25 Best States For Mechanical Engineers

At first let’s see a statistics: according to Bureau of Labor there are 277,500 mechanical engineers employed across the nation in 2014. There is planned growth of employment by 5% from 2014 to 2024 it shows us that there will be 14,600 more newly employed in this field. So if you are just thinking to study engineering now it’s worth starting it! Mechanical engineers’ job outlook depends on the area they work in. Now engineering, architectural and related services hire the most mechanical engineers. We can find the highest concentration of mechanical engineers in industrial machinery manufacturing. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 best states for mechanical engineers.

Generally speaking those mechanical engineers are more likely to be employed who are familiar with new software and the latest technological developments. The average annual earning of a mechanical engineer is $84,190. To get the right answers, Insider Monkey consulted sources like Projections Central, Bureau of Labor Statistics; and Missouri Economy. They ranked the states by costs of living, projected job rates, and annual median wage. We have picked three states from their list: Kansas, Delaware, and Missouri. If feel interested you can also check out our list of 25 Best States for Industrial Engineers.
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7 Most Advanced Countries in South America

When we think about improvement, investments or technological advancements we generally tend to consider North America, Europe, or some parts of Asia – but the truth is that there are several developed countries in South America as well. So it is really worth focusing a bit on these countries and we will be surprised! For example, even Africa contains countries that are much more technological developed than the others. Although when we think about the development and advancement, we are still quite programmed to think about some of the most famous countries in Europe or some of the states within the United States, while the rest of the world remains excluded, though there isn’t a proper justification for that. While I was searching more about the countries in South America. Insidermonkey experts made a list of most advanced countries in South America.

In order to gain appropriate information Insider Monkey consulted the Human Development Index, because on of their aim was to show that people and their development should actually be the most important and the most relevant criteria for measuring the development of different countries, not just their economy or other similar issues. Also the Human Development Report was studied with the focus on the countries in South America. This report was released in 2016 but the information was from 2015. Some countries can cause surprise while there are some that was expected to be in this list but they can’t be found here. We have chosen three countries from the list: Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. Ecuador has 0,739 HDI, and the life expectancy in this country is 76. You can also check our list of 11 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in Africa.
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10 Biggest Air Force Bases In The World

The United States is well-known for its most powerful military in the world. Therefore it is the home of some of the largest military bases in the world. Generally speaking most people are interested in military bases because they are so closed for the everyday people. We like to take a look at it and even for only minutes but take an insight of it. Security is no joke when you are within even a few miles of these bases. According to the Air Force’s Personal Center there are 13,000 pilots, 1,364 air battle managers and over 300,000 active duty personnel. This branch is the newest in the U.S., it was established in 1947. In the Air Force there are also almost 61,000 female personnel. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 Biggest Air Force Bases In The World.

The strongest Air Forces can be found in Australia, Germany, Japan, India and France – just to name only a few of them. Insider Monkey has consulted sites like VeteranAid, MilitaryTimes, AirLiners, MilitaryInstalations to get all the necessary information to make a list. So the base at the top of their list is associated with the largest population of personnel out of the group of 10. We have picked three bases from the list: Edwards, Keesler; Nellis. Edwards is in California, and its population is 22,000. It is the home of the Air Force Flight Test Center. It is home to many aerospace “firsts,” like where the sound barrier was broken. You can also check our list of 10 Largest Navy Bases in the World.
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10 Best Selling Alkaline Bottled Water Brands In America

As for me I strive to drink enough water, although I must admit I often forget about it. But nowadays I always put a bottle of water on my desk, near my laptop in order to keep it in mind. Therefore I manage to drink 3-3,5 liters of water a day. Luckily people are more and more conscious of fitness and health – and they want to be sure that drinks and food they consume, are not harmful for their health. Alkaline water is popular because it less acidic than tap water. The pH of the neutral water is 7, therefore any water whose pH is above 7 is regarded alkaline water. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best-selling alkaline bottled water brands in America.

Pre-packaged water is very good, but I agree with the author of the article when she says she would rather have a reusable, sturdy bottle. Drinking enough water is essential, but saving the environment is also important. In order to give us the appropriate and right answer Insider Monkey observed the alkaline brands on Amazon with ratings between 3 and 5 stars. These brands are bought most frequently and consequently they are the best ones. So we can get to know what alkaline bottled water is worth purchasing it. You can also check our list of bottled water brands without fluoride.
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Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which Sounds Better?

As smart speakers have come into limelight, we need to deal with their quality as well. Smart speakers use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in order to create audio playback to do very specific tasks. They can speak back to you, or flicker the lights in you apartment, play music – so pretty many things! You can find many options but Echo is one of the bests. Echo is getting more and more popular, so – lots of people want one, and they mean to figure out the best one. As for me it is always a big question what to buy if I need some computing things.Insidermonkey experts made a article of Amazon Echo vs. Google Home: which sounds better.

As the question was: which one has better sound, Insider Monkey has observed all the different features that are important for you to know. If you read through these features, you will get a clear picture of these two and consequently you will be able to decide. We have picked three items from Insider Monkey’s list: features, price, voice controlling. Features: pretty nice features we can find! If we use Amazon Echo, we can ask Alexa to set a timer, request an Uber, tell us the time, to create us a shopping list, find a restaurant for us, tell us the news – all great things! With using the Google Home, we can set alarms, use it as a calculator, control light, local guide. You can also check our article of best uses for Amazon Echo.
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11 Best Selling Products At Flea Markets

Do you like going to flea markets? Do you prefer selling your items there? Now you will surely be interested in Insider Monkey’s article, which was published recently. How often do you go to a flea market? Or have you ever been there? If not, you should visit it – maybe on a nice, sunny Sunday morning. When you get tired, or hungry you can have something fine and go on with shopping and looking. But what is a flea market? As a matter of fact we use the term “flea market” when we want to describe an outdoor bazaar, where secondhand articles or handmade goods are sold by third party vendors. Nowadays more and more people love going to the flea markets as they are really good fun. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 best selling products at flea markets.

You can spend days with walking and looking at the items there, and you can realize that the time goes on – when you become hungry. So I really love going there, I stop at every stall and look at the goods, although I must confess I never bargain – simple because I can’t. I have always admired people who are very good at bargaining. We have picked three products from Insider Monkey’s list: Baseball Caps, Sunglasses, and Fresh Produce. Baseball caps are one of the best selling goods at a flea market, actually all year around. Baseball caps and snap backs are great items to buy, and many people collect them as well. There are collectors, who are willing to pay quite a considerable amount for a piece with a specific logo. You can also check our list of 11 best selling products at Costco.
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17 Fun Classes To Take In NYC

It is impossible to be bored in New York City. It is always interesting to learn something new. As for me I always like learning new things: languages, embroidery, dog training, cooking or baking. The next thing would like to study is fruit and vegetable carving. I can imagine myself as I am waiting for my friends and I am cooking something delicious and carving some beautiful flowers and leaves as garnish. Actually there are so many classes you can enter in New York City – that no matter where you live or what your preferences are – for sure you can find something you will like. And what is more, a class is not only a fun for you, but it also can be a great idea for a gift. Insidermonkey experts made a list of fun classes to take in NYC.

