to Live in Comfort

The emerging markets of Asia and Latin America might be where the entire world’s growth is heading, but multi-millionaires and billionaires have their own choices. They can live in the world's most expensive cities without worrying about the trend. As we see, people that are making the most money off that growth still want to live and invest in Western cities with some exception. Here is a list of the Top 6 Cities for the Ultra Rich, if you want to check them out.

Despite the day-to-day struggles of most people, cities like Winnetka attract the world's richest people. For the purpose of this post we will define the "richest" people as those worth over 100 million US Dollars. For people in this income range, luxury is most important as most ultra rich people prefer things such as exclusivity, comfort, and scenery versus the sheer volume of rich people in their surrounding environs.

Also, health care is very important for the ultra rich and must be taken into consideration, and if you want to check the health care out by yourself, visit the list containing 16 highest paying countries for doctors, which will give you a good gauge to work with.

Anyway, if you are extremely rich and the thing that you care most about is your own personal safety, stability and of course comfort. And if you are looking for a place with those facilities, the list about Top 6 Cities for the Ultra Rich to Live in Comfort on insidermonkey will surely give you a head start.
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Top Best Paid Tennis Players in the world

In most sports, there is a huge difference in earnings between the top players and the rest of the competitors. But in sports like tennis, that gap is even bigger. This happens not only because high performance is more handsomely rewarded, but also because top players get the chance to score big endorsement deals. And if you are wondering about whom are the best paid tennis stars in the World? Well, let’s find out.

Tennis is one such sport watched and liked by many people across the globe. It is booming yet one of the most profitable ones. When you talk about tennis players, you will, certainly, come up with those well known personalities who, with their proven abilities, have made their name in the world of tennis. The remarkable performances of these players in this sport have made them earn a handsome amount of money and, also, much fame.

When you think of tennis, which player comes to mind? Roger Federer? Andrew Murray? Andre Agassi? Who can forget the Williams sisters! They all provided us with some of the most momentous games in tennis history. Their nail-biting performance on the court makes them the richest tennis aces of all time. Well, if you were curious, here’s your chance to find out the list of the Top best paid Tennis Players in the world from the insidermonkey!

However, if you are not a tennis fan and want to know about something different, you should check out these lists instead: 5 Best Paid Chefs, 15 Best Paying Jobs for Women in 2014, and 10 Best Paying Jobs in America.
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Worst Move Celebrities Made in Their Careers

When it comes to making career decisions, celebrities are not immune to making mistakes. Sometimes someone's career is trucking along nicely and then suddenly takes a wild and unexplainable turn just by making a simple mistake. Some of them are just not bearable. And if you were wondering, here is a list of 10 Worst Celebrity Career Moves ever.

It is understandable when the average person makes a bad decision because, unlike celebrities, most of us do not have agents and managers and all sorts of assistants to guide us. Sometimes the missteps are the result of a genuine accident or a slip of the tongue. Sometimes the miscalculations come about because their managers steer them wrong or simply aren't up to the task of guiding a multimillion dollar public career through the rough patches. Sometimes, however, it seems as if the mistakes are deliberate or the result of self-sabotage.

And as a fan, it is always a disappointment, seeing our idols did something we can’t believe they did. Just like when Jamie Oliver hired a pedophile chef. Because people like him doesn't really make mistakes like that often. If you are wondering about how successful, Jamie Oliver is, check out the story on 4 Business Strategies that Turned Jamie Oliver into the World’s Richest Chef.

Celebrities live in a world where their every move is of public interest. When they do make a mistake, everyone knows about it and has an opinion. There is a list about the Worst Celebrity Career Moves on the insidermonkey if you want to know more.
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The Largest Charities in the US

American charities badly suffered during the economic downturn, as individual givers tightened purse strings and corporate donors were forced to cut back. But even in the worst time some philanthropic endeavors showed their kindness and made big donations, to make the world a better place. Now the question may come to your mind that “What are the biggest charities in the US?” Well, the answer to your question lies within the post.

While most of us try to do our part by helping out as much as we can here and there, large charities across the globe handle donations worth millions of dollars, meant for a multitude of causes, from promoting education, feeding the poor, or aiding the disabled.

You can choose to give you money to help build houses for the poor, find cures for diseases, protect endangered animals, or help children learn to read. The problem isn't finding a charity to support, but narrowing down your options and choosing the one you find most worthy.

Now, if you want to help other people through a charity and need suggestions. You should visit insidermonkey and see the article about the biggest charities in the US. These charities on the list are trustworthy, committed and doing a really good job.
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The Most Influential Papers in Economics

Economics papers have had tremendous influence on how decisions are made, how strategies are developed, and how policy is determined. But some of them were just so much better than others and if you ask, what are the most influential papers in economics? Well, this article is all about them.

Coming up with a list of influential economists is easy enough. John Locke, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, and Alfred Marshall readily spring to mind. But coming up with most influential papers in economics poses more of a challenge.

