Most Elite Fashion Schools in The World

Choosing a college is one of the biggest life decisions you'll ever make. And arguably, it's even harder for those pursing something slightly out of the box, like fashion design, styling or fashion marketing. While there is plenty of info available about the world's top medical schools and law schools and plain old liberal arts schools, you have to dig deeper to get a real sense of what the world's top fashion schools have to offer. And to help you with that, there is an article in Insidermonkey on the most elite fashion schools in the world.

Fashion captures a lot of public attention, as is evidenced by the statistics of people who watch fashion based shows in the mainstream media. This has placed the fashion industry in the category of the most rapidly growing industries. The market does not disappoint either, and demand for stylish clothing; and with it experienced fashion designers, is at an all time high.

When it comes to choosing the right fashion school, reputation and list of alumni are important factors as they determine the ranking of a fashion school, and the odds of placement after studying. In some cases, the mere mention of having graduated from particular fashion schools will get you a job with top-notch fashion houses. Other factors that come into play include the tuition fees and the available courses. Overall, you must choose a program that is not only renowned, but also affordable and comprehensive and one that offers exactly what you are looking.

To be honest, Fashion is a very big industry with a lot going on. If you want to keep up with them, you need to lots of thing about them. And that's why you should check out the article on the Top 7 Most Expensive Clothing Brands and find out who the players are as well. Read More!

15 Highest-Earning Golf Players in the World

While it is no surprise that Tiger Woods is on the list, but some of the other names at the top of the list may be a surprise to many. And if you  are curious about them, just read the whole article about the highest-earning golf players in the world on Insidermonkey!

Golf is widely reckoned as one of the highest paying sports in the intact universe. As a typical myth, golf is also a game for the rich people. But since the last couple of decades, golf has proved itself as one of the most played sports in the planet. Irrespective of its participation from different economic classes, it still maintains its position as the highest earning sports of the modern days. Famous players like Tiger Woods earn winning money in a million, which is nothing less than any other sports star from other genres. Woods also earned his career income in billions which is a commendable feat for any athlete. Other famous players who are involved in the PGA and European tours are also counted as the highest paid athletes. The golfers earn huge amounts of money from their endorsements and sponsors, besides which, they also get a decent amount as their winning income from various tours.

If you read the article this far, surely you are into this sophisticated sport, and especially if you are a regular and avid player, you shouldn't miss the list in Insidermonkey, on the 5 Best States for Golf Adventures.
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10 Most Addictive Drugs In the World

Recently I read an article documenting the most addictive drugs on Insidermonkey. The article included some newer findings from an undocumented study that only some news websites had published. And if you want to know about it, check out this article on the ten most addictive drugs in the world.

The technical definition of a drug is “any chemical substance that affects the central nervous system.” Determining the most addictive drugs has been a challenge for researchers and results have been controversial throughout the years. Additionally agreeing on a proper definition for “addiction” and criteria by which it can be measured is somewhat difficult.

There are so many addictive substances in our society that we humans love to portray as evil. We label them as such because of our tendencies and repetition towards anything that is considered to have negative consequences. We are never to be accountable for our actions or behavior--it's always the drug or plant that is responsible and at fault for all our problems. Out of all the addictive substances we love to demonize, guess which one is rarely if ever a type of substance dependent drug? Well, if you don't want to guess, just visit Insidermonkey, and read the article already!

Moreover, some drugs have become legal nowadays, and their use accepted and admitted within society. Marijuana, for instance, has been legalized in many parts of the world, and its usage has been acknowledged even by some celebrities. You will be surprised to see the list of The 5 Biggest Celebrity Stoners Who Love Their Reefer. Read More!

10 High Security Prisons in the World

Special arrangements must be undertaken to ensure that the most notorious criminals in the world remain behind bars and that they do not escape to rejoin society. This is where high security prisons come in. This kind of prison ensures that the most dangerous criminals are segregated on a long-term basis. By keeping them inside, authorities ensure that they do not pose a threat to security and the peace and order situation anymore. If you are wondering about them, here is a list of the best high security prisons in the world. Click on the link and read the detailed article from Insidermonkey!

The concept of human imprisonment is one that has courted our species through a number of sociological ages. As the destination of all who find themselves on the negative end of the many justice systems which have acted to ultimately govern each and every human society up until this point, prisons play a pivotal role in said systems. Whilst evolving in their own right over the course of the millennium's, prisons have also grown to fill a position which crosses both traditional culture and popular culture. The subject of countless novellas, movies and TV shows, prisons are a concept all too familiar to most people. Though there are an uncountable amount of prisoner facilities in our beautiful world, there are some the names of which are rather widely known, or at least should be.

Moreover, those interested in this topic should check out our list of the 6 longest prison sentences ever given and see where the criminals involved ended up. They might just have landed in one of the best high security prisons in the world, which you will know as soon you visit the main article. Read More!

10 Deadliest Weapons in the World

There are more dangerous things than an angry woman, believe it or not. Beyond guns, you’d be surprised to learn which weapons can do the most damage. Insidermonkey decided to put together a list for all of you who are interested to learn about some of the deadliest weapons in the world.

Gun is a tubular weapon or some other device that is designed to discharge projectiles or some other material. The projectiles can be in the form of some solid, liquid, gas and can be free, as with artillery shells and bullets, or captive as with whaling harpoons and Taser probes. Around 1000 AD, the first devices were identified in China whereas this technology was spread in the rest of Asia during the 12th century and into the Europe during 13th century. With the passage of time and modern technologies advanced gadgets are coming in the market everyday, thus different varieties of guns are designed that include machine guns, military guns, auto cannon guns, tank guns, training and entertainment guns, fictional guns etc.

Modern warfare has seen breathtaking advances in the last hundred years, as mortal competition between nations spawns successively deadlier weapons. Aircraft, missiles, tanks, submarines and other inventions, have quickly earned key positions in the militarizes of the world.

Yet there is still one invention that, although conceived more than five hundred years ago, still has a vital place on today’s battlefield: the infantry weapon and supporting arms. No matter how high tech the armed forces of the world have become, warfare since the end of the Second World War has consistently involved some form of infantry combat. Armies work hard to have these new weapons within their arsenal and train in their use. So, I think you should take a look at The 9 Largest Private Armies In The World as well. Read More!

10 Most Expensive Mercedes in the World

This has been the case since Mercedes-Benz; a German automobile manufacturing company was founded by Karl Benz in 1926. The company has been making some of the best, most expensive, cars in the world. If you are interested in discovering some of the most expensive Mercedes in the world today, there is a list of the top 10 most expensive Mercedes in the world in the Insidermonkey.

