10 Best Fields of Law to Practice

Defining "best field of law" is a very tricky task since every field of law has its importance and purpose and it would be unfair putting one field over the other. Although this specific issue is not measurable the common question is about most lucrative law practices and highest paying law fields are often seen as the best ones. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual salary for lawyers, in general, is around $118.160. The lowest 10% in this profession earned around $56,910 and those in the top 10% earned even more than $208,00. In any case, if law career is in your mind, you should focus on getting proper education including specialization if you are committed to building your career in the specific field of law. Also, there are lawyers who never enter the courtroom but focus their expertise on research, drafting and advising.

It is good to have in mind your possible field of work once you start with your education but during your B.A. studies, you will have more than enough time to choose what interests you the most. Depending on your personality and career aspirations you will choose the field of law that suits your needs in the best possible way. Bear in mind that some fields of law require irregular and longer working hours than others. Insider Monkey staff compiled a list of 10 best fields of law to practice and they are ranked according to the median annual wage. This list can offer you the idea about possible careers in different fields of law and median annual wages for these professions. However, don't expect that you will earn that much money at the very beginning of your career. You might need to work your way up until you can earn these amounts of money. Anyhow, make sure to take a look if you are interested how much money lawyers in various fields earn. 

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