Unlike in the past, economists now wield considerable political power. Hence their influence should be measured in political terms too, as in their ideas are widely implemented in public policy and law. And it affects their economics papers. So it is hard to determine which one is the most influential nowadays.

Anyway, insidermonkey made a list of the most influential papers in economics. Believe it or not, the list is really accurate as they measured the originality of ideas, profundity of analysis and of course the influence of the papers in the current economic world. If you are interested in economics papers, you must take a look at this list on insidermonkey.
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Best Selling Role Playing Games of All Time for PC

We all love a good adventure. That’s evident in the money we spend on seeking out ways to lose ourselves in other worlds in order to avoid the repetitive ordinary everyday life. The rise of role-playing games has allowed us to do that like never before. It might surprise you to know just how popular these games have become. Here is the list of best selling role playing games of all time.

While they tend to get less attention than some other genres, like shooters, RPG’s have long been one of the most popular genres on the PC. And it’s always great to see that PC games are still selling well. Although consoles seem to be taking over recently, the PC gaming industry is still doing great. If you are wondering and want to check if you've missed any popular games, check out The 10 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time.

We all like to pretend, to make believe, to daydream. When we do, it's usually not about spreadsheets, laundry or homework. No, we dream of becoming heroes, becoming kings, becoming saviors, and doing whatever we like - right or wrong - while we conquer, save and survive harrowing adventures in faraway lands. No single genre in video games lets us do things exactly the way we want, unlike role-playing games. And that’s why they are this much popular nowadays. Now, if you are interested enough, you might want to visit insidermonkey and check the list of best selling role playing games of all time by yourself.
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Most Watched TV Finales Ever

Everyone knows the world of television has completely changed in the last few decades. No matter how much you enjoyed a particular finale, chances are more people tuned in for different things. So what were the most watched TV finales ever? Let's take a look.

Though popularity is not always the measurement of success, because there are some exceptions and they made huge load of money without being the most popular. If you want to be sure about it, just check out the Top10 Most Profitable TV Shows and see for yourself.

When any classic TV show comes to an end, it is always fun to take a look back at the standard bearers for big finales. From the conclusion of Johnny Carson's legendary career, to the notoriously mixed reviews of the Seinfeld finale, the top ten have cemented their places in TV history, leaving some huge viewership numbers to aim for.

However, the finale is not always the most watched or most popular episode of a TV series. But you'll see that all of the shows listed on the insidermonkey are popular and classic TV series. So, let’s take a look and see if you liked any of them.
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Get Ready for The 10 Most Stunning Examples of ‘Next-Gen’ Videogames

Get your mind blown after seeing The 10 Most Stunning Examples of ‘Next-Gen’ Videogames that I found about on Insider Monkey. There has been a time in everyone’s life when playing video games was their favorite activity. You may have indulged in Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)‘s Xbox
or Nintendo or PS3. The point is that video games have been popular since the 70’s after the launch of arcade games and will continue to be. The advance technology in gaming has made even non-fans marvel.
Technology has had a great impact on the gaming industry which continues to pull customers by offering the latest games. Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard , Inc. have been successful in providing gamers with high level visuals. These real life visuals have helped to capture gaming markets all over the world. Users are happy to lap up such games without thinking too much about the cost.
The most talked about aspect of gaming among users currently is video graphics. Life Like gaming sequences cannot be achieved without the help of solid graphics. The development of graphic engines has become a crucial factor for big companies like Microsoft Corporation. It is definitely a big selling point at the moment.
There are a lot of options in graphics but it also means that developers have to work that extra bit harder to make sure that games are visually appealing. The problem is that the level of detail is progressing which means that developers cannot make games at a faster rate. This also increases the cost of gaming consoles.

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Have a Great Time at Top 10 Places you Need to See Before You Die

You simply have to visit each of the top 10 places to visit before you die, that I read on Insider Monkey. 
No matter if you live in a small tiny town or in amidst the hustle and bustle of a big city. You are prone to get tired after seeing the same sights day in and day out. Seeing the same sights can keep you interested for only so long. You might not think traveling is a big deal but there is so much out there that you will be thrilled to see once you get out.
Some people thoroughly enjoy traveling but are unable to make up their mind as to which place to visit.  The world may have become smaller due to easy communication across the world, but there are so many places you are yet to explore. The places to see are plenty and you have to know beforehand about all the best places. It is not easy to select a few destinations as the opportunities for travel are everywhere.
Even when you go to some place, you are not able to take in all the sights. Irrespective of if you have a plane to travel, or have a budget; you can have your pick. Romantic towns, waterfalls, age old sculptures are all available, so you just have to make the trip. Do not waste any more time because no one knows how much time we have left to live in this world. Pack your things and head to the most wonderful places.
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Know the 10 Least Charitable Countries in the World