If you thought that paying 1 million dollars on a car is expensive, you may want to reconsider. This list will feature cars that are above $1 million in price. These cars carry such insane price tags due to many reasons like their luxury accessories, powerful engines, rich history and impressive performance etc. Most of these cars are owned by celebrities and politicians who are more interested in collecting them than taking them for a spin. In fact, most of the cars that will be featured on this list come in limited editions.

It’s totally normal and expected for consumers to shop for just about anything based on the item’s price. We all have our ideas about how much we’d be willing to pay for any given product or service available for purchase. But it’s far more common to seek out a lower priced model, rather than the highest priced. And, if you are into extravagant cars, you will, without a doubt, enjoy our 7 Of The Most Expensive Cars Ever list as well. Read More!

6 Countries with the Worst Drivers in the World

With the exception of Germany, the citizens of most countries take a sick sort of pride in having terrible motorists. Here are the countries with the worst drivers in the world where I had to agree with Insidermonkey that the drivers are insanely bad.

Not every country is the same when it comes to enforcing road laws, either. In Lebanon, for example, road signs and streetlights are traditionally followed, as if they’re merely markers rather than instructions. In some parts of the world the driver has the right of way while on the roundabout, while in others it is the person coming onto the roundabout who has right of way. To people unaccustomed to the latter, it’s befuddling trying to negotiate how to let someone onto a roundabout while staying out of their way, perhaps resulting in the need to go around until you have an “out.”

Driving in a foreign country is generally hair-raising. If you’re lucky, you’ll be on the side of the road you’re used to – driving on the opposite side can be particularly perplexing. There are other factors, too. To non-Europeans, cities in Europe can seem like a never ending series of traffic circles or roundabouts, with perpetual one-way streets taking you nowhere. Large cities anywhere, particularly in North America, seem to be flanked on all sides by highways with too many lanes. Road hazards vary from place to place, with pedestrians taking more liberties crossing busy roads in some cities than others, and livestock, chickens and dogs causing hazards on the roads in the Caribbean or in small, rural towns in Ireland, Scotland and elsewhere.

But, you should be praying for life if you have to drive in certain countries, especially in popular tourist spots such as Malaysia and Thailand. Anyway, could this be related to the 20 Most Depressed and Suicidal Countries in the World? You can go ahead and compare both lists to see if the fact that people are not that satisfied with their life would make them be more distracted and have more car accidents. Read More!

10 Most Profitable Companies in the World in 2014

With its new iPhones and iPads, Apple continues to be among the three most profitable companies in the world. However, if you look at the 10 top profitable companies in the world, most are from China, and surprisingly all are diversified banks. And if you would you like to find out which were the most profitable companies in the world in 2014! Please, click on the link to read the article from Insidermonkey.

Income from continuing operations, which excludes extraordinary and discontinued items from earnings is an important indicator of the profitability of a company’s core business. By contrast, net income, the standard all-encompassing measure of profits, can include items that do not reflect underlying profitability of a business. Information on company countries, industries and revenue is from S&P Capital IQ and is for the most recent fiscal year. Figures are translated by S&P Capital IQ using the effective exchange rate as of the end of each company’s fiscal year. Additionally, revenues cover only consolidated subsidiaries. Many large companies have unconsolidated affiliates and investments that meaningfully contribute to earnings.

However, if you want to find out what changes have occurred since last yea read our post on the planet’s 10 most profitable companies in 2013 as well. Read More!

7 of the Most Scary Urban Legends in the World

Urban legends are often thrilling stories, which contain many folkloric elements; and so they often spread quickly through a community or society. The tales are told dramatically, as though they were true stories that related to to real people, although they may in fact be one hundred percent fabricated. The only sure thing is that some of these creepy urban legends have been the cause of many a sleepless night. And there is an article on Insidermonkey on the most scary urban legends in the world. Visit the link, if you've got what it takes!

These urban legends are usually fairly extreme stories told as supposedly true and are usually just plausible enough to be believed. Over the world, there are lots of urban legends that had been told most of which are centuries old but are still as popular as ever! The scary nature of these urban myths and legends fuel the drive making these stories to live long enough to last through decades while impacting on any individuals and characters including geographic locations mentioned in such legends. If you love legends and are even more fascinated in retelling them, this article on Insidermonkey provides a selection of seven of the most scary urban legends from across the world.

While it might be easier to debunk these things in this day and age, the urban legend remains a constant reminder of the power of storytelling and the human imagination. Tales of horrific events and scary home invaders have been around for years, and with each retelling, they seem to grow in horror. Some are based on real stories while others are purely fictional. So which is which? You tell us. However, stay careful, and don’t confuse these legends with a theory, such as conspiracy theories. By the way, in case you are interested in them, you can find out more on the article about The Top 5 New World Order ‘Facts’. Read More!

20 Most Expensive Helicopters in the World

Helicopters aren't as fast as jets, nor do they the same range. But you look much cooler hopping out of a helicopter than walking out of a jet, and the former can take you places jets cannot, like midtown Manhattan, or a ski resort in the French Alps. So all things being equal, I think I’d rather have a chopper than a jet. While you are at it, let's have a look at the article on Insidermonkey on the most expensive helicopters in the world, shall we?

When you really think about it, there really shouldn’t be any contest between airplanes and helicopters. After all, airplanes are significantly faster, have lower fuel consumption, and possess proportionally larger passenger and cargo capacity.

In saying that, however, one must recognize the inherent advantages of helicopters as well, with the most apparent being the vertical takeoff. Unlike airplanes, helicopters do not require long runways for flight. Vertical takeoffs mean helicopters can lift off and land practically anywhere, including on building rooftops and locations inaccessible from the ground. This makes them extremely useful in rescue, military and law enforcement operations, among others. Helicopters also function at lower heights, allowing a direct line of sight that is often crucial during recovery and rescue operations.

Helicopters are amazing flying machines that have been around since 1930s! They can take off and land vertically, hover, and fly forward, backward and laterally! Some of these helicopters perform multiple functions and are expensive. Moreover, ff you are further interested in luxurious and outrageously priced means of transport, make sure that you check out our list on The 8 Most Expensive Boats In The World as well. Read More!

8 Most Popular Sports In The World

What are the most watched, played, and highest revenue generating experiences in the world? Sports. Besides being fun, sports focus on endurance and skill. In order to be a top ten sport, you have to have a good fan base. And to know the detail about them, all you have to do is visit the Insidermonkey and check out the list on  is a list on the most popular sports in the world.

Sports play an important role in our lives. It is a great opportunity to get friends together to play some football or watch the championships in front of the TV. Parents try to get their children enrolled to play various sports as a means to help them grow up strong, agile and healthy. It is also an industry that generates billions of dollars each year. Sports is a part of everyone’s daily life and the key aspect that make them so popular is the level of competition. And, some sports are more popular than others due to various reasons. There are a few ways of going about mapping the most popular sports in the world. On the one hand, we could define the term "popular" as "most watched" - in which case we would try to measure the fan base for each type of sport. Another option could be to measure the "most played" sports in the world - in which case we would have a much more difficult time, as we'd have to somehow determine how many people are playing each sport, on average, per country.