We have picked three classes from the list: Wine 101 at NYC Wine Company; Fire Dancing Lessons at Floasis; and DJ 101 at Scratch DJ Academy. The classes of Wine 101 at NYC Wine Company are about what sets wine apart from the others. It costs $90 and you will learn how to be a wine aficionado. Fire Dancing Lessons at Floasis is a fantastic opportunity if you are interested in fire dancing. Tara McManus is a professional dancer and you will surely enjoy her classes. You will learn how to spin jams, hold metal and wick fans, and light them by yourself, during the classes you will study how to do all theses properly and safely. You can also check our list of free classes in NYC for adults.
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6 Low Cost Small Food Franchise Opportunities Under $5000

You need something new, something great with which you can get success as the company you are working for now doesn’t put a value on your abilities and it may not appreciate your efforts. There are large number of people who search challenge, who do think they can do something valuable and perhaps what is the most important they can be their own boss. If you take over the control of your life you can get bigger success and earn much more money than you did before. If you don’t want to build a business from the first step, franchise is the perfect solution for you. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 Low Cost Small Food Franchise Opportunities Under $5000.

Cheaper investments can be found in home business, while the more expensive ones may be found in a well established restaurant. As a matter of fact most of the franchises have the potential for solid returns in your money invested and there are large numbers of franchises that is worth looking into. McDonald’s is an excellent example for franchise, as there are about 35,000 restaurants in the world according to Franchise direct. One of the best franchise businesses to run is something on food as people eat all around the world. You can also check our list of 7 easy low cost franchise opportunities.
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10 Biggest Hidden Treasures Ever Found in the World

Do you like interesting facts? Do love reading about mysterious treasures which wait for being discovered? Insider Monkey has recently published a great article about hidden treasures. We live in the 21st century and we suppose to have discovered everything – but it’ not true. There are still treasures that haven’t been found yet, mysteries that haven’t been solved yet; secrets that haven’t been revealed yet. History may still bring us so many surprises that we can’t imagine. It makes me remember the stories of Indiana Jones: how much I loved to watch him seeking the treasures! Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of 10 biggest hidden treasures ever found in the world.

For example the Terracotta Army was unbelievable for us when we first heard about them: they were created in the period of 211-206 BC, but they were only discovered in the second half of the 20th century. So our next question is: how many things are still sleeping under the ground or under the surface of seas and oceans? We can never know what the archeologists will discover next time. We have picked three items from their list: The Temple of the Feathered Serpent Treasure; Frome Hoard; and The Barley Field Treasure. The Temple of the Feathered Serpent Treasure has items with unknown value. Sergio Gómez, an archeologist from the Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History. You can also check our list of 10 Most Successful Pirates in History.
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12 Best Karaoke Songs For Couples

Karaoke is a very amusing pastime if you like to take part in parties where your friends drink a little bit more than usual, sing and dance, and they willing to make fun of themselves. If you don’t mind doing something crazy on your date, a karaoke bar is really the perfect place to go. It’s much better when you can get positive responses so in this case you can be braver and can undertake a little more difficult songs as well. If you don’t need to stand alone “on the stage” but there is a brave partner with you, you will have a greater time at a karaoke bar. What’s more you two can turn out to be a karaoke master for the first time! Insidermonkey experts made a list of 12 best karaoke songs for couples.

We have picked three songs from their list: Good Time, Need You Now, and Lucky. Good Time is by Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City. It is one of the more modern songs on the list, but you won’t regret trying to sing it! It was released in 2012, and also had a fun music video. Need You Now is sung by Lady Antebellum – the trio of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelly, Dave Haywood released this song in 2010. This song was also the title of their first album. The third song for now is Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. They finished co-writing this song through emails. It was Mraz’ unfinished song when he asked Colbie to help him finish and record it. The track was released in 2009. You can also check our list of 11 best karaoke songs for girl groups.
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10 Largest Navy Bases In The U.S.

I think lots of people, if not everybody is curious about the United States Navy and would like to have a look at the largest Navy Bases. Films and series about the U.S. Navy have always been successful on TV; for we love watching this unique and powerful world they represent us. Could you imagine living in a Navy Bases? As for me I love watching films about them, but I prefer living out there. The United States is home to one of the largest military bases in the world. These bases are settled large amounts of land, and actually they are cities in cities – due to the large number of people working and living there. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 Largest Navy Bases in The U.S.

There are more than 320,000 active duty personnel in the U.S. Navy regarding to Quora. These lots of people have to live and train somewhere so we can find 45 bases of the U.S. Navy throughout the whole world. If we are in a city that houses a major base, without a shadow of a doubt you are very close to a base. Insider Monkey has undertaken the exciting task to discover and show us the world of our country’s Navy Bases, so we can broaden our minds by reading their list. In order to get right information they consulted sites like Military Installations, Naval-technology. They combined square miles, population, and facilities. Finally their list became very fascinating and edifying. You can also check our list of 10 most powerful navy ships in the world today.
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16 Best Couples Cooking Classes For Date Night in NYC

Do you like cooking? Or are you just planning to study cooking? As for me I really love cooking. It is one of my favorite hobbies, aside baking cakes. But what is true that we can always learn something new, something exciting in the kitchen. I love checking new recipes everywhere; what’s more I registered lots of cooking sites, blogs in order to learn as many recipes as I can. I particularly like making international meals; I must confess my personal favorites are the Hungarian, Italian and Greek cuisine. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 16 best couples cooking classes for date night in NYC.

If you are a New Yorker or have a sweet trip to New York, it is worth visiting cooking classes here. I do think that cooking is a very good feeling, but cooking together with your love – well, it is really something! New York is a wonderful, busy city that never sleeps – so you can find lots of options where to go out or what to do while dating. Insider Monkey’s list was selected with the help of price, reviews and the variety in both location and cuisine. These sites were extraordinarily helpful, and offered a wealth of information on numerous great options. Our list was selected based on reviews, price, and variety in both cuisine and location around the city. You can also check our list of romantic winter date ideas in New York City.
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6 Tips on Becoming a LuLaRoe Consultant to Make Money

If you feel that working from 9 to 5 is boring, exhausting and it doesn’t pay you enough then becoming a LuLaRue consultant will be perfect to you. Working far from your home, traveling there and back – this is what you can be fed up with. You don’t have enough time to deal with your family not speaking about your friends! We waste our time with commuting and as time goes on we feel we could make a better use of our life. Since graduation we have lived according to a schedule made by someone else and we think we must be grateful because at least we have a job. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 tips on becoming a LuLaRue consultant to make money.

But what is the solution? Well, DeAnne Stidham seems to have thought the same that is why she decided to take control over her life – and she should make serious changes in her everyday life. Her intention was to have a job with which she would have more time. She needed more time to spend it with her family, especially with her children. So she created a fashion story that can ease her and those women’s lives who want to join her. The bug came to her when she met dress wholesalers who liked her passion about her plan. So very soon she started her business, her own clothing line this was how LuLaRue was launched. You can also check our list of 7 Tips on Using Poshmark Shopping Apps to Make Money.
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Top 10 Largest Grocery Store Chains In America

The global grocery market has grown from simple brick, small shops into huge chains in the last couple of decades. The food retail business has already gone online as well – no one would have imagined that even 20 years ago! But what is true that people do like to buy even food online and home delivery has achieved great success. There are huge e-commerce stores, like Amazon.com Inc. that have also entered the food business. AmazonFresh has come out with delivering food home within an hour in ten cities in Europe and UK. Amazon Go uses the best shopping technology in the world and it allows the customers to grab and go. Insidermonkey experts made a list of top 10 largest grocery store chains in America.

