Top 7 Construction Companies in France

French architecture is one of the most famous architecture in the world. There is the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Channel Tunnel, the Arc de Triomphe and much more. Can you swear that you have never heard about any of them? I don’t think so. French people are artistic in every sense. Besides architects, France bred some of the best poets, writers, musicians, and painters in the world. OK, France maybe doesn’t have some landmarks such as Sagrada Familia, but at least it has among the best construction companies and architects in the world. The construction industry of France is growing rapidly and the data from the French Builders Association FFB (Federation Francaise du Batiment) speaks for itself. Insidermonkey experts made a list of top 7 construction companies in France.

According to its data, French construction activity has jumped by 1.9% in 2016 and it is expected to grow by 3.4% in 2017 and the residential construction was increased by 7.4% in a year. Besides the infrastructure, French construction companies are playing big roles in the economic growth of the country as well and help the French residents as well by giving them jobs. The biggest one on the list, the Vinci, has 183,000 employees so far. So can you imagine how many problems this solves? There are automatically more than 180,000 financially stable families in French just because of this one company. Of course, we couldn’t get the insight in their salaries because of the privacy policy but even with the minimum wage, these families can have the roof over their head. You can also check our list of 11 Biggest Construction Companies in Europe.
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6 Biggest Science Festivals Around The World

Science exists since the cavemen. If there wasn’t for scientific laws back there, people wouldn’t even be able to discover the fire. In that case, we would still be freezing to death and eating raw food (even though raw food became trendy lately). The only difference was that people didn’t know how to define it like we do today. But even now, when we already have that many discoveries in this field, there are still so many things left to be discovered. Unlike the technology, science is not being improved every day. The only thing increasing is the amount of information available to people. If you are some sort of a science freak, you know what I am talking about. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 biggest science festivals around the world.

Let me explain it on the example. Gravity exists from the beginning of the world, but the only difference was that people didn’t even have a term for it nor understood the law of gravity. The only thing they knew is that if you don’t feel the ground, and you are not holding for anything, you are going down. And it wasn’t until the apple fall on Isak Newton’s head that people even tried to understand it and know what was actually going on here. But this doesn’t mean that the gravity didn’t exist before and it also doesn’t mean that we would never know about it if there wasn’t for Newton. If there wasn’t for Newton, there would be some other person in a decade, or even a century later to bring the gravity closer to us. Because the only thing that Newton did was to try to understand the gravity. He didn’t invent it and he didn’t make it work. If feel interested you can also check our list of 15 Smartest Countries in Science, not Math.
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10 Easiest Hindi Karaoke Songs to Sing for Beginners

If you need a special experience in singing at a karaoke bar, our expert gives you a very good opportunity for that now as you can find a pretty amusing article about the easiest Hindi karaoke songs. It is a fantastic idea to warm the crowd with some Hindi karaoke songs. Many people love Hindi songs, because they are very special ones. Karaoke is a very amusing pastime if you like to sing with friends. If you don’t mind joining your friends or singing alone on the stage and perhaps making fool of yourself too, well, karaoke is for you! It’s much better when you can get positive responses so in this case it’s high time you tried to sing some nice or Hindi songs as well. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of easiest Hindi karaoke songs to sing for beginners.

The Hindi music industry is very popular nowadays and has lots of fans throughout the whole world. The most popular songs were written for Indian movies, and they have always been the king of this industry. However these songs are not easy for beginners, they are very hard to sing alone. The first song is Gerua. If you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan, you will enjoy this song. It is also known for its wonderful, emotional and gorgeous music video, which was the biggest hit of the year 2015. It’s sung by Arijit Singh, who is one of the top Bollywood singers at present. Although you think it is difficult to sing, but actually you will be surprised how easy it is to sing at karaoke. You will see that the only tricky part is the high note at the chorus. You can also check our list of 11 Best Karaoke Songs for Groups.
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15 Persuasive Debate Topics for Elementary School Students

It is very important that children should learn the art of debate. Having an interesting, intelligent debate with others can fresh up our minds. There are lots of interesting topics for elementary school students which can be discussed at school. Children like to argue (everyone knows that who have kid), so we should make a good use of it. These young children may not know who is the president of Mexico, or what the biggest insurance companies in the USA are, but that doesn’t meant they are not willing to have debates about things, they do know. As for me I have always loved debating and I have been happy if I can learn something from the discussion. Nevertheless the children’ favorite topics can show something deeper, because if you ask a child what he, she would like to speak about – hearing the answer you can get to know lots of things about the kid, for instance what he, she would like to be when they grow up. But of course we need to put up the right question. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 persuasive debate topics for elementary school students.

If we ask them, ‘Should every child have mobile phones at school?”, they will answer “yes”. But they say it because they want it, that’s all. The first debate topic is about the vacation in the mountains or on the beach. Well, it can be an interesting topic even for us, because many people love hiking, while others like lying on the beach, swimming and getting a good suntan. As for me, I love both, it depends on my mood. The second topic is about Disney World or Disney Land. Well, it is an extremely exciting question for every child. I suppose there is no kid throughout the whole world who wouldn’t want to go to both places. The last debate topic is Woody or Buzz Light wear. Well, to tell you the truth I have absolutely no idea what it means. But I think children will know, and they will be happy to have a debate about this topic. You can also check our list of 17 Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers.
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10 Best Home Builders in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the US; its area is 268,580 square miles. Its population is also the second biggest with 27.86 million people. The state product is also the second in the USA: $1.63 trillion. This state has one of the lowest tax burdens in the country, with average resident income tax rate amounting to 8.4%. In addition, Texas is one of the seven states that don’t have a state income tax, although there are some property taxes. Texas’s economy depends on oil production, but agriculture also plays an important role as it has the highest agricultural acreage in the US and it generates the highest revenue from livestock and the second-highest revenue from agricultural products. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best home builders in Texas.

The state tries to diversify its economy, so it generates the most wind power in the state, and what’s more Texas has the biggest wind farm in the world. But as its economy depends on oil, housing market here strongly depends on the barrel prices in the US. Oil prices decreased last year, consequently home prices in Texas did, too. In the Houston area, average price for a single-family home declined by 7.5% in December, 2015. Therefore home builders and sellers cut prices and gave more incentives for buyers. Beazer Homes USA, Inc. (NYSE:BZH); Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:HOV); and Toll Brothers Inc. (NYSE:TOL). Beazer Homes USA, Inc. (NYSE:BZH) operates in Texas as part of its West segment, which also includes Arizona, California, and Nevada. During the fiscal 2016 (ended September 30), the company closed 2,508 homes in the region, the most across segments. You can also check our list of 10 Best Home Builders in California.
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Top 10 Prescription Diet Pills That Work Fast

Overweight has become on of the most important issues nowadays and according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, about one-third of children and adolescents ages 6-19 are regarded to be overweight or obese. Obesity can seriously damage health and ruin the quality of life. The problem is people want everything fast. We want to lose weight quickly as well, so the first thing that comes to mind it weight loss pills. People tend to forget the fact: the overweight didn’t come fast, but step by step, month by month. So we should consider it when we want to lose weight quickly. On the other hand there are pills that can be effective, but must keep in mind, that one pill makes wonders with a person, but it doesn’t bring any results for another one. Every diet loss product has its positive and negative effects and reviews as well. Insidermonkey experts made a list of top 10 prescription diet pills that work fast.