In search of most popular sports in the world we can go through one of the few common ways of mapping. In other words we can name or define our search as most watched sport in the world. In such case, we can try to measure the amount of fans around the globe for each type of sport. And of course, as a sport fan and probably an American, you maybe want to know about the 10 most profitable US sports teams as well. If you do, just click on the link! Read More!

10 Wealthiest Presidents in the World

With power come not only the fame but also, more importantly, the fortune. Heads of state or government are supposed to be the servants of the people, but it may be an extremely difficult and even thankless job. Those who serve should have a real and sincere love for his mother country to perform such a role. President of a nation have immense power and fame. The job also involves a lot of stress. However, with their great power, they get a fortune as well. You will be surprised to know about some political leaders and their huge fortune. So, if you want to know, you should click on the link and read the whole article in Insidermonkey on the wealthiest presidents in the world.

Most of the wealthiest presidents came from distinguished families and had the benefit of inheritance, trust funds or access to family money besides whatever they accumulated on their own. Only a handful of the wealthier presidents could be said to be self-made. Our evaluations take into account a number of factors, some of them admittedly subjective, including opinions of historians. To help adjust for two centuries of inflation and even deflation, we also look at a president’s worth compared to the economy of his day.

However, instead of knowing these Presidents, if you are interested in those who came from the private sector, read our list of self-made billionaires who came from nothing. Read More!

10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits in the World

We live in a world and age where men’s clothing usually takes a backseat at important events, such as weddings or parties. Speaking bluntly, more attention is given to what female stars are wearing. However, this does not mean that men’s clothes, particularly suits, are cheaper or less attractive. The exact opposite is true. Some suits are more expensive than a car or even than a villa. And to know about them, all you have to do is, visit the Insidermonkey and read the article on the most expensive men’s suits in the world.

Since years, suits have been the ultimate choice of attire for gentlemen on various instances; be it your graduation day, a business meeting, formal dine-out or a special occasion such as, wedding day. However, the type of suits that men would want to wear varies based on the occasion. More the expensive suit, more the confidence is felt by men wearing it.

Although luxury fashion and beauty is normally associated with women, in the world of luxury fabrics and tailoring some of the most expensive men’s suits are still ludicrously extravagant in terms of pricing and quality. Most of us might blanch at the necessity of paying $1,000 for a nice suit. That’s just pennies, of course, when we consider the cost of some of the world’s finest hand-made, hand-tailored and stitched luxury suits made with some of the rarest fabrics and by the most renowned designers in the world. And by the way, since you are interested in expensive suits, you surely should take a look at the Top 7 Most Expensive Clothing Brands too. Read More!

10 Most Expensive Cigars in the World

Smoking is forbid by many of us. But those who are addict, never pay much attention to the advice of quitting smoking. Let me here tell you that this is actually a practice in which substances like tobacco etc. are burnt and then inhaled. By no means, smoking can be good for health. There are countless persons in the world who cannot quit smoking whether they’ve been taught and advised many times. Anyway, if you are interested in cigars, and want to know about the most expensive cigars in the world! Well, there is a big article on Insidermonkey on it.

Cigars have been a common fixture for successful men throughout the history. Whether they are out celebrating a momentous occasion, highlighting a hint of sophistication, or just simply enjoying time with their best pals, a lot of men call out the cigars to mark such moments. The best cigars are naturally made from the best leaves and crafted by expert hands. Almost all brands of cigars boast a hefty price tag.

But what makes a cigar stand out among the rest? Well, there are a lot of considerations, such as the quality leaves, the country of origin, and the history of its makers among others. These factors all combine and mesh together to give cigars their worth. But are you willing to pay a fortune to get your hands on and experience smoking the world’s finest and most expensive cigars? Read on and see if you have the money and the will to smoke these heavenly and ridiculously costly cigars.

Since you've read the article this far, you surely like living in luxury. So, I think, you should also check out our other “most expensive” countdowns, such as the one on The 14 Most Expensive Android Apps as well. Believe me, they will only make your life "easier".
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10 Hottest Peppers in the World

There has been an explosion over the past several years of new, exotic hot pepper cross-breeds, each one striving to be rated hotter than the last. The Guinness World Record for hottest pepper has changed hands several times since 2011. And if you love peppers, you should visit the Insidermonkey and read the article on the hottest peppers in the world.

There are many varieties of chili peppers that often have different names depending on the region. The list on Insidermonkey includes Scoville rating, along with a pic of each pepper. This list is more about hot peppers, so many of the sweet pepper varieties are not included.

Like I already mentioned, the hotness of peppers is measured in " Scoville units." Tabasco sauce is typically 2,000 to 5,000 Scoville units. Take a bite out of a jalapeno pepper and you'll be exposing your tongue to up to 10,000 Scoville units. While for most people that's hot, it's only a fraction of the spiciness found in some of the world's hottest peppers. For instance, a typical habanero pepper, which can be found in many local grocers, can be up to 35 times as hot as the hottest jalapenos and 70 times as hot as Tabasco sauce, clocking in at the high end at 350,000 Scoville units. And there are peppers that are much, much hotter.

While the hottest pepper in the world is a matter debate, any one in these 10 will give spicy food daredevils a challenge. And, If you do find yourself face-to-face with one of the peppers from the list, dairy products like milk or sour cream should help relieve the pain; while the instinct to drink a cold glass of water may be strong, water will only spread the burn, so steer clear. And of course, if you have fear of peppers, you should not even taste them. By the way, while I mentioned phobias, you should check out the article on The 15 Most Common Phobias in America that Induce Fits of Panic from Insidermonkey as well. Read More!

10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands in the World

Furniture is one of the most important items that contribute in overall beauty of the house. Beautifully designed and better quality furniture comes of course very expensive but have you ever heard about the world’s most expensive furniture brands? Insider Monkey can tell you about this, as it has a list of ten most expensive furniture brands in the world.

A house should be kept simple yet comfortable where you can rest and be who you really are. On the other hand, why be simple if you can be extraordinary? Getting a revamped and stylized house has been the trend since the architecture and design have made its way to the 19th century. Now in the modern times, dreaming and actually having a fashionable house is not impossible anymore! You can easily transform your bed bunk to a glamorous California King Bed (if you have the money to do so).

