15 Most educated Countries in Europe in 2018

How is Europe going on with the education? Well, some of the oldest and best universities if the Western Civilization were founded here and some of those still have the old glory of the yore being one of the most prestigious universities out there.

The story of foundation of first universities of Europe goes back to early medieval times, when there were some monastic schools by the churches and monasteries, which gave the first institutionalized kind of education. Afterwards schools have separated from the church, and first real universities were opened. First of them was the university of Bologna in 11th century, followed by Oxford and Paris universities, which, of course, still exist.

With a long and important history of high education, Europe is still a great place for studying. There are many universities in Europe that teach in English. On that matter, you might be interested to find out which the best universities in Europe for international students are. There are many universities, apart from those in UK and Ireland where international students can find cheap universities that teach in English and some of the best counties to study in Europe for international students where that is possible are Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. From the huge list of universities in Europe some that offer cheap education in English, and also highly ranked, are: University of OsloUppsala UniversityUniversity of TübingenLeiden University, just to name some.

 So, since we are talking about high education concerning Europe, have the tides changed from the countries with the first and oldest universities towards some other regions? Surely, but in which way? If you are interested in this matter we suggest you to go through 15 Most educated Countries in Europe in 2018, based on the percentage of population with tertiary level education.

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