I found out about The 10 Least Charitable Countries in the World through Insider Monkey. There is a report by CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) that sheds light about the charitable countries and the ones that are not so.
I have read earlier about the most charitable countries in the world. So, we might as well know about the least charitable countries.  The giving trends across the world were determined by the “World Giving Index”. This was done in 2012 and included 146 countries in all. Some of the questions that were answered were: Volunteered time to any organization? Donated money to charities? Helped a stranger in need?
The report by CAF indicated that charity related incidents have gone down since 2007, which could be due to economic conditions. Around 100 million people are donating, volunteering and helping lesser. This means the number of people getting help has decreased, which is not good.
The fact is that today more people need help due to the financial crunch. The existing economic conditions have led to more people in need of help at present. Hence, it is necessary to understand the act of giving and why it is so important at this stage. In order to increase the giving trends, the CAF report has made some suggestions. One of the suggestions made is to openly make charitable contributions so that other people can follow suit. If giving becomes a norm in the society, then it may happen that more people are open to the act of giving.
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Best Fast Food Franchises to Purchase

Fast food franchises are a wonderful opportunity to find a remarkable niche in the food franchise industry. A large number of these business opportunities, provide a variety of foods. Starting from sandwiches and desserts to traditional American meals, like burgers, hot dogs and fries, to one of the favorites, Chinese and Indian meals. If you are new in the Quick Service Restaurant’s market, and you are interested in buying a franchise with a noticeable name, you have to gather a lot of information about the best fast food franchises to purchase. One of the most important keys to a successful fast food franchise is the convenience the franchise itself offers. On the basis of this fact, many franchises are offering a fast delivery, thus, establishing practices to maintain a good quality in a quick meal. The quality of the fast food meal is the most important element to the customers. 

    The Quick Service Restaurant’s industry is a large one, and certainly not an easy one. To have a good franchise deal, you have to combine a lot of different elements. You have to consider the consumer’ satisfaction, the formidable corporate support, the favorable sales to investment ratios, positive sales trends and the unique market niches. Do not forget as well, about the marketing and branding strategies. If you are determined to purchase a fast food franchise, one of the ways to narrow the selection is to evaluate the performance of the franchises by taking into account single – store revenues. 
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Best Colleges To Find A Husband

While most of the women establish themselves as smart and capable individuals, there are also those, who halt progress with their inappropriate, and rather shameful behavior. More often, nowadays, many men, marry women, who are not so much intelligent and slighter educated. If she is pretty and much younger than he is, then she is “the one” for him.
 Smart women shouldn’t be bothered with this absurd fact. But still, because of it, many of them agree that they should not marry a man who isn’t at least as intellectual as they are. The best advice for these women, as Susan Patton would suggest, is to find a spouse before graduating. Yes, dear women you have four years to go to the best colleges to find a husband who will be your perfect counterpart.
Susan Patton, who is an alumna of Princeton University, had made a fuss with her statement, causing people from all over the world to voice their thoughts and reactions to this declaration. Some said, that finding a spouse, is not one of the reasons, why should an intelligent and competent  woman  go to college. On the other hand, others, agreed that it’s not a bad idea to have a smart guy by your side, and the best place to find such guy is your college. But, no matter what other people think about this matter, a real woman is capable of knowing what to look for in a man and where to find him. 
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Best Boarding Schools In The World

The media has portrayed boarding schools in a very inaccurate way, leaving people with the question of why would anyone be willing to attend a boarding school? Boarding schools are not like those in the movies. A boarding school is an opportunity for people to access a high-quality education and learn a lot of life skills. The benefits that come with attending a boarding school are startlingly impressive. The best boarding schools in the world  offer you a lot of new perspectives in life. They bring people together from all over the world and promote independence.
You want to study abroad and attend a boarding school, but you are worried about what others would say about that; since their idea of a boarding school is outdated. There are a lot of stereotypical sayings. Some, even go so far by saying that people who go to these schools are disciplined with violence, which, of course, is not the case. The boarding schools are places that are very relaxed. The people you will meet there are no snobby, spoiled, rich people who are always looking for a way to bully you. They are friendly, warm, always up for an adventure and are willing to help you in any way possible.

So, don’t worry about what other people are saying. Do you want to attend some of the best boarding schools in the world? Go for it. Go to a boarding school and enjoy its benefits as much as you can.
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States with Lowest Substance Abuse Rates in America

Are you moving to a new place? Do you want to live in a place where substance abuse rate is low? Well, you probably are looking for the list of states with lowest substance abuse rates.

There was a time in our history, not so long ago, when smoking was cool, when wearing seatbelt was a sign of weakness, and when AIDS was seen as a death sentence for gay sex. Today our attitudes are vastly different, with logical and mature consequences. Smoking has been cut sharply, and so have the related deaths from lung cancer and heart disease. Auto safety measures have changed the highway death and injury rate. AIDS is recognized as a serious illness rather than a curse. These are just some examples, but basically what we did is, fundamentally changed our attitudes and, as a result, took actions that greatly improved the quality of life for millions of people. But sometimes, it is better just to avoid the wicked when we have the chance.