If we consider prescription weight-loss drugs we need to know that we are speaking about a $1.0 billion business. If the producer wants their drug to be approved by FDA as diet pills, it has to show that patients can lose 5% more weight than those who get placebo, or that more than 35% of the patients taking the drug lose more than 5% of their weight and prove that this is twice the weight lost by subjects taking placebo. We must know that these pills have serious side-effects, too. People can be addictive to these weight loss aids. So, whether or not to take these pills is your and your doctor’s decision. But keep in mind you should check every other possibilities as well. If you feel interested you can also consider reading out our list of 7 most popular diet pills that work fast without exercise.
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10 Easiest Ways to Make Yourself Gag or Throw Up Fast

Once in a while in life, all you want to do is to vomit immediately. This may sound insane but it is totally the truth. Usually, you are caught up in an annoying situation. You feel terribly sick as something in your stomach keeps giving you this gross. So you definitely want to get rid of it at once. Another possibility is that you find yourself consuming something you should not have and it is a must to eradicate it as quickly as possible. Or in some cases, you simply want to lose weight. So, how to make yourself throw up safely? Letting yourself vomit naturally is the ideal way. However, it just does not apply to every case. You may find this weird but in fact, it takes effect fast and effectively especially when you have an awful and toxic meal or consume too much alcohol. As long as you do it properly and not so often, you will be fine. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 easiest ways to make yourself gag or throw up fast.

But, on the other hand, throwing up can make us feel a lot better sometimes. Especially on these hot days when we can’t eat but we have to in order to survive. Many times, we have even worse results than not eating at all. And yes, in case we feel sick, throwing up is completely OK! But what happens if you don’t know how to do it? You have read somewhere that you can help yourself by putting your finger or a toothbrush deep in your mouth, but does it help every time? And, if not, does it make you feel even worse than before you tried it? For example, the only time putting the finger in my mouth helps me throw up is the drive. I always get sick 15 minutes after the start and the feeling doesn’t stop until I eject everything I ate or drank that day. But it doesn’t work until I get this feeling in my throat. And when I do, the driver has to pull over immediately and I am done within a minute. If you feel interested you can also check our list of 16 Healthiest Fast Food Menu Items and Restaurants.
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11 Easiest Card Tricks to Learn in the World

It is always a good thing to make card tricks which we can entertain our friends at a party. As for me when I was a kid, I studied some tricks that I was glad to show everyone then. These tricks are always amazing and handy, and you can practice or show them everywhere. The only thing you need a deck of cards (sometimes they are modified ones, of course. According to specialists mastering magic tricks consists of three stages: discovery, practice (and more practice) and mastery. If you want to practice you should train your fingers and hand movements in order to do them in the right way and make it look like real magic. You should keep the important advice: never do the tricks unless you have mastered them. In order to master the tricks you need to repeat them many times until your movements are smooth and fast. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 easiest card tricks to learn in the world.

Lots of famous card tricks have been modified by magicians, therefore you can find many variations of tricks and their names, too. Cardin change card trick was mentioned for the first time by a renowned Australian magician called Jean Hugard, who explained it in one of his numerous publications on magic tricks, the Card Manipulations No. 3. This trick is really worth practicing, although it requires a bit of concentrated practice. The second one, Rubik’s card trick is named this way because its solution is very similar to Rubik’s cube. According to creators it was developed from the trick called Order from chaos. IT consists of preparing the deck in a way that you arrange a certain number of cards before starting the trick without your audience knowing. At last but not least we mention the trick Think of a card. You can also check out our list of Easiest Cash Crops to Grow.
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9 Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into

We can always use more doctors, there is no doubt about this. If you look at recent statistics, you can easily see that medical schools are becoming increasingly difficult to get in these days. As more and more people are going for a medical career, especially in medical schools, the criteria for entry into a medical school is also becoming much tougher. Back in the day, medical schools usually were less demanding compared to other schools, but nowadays things have changed quite a bit. And I have not talked about the fees yet. Now that said, if you are interested in getting into a medical school, then you have to do quite a bit of digging. Thankfully, our researchers have already done most of the digging for you. And have come up with an amazing list of medical schools that are relatively much easier to get an admission into. Here is the list by our Insidermonkey experts of easiest medical schools to get into.

So you want to go to medical school, but maybe circumstances haven’t been in your favor. The easiest medical schools to get into can still offer you a quality education with lower costs and stress! Don’t fret, you’re not alone! Many students experience conditions that make their acceptance into the school of their choice difficult, like a lower-than-average GPA score due to lack of time from working while in school. College is demanding, and this situation is probably more common than you think. Either way, there are schools you can still get into to achieve your dream of becoming a physician. To be accepted into medical school, applicants must have earned an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree from a regionally accredited school in the US. They must generally have maintained at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.0 GPA in their science and mathematics courses overall. Pr-requisite course requirements include one semester of biochemistry, one course in genetics, and one in cell biology. If feel interested you can also check our list of 10 Least Competitive Pharmacy Schools in America.
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7 Best Places for Startups in Europe

It is exhilarating to work for a startup. It is very exciting as well because you do something new that hasn’t been created. You can always find a market that has been left untouched. The opportunities are unlimited in these days and their number is continually growing. For instance car services are excellent examples because while large numbers of cities have cabs, apps like Uber, Gett, Lyft have revolutionized the way we can call a car if we want to go somewhere. Many people use these apps when they do overwork, it’s late at night and the trains don’t run very often, so it would be difficult to get home. There are many misunderstandings about what a startup really is. Some of the explanations say that they are young companies in the beginning of their developing. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best places for startups in Europe.

As startup companies are rather tech-heavy as a rule, it’s essential that these companies begin in a city where the tech is excellent. It is true that these cities are usually expensive, but only the starting costs a lot of money, especially when it needs development and design as well. We have picked Moscow and Barcelona. Moscow’s market reach is 19%. One of the interesting facts about startups in Moscow is that they have the lowest acceptance rate of visas for foreign candidates in the world. Their early-stage funding growth index is 4.2 and global connections rate 8.8. Russian startups generally concentrate on gathering talents on the local level or neighboring countries, mainly because of the language. You can also check our list of 20 Best Cities for Startups in the World.
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10 Most Respected Medical Specialties Among Doctors

It is very important to choose the best school for yourself, as it will influence the quality of education, your future career – and of course your overall educational experience. Before choosing a school you should decide the specialty. What are you interested in? Can you see yourself as a surgeon while operating others? Or would you like to deal with children? Fortunately there are lots of specialties to choose from in the health industry, but if you know in advance what you want to be – it can help you during those times and long period when you have to learn a lot. If you choose a specialty that is highly respected you can earn enough money to repay your student debt, but you can still have a normal living standard. Doctors respect others’ professional opinion but there are doctors that have higher respect from others. Insidermonkey experts made a list of most respected medical specialties among doctors.

Radiology is a specialty that everyone needs to face at least once in their lives. There are three main sub specialties in radiology: intervention radiology, radiation oncology, and diagnostic radiology. Radiology is used in many ways so there are plenty of sub specialties to choose from. After finishing medical school, the radiology residency lasts for four years. The next one is dermatology. Dermatologists treat conditions related to the skin, mucous membranes (lining inside the mouth, eyelids and nose), nails and hair. When you have graduated from medical school you will have to fulfill at least 3 to 4 years of residency if you want to be a radiologist. At last but not least we mention pediatrician. This specialty is one of the hardest ones because you need to face with lots of ill children, and young babies can’t tell you what the problem is, so diagnosing is extremely difficult. You can also check our list of 20 Medical Specialties that Make the Most Money.
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6 Best Easiest Free Forum Software Solutions

As for me I like forums very much, it is interesting to read them even if I don’t want to ask anything. Forums are based on chronic messaging, and unlike chats, all posts are being archived (unless moderators and administrators rearrange them differently).  They are based on posting in threads or topics, differently organized (depending on forum division, if there is any, on categories and sub-forums), usually arranged in time order (newer threads being on top). The basic of any forum software is approximately the same, because of the same elemental features most forums share. These are: forum division, registration form, search, ease of administration and moderation. When you decide to choose forum software, you should create MySQL database on a server. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 best easiest free forum software solutions.