All this stimulated the grocery stores in America to get involved as well if they wanted to keep pace with these large online stores. Eating habits have changed a lot nowadays. For many, it is not a daily routine any more to cook but just some nice culinary adventure. Others prefer buying meal kits, while lots of people take care of what they eat; they consume only organic and healthy food. But there are large numbers of people who do love to go shopping with their family on nice Sunday mornings. This list contains well-known grocery stores all over America, and the stores were ranked by the number of the groceries they run and operate. You can also check our list of 11 largest grocery chains by revenue in America.
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10 Snake Breeders and Reptile Shops in NJ and New York

It is the same if you tend to have snakes, reptiles. According to a survey there are 11.5 million reptile pets throughout the US and most of them have been bought from stores. It is a very good thing because the stores can sell only examined, healthy animals and they have the necessary knowledge to tell you everything about that animal. Regarding to reptile pets you should raise a captive-bred animal whose ancestors have already experienced life with humans. If I wanted to purchase a reptile pet I would buy it from a small-scale breeder because they are devoted to that certain species and know everything about the animal I want to buy. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 snake breeders and reptile shops in NJ and New York.

Insider Monkey has created a list about snake breeders and reptile shops by going through many breeders’ and shops’ websites. Their main guideline comes from King snake website which has been specialized for snakes. They also used Reptile City recommendations for stores that are very good. They avoided using those breeders’ offers that didn’t have websites, only phone numbers or just an email address, because it would have been risky to use their offers without any insight. They focused on smaller reptile pet shops and small-scale breeders with experience in breeding these animals. You can also check out our list of 10 Websites to Buy Venomous Snakes Cheap with Free Shipping.
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7 Biggest Loser Contestants: Where Are They Now

The series has been married by the “drugging controversy” as some of the previous contestants said that they had to take drugs in order to lose weight. They told furthermore that they were told lies about the calories they consumed and they were starved as well. The trainers and doctors of the show were accused of malpractice, but the producers denied all that. Nevertheless we can see other contestants who expressed their support on Facebook or other social media and asked the producers to go on with the show. Unfortunately, a study involving contestants from the eighth season has found that 13 of the 14 Biggest Loser contestants have put on weight again – they have regained their former weight. Insidermonkey experts made a list of Biggest Loser contestants: where are they now?

It is always an exciting question what has happened to those people whom we supported? Well, if you would like to check what the former contestants of Biggest Loser are doing now – read Insider Monkey’ article! In order to get a good result the author has looked at several articles about everything in connection with the show. These articles are from New York Times, New York Post, Guardian, and People. This list is extremely interesting because we can see how these winners could cope with the limelight and how they have changed since the show. You can also check our list of 7 Most Popular Diet Pills that Work Fast Without Exercise.
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Top 10 Affordable Online Art Sources

Actually if we want to turn our house a home – one of the most beautiful and easiest way is to buy art. We can decorate our home with wide range of arts; we can hang paintings, pictures on the walls, put China figurines on the shelves, cover the floor with rugs or can buy a nice chandelier. Even the hotel rooms have some kind of art – so we can claim it can be found anywhere. Whenever I enter a room, or have a look at a space I always watch two things: art and books. As for me I have purchased a new home recently, so I am still looking for art in order to make my home more beautiful. Insidermonkey experts made a list of top affordable online art sources.

Until recent days art was considered being something that only very rich people could afford, but as nowadays so many things have changed, art has become much cheaper as well. Consequently there are lots of mass products, too. As art is affordable now and sellers offer stuff for very low price, it discourages actors, and so we really pay attention and give them the price they deserve. Like everything in these days art can be bought online, too. We must admit: what is more comfortable than hunting our new piece in our favorite armchair. You can also consider reading our list of 7 best art investments under $1000.
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20 Best Cities For Startups In The World

It is exhilarating to work for a startup. It is very exciting as well because you do something new that hasn’t been created. You can always find a market that has been left untouched. The opportunities are unlimited in these days and their numbers are continually growing. For instance car services are excellent examples because while large numbers of cities have cabs, apps like Uber, Gett, Lyft have revolutionized the way we can call a car if we want to go somewhere. Many people use these apps when they do overwork, it’s late at night and the trains don’t run very often, so it would be difficult to get home. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best cities for startups in the world.

As startup companies are rather tech-heavy as a rule, it’s essential that these companies should begin in a city where the tech is excellent. It is true that these cities are usually expensive, but only the starting costs a lot of money, especially when it needs development and design as well. Insider Monkey has investigated these cities, using the help of Startup Genome – which has the latest and most updated data regarding to startup cities. Those cities tend to be expensive, but startups intrinsically cost a lot of money to get started, especially when it comes to development and design since those things are the core of the app or website that’s being created to provide services. Some of the 5 most successful startups of 2016 are probably based in the cities we’ve put on this list today.
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7 Best Art Investments Under $1000

Is it worth collecting inexpensive artworks? What does art collecting mean? Actually art can be a really relative concept and it contains a large variety of things. If we think of art we usually imagine sculptures, and paintings which are the classical definition of art. It is true but art includes a lot of other items. There are collectors who buy only expensive paintings that are worth millions of dollars. While other people collect old cars, golden jewelries or ancient sculptures. But what is sure that collecting arts is some kind of passion. You hunt for your favorite items and search them everywhere. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best art investments under $1000.

Anyhow collecting artworks is also a very good investment for the future. If you are just thinking about starting to invest, perhaps it is a very good idea to start quite small. If you change your mind later on – then you haven’t lost too much. Investing your money well needs some skills and you need to be careful. The value can change from time to time so you have to examine the opportunities. It’s a good first step if you check the prices of the items you want to collect. Do they have the same price or is it more valuable as the times goes on or if you wanted to sell it could you get more money for it than you paid. You can also check our list of types of art that sell best online.
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6 Low Cost High Profit Franchise Opportunities in India

You may feel tired of working for someone else, spending lots of hours with travelling to work and back home, and you look for some adventures to start your own business in India. Now Insider Monkey published a great article what kind of franchise possibilities you can find in India. Sounds interesting? You really must read the article! You need something exciting, something new with which you can get success as the company you are working for now doesn’t put a value on your abilities and it may not appreciate your efforts. Insider Monkey has investigated that India has the potential to give $1 billion of new business possibilities in the near future. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 Low Cost High Profit Franchise Opportunities in India.

This large number of new opportunities contain everything from agriculture to healthcare. So it is really worth taking a look at it. India has the most developing market in the world so it can give you lots of opportunities if you want to be a part of a franchise business with minimal investment but significant profit. For writing that article, Insider Monkey asked the help of various sites like Franchise India, Expert Market and Connect India. The article is mainly about widely popular brands because the high profit is sure with them. If feel interested you can also check out our list of 11 Most Profitable Businesses With Least Investment in India.
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10 States With no or Least Poisonous Snakes in America

Many people are afraid of venomous serpents, and although the poisonous snakes are spread in America we don’t have to worry about them because there are states where we can’t find too many. There are only 20 venomous snake species in the USA and they can be found in almost every state. Generally poisonous animals are met in warmer climates. The situation is the same in the US, for example the northern belt possesses less than five venomous animals per state – but the figure is continuously growing as we approach towards the South. Arizona has the most venomous animals (about 30 species). Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 states with no or least poisonous snakes in America.