As civilized people, it is in our nature to avoid the danger and find a better place to live. So when it comes to avoiding places, you should know about The 10 States with Highest Substance Abuse Rates Crippling Their Populace, and be cautious when you have to choose where to live.

Anyway, with the current trend of drug addiction and violence, you should know where the lowest substance abuse rates are. Because knowing about it might come in handy if you are planning on relocating or starting a family in someplace new. Read More!

Halloween Decorating Ideas to Make Your House Spooky

Looking for some of the best Halloween decorating ideas to take your Halloween experience to the next level? Well, you must have become tired of watching your neighbor put up better decorations every year. You can also get amazing decorations, even if you have the same decorating options in your nearby stores.
There are plenty of things you can do, instead of just focusing on the decorations. Give proper thought to the party, the candy you will give out and most importantly choose the right costume. You can get some costume ideas from The 30 Worst Costume Ideas Ever Brought to Horrible Life.
If you are hosting the neighborhood party, then this is your chance to beat the other houses’ decorations. These are eight of the best Halloween decorating ideas for you to be the king of the party. Anyone can throw some fake spider web, and set up some skeletons and pumpkins, but if you want to give everybody the scare of their lifetime, then don’t miss out on this freaky list that will turn your house into the most haunted place around.
You can put up decorations better than other, especially if you are hosting the party in your neighborhood. See the eight top ideas for decorating your house during Halloween. Using fake spiders, pumpkins and skeletons has become a norm. You have to do more than this to scare the hell out of everyone. This is your chance to bring together the scariest Halloween party ever in your neighborhood.

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Most Inexpensive Cruise Destinations For 2015

Budgets can get tight at times, but that doesn't mean you have to cancel all your vacation plans at once. If  taking a cruise next year will rip you off, why don't you consider a cruise on a line better known for value than for the overpriced latest splashy features. Anyway, if you are having a hard time finding a good one, we can guide you with this article on least expensive cruise destinations for 2015.

Whether it is the paradise island and white sands of the tropical Caribbean that call to you, or the ancient cities, castles, palazzos and frescoes of Europe that set your heart free, a voyage at sea is a completely unique holiday experience. However, if you don't have an unlimited amount to spend and are afraid of being ended up in some expensive places, take a look at top 6 least expensive tourist destination in 2014.

So, to help in your search for cruise deals, you don't necessarily need to sail with a dedicated budget cruise line to find the lowest possible rates. What you need to know is which route plans and cruising seasons traditionally have the lowest prices. With good strategies, you can even find extremely inexpensive sailings on premium and deluxe cruise lines, as well as the mainstream ships. Now if you are bored with your regular life and ready to take a cruise, give a visit to insidermonkey and check the list of  least expensive cruise destinations for 2015. Read More!

10 Best Fast Food Restaurants Americans Love

Want to eat from some food from highest quality fast food restaurants in America? Fast food restaurants originated right here in America, and there is a huge market for it currently. The various products offered by different fast food chains have boggled the taste buds of an ordinary food lover. The good thing is that everyone is satisfied one way or another, owing to the large volume of food items provided by these chains. As per study done by Consumer Reports, people dine out and spend over $680 billion every year in the process.
To be honest, the popularity of fast food chains is not limited to just America. Several chains have grown steadily in different parts of the world. 10 Biggest Fast Food Chains In the World have made a mark in every part of the world. It is common knowledge that the three biggest chains are McDonalds, KFC and Subway.
The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) category in food business accounts for highest sales and revenue. Franchises have cropped up everywhere, allowing these giants to have a presence all over America. This leads to better utilization of their overall resources and minimizing cost. Though the big names are everywhere, many other small fast food brands have also created their own space in the market, due to the high demand in the market.
Hence, quality food being produced in the fast food business is always appreciated. Meals with health benefits have been introduced by companies like Panera and Chipotle among others.

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Most Overrated Movies of All Time

Everyone has an opinion on films they think are "overrated". But it's a tricky idea to brand them. An interesting way of looking at this, would be to compare a film which is bluntly-lauded by the initial reviewers, but proved unsatisfying for the real audience. Now, you might wonder, which are the most overrated movies of all time? Well, let's find out.

The first place that comes to mind for an analysis like this is the popular review collector: Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB. As well as cataloging thousands of films, they offer some useful reviews and rate them too. If you are curious about the rating, you should check this list featuring The 20 Highest Rated Movies of All-Time.

The purposes of this article are focusing on films that either won major awards, rank highly in the IMDB Top 250 or AFI’s 100, or have an important cult or fan following. Godfather 3 or Rocky V, for example, can be overrated as they won many rewards and got some good reviews even though most people already think they sucked.

Anyway, just because movie branded as “overrated” doesn’t mean it’s not a good or enjoyable film. It just means that some of these films have gotten more of their share of applauding than they deserve. Now, if you feel interested enough, visit insidermonkey and check out this list on most overrated movies of all time. Read More!