There is a wide range of choices for free forum software nowadays, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. The differences among them are stability, complexity, security speed, and it is up to you preferences which one to pick. We have picked two items from the list: BB Press and Flux-BB. The opinions about BB Press are controversial. Some people are satisfied with it, while others aren’t. However it’s smooth and nice forum software solution. At first it is compatible with WordPress (it was made by WordPress creators), and it can be installed as a plugin to WordPress. When creating BB Press, its creators regarded simplicity, speed and forum’s security as the most important features. The second one is Flux-BB. It is lightweight, easy and simple forum software that is continually being updated. You can also check our list of 10 Best Freelance Websites for Programmers.
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15 Biggest Churches in The World

So what are the biggest churches in the world? Have you ever thought about the biggest churches? Do you know that even today large, new churches are being built? If you needed to guess, what do you expect the biggest one is in the world? Our experts now give the answer as they published an amazing article about this topic recently. As for me who am a protestant theologian it is always a heart-gripping subject to study, read and speak about churches. Nevertheless so far I haven’t known too much about the largest churches in the world myself either so it was a pretty nice experience for me, too. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the 15 biggest churches in the world.

Actually when we say ‘church’ it means the Christian buildings as speaking about other religions we use the term for example mosque, synagogue etc. It is important to mention that many times when we consider biggest churches or churches at all in the world we think of only medieval buildings or older ones. But as a matter of fact there are modern churches built nowadays as well, and what is really surprising that they are kind of big! Not only chapels or something like that but huge churches like Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Portugal which was finished only ten years ago! Actually comparing the churches is not an easy task as accepted measure of largeness can include volume, area, height, width and capacity but this latter is rather a subjective aspect. You can also consider reading our list of 11 Most Popular Religions in the World.
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10 Largest Health Insurance Companies by Membership

The whole US health insurance industry is the leading insurance industry on the global level, with more than 86% of the population stated as the users of any kind of insurance policies. While some of the users are insured by their employers, the other ones are receiving health coverage through public health insurance program. But, no matter the type of the health insurance they use, they are all covered for any type of medical emergency. According to American Medical Insurance, the largest insurer controls about 30% of the health insurance market. And how did they get so much popularity? While the medical expenses were increased in every area due to the increasing need of procedures, many people were unable to receive some medical help because of their financial situation. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 Largest Health Insurance Companies by Membership. 

The worse thing about this is that most of these procedures weren’t something that would save someone’s life. On the contrary, most of them were plastic surgeries that were supposed to help some people feel younger and prettier. But because of that, the price for more relevant surgeries became that expensive that almost the half of the people who were in need for some medical help was unable to afford it. This is why health insurance companies gain the advantage over other industries. But they weren’t the only one that got some advantage. Did you ever wonder why so many employers are eager to give their employees the decent insurance policies? It is estimated that 60% of the health insurance policy users receive private health insurance through employers. If you feel interested reading our article you can also check out our list of 10 largest health insurance companies in America.
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10 Most Conservative Companies in America

You may be liberal and you are wondering about the conservative companies. Our own experts recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about this topic. It is very interesting that nowadays so many changes have happened in the world that the differences between conservative and liberal ideologies have amplified, and a war of words on the internet is raging. Or perhaps it is because the social media have gained popularity and people can safely hide their real profile behind a virtual one and they can have debates about these ideologies from others from all over the world. There can be lots of lists found on the internet where you can see companies that conservatives and liberals should boycott or support, depending on the perceptions of those who make these lists. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 most conservative companies in America.

Interestingly both liberals and conservatives like Inc., Walt Disney, Alphabet, and Microsoft. There are retailers who are in connection with customers directly hide their political affiliation and attempt to appear bipartisan. They promote different organizations with different causes and aims. For example they can support Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, and also they may be a partner of the Salvation Army, which supports traditional marriage. So the best way the decide whether a company is conservative or liberal, if we check what it has done considering areas like LGBTQ rights, same-sex marriage, environment issues and gun laws etc. You can also check our list of 10 most liberal companies in the US.
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6 Best Places to Retire in South Korea

You may be thinking of retirement and you don’t know where to go? Do you exotic countries, sea, unusual but delicious meals? If yes, you need to just pack your luggage, put your sunglasses and sun lotion into your bag and go to Spain! Our experts recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic. life in Spain isn’t dangerous. Of course you need to take care at those places that attract tourists and visitors. However, this is the same situation everywhere in the world. Those places that are visited by large numbers of tourists can be the pickpockets’ favorite places, too. South Korea is a country on the southern half of the Korean peninsula and it is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 6 best places to retire in South Korea.

South and North Korea together have long history. Both countries were under the Chinese and Japanese rule for a very long time period. Aside its long history, South Korea has a developing economy, and high quality products are produced there, such as high-tech industrial goods. Amazing fact is that there are more than 3000 islands near the coasts of South Korea, so it is extremely suitable for exploring and traveling around. At first the best locations were ranked by cost of living, air quality, and safety (crime rate). The score represents which place is better for retirement. If the score is 1, it is the best location. Gwangju’s score is 5, the cost of living is $795, the pollution index is 70.11, and the crime index is 28.65. Here you need to spend only $3.69 for a cappuccino, a pint of bier costs $3.21. The climate here is warm as a rule. You can also check our list of 10 Best Places to Retire in Thailand.
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11 Easiest Girl Dresses to Make for Beginners

If you have ever wanted to make your little daughter a nice dress. Experts collected the easiest dresses, just get your scissors and sewing machine and start it! Easy in the article means that you don’t need too many materials to make the dresses. All that you will need some fabric, patterns, buttons, scissors and that’s really all. You will be satisfied with the result. The sewing tutorials were ranked by the least amount of materials. As for I have always loved sewing clothes, and when I was younger I sewed lots of dresses, t-shirts, tracking suits, and skirts. I have never studied ho to make clothes, I just watched tutorials, and tried it. If you have a look at these dresses you will see your daughter will be happy to wear them, because they are pretty and fashionable. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 11 easiest girl dresses to make for beginners.

It is really cool if you go out with your daughter and everybody is amazed how pretty your little girl is, and you can say, “I have made it!” Many dad nowadays made their daughter dress on their own. For now, we have used several blogs, because bloggers can come out with the easiest and best tutorials sometimes. In these tutorials you can observe everything step by step, many times with pictures, too. These pictures are very useful because there are many times that we can see every movement in the video clearly. But if pictures are also used to show the process we can learn from them easier. If you feel interested reading our posts you can also check our list of 8 Worst Dressed Countries in the World.
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10 Best Snake Bite Antivenom Kits on Amazon and Walmart

If you go hiking it is always a very good idea to have a preventive first aid kit on you. It is very frightening to know that we can meet snakes if we go for an excursion somewhere. AS for me I am afraid of snakes very much. Fortunately I haven’t met any snakes so far, but to tell you the truth I don’t want to. Snakes bites don’t always mean that there is envenomation, and these bites are so-called “dry bites”. But unfortunately there are lots of cases when snake do inject a certain amount of venom when biting. According to the World Health Organization there are about 5 million snake bites annually, and half of them are envenomings. There are approximately 100,000 deaths happen and around 300,000 amputations needed to be done. Most of them occur in Africa (about 1 million) and most deaths happen in India (around 11,000). Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best snake bite antivenom kits on Amazon and Walmart.