Consequently states that have no or the least poisonous animals can be found in the North. It is because these kinds of animals like the warm weather as they are cold blooded animals. They can’t heat and warm themselves. Nevertheless snakes are pretty adoptable animals we can meet them in swamps, forests, deserts, meadows to the open seas and even in water too. When it is winter snakes hibernate under the ground in tunnels or in some protected shelters. The truth about the snakes is that they avoid meeting humans if they can. The best we can do if we meet a snake is to give way to it. We mustn’t go close to them or poke them. You can also check our list of 10 States With the Most Venomous Snakes in America.
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10 Etsy Shops To Buy Personalized Necklaces with Your Initials

Do you like your name? Do you like to show it to the world? If so, there is a nice-cute article on Insider Monkey that you really need to read! Lots of people love wearing stuffs that have their monograms, for example monogrammed accessories, bags, rings, necklaces, pens or even clothes. I have a favorite pen with my initials on it which I got about 15 years ago. I take care of it and whenever I go out, this pen is always in my bag. Sometimes I think this pen brings luck to me. The personalized necklaces are one of the most popular jewelries that people love purchasing. Maybe it is because we like to show who we are. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 Etsy Shops to Buy Personalized Necklaces with Your Initials.

Etsy has all kinds of fashionable and handmade crafts that you can buy. For instance you can purchase vintage rose gold diamond engagement rings on their site. Or perhaps you need some special décor for your wedding or just tend to buy some cool arts – you can find everything on Etsy! According to Zacks, Etsy has more than one million active users and almost 20 million buyers. This number is incredible. If we see this large number of sellers we can imagine that there is absolutely no problem to find lots of options and prices for whatever we would like to buy. You can also check our list of 6 vintage rose gold diamond engagement rings.
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10 Best Female Country Karaoke Songs

If you need a special experience in singing at a karaoke bar, Insider Monkey gives you a very good opportunity for that now as you can find a pretty amusing article about female country karaoke songs. It is a fantastic idea to warm the crowd with some Taylor Swift or Shania Twain. If we take a look at country music we can find that it has always been popular in the United States and there are also wonderful musicians who worked in this field. According to a survey in 2012 nearly 28% of American people like listening to country music. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best female country karaoke songs.

If you like karaoke and country music, we have a brilliant idea for you. Karaoke is a very amusing pastime if you like to sing with friends. If you don’t mind joining your friends or singing alone on the stage and perhaps making fool of yourself too, well, karaoke is for you! It’s much better when you can get positive responses so in this case it’s high time you tried to sing some nice or classic country songs as well. Although country music is generally regarded to be dominated by men but we can say that there are lots of amazing female country singers, too. You can also check our list of 10 Best Karaoke Songs for Men with a Deep Voice.
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7 Easy Low Cost Franchise Opportunities Under $10,000

You may feel tired of working for someone else, spending lots of hours with travelling to work and back home, and you look for a great opportunity to start your own business. Now Insider Monkey published a great article what kind of franchise possibilities there are if we possess $10,000 the most. You need something new, something great with which you can get success as the company you are working for now doesn’t put a value on your abilities and it may not appreciate your efforts. As for me I have experienced that lots of people do love to be an employee because they like getting their salary at the same time every month without worrying about taxes and so on. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 7 easy low cost franchise opportunities under $10,000.

But there are large number of people who search challenge, who do think they can do something valuable and perhaps what is the most important they can be their own boss. If you take over the control of your life you can get bigger success and earn much more money than you did before. The main question is always that: where can you find the appropriate opportunity for you and for your idea? What business to start with? Where can you find investors or sponsors? What franchises would be the best for you? So all in all you need to examine every possible aspects and obstacles that you may come across and you must check the risks as well. You can also check our list of 6 Easiest Franchises to Start Making Money With.
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10 Biggest Flea Markets On The East Coast

What is a flea market? As a matter of fact we use the term “flea market” when we want to describe an outdoor bazaar, where secondhand articles or handmade goods are sold by third party vendors. Nowadays more and more people love going to the flea markets as they are really good fun. You can spend days with walking and looking at the items there, and you can realize that the time goes on – when you become hungry. You can really buy everything there from old lamps, furniture, to table-cloth, shoes – actually everything! As for me I adore taking a nice trip the flea markets – like the author of the article – and enjoy the wonderful day there. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 biggest flea markets on the east coast.

Would you like to make a good use of your bucks? Do you like wandering, watching goods and hunting for them in a flea market? Do you like old things? Are you a keen DIY fan who loves renewing everything with your own hands? Flea markets are for you. For now Insider Monkey has investigated you the best flea markets in New York and in New Jersey. But I must confess I prefer visiting there alone. If some one comes with me I can’t observe every item, because I feel that I need to pay attention to my partner. So I have bought there lots of my favorite things: tea sets, dinner plate set, trousers and shirts as well. You can also check our list of best flea markets in New York City and New Jersey.
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10 Easiest Flute Songs To Play For Beginners

Well, it is not so easy to answer but the author of the article gave us pretty good tips for the easiest ones. Learning a new instrument is only easy if you have already studied to play a similar one. For example once you have learn how to play the oboe then learning clarinet means easier job for you. As for me I studied to play the bassoon until the age of 20 and as I tried to play the flute as well, I can say flute is not as easy to play as many people think. As we can get to know about the author she can’t play any wind instruments yet her list is very useful and great. Insidermonkey experts made a list of easiest flute songs to play for beginners.

So if you want to take up playing an instrument as a hobby or perhaps you want to show a completely new way for your child: it is always important to know that it takes a lot of time; you need to practice, practice, practice and practice. And sometimes you can feel that you can’t step forward but suddenly you catch the joy of playing music with friends – and that, my friend, is really something. As I have always said-. It is good to listen to music; it’s much better if you can play a musical instrument, but the very best is when you play music together with your friends! You can also check our list of easiest instruments to learn how to play.
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11 Best Karaoke Songs for Girl Groups

Soprano is mainly regarded to be a female range, but surprisingly you can find male artists who do possess Soprano abilities; some of them have partial, while others owe full abilities. Those who are talented and can sing beautifully say that nothing else gives you such a wonderful and blessed feeling as singing those high notes. Yet lots of women fall into the stereotypical Soprano, many can be classified as First-Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, and surprisingly but even First Tenor! As for me I was Mezzo-Soprano when I sang in a choir when I was younger. So if you have friends with different range you can form a small choir at the karaoke bar! You will get success and credit. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 best karaoke songs for girl groups.

Karaoke is a very amusing pastime if you like to sing with friends who drink a little bit more than usual, dance and sing badly and they tend to make fun of themselves. If you don’t mind joining this crazy company and making fool of yourself too, well, karaoke is for you! It’s much better when you can get positive responses so in this case your girl group can be famous at least for the well-known ten minutes. The author of the article created a great list of the best girl group karaoke songs from Billboard and Take Lessons. We kept in mind that their personal tastes came into the foreground, but we absolutely agreed with them. As we were reading their list we couldn’t stop listening to all of them and singing all those great songs together. You can also check our list of 10 best karaoke songs for Sopranos.
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15 Best States For Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers

They fly the planes and we can get from one place to another. Although many tasks and jobs have already been automated we do admire those people who do jobs like them. When someone decides to take up a profession like a pilot he needs to study a lot and train himself all the time. For example they have to undergo 250 intense hours as a private pilot before they can get their license. No wonder because they are responsible for thousands of human lives and millions of Dollars. The average salary of an airline pilot is approximately $127,820 annually. These professionals have to undergo serious and strict physical and mental tests. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 Best States For Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers.