Teams that Will Shine in the Stanley Cup in 2015

Fans are excited with the start of the NHL season, but there are only a few teams that will win the Stanley Cup in 2015, actually just the seven to be precise. Hockey will have a strong presence by the Western Conference since five teams figure in the list.
NHL is a major force to reckon with as far as North American sports are concerned, but do read The Only 9 Teams with a Chance to Win the Super Bowl. Other than Buffalo and Sabres, everyone has a chance to get into the playoffs this time around. However, only seven teams seem to have the capacity to capture four, seven-game series, in my mind.
It is clear that most of the teams that are favorites are bolstered in the middle, with many having two to 3 solid centermen. A strong defense is a given for all the teams, except for two teams from the Eastern Conference, who are a bit loose in defense. Being strong in goal is a must and most teams are covered in this department. However, there is a team that has pinned their hopes on their young backstops to take it all the way. This move will be looked at quite closely as it is quite unusual.
Are you interested in finding out which teams from which conference have the best chance of winning. Well, you are in luck and can find out all about the top 7 strong teams in the Stanley Cup in 2015.

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Biggest Celebrity Stoners

Fans and Celebrity news sites love to judge those who take a little toke every once in a while. Although, more people nowadays believe that weed is a lot less harmful to one's body than alcohol. Besides, despite the fact that it's technically illegal, so many people smoke weed recreationally that it's not all that taboo. Here's a list of Top 5 Biggest Celebrity Stoners who often take smoke marijuana and the media totally knows about it.

Around the world, enjoying marijuana is definitely frowned upon. Unless you live in certain places like Colorado, Washington or the South American country of Uruguay. If you want to know more about it, you should check the list of the 10 states with the highest substance abuse rates crippling their populace. Though the lack of legalization in the rest of the world hasn't stopped prominent celebrities from enjoying that joint. From marijuana advocates to full-time stoners, a lot of people taking marijuana nowadays.

Anyway, insidermonkey made a list of biggest celebrity stoners and to make it, they have considered some nice factors like, their overall fame, the media surrounding and how much their status as celebrity pot smoker affected their careers. There probably are some celebrities who smoke marijuana more than them, but we just simply don't know about those celebrities. So, get ready for the surprise and check the article on insidermonkey. Read More!

Most Glaring Plot Holes in The Walking Dead

Spoiler alert, people who don't want their suspension of belief destroyed should stop reading. But people who are interested in knowing the secret and uncover the most Glaring Plot Holes in the Walking Dead, please continue.

As you probably already know that The Walking Dead is an American post apocalyptic drama television series which started nearly four years ago. Nowadays, TV shows have become very popular and are really making big money, and The Walking Dead is no exception. But it is not the only TV show that became successful. Beside Walking Dead, there are some other successful shows too, and if you want to know about them, you should check the list of Top 10 Most Profitable TV Shows as well.

Anyway, The Walking Dead is clearly one of the most successful and profitable TV show of its time. But making a big TV series with a complex story and lots of characters is not so easy. Projects like this big and complex are bound to make mistakes that they sometimes fall into incoherencies and discontinuities. Not everyone can see the mistake, but A focused and sincere watcher surely can spot them right away.

So if you are a fan and interested in the plot holes and mistake of The Walking Dead, you should check out this list on insidermonkey and enlighten yourself about the ten most glaring plot holes The Walking Dead has ever done. Read More!

Best Foods for Runners

Before heading out for a run it's important to make sure you're fueled. To repairing muscle and maintaining energy you need special nutrition and there are some best foods to eat before running that have the perfect nutritional value to satisfy your need.

Here are some high-carb, low-fat, low-fiber meals and snacks that can provide the energy you need to run your best, for a variety of different workouts. These meals and snacks, packed with nutrients to keep you healthy. And if you need more specific information, you should check our list on 10 Foods to Eat Before a Workout to Make Every Drop of Sweat Count.

Although you may be tempted to skip the calories, the food you eat before you exercise will fuel your workout and maximize your efforts and results. If you don't have your pre-exercise meal, your workout surely will not be the same and it will feel like a waste. If you fuel correctly, you will be able to work out harder and make the possible best benefit out of it. Eating before a workout also prevents low blood sugar, which leads to lightheadedness and fatigue. That said, you don't want to eat the wrong thing before you head out for a run.

Anyway, if you are a health conscious person and read health related articles before, you probably already know that you’re supposed to stay away from rich, high cholesterol and fatty foods. But if you are still in confusion, this article about foods to eat before running on insidermonkey may clear your mind and help you to decide what is good for you. Read More!

Most OP Champions in League of Legends

With 116 total champions currently available on the League of Legends roster to choose from, it should come as no surprise that the game is incredibly difficult for Riot to completely balance. Some champions are just always going to be better than others. As you might expect, this perception has led to some players calling certain champions overpowered. Here is a list of most OP characters in League of Legends. Keep in mind that just because a champion is on this list doesn’t necessarily mean they are OP, just that people call them so.