Symptoms that can be experienced after being bitten depend on the snake’s venom toxins, the amount of venom, and venom strength. There are several types of snake venom such as myotoxic venom (affecting tissue failures), hemotoxic venom (affecting blood by preventing clotting), neurotoxic venom (affecting the nervous system) and cytotoxic venom (affecting any cells). Some of the symptoms can be itching, harsh pain, dizziness and fainting, sweating, numbness, difficulty in breathing, and vomiting. Insidermonkey ranked the kits by rating on Amazon and Walmart. If you feel interested you can also check our list of 10 States with no or Least Venomous Snakes in America.
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11 Easiest Gospel Songs to Sing

Our experts ranked the many gospel songs by the amount of key changes and commonality. If there are too many key changes in a song it can be very difficult to sing. So those songs that have no key changes got two pints, while the songs with 1 or 2 changes got 1 point in the article. Another important factor which song to be chosen if you know it or not. We all learn songs much easier if we know them or at least we are familiar with them. Gospel songs are defined in the article as Christian music, they can be sometimes hymns but not always. As for me I love gospels and I like to sing them as I feel closer to God. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of 11 easiest gospel songs to sing.

So grab your microphone and sing the songs with us. There’s Still Power in the Blood by The Collingsworth Family is a beautiful gospel song and has 1 key changes. The commonality is 9/10 of Google search results which equals 4/4 points, so the total score is 5/6. This song is upbeat and a jazzy a bit, not the ways as hymns older ladies sing in the Baptist church. The second one is One Scarred Hand by Gold City, the amount of key changes: 1 which equals 1/2 points, its commonality is 10/10 of Google search results which equals 4/4 points, so the total score is 5/6. This song is about healing power that can heal us, both mentally and physically. It is very good if you sing it to an ill person; you can inspire him, her to recover sooner. You can also check our list of 21 Easiest Songs to Sing that Sound Impressive.
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10 Worst Construction Accidents in History

Being a construction worker isn’t an easy business. It isn’t enough to know how to draw sketches, it is also important to know how to handle all the licenses and the safety rules so the building you are working on would be both safe and functional. Unfortunately, construction accidents are frequent and most of them are caused by the negligence of the construction workers themselves, especially nowadays. Due dates are there for reason. There is a line that you shouldn’t cross and the appearance of some building or a bridge isn’t enough. Have you ever noticed how many old buildings are around you? And although installations are old, the construction by itself still stands like it was finished yesterday. But I can’t tell that for any building or a bridge built in the last decade. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 worst construction accidents in history.

People are lead by money and their only goal is to finish everything on time to get the rest of the money from the new owner. The problem occurs while the construction is tested. And it is likely that they would crash if they weren’t built properly. For example, bridges have to be light enough so they wouldn’t sink into the ground because of all the sound waves and the pressure, but strong enough to hold all the pressure and survive all the walking passengers and cars and trucks. As for buildings, they have to be steady enough because many people will go through them. The concrete has to be done properly and it should be completely dry before you even think about taking it further. But, before that, you obviously need to examine the ground because you don’t want your building, especially if it is meant to be high, to lean on the side or sink in any way. If you feel interested you can also check out our list of 10 Worst Industrial Disasters/Accidents in the World.
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7 Easiest To Fly and Cheapest Drones For GoPro

I know this might sound like a cheap commercial but it isn’t. I promise, I am not offering you some drones for a cheap price, I don’t offer a free shipping, nor any discount. I am just helping you out with finding the perfect drone for yourselves. Remember the time when you had to ask strangers to take a photo of you? You were always too afraid for him not to start running with your camera or break it. Or someone from your group had to be left out of the photo because someone had to take it. And none of us had displays to check if the picture was good so we took our chances every time. And if you wanted to loosen out a bit and buy a camera, you would be considered rich although we both know that you had to save up money for so long to get the chance to buy it. But after that, digital cameras and mobile phones with cameras were released in the sale and, Voila! We were all able to shoot as many photos as we wanted! Now its the time for drones photography. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 7 easiest to fly and cheapest drones for GoPro.

You are interested in drones and you may want to purchase one. But if you a drone you need a camera for it, too, because it’s not fun to have a drone without a camera. You can get amazing photos and videos when using a camera. So you have to spend a little more money on buying a better drone with an appropriate camera. Most stock cameras in cheaper drones are doing their job poorly, so your much-anticipated shots will be blurry. There are affordable drones on the market which allow you to attach more quality camera to it. One of the best and most popular choices is a GoPro camera. GoPro cameras have become extremely popular in the recent years. They are small enough so you can carry them wherever you want while offering an amazing photo and video quality. You can use it to record almost anything, from extreme sports to your child’s birthday party. You can also check our list of 11 Best Cheap Drones with Camera for Beginners and Kids.
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10 Best Drinks to Order at a Bar for a Woman

So what are the best drinks to order at a bar for a woman? Are you just preparing for a date with the sweetest man ever? Would like to know what to order when you are at the bar? Our experts recently published a very useful and cute article about this topic. Perhaps you are meeting your friends somewhere cool and who knows you may run into your future Love – so you really need to be elegant, sexy and attractive. That’s all right you intend to put on your favorite charming clothes, have a decent make-up and dive into a pleasant night – but what should you order when you are there? So experts are giving you some easy tips what to drink at a bar even if you are just hanging around with your old friends from the university! Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of the best drinks to order at a bar for a woman.

Unless you're still in college, you should probably have moved on by now from ordering rum and cokes or vodka sodas in a bar (unless you just really really like them). After all, you're a grown-up, and you should be drinking grown-up drinks. Especially if you want that busy bartender to take you seriously. Well, as that article is being written for women they watched three of the typical aspects that women generally consider: the drink shouldn’t contain too much strong alcohol and calories yet it should be elegant to be consumed. So if drink A is on the first one of their list it means that it is the most elegant, and contains the less calories and powerful alcohol (of course it can be changed if the portion of a certain alcohol is changed in the list). You can gain more information on sites like Calories in alcohol, The statistics of the most popular drinks, and How these drinks are made as well. You can also check our list of 10 Best Red Wines for People Who Don’t like Wine.
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10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World

Everyone wants to make a lot of money, right? In fact, nearly seven in 10 people consider salary and compensation a top priority when choosing a job, according to a recent survey. The online job review and search Web site has released its latest report, highlighting 25 of the highest-paying jobs based on salary reports shared on the site over the past 12 months. They also included the number of job openings via its Web site for each position. "This report reinforces that high pay continues to be tied to in-demand skills, higher education and working in jobs that are protected from competition or automation. This is why we see several jobs within the technology and healthcare industries," Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain said in a statement. "There's no doubt that pay is among the leading factors most job seekers weigh when determining where to work." Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 highest paying jobs in the world.

Earning lots of money is a dream of everyone, I think. Salary is one of the first things that we ask when we go to job interview. Money is important but not everything. I must confess I like working and of course I like being paid for it. But earning more than we did previously depends on lots of things. We need to improve, learn something new in our field, for example a new database, a new language. Anything that we can add to our list of skills. Usually lots of people, if not most aren’t satisfied with their current payments, and their job prospects, and according to the statistics 30% of Americans don’t like what they do, that’s more they just want to survive working days. You can also check out our list of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World from 2015 to compare the current situation.
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10 Countries that Have the Most Fresh Water

Water is one of the most desperate resources in the world and fresh water for consumption is becoming an increasing worry for humanity. Some of you might think, “Gee, 70% of the earth is covered with water, so why is there any worry for it?” The answer is pretty simple. Out of all the water in the world, 97% exists in the oceans and the seas. The water present there is deemed unfit for human consumption and other usage as it is filled with so many impurities and sea salt. In fact some of these water bodies are so harmful that consuming them in certain quantities can even be fatal. Just 3% of the world’s water is fresh. Unfortunately, more than two thirds of that total fresh water is encapsulated by the polar Ice caps in the arctic and especially the Antarctica which contains the greatest fresh water resource. Less than 1% is actually available for human usage. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the 10 countries that have the most fresh water.