Jessie J had always taught us that “its not about the money” yet, when you come to think of it, having more moolah lets you buy that European couch set and that high-end American dining set. So, why not work for that expensive classical chair if it would make a major make-up transformation to your home? To read more, please visit 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands in the World.
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Top 10 Most Expensive Armored Cars In the World

You might have heard about world’s fastest, beautiful and luxurious cars being expensive but what if we tell you about some cars that are not aerodynamically speedy or beautiful but still are surprisingly very expensive? We are talking about armored cars. Yes, they might seem very ordinary and not so attractive but they are very expensive. InsiderMonkey has compiled a list of word’s top ten most expensive armored cars.

We all rely on our cars to help us get through a day’s worth of work and errands but for the people who have the privilege and obligation to commute via any of these 10 most expensive armored cars in the world, driving around is very serious business.

Popular also amongst politicians from a huge number of countries, armored vehicles are more and more widely available for people who can afford them. As a fun fact, you should know that the first officially produced armored vehicles in the USA were actually armor-plated retired school buses which were used for transferring money. To read more, please visit Top 10 Most Expensive Armored Cars In the World.
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10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures in USA

Usually a person who can afford, whenever requires a serious medical treatment, chooses to approach worldwide renowned medical experts and go for some of the best hospitals in the world. Do you know about the most expensive medical procedures in the United States of America? If you don’t, InsiderMonkey has an article containing information about ten most expensive medical procedures in USA.

The most expensive medical procedures in the USA is a list that will show you the most expensive and most complex procedures you can receive nationwide. A certain time comes in everyone’s life when they just have to visit the hospital for something more than a routine check up. While some people never need to get under the knife for any particular reason, there are some less fortunate of us who have gone or will have to go through surgery.

Surgery, in its own way, is nothing to joke about, no matter how minor. Even so, we are all lucky to live in a time when medical procedures have advanced enough to have a very favorable success ratio, even in the more complex of them. To read more, visit 10 Most Expensive Medical Procedures in USA.
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9 Part Time Summer Jobs For Teachers

If you’re a teacher looking for a part time job in summers, we’ve something for you. InsiderMonkey can tell you about nine part time summer jobs that you can take benefit of. Many teachers try to search part time jobs to meet all of their expenses and for them summer can be good opportunity to make some extra money.

There are plenty of options when it comes to search a part time job, as well as there are plenty of options when it comes to search summer jobs. Some of the options we offer here are equally suitable for part time jobs during the whole year, some others are particularly good for summertime. Coaching or tutoring, for example, can help you complete your monthly salary all the year long, while preparing kids for tests or reading groups can be perfect for a summer term.

One first thing you can ask yourself at the time of starting a job search is what are you prepared to do? If you already have a degree in teaching, probably it’s a good idea to take advantage of your knowledge in the field and try to look for something closely related to education. To read more, visit 9 Part Time Summer Jobs for Teachers.
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The 11 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums to Build

Are you a fan of NFL just like most of the other American people? Do you often go to NFL stadiums to enjoy the live fun of game? We can tell you something about NFL stadiums that might sound interesting to you, if you are a NFL lover. InsiderMonkey has compiled a list for you containing the 11 most expensive NFL stadiums to build.

One must first understand the depth of impact of football on American culture. The sport, often described as the “American passion” (as opposed to baseball, which is nicknamed the “National Pastime”), showcases just how significant football has been to the American public.

Originally, football stadiums were built to simply accommodate the players and their fans; however, as the years passed, and the sport became more and more popular, the design and purpose of NFL stadiums evolved, incorporating pleasure and comfort, as well as numerous amenities that turned them into complete destinations for sports teams. To read more, visit The 11 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums to Build.
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10 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

For the teachers who don’t like to hold on teaching even in summer vacations, InsiderMonkey has created a list of ten best summer jobs. If you don’t like to spend your time in just enjoying the summer vacations and being productive, if you want to earn in that time period as well, you can go for many available opportunities.

We know for a fact that your productivity level is at its highest point and is never ending. So might as well give you a hint on how can you convert your free time to money. Being a teacher is a 24/7 job- well except maybe during summer (it’s when everyone gets to enjoy the tan moments at the beach) where students and faculties are given an ample time to spend the great sizzling season with their families or pick a work from the best summer jobs for college students.

The decision is yours if you want to stick to teaching for the summer for improvements or you can be bumming with the whole town at the beach. Summer is the ideal season for you to gain more skills and experience that you can use for your teaching job. To read more, visit 10 Best Summer Jobs for Teachers.
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20 Most Expensive Countries in the World To Visit

Are you rich enough to visit the most expensive countries of the world? Do you have lots of time and money but you don’t know a good place to spend them? InsiderMonkey has compiled a list of twenty most expensive countries in the world where you can visit, enjoy and spend lots of your time and money.

Is your favorite country, the one you always dream of visiting, among the most expensive ones for a visit? You can find out by looking at our list below. Keep in mind that those most expensive countries for a visit do not need to be the most expensive countries for living, too.

So, how much money would you pay to drink a pint of beer while visiting the antique Viking settlements of Norway? Or to eat a Big Mac along the way in a biblical journey to Jerusalem? Well, from rhetorical questioning to actual numbers, the answer is a lot. When it comes to ranking countries from more to less expensive, the variables to measure may be a little tricky. To read more, visit 20 Most Expensive Countries in the World To Visit.
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Best Universities of the World

Education is a key to the bright future of any nation. States usually spent lots of amount on education each year. Universities play a prime role in education sector as they bring out graduates ready to start their professional careers. There are many top class universities throughout the world. Have you ever wanted to know about best universities of the world? InsiderMonkey has compiled a list for you containing the world's best universities.

If you are a young person who seeks for the best college in the world, then this list that we have created is going to be very interesting for you. We hope that it can help you find the right university. Keep in mind that since these are truly the best universities of the world you have to be a very good student in order to attend some of their colleges.

So, you are going to university to get a degree, and the degree you’re getting is your golden ticket to getting a good job. But once you finish university you will find yourself competing against hundreds of job seeking graduates just like you. But what is going to set you apart and make you stand out is how highly ranked your university is, and this would determine your success in life and help you pursue the career you always wanted. To read more, visit Best Universities of the World.
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The Most Amazing 7 Star Hotels in the World

You have most likely noticed that any hotel you’ve ever stayed in proudly advertises their “star rating”. Most hotels in the United States operate on a five star or diamond system and hotels are judged based on their locations, services, accommodations, and amenities. However, a 7 star hotel is a totally different thing. A hotel that is so decadent and extraordinary, it will make you feel like a true King or Queen. Now, if you feel the curiosity, there is an article in Insidermonkey on the most amazing 7 star hotels in the world.