The development of video games has changed the entire entertainment industry. Although A debate always ensues between the game of others of its genre. With new releases every year, an intense race for users develops. And indeed, within the MOBA genre, the competition is heated and quite interesting. It isn’t easy to tell which video games are the best of all time, but there is a constant debate over whether LoL is better than DotA. Yet, fans have crowned LoL as the best MOBA out there. If you were wondering why, check out our list of the 5 Clear Reasons LoL is Better than DotA and find out!

Years of conversation fill a ton of digital pages and kill our curiosity as well. We read those conversation, make experiments and share our thoughts. So if you are a league of legend player and want to know about some actual OP champion, check out the list on insidermonkey featuring the 5 most OP characters in League of Legends. Read More!

Celebrities who Believe in Scientology

The basic belief of Scientology is that experience, in this or in previous lives, is recorded in the brain as a series of codes. Nowadays, many people believe in Scientology, even some celebrities. And we just read an article about the celebrities who believe in Scientology.

Some of the former believers of Scientology are Gloria Gaynor, Jerry Seinfeld, Nicole Kidman, Van Morrison, Brad Pitt, Oliver Stone, Ricky Martin, Gloria Swanson, Shirley MacLaine,  Demi Moore, Jeffrey Tambor, Peaches Geldof, Leah Remini, Christopher Reeve, Leonard Cohen, William S. Burroughs, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Sharon Stone, J.D. Salinger, Patrick Swayze, Lisa Marie Presley, Katie Holmes and Charles Manson.

Since then, Scientology has gone mainstream with the aid of popular celebrity believers. But while Scientology's association with movie stars has gained it publicity, it's also revealed offbeat, dangerous and cult-ish aspects that leave many wondering how famous actors and actresses could still choose to be involved with the church. However, not all of them are totally true. Some of them are still just conspiracies and if you are interested in them, you should check out our list of  The Top 5 New World Order ‘Facts’ and Most Popular Conspiracy Theories.

Anyway, there is definitely a feeling in Hollywood that if you joined Scientology, it'd help you get ahead. And probably that is why so many popular celebrities are interested in Scientology. So if you want to find out which are the celebrities who belong to Scientology right now, you should visit insidemonkey and check out this article about celebrities who believe in Scientology. Read More!

Candid Images with Top 10 Digital Cameras

Are you looking for the top most expensive digital cameras available presently? The first ever camera came into existence in 1816 and people have been fascinated by it ever since. New technologies continue to bring us superior cameras than ever before, most commonly seen in smart phones.
The introduction smart phone has changed the concept of photography, as everyone has been equipped with the power of taking high quality images at any time. The pictures can be tweaked in real time and shared to friends and family with the help of smart phones. However, you will require well known apps that allow you to edit images. Take a look at The 14 Most Expensive Android Apps.
However, there is still a huge market for digital cameras, in spite of high end cameras attached to smart phones nowadays.  Regular digital cameras can fetch a price of less than 100 dollars while professionals seek high end digital cameras to suit their needs. They definitely cost more, as professional photographers need to capture every detail with complete clarity.
So, check out some of the most expensive digital cameras that will give you high resolution pictures that will blow everyone away.
The Olympus Pen camera comes at a whopping $25,000 and was designed by Harrods and Olympus. Fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin, and artist Suzko were consulted for designing the camera. Do not forget to cash in your training session with jay McLaughlin if you buy this camera, which comes with a matching Vespa Scooter.
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Cheapest Hybrids and Electric Cars

Just a few years ago, hybrid cars were new and relatively rare, but these days, they're a common and familiar sight on most city streets. For those searching for economy in the hybrid category, there are multiple options and you will definitely like this list of the top ten least expensive hybrid cars!

There was a time when the idea of a hybrid car seemed like it came straight out of a science fiction story.  In the last few years, though, they have found everywhere on city streets in the United States and around the world. Originally designed only for the budget conscious buyer, hybrids now come in all shapes and sizes and price ranges like the gamut from high-end luxury barges, like the Fisker Karma to more economical picks like the commonly used Toyota Prius. Whatever your needs, there's sure to be a hybrid out just to suit your requirements.

But if you don't like economy class and are more into something exclusive, something premium, you will most surely enjoy list of The 15 Most Expensive Classic Cars we have made just for people like you.

For those searching for economy in the hybrid category, there are multiple options and it is important to keep in mind that the prices mentioned on the list do not take into account cost of operation or any dealer incentives that can be had at time of purchase. This list on insidermonkey about the top ten least expensive hybrid cars is varied and provides a model for buyers with almost any taste. If you take a peek at it, you surely will find exactly the right hybrid car you were looking for.
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Facts About Japan You Probably Didn't Know

Over the years, Japan has become one of the leading economic and technological centres of the world. Ancient gods and traditional customs sit side by side with cutting edge technologies and trendy pop culture, and there is always something new to learn about Japan. Its unique culture, great food and technological edge has fascinated and inspired the rest of the world. However, there are some crazy facts about Japan you might find interesting.