As the world’s population is continually growing, our water consumption is also growing. The predictions of the World Bank are terrible. If the world continues like this there will be an estimate of 40% shortfall between available water supply and forecast-ed demand by 2030. By 2050 the population of Earth will reach 9.5 billion which will increase the agricultural production by 60% and its water withdrawals by 15%. In other words water will be more expensive than gold. As discussed before, fresh water resource is in grave danger. As it stands, people from Europe and Africa have the biggest issue in accessing fresh water. For that reason the countries there are the largest importers of fresh water. There are no countries from Europe and Oceania continent in the list of countries with most fresh water for that very reason. Only one country from Africa, Congo, has enough fresh water resource to be in the top 10 with 1283 km3 per year. You can also check our list of 11 Largest Freshwater Lakes in the World by Volume.
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10 Best Places to Retire in Spain

Each year, International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index ranks and rates the best retirement destinations in the world, taking into consideration real estate, retiree benefits, cost of living, ease of integration, entertainment and amenities, healthcare, retirement infrastructure, and climate. Spain ranked number nine in this year’s Index, scoring well across the board, and especially in climate, entertainment and amenities, healthcare, and retirement infrastructure. Spain is a popular tourist destination because of its climate, natural beauty, warm and engaging people, cuisine, festivals, and miles of coastline. Retirees can enjoy these benefits, plus a low cost of living and a well-developed national health system. Insidermonkey expert's list of best places to retire in Spain will give you all the info you need.

Beaches, mountains, fabulous cities, colorful festivals, and, of course, sunshine almost everyplace. It’s not surprising that Spain is one of the most popular European countries for those looking to retire overseas. This country boasts a rich history and ever-present culture, as well as fantastic food, wonderful wine, and famously friendly natives. One of the biggest factors attracting expats here is Spain’s cost of living. Right now, for expats, Spain is more affordable than it’s been in decades. Day-to-day expenses, for instance, can be very low. International Living Editor Glynna Prentice says that throughout Spain “a couple can live well in many destinations for as little as about $2,200 a month even less if they own their home.” If feel interested you can also check out our list of 10 Best Places to Retire in Portugal.
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6 Easiest Ways to Get Prescribed Pain Pills

People started being more and more addictive to medicines. How many people have you heard lately mentioning taking the sleeping pills before they go to bed? I get it, we all have some issues that are giving us nightmares, but is this the only way we can fight them? Pain killers are there to get through this horrible feeling after you have suffered some serious injury. When I say ’serious injury’, I mean more serious than some cut or breaking a hand. You might find it as an excuse, but do you realize how many children break their hands, arms, or legs on a daily basis and none of them is getting any pain pills. So, if a kid can hold it together, how come you can’t? By the way, Insidermonkey experts made a list of the easiest ways to get prescribed pain pills.

I have never had such severe pain that I would need more than an aspirin, or perhaps once I had a terrible toothache but I visited my dentist and got the necessary pills from her. Unfortunately in the USA, people are screwed, and do heroin-level stuff, so of course they can addicted to it if they don’t treat it with respect. On the other hand these pills are irresponsible of health care system. Some people blame Obamacare for the spike in diploids abuse because it made them “free”. Surprisingly 56% of people say they have some personal connection to the issue – either know someone who has taken a prescription for painkiller, or they use these pills. That is an article about getting prescribed drugs, but the truth is: if you really want to get them, the last thing you need is a doctor’s order. You can also check our list of 6 Easiest ways to Break your Finger, Hand, or Wrist with Little Pain.
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10 Easiest Galaxies to See with Telescope or Binoculars

The thing is, everyone likes spreading some sheets at night and spend a couple of hours just lying there and looking at stars. It is so relaxing and peaceful and makes you forget about the real world around you. But not everyone knows what they are looking at. Personally, I like waiting for the falling stars. I always make a wish and after that, I can go peacefully to sleep. Or just looking at the sky filled with stars and galaxies. Honestly, I know nothing about what I am seeing except the fact that it really calms me down. If you are a beginner, binoculars can be a better choice than a telescope, as they offer wider view – you can look both eyes through them, and are much pore portable and easier to use than a telescope, although they are the best for observing constellations. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 easiest galaxies to see with telescope or binoculars.

But I guess that for some people this isn’t enough. Some people like knowing about the things that they observe and this is especially hard if they still didn’t get through the basics. If you are one of those people, I recommend starting off with binoculars. First of all, they are more portable and easier to handle with. The second thing is you can look with both eyes, which is very important for beginners. The third, the most important thing is that you will have a wider look via telescope, which will confuse you a lot. Telescopes are mostly for people that are in this hobby for a long time and can tell the difference between different planets, galaxies, and stars. But as for the people who just got their first telescope even the books can help them. If feel interested you can also check our list of 10 biggest galaxies in the universe.
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10 Most Popular Courses on Udemy Right Now

Would you like to improve yourself in some specific fields on Udemy? Our experts recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about this topic. Their list is not only useful if you want to learn something but you will see the best-selling course as well, so you can see what business market need in these days. Udemy was founded by Eren Bali, who was brought up in a small village in Turkey. Eren Bali always wanted to broaden his knowledge, and felt sorry for not having more possibilities for him outside his classroom. He started to learn math online and very soon he realized how many opportunities there are in the internet. Then he found two partners and they began Udemy. Now their base is not only in Ankara (the capital of Turkey) but their services can be reached in Dublin and San Francisco, too. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 most popular courses on Udemy right now.

Insidermonkey expert's list is about courses on Udemy and they searched the most popular and best-selling ones. You can find many different fields, like Marketing, Design, Personal Development, Business, IT and Software. Nowadays the IT and Software courses are the most popular, as technology is continually developing, and it won’t slow down, as the predictions show. It is very good news that if you are not satisfied with the course you have 30 days to change your mind and ask for your money back. There are different types of product managers, and you should know which one suits your personality best. Once you learn what kind of product manager you are, you can excel in your performance. If you feel interested you can also check our list of 10 Most Popular Coursera Courses in 2016.
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8 Countries Where Religion Is Illegal

Believe it or not, this is the truth. Although we are all talking about the democracy and the freedom of speech 24/7, we all know that we are just fooling ourselves. First of all, we are all aware of the problem every news reporter in the world faces every day and, even though some people think that the only job they have is to sit in front of the camera and read the text, which even the monkey can do, their job is actually one of the most dangerous in the world. But if you think that this is nonsense, what about the freedom of belief? I know that there are countries that forbid their residents to believe in any other God than the one that the government approved, but this became ridiculous lately. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 8 countries where religion is illegal.

Every non-believer will agree that there is no real God. God is just something that helped people survive through the centuries. It isn’t even the force. It is just something that people learned about and gave them the faith of tomorrow. Even when they are wars, people believe that there is some purpose of it because the God wouldn’t allow it if he didn’t have a plan. It really is easier this way. So why wouldn’t some people let them be? On the other hand, some people say that there is actually only one God for the whole universe. The only difference is his appearance for each believer. And the name that people gave him. Every story that they hear is made by their standards and culture. But it is all the same. God is supposed to perform miracles. And he does. At least according to believers. You can also check our list of 25 least tolerant countries in the world.

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25 Least Tolerant Countries in The World

When Barack Obama was elected president as the 44th one of the United Sates every closet racist in America and their aunt had focal point for their rage. It all started with the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. Suddenly, every closet racist in America and their aunt had a focal point for their rage, generously fueled by the various birthers and Tea Party members spouting hate and nonsense every chance they got. The first harbinger of the fall was Brexit. The narrative was nothing new, the same old story told hundred times throughout the history, us vs them. The Polish plumbers and Romanian street cleaners were ruining Jolly Old England. People like Nick Farage and Boris Johnson promised everything they could think of, just to get Brits to vote for their scheme, boasting that as soon as they rid themselves of Brussels, everything will be as it was in the good all days. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 least tolerant countries in the world.

