7 Most Expensive Real Estate in the World

What makes a home varies wildly around the world. From a small apartment in the heart of Dubai, to a hut in the steppes of Mongolia, to two-story prefab on a quarter-acre lot in Phoenix, houses come in many shapes and sizes. On occasion, they also come in monster size. While every person's home is his or her castle, sometimes we still can't help but gawk at someone else's really large, really expensive house. It's in this spirit that we get to the bottom of just who has the most expensive home in the world? Experts of Insidermonkey settled the issue here, taking a glimpse at the most expensive real estate in the world.

If you have $437 million lying around and don't know how to spend it, why not try to scoop up a 60,000 square foot property in one of London's most chic neighborhoods? That's a few hundred thousand dollars above a reported bid of £280 million ($436.5 million) for a London mansion that has been empty for three years. If the bid goes through, it would become the UK's most expensive home sale ever. Despite the big ticket and splashy sale, the home is only the fourth most expensive in the world. So, how much would you pay to live in a lavish palace appointed with the most luxurious furniture and fixings? There are homes that would stretch any budget, even if you're among the super rich.

Though, it’s obvious that the real estate on this list won’t be found in any of the 20 countries with lowest cost of living, which we covered in a previous article. However, some of the off-trail sites may leave you wondering why someone would want to live there (and at such an exorbitant cost). While some of these houses, penthouse suites, and castles are inhabited, others are used for mere investment purposes. Read More!

10 Most Expensive eBay Items Ever Sold

When someone wants to get money for their old iPhone or a used textbook, eBay is the place to go. The multinational auction-style website lets users put their possessions up for auction or make bids on other sellers’ items, all with the simple click of a button. Founded in 1995, and based out of San Jose, California, eBay has grown into a multi billion dollar business that functions in over 30 countries worldwide. Although most bids are pretty modest and go towards everyday items, there’s some that have taken eBay to a whole new level, selling for up to several million dollars. Just visit the Insidermonkey and check out about the most expensive eBay items ever sold.

The birth of eBay is not just the start of something new and unheard of, where simple people can buy, sell, and trade stuff online,  from the comfort of their homes and offices. eBay started a revolution that led to the explosion of online commerce, redefining the way people do business. There is no doubt that eBay laid the blueprint of modern online selling and buying. And since it started its operations in September of 1995, eBay has been the venue of many of the world’s most expensive sales ever made. And nearing two decades of online trading, buying, and selling, it quite interesting to see what items netted the biggest deals in eBay's existence. Check out the list to find out.

Moreover, it is usually a lot easier to find exactly what we are looking for online rather than exploring a dozen different shops. Just check out our list on The 10 Best Selling Products Online and see for yourself exactly what items are the most popular ones online. Read More!

10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps

The iOS App Store has over 1.2 million applications that can be downloaded to users’ iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. The average iTunes app runs anywhere from $0.99 to $4.99. To make sure app creators don’t overrun the app store with million dollar apps, Apple put a cap on the price of apps at $999.99. Of course, most apps don’t come even close to costing that much. However, there are a few apps that come very close to the boundaries of the maximum price. And if you are curious about them, just visit the Insidermonkey and know about the most expensive iPhone apps.

The Apple Store is the largest app store in the world, with more than 900,000 apps in total, consisting of both free and paid apps. Although 90 percent of iOS apps are now free, according to app analytic provider Flurry, some are expensive beyond imagination. The highest price that any developer can charge for an app on the iOS App Store is $999.99 (£638). When the App Store first opened, a number of novelty apps were launched aimed at people with more money than sense. The most notable example was I Am Rich - an iPhone app that did nothing except proclaim the user's affluence. Some of them show that the App Store can be a really big software market for a number of different industries. Surprisingly, others are poorly designed gimmicks and don't justify the sky-high price. Despite that, these apps show the long-term potential of iPhones and iPads to up-end lots and lots of markets.

Nevertheless, on the other end of the consumers’ spectrum, stands the other half of app lovers, those who like getting them for free. Most of the applications we use on a daily basis can be downloaded for free. Just check out our list on the Top 9 Most Popular Free iPhone Apps and see it for yourself. Read More!

9 Most Expensive Designer Shoes in the World

If you’ve ever seen shows like MTV Cribs, or any reality TV show based around celebrities or wealthy housewives, you’re probably already aware that the world’s rich and famous spend more money on shoes that most of us make in a year, and that they house the shoes in closets that are bigger than many people’s apartments. But how much, exactly, are these top shoes worth? If you are curious, just visit the Insidermonkey and read about the most expensive designer shoes in the world!