In recent years hotel rating systems have also been criticized by some who argue that the rating criteria for such systems are overly complex and difficult for laypersons to understand. It has been suggested that the lack of a unified global system for rating hotels may also undermine the usability of such schemes. This lack of professional standards means that some hotels run on a different system than others. While most countries cap their hotel rating systems at five, some use six or seven star ratings, claiming to be the homes of some of the most beautiful and prestigious hotels in the world. There is currently only one seven star hotel in the world, but there are a handful more under construction. Start planning your vacations now and be the first to see some of the amazing architectural wonders.

Anyway, these 7 star hotels surely will make your jaw drop. These hotels are expensive, beautiful but most importantly, luxurious. They are located in some of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world, so they will all make the perfect getaway. But be careful, if you get the opportunity to stay in one of these incredible hotels, you may never want to leave, because who wants to go home when you get a taste of pure luxury.

So, if you are planning to go for them, you should know about The 9 Most Expensive Airlines Tickets You Could Ever Buy as well. Read More!

Top 5 Celebrity Marriages Which Should Have Had Prenups

To live a happy and successful married life, understanding between couples and forgiving each other are two most important elements. That’s what the celebrities mostly show us in their movies but what happens to them when it comes to experience such things in their real lives? Is that so difficult to practically implement these things? Do you know about top celebrity marriages which should have had prenups? InsiderMonkey can tell you about top 5 of them.

No matter how rich and famous these celebrities have been, with these wedding disasters, they surely are actors who have sabotaged their careers in their own ways! You may have this weird idea that happy endings are only meant for either kings and queens, prince and princesses, those Disneyworld characters – and well – celebrities. But the truth is a little bit different.

In the movies those happy ever afters might be very attainable for actors, actresses, and all the other celebrities. But hey, real life is a different matter! These celebrities just can’t help but be a part of the 50% of the population of married couples which eventually end up signing those divorce papers. To read more, visit Top 5 Celebrity Marriages Which Should Have Had Prenups.
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10 Countries with the Worst Income Inequality in the World

Of all the effects of the economic crisis, perhaps one of the least visible, but most consequential has been the rising rate of income inequality around the world. And if you want to understand the whole concept, you should read the article in Insidermonkey on the countries with the worst income inequality.

The relationship between education and inequality is not always clear. While countries that have low income inequality have educated workforce, the opposite isn’t necessarily true. The U.S. and Israel, two of the most unequal countries, were among the largest spenders on education as a percent of GDP in 2011. “There’s something there that could happen over multi generations that can’t be seen in a single year snapshot,” Huang said.

What happens when a country has high income inequality? If the division of wealth sees a small group of people holding the majority of a nation’s capital, the balance of power is skewed; the lower and middle classes have access to less capital, fewer resources and – consequently – a low chance of breaking out of the cycle of poverty. While economists’ opinions vary on what constitutes optimal wealth distribution, many agree that the Gini index is one reliable indicator of the health and vitality of a county.

After all, why bother with a ranking if it is of no importance? Like we have already shown in a previous article about the top 15 most expensive countries in the world, some things are worth knowing for more than one reason. Read More!

10 Biggest Navies in the World

Asymmetrical wars in Afghanistan, Vietnam, and now in Syria demonstrate all too clearly that relatively small numbers of belligerents can carry out successful military operations against superior forces. But still, firepower is extremely important. A country's projection of power relies in large part upon its military capabilities. Successfully being able to project and wield that power is a key diplomatic asset. And when we are talking about firepower, we must consider the navies. And if you don't know, there is a nice article in Insidermonkey on the biggest navies in the world.

This list of the Top 10 Largest Navies in the World takes into account those warships that are active in service and commissioned. The top 3 biggest navy: United States of America has the largest navy in the world with 12% of the total active warships in the world, followed by Russia 10% with the second largest navy, and China 8% being the third largest navy in the world. These rankings take the country's warships into consideration with the greater weight rather than the navy personnel.

It’s a universal truth handed down since antiquity: a country with a coastline has a navy. Big or small, navies worldwide have the same basic mission to project military might into neighboring waters and beyond. The peacetime role of navies has been more or less the same for thousands of years. Navies protect the homeland, keep shipping routes and lines of communication open, show the flag and deter adversaries. In wartime, a navy projects naval power in order to deny the enemy the ability to do the same. This is achieved by attacking enemy naval forces, conducting amphibious landings, and seizing control of strategic bodies of water and landmasses.

Anyway, beside the navies, there are other firepower as well. And when you are measuring a country, you have to consider them as well. So, if you want the complete knowledge, our list on the 10 most militarily powerful countries in the world as well. Read More!

5 Most Valuable Chinese Brands: Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA), Baidu Inc (ADR) (BIDU)

The world is full of famous brands among which some are popular for providing higher quality products and some for offering cheaper prices and better deals than others. Have you ever heard about some valuable Chinese brands? If not, we can introduce five most valuable Chinese brands to you.

There is no wonder that if Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) sells more iPhones in China, their stock would rally and if the electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) sells more cars in China their stock would climb higher. That’s the main reason behind the CEO’s of these big companies giving bigger attention to the sales in China.

But, there are few Chinese local companies, which try to expand their wings globally as well. One classic example is Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA), which made a record breaking debut in the US market and there are other companies like Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU), Tencent Holdings, which had already tasted international success in the past. To read more, visit 5 Most Valuable Chinese Brands: Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA), Baidu Inc (ADR) (BIDU).
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10 Most Expensive Vodka in the World

It’s a remarkable moment when you switch from drinking the kind of vodka that doubles as rubbing alcohol to the top shelf stuff; it’s like a step toward adulthood. That said, there’s another barrier separating the average person drinking $10 a bottle and those who drop over $5,000 on a bottle without blinking an eye. Anyway, if you want to know about these thousand dollar a bottle vodkas, there is a detailed article on Insidermonkey on the Most Expensive Vodka in the World.

Vodka is always the preferred drink in any refined cocktail party. It portrays class and elegance and has evolved with time to meet the stylish demands that continue to emerge with time. In order to satisfy their clientele, the producers have had to be creative by coming up with different brands of vodka that provide exquisite taste.

In search for that perfect vodka, a lot of time and money is used in the production stage. The raw materials used in the production are very expensive hence raising the cost of production effectively raising the price of the end product.

Apart from the drink, the designers have also put in a lot of effort in the appearance of the bottle. There has been invention of sophisticated designs that have incorporated metals and gems such platinum, diamonds and gold in order to accentuate the liquor brand.

Let’s check out the list, and when you’re done, be sure to check out the 10 States with Lowest Substance Abuse Rates in America, to find the places where citizens are highly unlikely to spend such exorbitant amounts on alcohol, for better or worse. Read More!

16 Most Endangered Species in the World

It is undeniable that the world is a big splendor of wonderful and amusing things. From plants, natural habitats, different species, and wildlife or, to sum it up, the flora and fauna; everything is a masterpiece until man twists the finest orderly hierarchy and co existence of everything on Earth. And because of us, many species are almost extinct nowadays. Anyway, if you want to know the detail about them, there is an article on Insidermonkey about the most endangered species in the world.