You probably know that warriors of Japan were known as Samurai. But, did you know that The Japanese Prime Minister is elected by the legislature, not the people? Did you know that there is a meaning for that little red dot on Japan`s flag? Did you know that in Japan they have Poke’mon cards?  They call them Poke ‘monsters. Did you know that the Japan`s National Anthem`s name is Kimigayo? It means "His Majesty`s Reign."

Well, you probably don’t know most of them. But If you like traveling around the world and getting to know different cultures first hand you should check out what to know about Japan before going: The 7 Most Insane Things first.

If you feel interested and want to know more about the Japan. If you eager to know what made this country unique. Check out insidermonkey and see these crazy facts about Japan. As someone know is curious about the land of the rising sun, you will enjoy this very much.
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The Most Expensive Boarding Schools In The World

Parents of some children have more than just the cost of school supplies to worry about. We're talking about the parents who choose to send their kids to private schools and something premium for their kids. For them this list of most expensive boarding schools in the world could be really helpful.

Nothing is more important than a sound, well-rounded education that takes the whole student into account. The molding of young minds, of directing futures, and nourishing lifelong goals is an extremely significant undertaking and not one to be taken lightly. For those with the monetary resources to ensure their young ones have the best of everything, sending a child to a private institution is the only option they would ever consider.

If you are confused and don't know exactly what makes a boarding school perfect you should read our list of The 6 Best Boarding Schools in the World, if you haven't already. These elite schools come with impressive perks for every student, state-of-the-art athletic and academic facilities, and, sometimes, tickets into the Ivies.

Boarding schools abound throughout the world but the best of the best are located in Europe and their tuition symbolizes the exclusivity of the social circle the children are expected to keep when they leave the doors. So if you're looking forward to the new school year, whether you're a student or a parent, have a look at insidermonkey and find out about the most expensive boarding schools in the world.
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Biggest Kickstarter Scams That Swindled Backers’ Donations

There have been a few stories over the past year or so of Kickstarter projects simply taking products found elsewhere slapping a new label on them and claiming they're new. This pretty clearly violates Kickstarter rules and considered as scam. There is a list of some Biggest Kickstarter Scams you might find interesting.

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform based in the United States. The company’s stated mission is to help bring creative projects to life. Users from all over the world can fund projects. It has lead to some amazing creations in film, music, video games, etc., that likely would never have seen the light of the day without the funding source. But not everything always goes as planned. Sometime they go wrong and when it does, backers often think they've been scammed. Though not every single failed project was an intentionally made scam. You can start honestly and still fail.

But keep in mind that not always this great process of crowdfunding is going to be a failure. With committed project leaders and teams you can make it work and accomplish an amazing project. So if you are going to fund, you should be careful on every aspect to make your project successful. And if you are looking for motivation, you should take a look our list of the 10 Biggest Kickstarter Projects ever and check out their great success.

Anyway, if you have plan for a project and thinking of kickstarter, you might want to see your future from both aspects. And knowing more about these kickstarter scams from insidermonkey will surely boost your knowledge and eventually make you successful.
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The Most Expensive Clothing Stores in the United States

Clothes are a prime concern for many people. In today’s world of important first impressions, appearance can either make a person, or break a person. For those who want only the best, here is a list of the most expensive clothing stores in the United States.

In such a shaky economy, many Americans are looking to save a couple bucks however possible. But there's still a significant contingent are willing to go all-out for designer threads and Setting yourself apart from the crowd. And if you are one of them, you might want to see our list on the top 7 mostexpensive clothing brands too.

As we mentioned, most of the people look for anything that can cover their bodies to be protected from the surrounding weather while there are other people who are more conscious about the look and wear what makes them look fashionable and elegant. For an example, most of the products that celebrities use are of high quality and they look for the famous brands to ensure that they get the best thing. There are many clothing brands that are expensive, present the best and highest quality possible and only to be found on certain stores. If you are interested, you can take a quick glance at the insidermonkey and check out the list of top 10 most expensive clothing stores in the United States.
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Some High Margin Food Products to Build a Business

Are you going to invest in food industry? If the answer is yes, you should know more about high margin food products. Knowing which of your products can get you the biggest profit margins can help you to build a sustainable business. It helps you determine where you should focus your resources for future growth, and what you should get to earn more profit. We suggest that especially all small business entrepreneurs who are interested on food industry should overlook this fundamental exercise.

You might have already seen our list of the 10 best fast food franchises to purchase and wondered if you should switch your business and invest on food industry to get more profit. Then you should take a look on this article about the high margin food products and consider the suggestions as they will be the best thing for you.

And besides, as peoples are much more health aware nowadays and avoiding certain foods. It will be better for you, if you know which products they are going to ignore and what they are interested on.

Anyway, regardless of consumer habits, you will have to keep up with the global trends, as well as national, so you can maintain a high margin and get expected profit. Let’s read the whole topic about high margin food products on insidermonkey and see how much profit you can actually make from it.
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Mistakes You Can Make as an Entrepreneur

Planning to start business on your own? You must know about the worst mistakes an entrepreneur can make. It is not easy for someone to start something new and do it without making any mistake. But knowing about it sure will help you to avoid mistakes and increase your chance of success.

