19 Good Mid Range Karaoke Songs to Sing in 2018

So, you are interested to see some good mid range karaoke songs to sing? But, do you even know what the mid range is?

Well, in professional singing, there are some more or less strict divisions of voices, both male and female. The most common three female voices are soprano, mezzo soprano and alto. Male voices, on the other hand are divided into countertenor, tenor, baritone and bass. But everybody has an individual voice range and some range feels the most comfortable, natural. Singing technically is actually rather a hard skill, which takes up lot of time and practice, and middle range represents special problem for professional singers. But for us amateurs, let’s see how the middle range voice can easily be “found”:

Now the question arises, how to find your own middle range voice? Well, it might be not as easy to realize this on your own if you were not musically trained. But, try this out: sing for the lowest tones you can, up to the highest ones. When you start feeling the vibrations in your mouth and throat, that would be somewhat of your middle range (while for the lowest you would use your chest as a support, and for the highest you would hear your voice “pushing” in your head and feeling like it is forming above your palate and in the upper skull).

So, since everybody is unique, all the voices are different, how do we even have collections such as this? Well, there are some general unwritten rules that everyone knows what is meant by middle range more or less. And if you want to find one such collection that encompasses id range voice songs, also including duets, corwd singing as well as male and female songs, check out the 19 Good Mid Range Karaoke Songs to Sing in 2018.

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