Shoes are probably the most underrated things ever. When we say shopping, the first thing that comes up in the mind is clothes- trendy and fashionable. Shoes come secondary in our list. But they dominate a huge part of our wardrobe. We were introduced to fashionable shoes right from our childhood days when we read Cinderella. Yes, our fairy tales books showed different pictures of the famous shoe that the Prince came with to find Cinderella, but one thing was common in all such publications- the pair of shoes was beautiful! It had to be. Somewhere in all those years of growing up, we have fancied fashionable stilettos, pumps, wedges and now when we are grown up enough to be able to wear them, we just cannot have enough of them. Every other pair of shoes seems pretty and we want to own them right away.

For the 7 most frugal billionaires in the world, which we covered in an earlier article, spending a fortune on shoes won’t be in the cards. After all, rich collectors are more than willing to spend $1 million for one of the items on our list. But what could possibly make a piece of footwear so pricey? Well, let’s take a look at the most expensive designer shoes in the world and discover what makes them so unique. Read More!

10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands

When I am talking about expensive cigarette brands in the world the purpose of discussing these expensive cigarette brands isn’t to promote smoking habits or any other such thing to our visitors but only to tell them about it to enhance their knowledge and information about expensive things exist around globe. The smokers know well the quality and cost comparison and choose the best cigarette brand for them but they may also unaware about these expensive brands that even not available in their country. And to know about them, just check out this article of Insidermonkey on the most expensive cigarette brands in the world.

Cigarettes are used all over the world and are available in many varieties. It is estimated that cigarettes are the most used product in the whole world that almost 50 million people only in The USA are addicted to them. There are many companies that are making cigarettes in the world and have large businesses in which they are earning billions and are involved in making of all types and cigarettes and products related to them as well. Some brands in the world are working in this field for many years. It is not very expensive products but it is harmful to some extent, but still people are addicted to it. In some countries, its cost is high but in some countries it is available at very cheap rates. Cigarettes are not a luxury product, but companies are working to make them a quality product and luxurious as well. There is large competition among all the brands, and all of them are promoting their brands through an advertisement that brings the market share for the people to attract their customers and to capture the whole market.

Despite being a product consumed globally, cigarettes’ prices fluctuate between countries, as their price is both related to production costs, as well as commercialization. You might find it surprising that in some cities like Geneva, Singapore City, Sydney, and Tokyo, your usual cigarette brand can cost as much as twice what you’re used to paying in your country. Just check out this list on the Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for Expats as well! Read More!

10 Most Expensive Law Schools in the US

For the majority of students, law school can be an extremely costly endeavor. It’s a well-known fact that most law students graduate with up to six figures of loan debt from their legal educations alone. If you aren’t able to get a job as a lawyer with a high salary soon after graduating, you’re going to have a very difficult time repaying all of that debt. So, before settling your mind, make sure to check this article of Insidermonkey on the most expensive law schools in the US.

Law school tuition has gotten so out of hand the price of just one year of study will eclipse the cost of throwing your dream wedding. From the cost of health insurance to books and other supplies, many factors increase your expenses. Hidden fees, like transportation, business attire, and networking costs also tack on the bucks. Law schools in cities with high costs of living can also add on to graduates' debt loads. It's no coincidence that four of the most expensive schools on our list are in New York City.

On the other hand, with the high demand for doctors that is expected over the next decade and beyond, attending a great medical school could make a big difference in your future professional life and earnings power. Should you be interested in the medical field, make sure you check out our countdown on the 10 Best States To Practice Medicine instead. Read More!

10 Best Wall Street Movies

The instant classic The Wolf of Wall Street certainly shows a particular side of life in the big leagues. But countless other movies depict working life on the most fast-paces street in the world. Here’s a look back by experts of Insidermonkey, at some of the best Wall Street movies ever to hit the screen.

Well, it’s time to start holing up indoors with a nice cup of cocoa and good old Netflix streaming. But probably Netflix. At Insidermonkey the only thing financial experts love more than impatience is watching movies about Wall Street. So we went through and picked out our favorite financial movies that are currently available to Watch Instantly on Netflix. So if your idea of a good time is watching movies about the financial sector, this article surely will guide you!

There is no doubt films not only tell fantastic stories and entertain us, but some of them also recount and even influence history. And surely not all of them were based on Wall Street. So if you don't want to miss any of them check out this list on The 10 Best Business Movies of the Past 100 Years as well. Read More!