To become an entrepreneur you need to know your way around, have the will to take risks and most importantly know what is best for you. Imagine a scenario where you are going to invest in franchises as there are so many affordable option, our suggestion will be to take a look at our list featuring the 8 Cheapest Franchises You Can Buy Into and find out which one suits you better.

Anyway, as being said, there are so many things to consider. You have to be careful with your investment, get the right crew, and listen to all opinions. There will be many problems, but you must have the courage to face them and not without being stressed and fall apart.

So, if you are going to be an entrepreneur and interested in knowing the problem first, there is a detailed topic about ten worst mistakesan entrepreneur can make on insidermonkey. Take a look whenever you can, because knowing about what is ahead of you will never hurt.
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5 Most Valuable Brands in China.

I just read two articles with the title Top Luxury Brands in the World and 7 Most Expensive Clothing Brands on Insider Monkey.

Interested to know what the most valuable brands in China are? As one of the fastest growing market segments, China is amongst the leading candidates for overseas firms planning to create their manufacturing operations as well as market their products. Most people think that western brands will easily take over the Chinese market but that can't be further from the truth. The most valuable brands in China are in fact local brands. Brands created by private Chinese companies are more successful than brands created by public monopolies that are supported by the state. Private Chinese brands also fare better than foreign brands.

Chinese entrepreneurs like Jack Ma was able to surpass Western brands because they know what'd work in their home country. If you'd like to read which other Chinese entrepreneurs and brands are succeeding in China, visit Insider Monkey.

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What are the Busiest Shipping Lanes in the World?

I  read an article about the biggest shipping companies on Insider Monkey.

Have you ever asked yourself exactly what the particular busiest shipping lanes on earth are? These watery corridors involving commerce are so crucial that they are the lifeblood of the worldwide economy. While most people has seen packed massive ships carrying tightly packed storage containers, most people are in fact unaware of exactly what channels these ships use when they transport their merchandise around the world.

For this reason, the busiest shipping lanes in the world are extremely vital to the global economy and trade. The Panama Canal and the Suez Canal are two of the most famous shipping lanes, but there are many more that shorten the distance between the World's most prolific exporters and importers. Turkish readers are also probably aware of the fact that Istanbul Bogazi or Bosphorus is among the list of 10 most busiest shipping lanes in the world.

If you wish to find out more about where these fleets operate, check out the list of the ten busiest shipping lanes is bound to peak your interest on Insider Monkey

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The Top High Paying Seasonal Jobs in America this Holiday Season.

Hey guys, I just found a list of  the top summer jobs in America on Insider Monkey. It discusses the list of summer jobs, jobs during holiday season, and other seasonal jobs.

Whether you have a degree or not, there is surely a flexible position available somewhere in the country, especially during the holiday season. So if you are such a person and are looking for seasonal jobs in America this holiday season, make sure to check out the following list on high paying seasonal jobs available in America.

Firms need to acquire temporary workers for the holiday season, or hire contractors, not only to deal with the increase in demand, but also to keep costs down. Since these workers are hired for a short period of time, salaries tend to be quite lucrative, thus making these positions very attractive for people with flexible schedules. Nevertheless, the reality is quite different, and in fact, companies also hire professionals and actually pay quite well, check the list of high paying seasonal jobs in America will demonstrate.

On Insider Monkey you can also see a list of  the 8 best summer jobs for college students. That will help you. Find out the perfect match for you.

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What are the Qualities That Make You A Good Team Player.

Want to find out What are the qualities that make you a good team player?

I just read a post about the qualities that make you a good team player on Insider Monkey.

Whenever I go through job postings I notice that employers are looking for candidates who are “a good team player”. Despite living in a highly competitive society, being a good team player is an absolute must, especially when it comes to business. What are the qualities that companies look for?

Insider Monkey identified 6 qualities that make you a good team player. If you want to ensure that you work in a supportive environment, then this is the list for you. You should also check out what habits that age you beyond your years so that you can avoid them.

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Who is the World’s Richest Chef?

Who is the World's richest chef? When I was reading an article about the most profitable businesses on Insider Monkey I came across the answer to this question.

You may think that Rachael Ray, Wolfgang Puck, Paula Deen, or Mario Batali may be the richest chef in the World. However, none of them even come close to Jamie Oliver in terms of net worth. In fact, their combined net worth is unbelievably smaller than Jamie Oliver’s net worth. Can you guess how rich is Jamie Oliver? $170 million.

You may be interested in starting a business. But what has made Jamie Oliver such a wealthy man? Though nobody’s is denying his unmatched cooking skills, we’re betting that Mr. Oliver also has a keen business sense.

So, check out our articles about 7 most profitable businesses you could start, 10 most profitable franchises in 2014, and most profitable small businesses.

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