Their vision is also checked actually, and they need to be in top health condition. Not only these tests are difficult but working as a pilot is unpredictable as well, since they can never know whether they can fly or not. The weather can impact their work and their everyday lives, too. Anyhow it couldn’t be an easy task to qualify which states were the best as there are different factors that influence the result. But the Bureau of Labor Statistics is always a great and official help if you want to look after something. The author of the article has observed the states with the highest average salary and also considered that the number of active workers in that certain field may also effect the numbers of jobs that are open for newcomers. You can also check our list of 25 best states for aircraft mechanics and service technicians.
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8 Highest Paying Countries For Truck Drivers

We can find an interesting article about truck drivers in Insider Monkey. Truck drivers are those ones who are always on their way, as the author says they are the unsung heroes of the working world. As for me I would add that they are the invisible heroes of the roads. I am saying this because they are there, we can experience their presence but we don’t deal with them too much. They are always on the road – from spring to spring, even when others celebrate the biggest holidays of the world. Do you like driving? Or you prefer being driven like the author? These drivers actually live in the huge vehicle carrying lots of cargo, but they do their work efficiently and effectively. Insidermonkey experts made a list of highest-paying countries for truck drivers.

It is important to ensure them enough time to have a rest, comfortable working conditions – and of course fair payment for their work. They deserve good salary especially they work when others celebrate, have a holiday or just relax. They carry things to us and they undertake dangerous situations as well. Not every one could do this job as they can hardly ever see their families. There is a great demand for truck drivers all over the world because there’s need for transport of various types of cargo, so they can live where they are needed. Therefore truck drivers can easily move from one country to another as they can find jobs rather quickly. You can also check our list of highest-paying countries for expats.
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25 Hardest Words To Spell For 6th Graders

With today’s technology, children don’t even have to bother studying and remembering basics. Why would they if there is everything available for them on their smartphones and laptops/PCs? Frankly, I don’t think that app developers had that in mind when they launched them, but, apparently, they are doing their job.  Almost? Are you also a fan of the auto correct fails? I know I am. I don’t know if this is us or the whole educational system, but it seems to me that each new generation makes even the less effort than the last one to learn something new. After all, why would they? They have calculators on their smartphones, as well as the grammar and vocabulary corrector. Insidermonkey experts made a list of hardest words to spell for 6th graders.

Even when they travel, they can easily enter Google Maps and find all information needed for some place. So why bother studying? Maybe Australian children should at least learn biology so they can know which snake species is venomous and which one isn’t? Or they can just upload the picture of the snake on Google and find out immediately. So does this mean that, with the further development of technology, our whole educational system will crash? Or we won’t be needing school nor degrees ever again? Maybe, but we are not allowed to be illiterate! We have to know how to read and write. You can also check our list of easiest debate topics for middle school.
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10 Best Home Builders in California

At first if we speak about the housing market we need to know that it is an important and significant attribute of a healthy economy. This means if the economy is in a good state, people can and get appropriate jobs and can afford to buy a property. There are three basic things that can represent the needs of any human: food, clothing and housing. As we have to eat, wear something and live somewhere. Therefore home-building companies appease a very important need of ours, and what’s more those lots of investments done in this industry make economy better. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best home builders in California.

Although there was a little slowdown in the number of housing starts in March, the US housing market is in a good state. As it is said by the Commerce Department, we can see a little decline in March in connection with the number of new housing starts, but the building permits increased which is very good progress. As we were informed from Insider Monkey’s article, the mortgage rates began to rise, while the unemployment rate is under 5%. As the wages increase it affects the housing market as well, because people can afford to buy houses. You can also check our list of 10 best rated biggest home builders in USA.
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10 Best Anti-Religion Documentaries of All Time

When “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” premiered at the 2015 Sun-dance Film Festival, the Church of Scientology set out on the defense, launching a Twitter account and taking out full-page advertisements in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times to denounce the film for its misrepresentation of the controversial religion. Earlier this year, similar controversy hit “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary that followed cases of on-campus sexual assault. Florida State University called “The Hunting Ground” filmmakers unethical for their handling of the situation and for not giving FSU enough time to respond to the allegations. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best anti-religion documentaries of all time.

Controversial documentaries are nothing new, but with these two instances, and more questions arising about the methods that went into shooting HBO’s hit doc-series “The Jinx,” it seems like more and more documentaries that are challenging the status quo are being challenged by their subjects. In order to ease this process of searching good documentaries that are against religion, we made the list of 10 best anti-religion documentaries ever made. However, if you are interested in religious and atheist documentaries as well, you should definitely read our previous article of 11 Best Religious/Atheist Documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.
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25 Best States For Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate

Appraisers and assessors of real estate estimate the value of property for a variety of purposes, such as to assess property tax, to confirm adequate collateral for mortgages, to confirm or help set a good sales price, to settle an estate, or to aid in a divorce settlement. They often specialize in appraising or assessing a certain type of real estate such as residential buildings or commercial properties. However, they may be called on to estimate the value of any type of real estate, ranging from farmland to a major shopping center. Assessors estimate the value of all properties in a locality for property tax purposes whereas appraisers appraise properties one at a time. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 best states for appraisers and assessors of real estate.

Valuations of all types of real property are conducted using similar methods, regardless of the type of property or who employs the appraiser or assessor. Appraisers and assessors work in localities they are familiar with so they have knowledge of any environmental or other concerns that may affect the value of a property. They note any unique characteristics of the property and of the surrounding area, such as a specific architectural style of a building or a major highway located next to the parcel. They also take into account additional aspects of a property like the condition of the foundation and roof of a building or any renovations that may have been done. You can also check our list of 25 best states for anthropologists and archaeologists.
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10 Most Profitable Business Ideas For Nurses

With a sound background as a practicing and professional nurse, you can become an entrepreneur in your field. The most important benefits of having a business as a nurse include being your own boss, choosing your patients and coworkers, and determining your work goals, such as fulfilling certain needs with your nursing expertise or making money the way you decide. You can perform the work you love on your own flexible schedule. If you’re interested in Nursing, or already specializing in the field, take a look at Insidermonkey experts list of 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas for Nurses to learn how you can expand your skills and knowledge.

You develop the policies and procedures and how to do your work best, and you get to operate your business from the comfort of your own home or from any chosen location. Nurse Entrepreneurs use their nursing education and business background to start ventures within the healthcare industry establishing, promoting and running their own companies. Some develop medical devices, computerized systems, or home health products. Another pro of the nursing field is that there’s a huge range of specializations. Here’s a list of the 7 happiest highest job satisfaction nursing specialties to prove it. If you love kids, there’s a range of pediatric-focused positions.
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10 Most Successful Home Businesses In Rural Areas

On an average someone can expect to have two to three careers before he/she finally settles on the one to his/her liking, apart from that, people who have been in the workforce that work from 9 to 5 on a daily basis for a long time are now deciding to retire. This is resulting in many people resorting to home businesses for making a living. Though at a glance it might not seem like a viable idea at first, but things are really changing in this age of technology and enhanced communication. Many things nowadays can be done from home by the use of computers and the internet. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 Most Successful Home Businesses In Rural Areas.

Also, those people who have special knowledge on things can share these with others in exchange for a fee from home. This has opened up an entirely new frontier for career opportunities. Today we will be focusing on the most profitable approaches one can take to make a living from home business ventures. If you have doubts about the whole prospect, then I highly recommend that you go through the full article about this topic, and if you are someone who is interested to learn more to start a career by establishing a home business, then it is an absolute must read for you. You can also check our list of The 5 Most Profitable Home Businesses to Start.
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10 Best Karaoke Songs For Sopranos

Have you ever noticed that guys like Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, and Adam Levine sing so high that barely any other guys can eke out the same notes? What about the fact that female artists like Sia, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry leave women in the same painful situation? You aren’t imagining things; the popular music industry has been overrun by high voices ever since pop was invented. It’s nearly impossible for normal people (without digital enhancement) to sing lots of popular songs. In fact, many of the original singers of these songs can’t reliably belt out those high notes night after night – it just isn’t healthy. That's why Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best karaoke songs for Sopranos.