10 Most Expensive Golf Clubs Ever Sold

In the game of golf, talent alone won’t get the ball very far. While spiked shoes, collared shirts and cigars are synonymous with the game, all you really need on the course is a club. And while there’s no promising that using a more expensive club will lead to a lower scorecard, there’s not harm in checking out the world’s most luxurious options, is there? So, lets visit the Insidermonkey and find out about the most expensive golf clubs in the world!

Golf club refers to the club that is used to hit the golf ball. It consists of two parts. One part is known as shaft that is used to grip the golf club. On the end of the shaft, there is a head of golf. Golf head is used to hit the golf ball. It is a game played by the elite class. It is a game that shows the status of people. Among all games of the world, it is the most prestigious game. As it is a game of wealthy people. So, many types of expensive golf clubs are used by the players. This article has listed the top ten most expensive golf clubs in the world. Japanese manufacturer Honma is famous for making gold and platinum clubs. The clubs made by this company are purchased by the wealthiest people of the world. These clubs cost thousands of dollars. Tiger Woods is the most famous player of the golf. According to him playing golf is a rare experience it will earn you fame in the world among the elite class. It consists of different sets of golf made by wood, iron and steel. But to add status symbol in golf its players use to buy their personalized golf clubs made by famous companies. Anyway, here is the list of top ten most expensive golf clubs.

You also should keep in mind that this sport can become more than just a recreational hobby for the weekend; it can provide a professional career. In fact, golf is a very profitable sport. Just check out another list of Insidermonkey on the 15 Highest-Earning Golf Players in the World. Read More!

10 Most Expensive Golf Memberships

We all know that golf is a very famous game all over the world, and most of the people now are indulging in this sport. The trends in the world are changing, and people are now more focused towards sports to spend their extra time and relax to their normal routine. There are many sports that are played all over the world and are very common as well, but it is very different kind of sports which is now gaining its position in the whole world. Golf is also considered as an expensive sport to play even if it is played at a local level. And if you want to know about them, visit the Insidermonkey and check out this article on the most expensive golf memberships in the world.

It's common to hear golfers moaning about membership costs at their local club and there's no doubt about it - golf is expensive. To make ourselves feel better, experts of Insidermonkey decided to research where the world's richest swing their wrenches and found the most expensive memberships on the planet. Golf courses have proliferated like rabbits over the past few decades, spreading across the globe. If you are a golf fan, you’ll probably want to know which are the 5 Best States for Golf Adventures in the U.S! Read More!

10 Best Disney Characters Ever Created

If there's one thing you can say about Disney, it's that the company has churned out some of the cutest, affable, disarmingly hug-gable characters in cinematic history. They've even made adorable robots before -- how bad did you want to squeeze Wall-E? Super bad. Though almost all Disney characters are lovable, of course there are some of them we like even more. And if you want the whole list, be sure to check out this article of Insidermonkey on the best Disney characters ever created!

From the baby animals in "Bambi" and "The Lion King"; to sea life in "Little Mermaid" and puppies in "101 Dalmatians" and mice in "Cinderella"; to fluffy sidekicks in "Jungle Book," "Up" and "Pinocchio"; to neurotic companions in "Toy Story" and "Winnie the Pooh"; Disney has found a way to crack the cute code, if even for a footstool.

However, you should know that, only the characters are not enough to make a movie great. Even the animated one. It needs a lot more than that. And as a fan of animation, you should check out them all. See these 50 Best Disney Movies Ever Made for the start. Read More!

8 Best Foods for Gaining Weight

In our weight conscious society, it’s rare to actually want to gain weight. But if you’re anything like me, stuck with a high metabolism and lanky frame, it’s really tough to put on any amount of weight. Food is the obvious solution, but what should we be eating? You don’t want to fall into the trap of junk food: those empty calories won’t help. Finding healthy and cheap foods to gain weight is essential. You need to find something that you like, that you can afford, and something that’s good for you. No pressure, right? Here are the best foods for gaining weight! Check it out, if you are interested.

While most people seem to be interested only in how to lose weight and drop extra kilos, there are others who want to put on a little bit of weight and gain some kilos. Unfortunately, most such people fall prey to unnecessary supplements and unhealthy junk food to put on weight, before checking out healthy natural foods for weight gain. If you want to gain weight, don't rely on high-calorie junk foods that aren't nutritious. Choose foods that are nutrient-dense and energy-dense whenever possible.

However, if you are not into gaining weight, maybe you might find this another article of Insidermonkey on the top 5 diets that help you lose weight interesting! Read More!