It is such a sad reality but it is unfortunately seems inevitable. With how we hunt these species down, the planet Earth will surely lose its most special species sooner than anticipated. The species will not have a good chance of surviving at all, and not only those already in danger but those who are common in today’s world as well. The day would come that we have to face the compelling aftermath of our actions. On the other hand, not only do man’s actions determine the fate of these animals, but climate change plays a major role in the decline of their existence as well.

Some of the threatened species are down to only a handful of surviving members. While all the species on the list are threatened with extinction, the scientists who chose them had another criterion: all the species have no obvious benefit for humans and therefore have no vested interests trying to save them. Priceless or Worthless? describes the threats that each species is facing, along with measures that would aid their survival.

By the way, since you read the whole article, you maybe interested in animals. And every animal lovers love cats. If you are one of them, you should not miss our list of The 9 Most Expensive Cat Breeds. Read More!

13 Tallest Rollercoasters in the World

Is there anything that screams summer more than a roaring roller coaster? Roller coasters are often known for their speed. But in order to reach mind-numbing speeds, they have to first scale vertigo-inducing heights. And if you are interested, there is an article on Insidermonkey on the tallest roller coasters in the world.

Everyone loves the excitement and thrills of riding a roller coaster. The dips, loops and speed are enough to make you scream with delight and fear. We’ve compiled a list of the top roller coasters, and you can begin planning your next trip to the thrill ride of your dreams.

Ranked by height, speed, length, inversions, and steepness, roller coasters are also rated through public opinion polls. Amusement parks often compete to build the tallest, fastest, and longest rides to attract thrill seekers and boost overall park attendance.However, many records do not usually last long.

Anyway, you should know that to build these roller coasters, you need top class engineers. And these engineering feats don’t stop evolving, improving, or exploring new challenges. But good thing is we have good engineering colleges in America! Some of The 20 Best Engineering Colleges In America provide high level education, with top engineering grad programs all over the country. So, if you want to be an engineer and the one to build the next tall roller coaster, check out these colleges. Maybe, you will be able to get in one of them and be the one to build the next tall roller coaster! Read More!

5 Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

Since the ancient times, perfumes and natural scents have been around, bringing lovely and reminiscent smells to living spaces, skin and hair. By the way, I just found an article on Insidermonkey about the most expensive perfumes in the world. You should know that world’s most expensive perfumes also have the world’s rarest and priciest ingredients. What makes a fragrance supremely expensive? The raw materials that go into its making? Perhaps. But if you want to know the details, visit the Insidermonkey and read the whole article.

A great perfumer is thought to be both a chemist and an artist, putting together chemicals and ingredients. In today’s society, perfume is worn by both men and women; it is a luxury market, and people normally expect to give a pretty penny for a beautifully decorated bottle and classy scents. It is a safe gift choice and indulgence that remains popular even in modern times.

Obviously, most people would not expect to spend anything near to the cost of the fragrances on this list. From light, flowery scents to strong musky smells, the art of perfume making is an always-evolving practice and mostly expensive and not-easy-to-come-by ingredients rise the price of the finished product. However, perfumes are far from the only luxurious, celebrity endorsed products on the market that cost a very pretty penny indeed.

Of course, perfumes are far from the only luxurious, celebrity-endorsed products on the market that cost a very pretty penny indeed. And clothes are one of the most expensive things to purchase, and perhaps the most important in how we present ourselves to the world. You can find out more about top-notch clothing brands in Insidermonkey's feature on Top 7 Most Expensive Clothing Brands. Read More!

10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands in The World

Sometimes, shoes may look very ordinary but their prices are much higher than our expectation. That’s because of their brand names. There are lots of famous brand throughout the world which charge ten times more than the cost incurred on the items just because of their brand popularity. Do you know about the most expensive shoes brands? If you don’t, InsiderMonkey has compiled a list for you, containing top ten most expensive shoe brands in the world.

If you are the type who is always looking to know more about your favorite stars and celebrities, you might be already aware of the fact that shoes from these famous brand names are unbelievably expensive. So, expensive that a pair of shoes from Nike might be around what you are earning annually.

But, who cares about the price when buying high hell fancy shoes that match with a purse? A lot of girls think like this, and that’s why shoes are bought all over the year, and there are so many different brands. High heels, flat ones, sneakers like – there is a perfect shoe for everyone in the world. To read more, visit 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands in The World.
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7 Most Deadliest Snakes In The World

Of course, snakes are not evil, and many of them are quite docile, even friendly. But a number of species can be quite dangerous if you cross them in nature, especially if they feel threatened. Even snakes that are generally friendly can kill you with their venom if you take them by surprise. So if you are interested in knowing which snakes to avoid, there is an article on Insidermonkey on the Most Poisonous Snakes in the World.

Few animals strike as much fear into people as venomous snakes. Although the chances of running into a venomous snake, much less being bitten and dying from the toxin injected into one’s body, are minuscule compared to dying from cancer, heart disease, or an automobile accident, this seemingly unreasonable fear remains very real for many people. The snakes described here live primarily in tropical regions, but some might be living in research centers and zoos near you.

People often create lists based on the toxicity of snake venom but generally do not to take into account other factors like clinical ability to treat, or inability to treat. Many of the world’s most venomous snakes have venom that are very straightforward and ‘easy’ to treat effectively with the proper anti venom. Also, a lot of these snakes are able to live in water and all different types of climates, and Insidermonkey recently ran a list of some of these large bodies of water as well. If you are curious, here is the list of The 15 Largest Bodies of Water in the World.
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10 Richest Arab Countries in the World

Who doesn’t wants to be Rich,Everyone wants to be and same is with Countries every Nation in this world wants to the richest country in the world,Every Government tries their best to improve the Economy of Country and the standard of Citizens. Besides, Arabian countries are very rich for their oil business. Anyway, here on Insidermonkey, we have the list of richest Arab countries in the world.

According to economists, countries are considered as rich if citizens in these nations earn enough to support all of their needs. These top 10 richest countries in the world are among those who have the highest GDP per capita, with the GDP value calculated and measured in US dollars. In addition, several aspects were taken into consideration in the ranking such as the output value, expenditure value and income value.

The global financial crisis slowed overall global economic growth for a number of years, however, some countries never felt the impact as hard. Instead, their GDP levels stabilized and per capita income increased. These top 10 richest countries have done well in the past decade and their fortunes improve with each passing year. By the way, if you are interested in knowing about the richest cities instead of countries, here is another list on the top 10 richest cities in the world.
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10 Most Expensive Gadgets in the World

Technology is improving day by day and companies are making very smart gadgets to improve lifestyle of people and to make their life easy, as many of the gadgets can perform very impressive and intelligent functions to save time and energy of people. The world is full of interesting and useful gadgets but do you know about the top ten most expensive gadgets in the world? InsiderMonkey can tell you about top ten gadgets in the world that are most expensive.