You can practice singing those high notes while having fun with friends by performing some karaoke songs. There is no shortage of Soprano song choices when it comes to karaoke, from classic theater tunes to pop hits. We compiled our list of best Soprano karaoke songs from Quora. This site is a great source with tons of worthy song picks. Please keep in mind that our list is in no particular order, and was selected based on our personal tastes. If your friends need some help picking songs as well, please feel free to check out our list of 10 best karaoke songs for Tenors.
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10 Easiest Country Karaoke Songs to Sing for Beginners

A great karaoke performance isn’t just dependent upon vocal skills. The song selected is just as and perhaps even more important. If you have a good voice but are singing an obscure song that no one knows, chances are good that your performance will be a dud because half the fun of karaoke is singing along with the other performers! Fortunately, whether you’re in the mood to perform a ballad, something traditional or a country-pop smash hit or anything in between one of the tunes should do the trick. They’re all familiar songs guaranteed to be a big hit with the crowd. You may even get a standing ovation and feel like a real country superstar. Insidermonkey experts made a list of easiest country karaoke songs to sing for beginners.

I am sure that you are aware of the fact that people like singing together, from an elegant croon fest around a piano, or a down-home sing along around a campfire, or a hands in the air celebration in the church, whatever the occasion may be, humans are into singing. That is the primary reason that karaoke is such a popular leisure time activity. If done right, karaoke can be a really fun activity for an entire group. But choosing the appropriate song to play is the most important task. The song has to be popular enough that everyone knows it, also it has to be easy enough so that the karaoke beginners also can have a go at it. There is nothing worse than making a bad song choice in karaoke. You can also check our list of 11 Best Karaoke Songs for Groups.
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15 Tinder Bios for Finding a Long-Term Relationship

Finding your match is extremely difficult, especially now after we became such slaves of the technology. Instead of walking into a bar, making the eye-contact, or falling in love with a person on your friend’s party, we ended up deciding on our future relationship and maybe even the parent of our child based on the profile picture and the bio of the person we never even heard of before. But that’s the thing with the modern world. We don’t have any photo albums, but online Facebook and Instagram pictures. We don’t have journals and diaries to record our thoughts, but Twitter. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 Tinder bios for finding a long-term relationship.

If you have decided to take my advice, then you should sit and think of yourself, who you are, what you are like, and what your interests are. I guess that being funny is the number one on your list of representative material, but if you are more serious in nature, skip it a bit. I am no one to judge, but if someone gets the impression that he or she will fall off the chair every time you open your mouth, but instead they end up with someone who is more ‘lets talk straight forward about everything and in every situation because I am always overthinking everything’, it will make you some kind of a liar and you don’t want to do that to your potential special someone. You can also check our list of 5 Best Hookup Tinder Strategies and Statistics to Get Laid.
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15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Organisms

On one hand, we have multi billion corporations advertising and launching GMO, while, on the other hand, we have people with great resemblance towards it. The thing that I don’t understand is, why people are so afraid of the GMO since there are no chemicals involved, while, on the other hand, they are reaching for the plants sprinkled with poisonous chemicals all the time? We are all aware that every fruit and vegetable we buy on the market was spread with poison so the farmers could keep bugs away from them and have the biggest harvests? Insidermonkey experts made a article about 15 advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified organisms.

Genetically modified (GM) foods are organisms that have had new genes added to themselves from other organisms. Being around since 1994, they are produced in a way that is very similar to genetic engineering. The technique used in this type of crop management has been introduced to ensure farmers and merchants are able to improve crop or food quality in a more efficient way. Some people arrogate that this technology will help those in the agricultural industry decrease the amount of wasted crops and foods. But while there are many benefits of genetically modified foods, there are also potential drawbacks that are present. You can also check our list of Examples of Genetically Modified Foods with Full Explanations.
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15 Poorest States With The Fewest Millionaires Per Capita

When talking about the US, foreigners always think about it as a dreamland where all their dreams can come true. We realize that not everyone living in the US is that lucky to be called the high class, but due to the country’s development in general, there should be plenty of people with 2 commas on their bank account. But the truth is that living on Manhattan doesn’t immediately make you the millionaire, but the person living among millionaires. This is exactly the case of the whole US in general. Just because someone lives inside the boundaries of the US, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are rich. Insidermonkey experts made a list of poorest states with the fewest millionaires per capita.

When we say millionaire, we don’t think about the people with expensive houses and stocks, but people who have more than $1 million liquid money. The liquid money is physical cash or any other asset that can be easily turned into $1 million cash. The thing is, being a millionaire has a different meaning in each country. While millionaires in the US are considered to be very wealthy people, while a millionaire in Vietnam is considered to be a very poor class, because translated into the dollar, their one million is about 44 US dollars. According to the World Wealth Report 2016, there are 60% of all millionaires on global level concentrated in 4 countries: China, Germany, Japan, and, without any competition, the US. You can also check our list of 15 States With the Most Millionaires Per Capita in America.
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7 Highest Paying Countries for Zoology Jobs

If you're following your passion and plan to work with animals, you may not expect to make much money. But there are many positions in wildlife-related fields that offer an average compensation of $50,000 per year or more. Whether you’re just starting out your career, or looking to make a move, it can be important to know what part of the country offers the best chance for your long term career prospects. And for a very common profession like Zoologist, the regional differences can have a big impact on your salary and career options. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 7 highest paying countries for zoology jobs.

Zoologists are biologists that study a variety of animal species. The usual employers for zoologists include zoos, aquariums, marine parks, governmental agencies and educational institutions. Roles dealing with research, academia, and animal management are the most common for zoologists. A bachelor's degree is required for entry to the field and advanced degrees are usually necessary to be qualified to pursue employment in senior positions and most research roles. Zoologists can earn salaries between $60,000 and $70,000. You can also check out our list of 9 Highest-Paying Countries for Veterinarians.
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6 Easiest Free Animation Software for Beginners

If you’re in animation school, chances are you’ve got access to all of the equipment and software you could possibly need. But if you’re interested in kitting out your home setup with animation software, the price tag can quickly rack up. Luckily, there are some free alternatives which are good enough to see you through the majority of animation projects you’ll undertake. According to people who are already in this business, the animation is not some nuclear science if you know where to begin. There are several basic things that you should consider before even opening some software and, after you are done with them, you can do whatever you like with your new design. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 easiest free animation software for beginners.

You can choose to make either 2D or 3D animations, or even both, just make sure you know the difference between processes of making them. The 2D animations are made by using the frame-by-frame technique, which means that you are going to use several separate images and layers while making your picture move. On the other hand, 3D animations are made as you are first making a clean model that you later get animated through the art of stop motion. This might sound easy for everyone, and it actually is, but don’t be fooled with the belief that you are only going to do one same thing for each animation without even thinking everything through. You can also check our list of 7 Best Educational YouTube Channels to Watch.
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10 Jobs That Pay More Than Minimum Wage for Teenagers

Teens make up a large portion of a country’s entire population. And in some countries, the only resource in short supply these days is human resource. So, there are plenty of opportunities for teens out there to make some money during holidays or by doing part time jobs after school. Eventually, everyone must earn their living, work is an indivisible part of life and I believe everyone should engage in money making activities as soon as they can, not because they have, but for the experience they can get through this activity. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 jobs that pay more than minimum wage for teenagers.