10 Most Expensive Colleges in the World

No two things are more stressful to a prospective college student than the question of getting accepted and determining if they can actually afford attending the school of their dreams. The cost of college is no joke, and is something we have tried to put a spotlight on since Insidermonkey started ranking expensive colleges, as it is a troublesome debt many students will carry for years to come. And if you want to know the most expensive of them, check out this article of Insidermonkey on the most expensive colleges in the world!

Experts of Insidermonkey compiled a list of the colleges that are charging the most, breaking down how much students pay in tuition and required fees, as well as room and board. These numbers are solely what students would pay directly to the school, so they're still going to have to cover books, travel, a healthcare plan, and possibly beer.

Colleges present their fees in different ways; some offer one total price, some pair tuition and fees together, and some list every charge individually. For schools that didn't offer a flat total on their website, we added up the fees that a typical first year student would incur. Moreover, as you are interested about expensive colleges, you might want to know about these 10 most expensive boarding schools in the world as well. Read More!

7 Most Memorable Ad Campaigns of All Time

Advertising pervades every part of everyday life, from radio, internet and television to print media, movie screens, park benches and the sides of city buses. While the majority of consumers damn the pictures and words that persuade us to spend money on the tiniest of purchases like gum and candy bars to major investments like vehicles, cruises and homes, defying the influence of creative marketing and promotion seems impossible. So if you want to know about the best of them, be sure to check out an article of Insidermonkey on the most memorable ad campaigns of all time!

Despite its monumental impact on a company or product’s success and profitability, there is no formula to developing a successful marketing campaign. The most successful ads of all time have had the most diverse themes possible, ranging from silly humor and biting satire to pathos so well executed even the toughest people are reduced to tears. The product or service being peddled also seems to have little impact on how well the ads impact consumers or how memorable they are. Winners have included everything from car rental companies to hair coloring, beverages, fast food, brassieres, the diversity is astounding.

However, sometimes audiences don’t get the message, aren’t drawn to the product, or the strategy chosen turns out to be the wrong one. Other times, marketing experts simply miss the mark and mess things up. Just check out our list on the Top 10 Worst Marketing Campaigns Ever Produced and see just how bad some ads can be. Read More!

7 Most Expensive High Schools in the World

Nothing is more important than a sound, well-rounded education that takes the whole student into account. The molding of young minds, of directing futures, and nourishing lifelong goals is an extremely significant undertaking and not one to be taken lightly. For those with the monetary resources to ensure their young ones have the best of everything, sending a child to a expensive institution is a good option they would ever consider. High schools abound throughout the world but the best of the best are located in Europe and their tuition symbolizes the exclusivity of the social circle the children are expected to keep when they leave the doors. Following is a list of the most expensive high schools in the world.

What does the hefty price tag buy? State-of-the-art facilities; course offerings that rival those at some elite universities; a chance to study with the children of business tycoons and monarchs; and counselors with long-standing ties to the most elite colleges and universities. Some parents pay more to prepare their kids for the Ivy League than they'd pay for Ivy League tuition. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that annual tuition at the Riverdale Country School, a private school in New York City, is more expensive than a year at Princeton or Harvard.

Anyway, Insidermonkey compiled a list of the most recent reported tuitions at some of the world's most expensive high schools. Moreover, instead of the whole, if you are more interested in boarding school, make sure to check another article of Insidermonkey on the 10 most expensive boarding schools in the world! Read More!

10 Electric Vehicles with the Longest Range

Electric vehicles have come a long way. From the early days of golf car jokes to prize-winning EVs by Tesla, you might say these green cars are finally having their moment. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Kia are now in the mix along with Nissan, Tesla, and Detroit, so it’s become a competitive affair across the industry.But concerns about price and anxiety about range understandably exist. To help lower emissions levels experts of Insidermonkey came up with a list of the electric vehicles with the longest range, if you are thinking of buying one, make sure to read the article on it first!

With the exception of the high-end, high-priced Tesla Model S electric sedan, the majority of mass-market electric cars on sale today still offer a real-world range of between 60 and 110 miles, depending on how and where they’re driven, their battery capacity and state of repair.

While that’s more than enough range on paper for the majority of trips undertaken every day by more than 95 percent of drivers, most advocates and automakers alike all quietly agree that in order to accelerate the mass-adoption of electric vehicles beyond their already-positive levels, cars need to be developed which are both affordable and offer double or even triple that of today’s vehicles.

Now you'll know exactly which models offer enough distance between charges to fit in with your driving patterns. Moreover, you should know that the automobile industry has invested heavily in developing cars that produce fewer emissions and rely less on fossil fuels, and honestly we all should care about  it. And if you care about the environment, you might want to check out these ten least expensive hybrid cars as well. Read More!