11 Easy Award Winning Science Fair Projects for 9th Grade

As a fresh high schooler who likes science, you would surely want to give the best to show how serious you are in your first scientific projects. So because of that you would probably want to try yourself out in some science fair. For such occasion you would need a good science project idea, and preferably a winning one.

Before we proceed to some ideas for the easy winning science fair projects or 9th grade, let’s make a short introduction on what you should have in mind before proposing a project. There are some things that all true scientists have in mind and follow when conducting a research. Well, that is what you should also have in mind as a young enthusiast:

What are those basic things you will need in order to do a scientific work? One of the important factors concerning any science is being innovative and “thinking outside the box”. That’s how you will get some innovative ideas that will push you further and maybe make some extraordinary scientific achievements. Then other important thing about being a scientist means being consistent and knowing well the scientific method. A scientific method encompasses all the steps of a scientific research. Let’s be clear here, there is no strict definition of what scientific method is, it will depend on many things including the field of science, goals etc.

So, never lose the idea of the scientific method while working on your projects. After picking some of the scientific areas and fields you like the most, then comes the time to think about what particular thing you would like to do. For that we have found some interesting ideas for you that cover variety of scientific fields. Go and check them out on 11 Easy Award Winning Science Fair Projects for 9th Grade.

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