The experience earned through working as a teen will serve that person for the rest of his/her life for good. Earning money is not an easy task, even if the person is a celebrity, he/she must work very hard in order to earn money. Besides, if you can earn enough to buy the things that you want, why bother your parents for it. Trust me, your parents work very hard to put the food on the table already, so if there is an option for supplementing your family’s income through part time work, I suggest you should go for it. You can also check our list of 10 Easiest First-Time Jobs to Get for Teenagers.
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25 Best States For Industrial Engineers

An industrial engineer primarily works to improve and manage manufacturing processes for their company. He or she is primarily concerned with finding ways to better utilize employees, machinery and other assets to improve operations within a plant or similar facility. An industrial engineer typically studies reports related to process efficiency within a section of their plant or the entire facility; they examine the rates of current production, looking at factors such as speed, quality control and worker safety. They then work on strategies to make improvements, which could include improved or continued worker training, staffing and scheduling changes, or using new machine tools or maintenance on existing hardware. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best states for industrial engineers.

When a plant begins creating new products, parts or components, an industrial engineer helps to design and implement the new processes required. This could include research and purchasing decisions, assessing costs and looking specifically at personnel costs for staffing and training. Many companies also use industrial engineers as shift and team supervisors as well. A bachelor's degree in industrial engineering is generally the minimum educational requirement for these positions. Previous related experience is generally required or preferred as well. Most industrial engineers work in an office within a manufacturing or industrial plant environment. You can also check our list of 15 Best States For Nuclear Engineers.
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21 Easiest Songs To Sing That Sound Impressive

Insider Monkey ranked the many easiest songs by the amount of key changes and commonality. If there are too many key changes in a song it can be very difficult to sing. So those songs that have no key changes got two pints, while the songs with 1 or 2 changes got 1 point in their article. Another important factor which song to be chosen if you know it or not. We all learn songs much easier if we know them or at least we are familiar with them. Gospel songs are defined in the article as Christian music, they can be sometimes hymns but not always. Insidermonkey experts made a list of easiest songs to sing that sound impressive.

We have picked three songs from Insider Monkey’s article for now: There’s Still Power in the Blood by The Collingsworth Family; One Scarred Hand by Gold City; and Lord of Eternity by Fernando Ortega. So grab your microphone and sing the songs with us. There’s Still Power in the Blood by The Collingsworth Family is a beautiful gospel song and has 1 key changes. The commonality is 9/10 of Google search results which equals 4/4 points, so the total score is 5/6. This song is upbeat and a jazzy a bit. You can also check our list of 11 best karaoke songs for groups.
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25 Best States For Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians

Aircraft Mechanics are one of the most common jobs in America. Additionally, a significant number of people work as aircraft mechanics in every state in the union — it’s not like they are all just concentrated in California or the South. Since aircraft mechanics are such a prominent occupation, we wanted to look at where aircraft mechanics have it the best: where there are plenty of jobs to go around, and people get paid what they deserve during every phase of their career. To that end, we dove into the numbers from the BLS to figure out which states have the best opportunities for aircraft mechanics. After all the numbers had been crunched, Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 best states for aircraft mechanics and service technicians.

It is not enough for a state to simply have a high average salary for its aircraft mechanics and service technicians. It must also be considered that the number of working aircraft mechanics and service technicians in the state may affect the number of job positions that are open to newcomers. On the other side of that argument, more employed aircraft mechanics and service technicians points to the possibility of a more steady stream of work available. The cost of living index can also not be considered alone. It is great to have a low cost of living, but this only matters if your salary is also not super low. If you are interested in a different position within the same general field, you can also check our list of 25 best states for air traffic controllers.
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25 Best States For Air Traffic Controllers

Pilots have just about the coolest job in the world -- mainly because every time they clock in, lots of people are trusting them with their lives. But while being a pilot is sure to make you at least one of the five coolest people at any party, no one thinks about the air traffic controller. And people totally should. The truth is, if you've ever flown in a plane, or stood in a place over which planes were flying, you have air traffic controllers to thank for not being killed in a biblical cataclysm. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 best states for air traffic controllers.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the starting salary for new controllers undergoing training was $17,803 in 2012. Controllers' salaries increase as they complete each new training phase. According to the FAA, controllers who have completed on-the-job training and had been placed at a facility had a starting annual salary of $37,070 in 2012. A full explanation of current starting wages can be found on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) jobs & careers page. You can also check our list of 15 best states for agricultural workers.
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10 Worst Medical Specialties For Lifestyle

As for me I have always thought the lives of doctors are all about stress and pressure, but now I have studied a lot – as there are jobs that don’ include so much tension. What’s more, actually different rankings of the most stressful professions in the world don’t mention doctors. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Of course it does not mean that medical professionals don’t have to cope with pressure and tension day by day. According to Medscape, (making a burnout survey in every field medical jobs) showed that the burnout among physicians has reached a critical point. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 Worst Medical Specialties For Lifestyle.

As Insider Monkey wanted to give us an adequate list of the least stressful medical specialties and careers that pay well, they consulted and used data of the latest Medscape survey: Lifestyle Report: Bias and Burnout, in which we can see 24 specialties. Lots of doctors were asked to answer several questions. Two of these questions were important for Insider Monkey to make the list: (1) Do you feel burnout and (2) how severe is your burnout on the scale 1 to 7, where 1 means “It does not interfere with my life” and 7 equals “It is so severe that I am thinking of leaving medicine altogether.” You can also check our list of 10 Happiest Medical Specialties With the Most Satisfied Doctors.
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11 Best Karaoke Songs For Tenors

Karaoke is fun, its fun for the person singing and its fun for the ones who are listening. If you are staring at a karaoke night coming up pretty soon, and you want to nail your performance then I think our today’s list is going to help you with that. Now, we all know that not everyone is a singer and not every song sound great sung in the same voice. Without getting too technical about it, I can say there there are two vocal ranges sopranos and altos. If you fall in the latter category, I mean if you are an alto, then I can assure you that this list is going to make your day. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best karaoke songs for tenors.

If you’re blessed with a really wide range, song choice might not be something that’s stressful for you, and for that, I applaud you. For those of you who are tenors, though, this is an important compilation. A tenor is one of the highest of the male voice types and it’s a classical male singing voice. The vocal range is in the high C range. Tenor is to soprano as baritone is to alto if you’re familiar with choral vocal ranges and that makes any sense to you. The point is, men with a slightly higher vocal range are typically tenors and should sing along to the songs on this list. For the altos in the world, take a look at the best karaoke songs for altos.
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15 Best Karaoke Songs To Sing On Your Birthday

Singing is definitely a trait that is God gifted. Unless a person has what it takes to sing, no amount of training nor effort will be able to make him/her a singer. That being said, if one is not good at singing that does not mean that he/she cannot participate in karaoke. Karaoke is never about showing off your singing talents, it is about having as much fun as possible with friends. And you will be surprised, what a decent selection of karaoke songs can do to a party. If you have some a great karaoke playlist, then even those who usually shy away from karaoke will feel encouraged to join in the fun. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best karaoke songs to sing on your birthday.