We could continue telling the historical facts about this topic, but instead we will talk about some of the least tolerant countries in the world. The first country we mention now is Cameroon. It was German, then British, and later French colony. The current president is Paul Biya, who has held this position since 1982. At present the country is fighting the North, led by Boko Haram. The next country on our list is Bahrain. After a failed Arab Spring uprising, Bahrain had tightened up its security, further encroaching on personal freedoms and tolerance, but this time backed up by Saudi Arabian tanks. At last, but not least we mention Indonesia, which is the most populous Muslim country in the world and still struggles to come to terms with the 1965-66 massacres. But political opponents aren’t the only one suffering from the intolerance, as the government stepped up its persecution of sexual minorities since 2016. If feel interested you can also check our list of the 10 Most Tolerant Countries in the World.
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10 Biggest Construction Projects in New York City

There are lots of constructions in New York as it is a very large and busy city. As for the constructions, many people dislike them, but when a building or a road is finished, it is a good feeling to use them. The square where my university is located was under construction for many years. I really hated it, because almost every week the pedestrians’ way was removed. The pavement we could use so far was closed and we had to find another path to approach the building. But finally it was finished, and now it is so beautiful that I love walking there. In New York skyscrapers grow from the ground, and it is incredible how quickly these monstrosities are completed. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 biggest construction projects in NYC.

There are architectural wonders built every where, and couple of decades ago it lasted to put up them within years. According to Engineering News-Record New York (ENR) there was a decline in the number of construction in 2016. . ENR reported that the amount of constructions reached $11 billion which shows decreasing from $20 billion from 2015. But New York hasn’t stopped growing as we can see from Insidermonkey article. It’s no surprise as it seems like there’s scaffolding and a construction site to navigate around when making your way through the city. This massive market for construction and constant business is why New York is home to some major construction companies, which you can learn about with our list of the 10 largest construction companies in NY and NJ.
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Birth Chart Compatibility Predictions: Get Free Reports From These Sites

People say that the date of birth tells about your personality more than anything else. I don’t get the astrology that much. All I know that everything is spinning around the signs we were born into and I know that there are some houses mentioned in astrology reports. I also know about numerology and, according to people who are into astrology or numerology claim that you can even predict your own future based on it. But I am more of a person who likes to be surprised. The way I see it, if you could predict your future, you will only be concentrated on it and, if you find out that something bad would happen, you would do anything to prevent it from happening. But destiny can’t be changed. If something is destined to happen, it will find its way around. Insidermonkey experts made a article of birth chart compatibility predictions, and get free reports from these sites.

On the other hand, it is said that you can find a lot about yourself from people who know this craft. You can find out more about your personality that you could ever think off. People spend their whole lives trying to learn about themselves and they die not knowing more than a half of things. My morning ritual was making myself a cup of coffee, sitting in front of my laptop and going through one specific astrological website my friend recommended earlier. Employees on that website were astrological experts that made daily, monthly, and yearly horoscope, and, accidentally or not, they usually guessed everything. Was it because I knew it and only looked forward to it or because they really guessed it, I will never know. As I said earlier, the only thing that’s important is whether you believe it or not. As for everything else, there will always be believers and skeptics. But believing or refusing to believe is your own choice and no one can ever argue that. You can also check our list of most interesting man in the world facts.
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15 Countries That Have the Most AIDS Cases in the World

AIDS is a serious illness that is still under the question when it comes to its cure. It attacks the blood system and the whole body and can kill a person if he or she isn’t careful enough. People can get contagious by having the unprotected intercourse with someone who already has it or by receiving the blood from that person. As far as we know, the only way to prevent ourselves from getting it is by using condoms during the intercourse. Like one of my colleagues said, a person with AIDS is like people with cancer. Still hoping for the cure that might not arrive anytime soon. But even cancer can be treated in some cases, while there is still none cure for AIDS. On the bright side, at least scientists managed to find ways to make the people with AIDS live longer and normal life, like everyone else. Insidermonkey experts made a complete list of countries that have the most AIDS cases in the world.

According to the global statistics, there are around 36.7 million people living with the AIDS on the Earth and 1.8 million of them are 15-years-old or younger. But how could kids that age get contained? Do they have unprotected intercourse with everyone they run into? Or do they do drugs with people with AIDS? Well, some of them do, but most cases are mother-to-child HIV transmission.  Don’t you get it? Let me explain. If the mother has the HIV virus in her system, it usually means that, if she gets pregnant, that child will immediately be diagnosed with the same virus for obvious reasons. Everything that comes into mother’s blood system is automatically transferred to baby’s as well. Whether it is the food, vitamins, or medications and diseases, mother and a child that is still in her belly are the one person and everything will affect both of them. If you feel interested you can also check our list of 10 Countries with the Highest HIV Rates in Europe.

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10 Worst Industrial Disasters/Accidents in The World

This subject isn’t either fun nor entertained at all. This is only an informative topic that should open your and every industrial owner’s eyes. Yes, big industries can bring a lot of money and feed a lot of mouths. But the safety should always be on the top of the priorities. Because, no matter the profit, there are many lives to be thought of and many lives to be saved. I always knew that accidents happen but I always believed that this was something that always happens far away from me. Until one night, when I was still in high school, a barrack a few minutes away from the city I live in exploded. Luckily for everyone, no one got hurt or died but we all felt a great danger coming along. Although it was far away from us, we all felt an Earthquake caused by the explosion and saw the fire and the smoke from there. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 worst industrial disasters/accidents in the world.

That was the scariest experience of my life so I can’t even imagine what people who survived or lost their loved ones in even bigger accidents gone through. I look at videos of explosions in different industrial areas online all the time but since the day that I experienced one by myself, I try not to get too emotionally involved and I usually don’t even read about it. That’s why the only accident that I could think of that was related to this subject was the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl. It happened way before I was born but scientists say that there are still consequences for people who live there. unlike some explosions where more than a hundred people lost their lives immediately, the numbers were a lot lower in this case. But although only 31 people lost their lives, many people were diagnosed with more serious diseases caused by the explosion of the reactor. You can also check our list of 11 Safest Places on Earth from Nuclear Fallout.
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7 Healthcare Jobs With Flexible Hours For Moms or College Students

Being a stay-at-home mom is a hard work and anyone who tries to deny it is wrong. If you are considering having a baby, don’t be fooled by other women telling you sweet stories about this being the best period of your life, that this would be the easiest time and, even if it isn’t at the beginning, it will come soon enough. That’s all lies. Trust me, I know. Even though I work from home, I still don’t have time to finish everything I need. Some of the mothers would say that it is a lot easier when they are just born. They only eat, have to be changed and sleep. But none of them will mention waking up every 2,5 to 3 hours screaming, while you have no idea what is going on with them because you just fell asleep after being up for ages. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 7 healthcare jobs with flexible hours for moms and college students.