A gadget is something that makes life easier for us. In the modern world the use of gadgets is increasing day by day and therefore is the demand of these gadgets. Due to this high demand the gadget producing industry is growing enormously. The competition is getting tougher everyday and the producers are coming up with all the ideas in the world to introduce more and more unique gadgets.

The companies are producing gadgets according to the needs and requirements of their consumers and therefore they are charging the price according to their liking. It would not be wrong to say that the world that we live in today is the world of gadgets. To read more, visit Top 10 MostExpensive Gadgets in the World.
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Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Coffee is considered to be one of the most soothing types of beverage. It is very popular with people of all ages, especially to those who require an energy boost. Anyway, if you are a coffee-drinker and lover, it’ll be good to know about the most expensive coffee in the world.

As a crop, coffee is cultivated worldwide in over 70 countries, and consumed in hundreds. Throughout history, coffee has had many purposes ranging from religious ceremonies to brewing up a cup before work or after dinner (which many consider to be their own religious experience). Coffee acts as a stimulant as well as a digestive aid. There are many varieties, from the species of the plant, to the way the bean is processed. Different production methods and regions of growing give coffee different profiles.

Nowadays, coffee is available in many different varieties, with variations in terms of quality, taste, and flavor. However, these qualities are not the only ones that set them apart from each other; there is also the price that you have to pay for to be able to enjoy them. And since we are talking about prices, you might want to know about the 15 Most Expensive Countries in The World as well.
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10 Most Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made

Marketing and advertising play a very important role for any business to create awareness of the new products/services or to boost the sales of any product that already exists in the market but has lost public attention. Companies spend huge amount of money in advertisements and marketing campaigns. TV commercials are one of most powerful and effective source of advertisement. InsiderMonkey can tell you about top ten most expensive TV commercials ever made.

Sometimes those fantastic commercials can be very expensive, and they can make people wonder - how is it worth it to spend all that money for just one commercial? But, marketing is a serious investment that can create enormous profit. If anybody wants to sell its product, they can’t avoid investing in marketing.

Those TV commercials that  cause more profit and succeed in popularizing the product, are usually the ones that interrupt us when watching our favorite show. And the more popular TV show is, the more it costs to have a commercial break while airing it. To read more, visit 10 Most Expensive TV Commercials Ever Made.
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Top 6 Mistakes Made by Startups

If you're planning to start a new business and don’t want to be unsuccessful in achieving your business goals then make sure you don’t do the top 6 startup mistakes that people do. InsiderMonkey can tell you about those top 6 mistakes made by startups, so that you avoid them to take your business towards the ladder of prosperity.

Successful startups are extensively covered by the media and financial websites. The most important characteristic of a successful startup is the attractiveness of its idea which helps it raise a significant amount of capital from the get go. The initial success and growth rate of the startup are also important factors that will help the startup to attract the right talent.

So, it seems that the success of the startup doesn’t necessarily depend only on its quality. While quality is important it is not decisive, there are other factors that can help your startup achieve wanted attention. Marketing and design play a great role, and, of course, luck. To read more, visit Top 6 Mistakes Made by Startups.
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10 States with Shortest Life Expectancy

People don’t want to live in a state that has the shortest life expectancy. InsiderMonkey can tell you about ten states which have the shortest life expectancy. Let’s find out if your state is one of them but please don’t worry if your state is there because that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to live that much.

Do you know how does the entire US rank among other countries in the world by life expectancy? How big is the gap between the states with the highest and the states with lowest life expectancy? According to the CIA’s World Factbook, the US is in 42nd place, by longest life expectancy at birth, among 224 countries overall.  That means that the entire US, with the average life expectancy of 79.56 years, doesn’t have that short life expectancy overall.

So, what do you think, how much could differ life expectancy from state to state? Very much – the state with longest life expectancy, Hawaii, has the average of 81.3 years, while the state with shortest life expectancy has the average of 75.0 years. It seems that the difference is 6.3 years. To read more, visit 10 States With Shortest Life Expectancy.
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10 States with Longest Life Expectancy

Do you know about the states with longest life expectancy? If you don’t, we can tell you about ten of them. Have you ever wonder what could be those factors that help to live a longer life? Let’s find out and before you start searching for your state in this list, maybe you would want to find out more about the life expectancy in the US and also in the entire world.

Let’s start from the beginning – what is exactly “life expectancy” and how does it vary from country to country? The term “life expectancy” denotes the number of years a person is expected to live, and it’s calculated by the statistical average. Usually by “life expectancy” it is meant life expectancy at birth, and not any other time in life.

There are many factors that affect life length, and the most important ones are: access to healthcare, economic status, lifestyle, diet, and relevance of  mortality data. If you’ve thought that only health care and lifestyle have a valuable role in determining life expectancy, you better think again, because environmental catastrophes, suicides, and murders also count. To read more, visit 10 States with Longest Life Expectancy.
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10 Best States for Business Taxes

Business taxes can eat up a lot of amount that is earned. We’ve something for people who are planning to start a new business and don’t want government to take a big cut from their businesses in the form of taxes. InsiderMonkey has compiled a list of ten best states for business taxes. Just have a look on the list and decide that which state would suit you most for carrying out your business.

Did you know that there are states in the US that don’t have a major tax? While every state has unemployment insurance taxes and property taxes, there are states that don’t have sales taxes, or corporate taxes.  Naturally, some of those states are indeed among the top 10 best states for business taxes, but they are not forming this list completely.

People usually assume that there is no significant difference in tax systems between the states, but that’s a false assumption that could cost them more tax money. If you have a chance to choose a state in which you wish to start a new business or to transfer the old one to, then you should carefully study what every state has to offer. To read more, visit 10 Best States for Business Taxes.
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5 Most Visited Websites in the World in 2015

Now a days, usage of mobiles and internet is very common in every household. Everybody likes to browse websites and gathering information over internet has become very easy, as there are billions of websites available today. But, do you know about the most visited websites in the world for this year? InsiderMonkey has compiled a list of five most visited websites in 2015 with the help of Alexa, which is a market research company owned by, Inc.

We used to say internet would change the world one day and right in front of our eyes it has done that. It has brought the answers of all our questions right under our nose. Since businesses have understood that people turn to internet whenever they want to find out something, more importantly when they are looking to spend money on something.