Let’s face the facts here, some people are good singers, some people just barely manage to keep up with the tune, but there are many among us, who are just bad singers, and that is why they usually shy away from karaoke parties. But, they definitely have the right to do karaoke, the only possible way of getting them to enjoy karaoke is to select the songs that do not require much singing skill. I’m sure if it’s your birthday you can pick whatever you want, but it’s way more fun to pick something upbeat and fun to sing along. If you want to use the situation to your advantage and make someone special swoon, take a look at the best karaoke songs to impress a girl.
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11 Deepest Rivers in The World

Rivers are water sources that play an important role in any country’s economy. River water carriers a lot of nutrition and it provides a habitable home and food to many other organisms. Having a river passing through our nearby city is often a blessing to us not to mention the country we live in. Rivers create opportunities for a number of recreational activities such as fishing, boat rides, sight-seeing and even picnics. Some of the rivers we are well familiar with might be outstandingly deep and most of us may be unaware of that. Today Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 deepest rivers in the world.

Since the industry is on the rise in every country, there are more and more factories each day that, of course, have to throw their waste somewhere. Although there are many garbage dumps in every area, there are some fuels and oils that can’t be thrown in them which is why factory owners and manufacturers leak this kind of waste in the nearest rivers, causing the whole ecosystem of the river to change their path and cause either death of animals living in it or breeding some new monstrous species. Either way, this way of business isn’t good for any living creature including the factory’s owners and manufacturers themselves. You can also check our list of top 10 Largest Rivers in the World by Volume.
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11 Most Popular Religions in The World

Since the 19th century, the religious demographics throughout the world has changed dramatically. Countries with historically largest Christian population are experiencing decline in number of people following this religion whereas a large population of Africa, with very high birth rates, has converted to Christianity, resulting in overall increase in number of Christians. People living in different areas of the world believe in different kinds of religions. Today, we would like to tell you about the popular religions in the world. Insidermonkey has done the research work and created a list of most popular religions in the world.

Islam is still growing at a tremendous pace to become the most dominant religion and even surpass Christianity in terms of absolute number of followers. Very few popular religions like Buddhism are experiencing an overall decline in followers. Of course, the internet community is always eager to try new things, so Pastafarianism turned into real internet phenomenon and became officially recognized as a religion in New Zealand and the Netherlands. If you are interested in learning about growing religions check out our list of 5 Fastest Growing Religions in Europe and the World.

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10 Most Successful Yoga Teachers In the World

True teachers remind us of what’s most important. They remind us how to practice when we lose our way. They illuminate our paths, they challenge us to grow, they delight in our evolution. A teacher-student relationship is one of the most sacred ties we have. In his seminal book, Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar implies that this connection between teacher and student is the most central in our lives. We measured influence based on a variety of factors, such as depth of study, community impact, social media following, and contributions to yoga’s many aspects, from philosophy to physiology, tradition to innovation. Insidermonkey experts made a list of most successful yoga teachers in the world.

Practicing yoga is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person. It’s a great way to become healthy that’s more than just exercise. It’s refreshing to try something new in order to become a calmer person with a sound body and mind. There are many different types of yoga like Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. Different techniques are better suited for different types of people or results. Sometimes it’s expensive to head to a yoga class, though, so if you’re interested in learning yoga in the comfort of your own home, you should check out the best yoga YouTube channels to watch.
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10 Best Selling Products In Malaysia

Ever since the advent of social networking, a lot of things changed overnight, along with how manufacturers market their products to us end users. Online shops and market places were prevalent on the internet, but that meant only someone intent on buying will actually visit the web pages of their own accord, which completely eliminates the aspect of impulse buying. Thanks to Facebook, and similar social networking websites, marketers can just advertise their products to a large audience while they are just doing their thing on these social networking sites and not looking to buy stuff. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best selling products in Malaysia.

In our today’s article we will share our findings with you of the products that are being sold on Facebook. Now, not only Facebook allow for marketers to put ads up, Facebook has also become a platform for online shops as well. If you are thinking about opening a business to run from home, a Facebook shop can be a very viable option. As you already know, this is merely a short intro for the full article, and I had better not spoil the full article for you. You can also check our list of 11 cool stuff to buy in Japan.
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15 Best States For Agricultural Workers

Farm workers are some of our nation’s most vital workers, as their labor enables us to enjoy high quality, low-cost, fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. Despite farm workers’ economic and cultural contributions to the communities where they live and work, they continue to be the some of the lowest paid, least protected, and unhealthiest workers in the United States. Agricultural labor includes planting, cultivating, harvesting and preparing crops for market or storage. Migrant farmworkers travel from place to place to work in agriculture and move into temporary housing while working; seasonal farmworkers work primarily in agriculture, but live in one community year-round. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 best states for agricultural workers.

Farm workers are usually employed by farm owners or by “crew leaders,” who serve as intermediaries between growers and workers. The H2A program allows foreign “guest workers” to perform seasonal farm work under a temporary work visa designed for agricultural workers in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of an agricultural worker is about $22,540 per year (about $10.83 hourly). Working conditions can be exceedingly rough for this field of work. The nature of the job requires working outdoors, regardless of weather, no matter if it is 110 degrees or snowing. If you are interested in a similar but slightly different field, you can also check our list of 25 best states for agricultural inspectors.
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15 Best States For Nuclear Engineers

If you ever read some of our or Insider Monkey’s previous articles, you might have noticed that for each career there are 25 best states. But since the situation with nuclear engineering is what it is, they had to reduce this number for 10 places. Just to get out of the box a bit, you should know that Virginia is still having the most job opportunities for nuclear engineers, followed by Washington and Pennsylvania. The nuclear engineering is very important for the whole humanity, which is why the salary of nuclear engineers is so high. The average salary that was found on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics was $102,220 on the annual basis, which means that the nuclear engineers are paid about $49.14 per an hour. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 best states for nuclear engineers.

But since this number is the result of all states in the US, you can be sure that, although some states are offering the higher salary than $102,220, there are also some that are paying only $65,570 to nuclear engineers. Luckily for everyone in this business, there are only 10% of nuclear engineers with this low salary, while the 10% of the highest paid ones are earning about $152,420. As a nuclear engineer, you have the opportunity to work in several areas. For example, the majority of nuclear engineers are working in Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Industry, while about 17% work for Federal Government and 16% are in Scientific Research and Development Services. You can also check our list of 25 Best States for Environmental Engineers.
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6 Easiest Ways To Break Your Finger, Hand or Wrist With Little Pain

Everyone knows we have 206 bones in our body. But, only few of the people understand how strong they are. In fact, a human body is the most complex network of bones, veins and nerves. Take a look at your hand. The four fingers, a thumb and a wrist are made up of 27 bones. Similarly, your foot comprises of 26 bones. Only your hands and feet make up about 50% of the whole bone-count in your body. The arm consists of 3 major bones. The humerus runs from the shoulder to the elbow. This is called the upper arm, or, simply, the arm. At the elbow, the humerus connects with 2 bones: the radius and the ulna. These bones go from the elbow to the wrist and are regarded as the forearm. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 easiest ways to break your finger, hand or wrist with little pain.

The most common cause of a broken wrist is when the radius bone breaks from falling. However, many occur in those who also have difficulty hearing, maintaining balance, or if you are a woman going through menopause or older than the age of 65. When your wrist takes extreme force during a fall off a ladder or a car accident, the bones will break. Most of the time, the break will be in the ball bearing like joint, while others may actually shatter the bone. Another type of break is called a compound break, which occurs when the bone has a great enough shift during the break that it goes through the skin. This leaves you vulnerable to infections as well as the pain and swelling from the break. You can also check our list of 6 easiest bones to break in our body.
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