First of all, your child wouldn’t sleep as much as he /she used to when he/she was younger. This means that you will have to spend more time with him/her, that, of course, won’t be an issue because you will love your kid and you will be willing to spend every waking minute with him/her. But what will happen when you try leaving them for a minute or two? The most horrifying tantrum you have ever seen. So how could you even think about getting a job? On the other hand, there are students that try to make themselves useful even while they are still in college. Although they don’t have their own toddler jumping around all the time and having a fear of being left alone, they have their subjects and colleges that will suffer if they decide to find a full-time job. You can also check our list of 11 Least Stressful Medical Specialties and Careers that Pay Well.
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10 Best Hotel Rewards Program For Business Travelers

Unlike major airlines, which usually don't give two shits about customer loyalty, hotels have actually made an effort over the past year to improve the value of their rewards programs. Two-thirds of hotel chains last year offered more reward dollars per dollar spent than in the year before. Stiff competition will do that. And while better rewards might entice you to check into a legit hotel instead of some random dude's spare room, which hotel you pledge loyalty to depends on a lot of factors. Hotel rewards programs have continually evolved over the past few years to become more sophisticated and desirable. Free internet and Wi-Fi as rewards are a thing of the past, as modern day hotel rewards now include free airline miles, room upgrades and free nights. With changing customer preferences, hoteliers keep upgrading their programs in light of the latest industry trends and the feverish competition. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best hotel rewards program for business travelers.

There isn't one hotel loyalty program that's ideal for every traveler. Some programs offer greater flexibility and prioritize earning points for free nights, while others emphasize special members-only privileges, such as free Wi-Fi access or minibar credits. To help you choose the best rewards program for you, U.S. News identified 17 of the most prominent hotel loyalty programs and evaluated them using a methodology that weighs factors like member benefits, the average number of paid nights required to earn a free stay and how easy it is to earn and use rewards. Our approach places emphasis on the ease of earning points and redeeming free nights for basic members. Before enrolling in a program, check out which ones cemented a place on our list of the Best Hotel Rewards Programs for 2017-18, and find the program that best fits your needs. You can also check our list of 10 best hotel chains for business travelers.
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5 Best Instruments for a Child to Learn First

Music and learning to play an instrument can have so many benefits for your child! Learning how to play music, how to sing and listen to music are all a natural part of life. Music is about communication, self-expression and having fun! A rewarding experience that can help your child improve their ability to listen and focus, promote good self esteem, self-expression and problem solving skills, and best of all help your child grow as a person. The best kids’ musical instruments to learn first can be partly dependent on the age of the student and how long or short their fingers are, but the benefits are the same. The other important element to consider in choosing the best kids’ musical instruments is what your child is most interested in. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best instruments for a child to learn first.

Finding the right instrument for your child is a difficult but important factor in your child’s continued musical success. Forcing a child to play an instrument rarely leads to the love of music making we want. Here are some components to consider when helping your child choose the right instrument. The first thing to consider is your child’s age. If your child is younger than six, make sure you understand the purpose behind playing an instrument at such a young age and acknowledge the physical limitations of a child that young. Piano and violin are the most popular instruments for children under six because they help build a foundation for your child to choose a different instrument at a later age, should they want to do so. If feel interested you can also consider reading our list of 10 Easiest Elementary School Band Instruments to Play.
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10 Highest Paying Countries for Chefs

To find the answer of which is the country where a chef will get the highest salary we had to find answer from many sites. After a lot of research our researcher got a answer. There are a few countries where a chef will get the highest salary. After all the data was reviewed and put into the equation, the final list was done. I must say that I wasn’t really impressed because the first four countries don’t seem to appreciate their chefs that much. The average salary for Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, and Norway was less than $50,000, which is very low in my opinion. But even the worse fact is that, if these four countries were on the list of 10 highest paying countries for chefs, where only the average salary is counted and not the cost of living index or whatever else, are paying their chefs around $43,000. To see the complete list check out Insidermonkey experts list of 10 highest paying countries for chefs in the world.

We collected the information about the median annual salary according to the research that was done in the US by collecting the data from thousands of different HR departments and the final result of the median salary for chefs was $63,262. Around 25% of chefs earn $53,893 on annual basis, while 75% is wealthier each year for $76,580. Besides the salary, we saw many sites also provides other information regarding the chef’s job, such as the job description, the level of education, categories and industries that include Executive Chefs, as well as the salary for Executive Chefs for each state individually. There are also sections for the similar job titles to Executive Chefs and the restaurant and food services jobs by salary range. If you feel interested you can also check our experts article about the 4 Business Strategies that Turned Jamie Oliver into the World’s Richest Chef.
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7 Easiest German Universities to Get into

Germany is one of the most popular countries for study abroad, and with good reason. In fact, it has been cited as one of the most supportive countries for international students. For one, it tends to be a very inexpensive country to study abroad in, as overseas students pay the same tuition fees as local students, and many universities do not charge any tuition fees at all. Furthermore, English is becoming more and more common as the primary language for courses in Germany universities across the country, to the point where it is possible to earn your entire degree or complete your entire course in Germany without having to take a single class in German. In Germany, the only real restriction you have for getting access to university are your grades. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 7 easiest German universities to get into.

However, if you are a student of German, there are still plenty of classes offered in the local language. You can even find programs specific to German language immersion if you're up for it! There are hundreds of universities in Germany, located across the country, and more than 10 of them rank in the top 200 worldwide. Wherever you want to study abroad in Germany, and whatever you want to study, you can likely find a university that is a good fit. The German higher education system stands out with the wide range of different kinds of higher education institutions that it offers. Many universities are focused on research and you can also enroll in specialized institutions that offer program in a certain field, like education or arts. If you feel interested to study in Germany you should consider reading our list of 7 Easiest Germanic Languages to Learn for English Speakers.

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7 Easiest Germanic Languages to Learn for English Speakers

Just because the English language is the worldwide known and, if speaking it, you could communicate wherever you go on Earth, it doesn’t mean that it is the only language in the world that you need to know. Germanic languages are also high in demand and maybe it is about time that you spread your views and improve your language skills. The only thing that can keep you a bit offshore is the fact that there are many different dialects and German people are used to talking very quickly, so they might be difficult to be understood at the beginning. If you think that Germanic languages would be too hard to learn, read the Insidermonkey experts list of easiest Germanic languages to learn for English speakers.

Germanic languages are worldwide spread. There are languages spoken in Europe, as well as America, Oceania, and Southern Africa. All of the languages that belong to this group can be separated into three different groups: North, West, and East Germanic. Unfortunately, all of the languages that belonged to the East Germanic branch has extinct due to the lack of speakers and those were Vandal, Gothic, and Burgundian. On the other hand, North Germanic branch includes Danish, Farragoes, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic, that all exist even today and count around 20 million speakers. The third and the most widely known branch is the West Germanic one that counts down around half a billion speakers worldwide. You can also check out our experts list of 5 Easiest Second Languages to Learn for English speakers.
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10 Best Places to Retire in Portugal

You may be thinking of retirement and you don’t know where to go? Do you love sunshine, sea, fantastic wines? If yes, you need to just pack your luggage, put your sunglasses and sun lotion into your bag and go to Portugal! This country is called “European Brazil”. This country has a rich history, being a pioneer in maritime exploration. Country’s explorers like Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama, alongside discoveries they’ve made, helped Portugal cementing its place on the map of the world. Its healthcare system is pretty good it has the 9th place in Europe. Regarding to the report from the United States Overseas Security Advisory Council about the safety in this country for 2017, life in Portugal isn’t dangerous. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best places to retire in Portugal.

But of course you need to take care at those places that attract tourists and visitors, but this is the same situation everywhere in the world. Those places that are visited by large numbers of tourists can be the pickpockets’ favorite places, too. In order to get the right answer and be a useful help for you, expert has consulted many popular sites. The places were ranked by the number of hospitals, costs of living, weather. Mainland Portugal is characterized as more dangerous than some other regions of the country like Madeira. In case that crime and safety don’t play a big role for you, and you prefer more romantic destinations, check out our list of 10 Best Places to Retire in France.
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6 Easiest Database Programs to Learn

Besides using lots of websites, applications, and many others we need to organize the large amount of data we collect or gain from various sources. What is a database program? Is it worth learning it? If so, what are the ones that are the easiest to learn? Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find the great answers for this question. Database programs are made to handle a huge amount of data, to store and retrieve it quickly. Learning databases opens up a huge number of well-paid job positions such as database software developer, analyst, web developer, database administrator, and many more. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of 6 easiest database programs to learn.