Since it has increasingly become a common practice for businesses to have their websites, the web has become home to wonderfully creative ideas and those ideas have become game-changer for those companies. To read more, visit 5 Most Visited Websites in the World in 2015.
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10 Most Democratic States in America

A democratic state is defined as a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections. In this form of government,  the sovereign power is exercised by the people in a body, as was the practice in some of the states of Ancient Greece; the term representative democracy has been given to a republican government like that of the United States.

Do you know which are 10 most Democratic states in America?  Thanks to Gallup‘s survey we have answer to this question, but before we list most Democratic states in America, let’s start with the entire country and find out how America ranks among the most Democratic countries in the world.

According to Democracy Ranking Association from Vienna, Austria the US is not among the first 10 most Democratic countries in the entire world. It is in 16th place, behind Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and France. To read more, please visit 10 Most Democratic States in America.
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10 Most Catholic States in the US

Did you ever want to know about most catholic states in the United States? If you did, InsiderMonkey can tell you about many of them. With the help of Gallup survey, we've collected information about the percentage of Catholics per state, which helped us in creating the list of 10 most Catholic states in US.

It doesn’t matter if we were raised as Catholics, Protestants or even atheist – it is in our nature to question everything. That’s how philosophy and religion were developed in the first place – thanks to our ability to wonder, ask the right questions and try to find our answers. That’s why there are so many religions in the world – we are not all satisfied with the same answers.

Do you know what religion is most popular in the world? According to CIA World Factbook, religion that is most widely practiced is Christianity – 31,50% of the population are Christian, of which Roman Catholic 16,85%, Protestant 6,15%, Orthodox 3,96%. To read more about the topic, please visit 10 Most Catholic States in the US.
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Top 10 Most Expensive Bollywood Movies Ever

Bollywood has become a huge movie industry today. Actors, producers and investors are earning a lot from this industry. Investors of this industry don’t hesitate to put in lots of their money to make a huge blockbuster movie because they know that this industry is rising day by day and it has a potential to guarantee profits on their investments. Do you know about the top ten most expensive Bollywood movies ever?

Before starting with our list of 10 most expensive Bollywood movies ever, let’s find out a little more about Indian Movie Industry. Indian cinema, commonly known as Bollywood is probably the most glamorous after Hollywood. With hundreds of movies being released each year, and the overseas demand on a continuous rise, Bollywood is all set to take the cinema world by surprise.

What is worth mentioning here is the amount of budget some of these movies carry. Gone are the days of a typical, low-budget Indian movie – the modern film makers of Bollywood are not only talented but usually have with them a huge budget. To read more, please visit Top 10 Most Expensive Bollywood Movies Ever.
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10 States with the Most Forest Fires

Forests contribute in the beauty of nature and fire is the most unfortunate incident which happens with the forests that causes damage and reduces their size and density. InsiderMonkey has collected data from 2014 National Interagency Fire Center which can tell you about those states which have the most forest fires.

Do you know how do those wildfires get started in the first place, what causes them the most? Unfortunately, people are dominantly responsible for the most forest fires. Since we are talking about wildfires, the most frequent cause of them is an unattended campfire. One of the first and the most important lessons for every scout, mountaineer, and other outdoor enthusiast should be about attending and putting out the campfire.

We are pretty sure that trained mountaineers and scouts are not mainly responsible for the forest fires, but on the contrary the ones we can put the blame on are just people who haven’t had training of any kind. To read more, please visit 10 States with the Most Forest Fires.
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10 Most Forested States in the US

Forests play very important role in keeping heat and temperature down and they help in controlling overall global warming. But unfortunately, increase in use of wood furniture and other wood items has decreased the size of forests significantly. Do you know about the states in the US with most forests? InsiderMonkey has gathered the information about ten most forested states in the United States.

If you ever thought that most of the beautiful forests in the US are federal, then you would be surprised to hear that 59% of the total forest land in the US is private. Public entities together with the state government make up 10%, which means that only 31 % of the forest land is federal.  There are 155 national forests that cover 190 million acres, but when it comes to the entire forestland in the US, there are over 822,000,000 acres.

This does seem like a lot of forests, but let see how the US ranks by forested area when counting the entire world: The US is in 4th place with 3,030,890 km2 of the forested area, behind Canada, Brazil, and Russia. To read more, please visit 10 Most Forested States in the US.
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10 Most Beautiful States in the US

The definition of beauty is different for every individual. A particular thing may be beautiful for one person but that could be disliked by another person. When it comes to natural landscapes, lush green valleys and flowers, opinion of different individuals is mostly similar. Do you know about the most beautiful states in United States of America? InsiderMonkey has created a list of 10 most beautiful states in US.

Listing 10 most beautiful states in the US is a very tricky quest since beauty is something highly subjective. There is no one aesthetic rule that can be followed. We all know that mathematical proportions are not something worth of admiration when it comes to natural beauty. There are few photographers who have disproved the theory that perfectly symmetrical faces are the most beautiful ones.

It seems like the nature always knows what it is doing. And so, we’ve come to the most important element that will help us create the list of the most beautiful states – nature. Most likely we can all agree that the nature has an important role in the richness of a state. To read more, visit 10 Most Beautiful States in the US.
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10 Largest Farming States in the US

Most of people who like to eat fruits and vegetables never think about where did that all come from and how that all is produced. Farming play a very important role in every country but did you ever wonder which are the largest farming states in the US? InsiderMonkey has collected data from Census of Agriculture and created a list of ten largest farming states in the United States.

Many people feel that those were simpler times, when everyone had a better connection with nature, and not to mention that the food was healthier, and the soil was of better quality. Nonetheless, one thing is obvious - as long as there are people on this planet, farming is something that can never be gone. Thus, it is no wonder that agriculture is still a main industry in the US.

Even though farming is produced in every state, there are some states that are more known for the large agriculture industry.  Which those states are you can find out at the end of the article by looking at our list of 10 largest farming states in the US. But before we list the largest farming states we have to explain what “a farm” is, and, of course, explain our method of ranking. To read more, visit 10 Largest Farming States in the US.
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10 Largest Cattle Producing States in the US

Did you ever want to know about the states in the US which have largest cattle production? If you’ve this question in your mind, we’ve the answer for you. InsiderMonkey can tell you about those ten states which are producing more cattle than others in the United States of America.

Let’s start with the world – the US is the 5th largest country in the world by cattle inventory, with 87,750,000 cattle head it carries 8, 77% cattle head of the world. The world cattle inventory is estimated at 1,000,585,000 head.  More cattle, than the US, have India, Brazil, China and European Union, with India having the most. With 301,100,000 cattle head, India carries 30.09% of the world’s inventory.

What is even more interesting is that even though the US is in the 5th place by the number of cattle head, it is in the 1st place by beef production in the world, while India is in the 5th. To read more, please visit 10 Largest Cattle Producing States in the US.
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