But what is a database exactly? A database is a structured collection of information organized in some manner. The data can be arranged in form of tables, graphics, reports, text, or some other form. Databases are organized in a manner that the data can be retrieved and accessed easily. As for me I am just a simple user of any software, but I am always keen on watching experts to work with database programs, and really respect them. Now I have studied a lot from the article. Learning a database is definitely not an easy thing, but it pays off. You might first take a look at the Easiest Coding Languages to Learn for First-Time Learners, before considering to learn some of the easiest database programs.
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15 Easiest German Words and Phrases to Learn for Tourists

Learning languages means hard work but it pays off. I can agree with it, as I can speak several languages, as English is not my mother tongue. Before visiting a country I like to learn couple of sentences in that certain language. At least: “hello”, “how are you?”, “How can I get to the…?” and so on. It isn’t a big something and I don’t find myself in an unpleasant situation. But of course it doesn’t mean that I will understand everything or I could do academic writing – no. Anyway it’s always a good idea to study some sentences when you plan to travel. Insidermonkey experts made a complete list of 15 easiest German words and phrases to learn for tourists will be very useful to read.

On planning a trip to Germany, my advice is the same. Although Germans can speak English very well and fluently, they like – as a matter of fact every nation appreciates – if you can speak a few words or phrases. German is not as easy language, though. But perhaps after checking Insider Monkey’s list you will expect to learn this language. In these days it is very easy to find someone whom you can chat with in German, for instance in social media. You may speak to the person in English, and he/she can answer in German. This is a specific language with specific pronunciation, and they often use very, very long words. You can also check our list of 11 Easiest Languages to Learn for Anyone.
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7 Easiest Guns N’ Roses Songs to Play on Guitar

If you like this band and you can play the guitar; you can try playing their songs. As for me I don’t know too much about the band, but it’s very interesting that you can experience controversy that surrounded them during the years. First the members used extremely lot of drugs, which led to several line-up changes and culminated with the exodus of founding members Slash, Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan. The lead vocalist Axl Rose remained the only consistent member of the band from 1985 until today. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic. Here is the article by Insidermonkey experts of easiest Guns N’ Roses songs to play on guitar.

Those who have ever been to a concert of this band think this was one of the best experiences of their lives. Turning back to their guitar play, Slash is one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation, the majority of Guns N’ Roses songs seem really hard to play. They are solo and riff heavy and will make your fingers bleed. In order to get the right information, Insider Monkey consulted the website Ultimate Guitar. They ranked the songs by the numbers of stars they got. If you are inexperienced with complex guitar tectonics and you are making your first steps as a guitar player, maybe these 10 Easiest Acoustic Rock Songs to Play on Guitar for Beginners will be a better fit than the Guns N’ Roses.
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10 Funny Tinder Hookup Stories

Without a shadow of a doubt our dating habits have changed a lot nowadays. We can find lots of apps with which we can find our partner. One of them is Tinder. If you are interested in a hookup, you should read Insider Monkey’s latest article about it. Hooking up is easy with these apps, but these kinds of dates naturally have pros and cons as well. As for me I have tried it many times (not Tinder), but the search was not successful, because there are lots of people who don’t want any serious relationship, just some easy one. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of 10 funny Tinder hookup stories.

How does it go on Tinder? If we see a photo of someone we swipe right and then we can start our adventure if the other person thinks the same. It takes just some few seconds. Manners and flirting have become easier and faster with these apps, as it saves lots of time. But at the same time it can be a little bit more dangerous as we don’t know who is behind a profile. Earlier we met everybody personally, so we could judge him, her for the first sight. On the other hand, a picture doesn1t say too much of that person. We may refuse somebody although that person could be a great partner of ours, just because we don’t like his, her profile image. You can also check our list of 6 Easiest Ways to Get Laid on Tinder.
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6 Easiest George Strait Songs on Guitar

George Strait is a singer and songwriter, and made great impression on country music. Strait went back to the roots of this genre and it was a very successful strategy. Unfortunately he stopped touring, so if you didn’t see him on the stage, you won’t have opportunity to do so. As for me I haven’t played the guitar, so Insider Monkey’s article was a new adventure for me. I learnt to play the bassoon, and I wanted to be a musician, as I was considered a talented student. But as I don’t know anything about playing the guitar, the descriptions of the songs were not changed in my article now. Here is the article by Insidermonkey experts of easiest George Strait songs on guitar.

Actually country music is ideal for beginners, but of course there are lots of songs that are very difficult to play. George Strait’s songs tell you the story, they are catchy. The songs that we offer you, all work with 3 or 4 chords. But please keep in mind that you will need patience and practice if you want to play these songs well. In order to get right information, expert has consulted the website the Ultimate Guitar – this was the starting point. They included the links of chords, so you can start immediately to practice the songs. There are not as many riffs and solos like there are in the rock music, chords are mostly basic ones and their progression is simple. Just take a look at these 11 Super Easy Country Guitar Songs for Beginners and you will see what I am talking about.
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10 Easiest Elementary School Band Instruments to Play

As for me I played the bassoon when I was younger, and I was regarded to be talented. The only problem was that I started it too late. Nowadays if somebody is gifted in music he, she must begin learning it at a very young age, about at the age of five. But what kind of musical instrument should you choose for your children? If I needed to answer I would say the easier the better. Easy – means now that it’s not heavy. We shouldn’t forget that a very young kid can’t lift too large instruments. So you and the kids have decided to choose an instrument so that he, she could play in the school band. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 easiest elementary school band instruments to play.

In order to get the right answer, we have consulted sites like Music Time Academy, and Quora. The instruments that were most recommended in terms of being easy to learn by kids and as a first instrument entered on the list. We have picked three items from the list: flute, clarinet and violin. Flute is on of my favorites as I love wood wind instruments. It is good if a child of 6/7 years old begins it, as necessary lung capacity is needed for this instrument. As for me I think flute is the optimal instrument: not heavy, inexpensive and develops lung capacity like swimming. You can also check our list of 10 easiest instruments to learn how to play.
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5 Free or Cheap Dancing Classes in NYC For Adults

Do you like dancing? I do. Dancing is not only a good feeling, but it gives freedom and s sportish figure as well. It’s not a trouble if you are not a professional, dance is for everyone: young, old, woman, and man – everybody can do and enjoy this simple but at the same time difficult art. Dancing became extremely popular and nowadays you can large numbers of dancing classes in New York, so if you want to go out to learn how to dance – don’t hesitate! As for me I have always loved dancing, although I learn only folk dance, and not modern dances. I love folk dances very much, but sometimes I think it’s not late, I can start learning modern dances even now. Insidermonkey experts made a list of free or cheap dancing classes in NYC for adults.

In order to get the right answer, we have consulted the website Class Curious, which has immense database of classes, and it was a great help as usual. Experts sorted through the dance courses. The dance classes were ranked by their prices. Group Hip Hop at HH Dance Junkies costs $17-$20 (single class), and they have a course for beginners: Standard/Find Your Light is its name. This class breaks down the basic building blocks of hip hop. There’s a five-week class that builds upon different concepts, but you can also purchase them individually if you just want to dip your toes in the world of hip-hop dancing. The second one is The Mark Morris Dance Group that costs $15-$17. You can also check our list of free art classes in NYC for adults.
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17 Companies That Accept Bitcoin

As for me I have never used bitcoins, so I was very curious about Insider Monkey’s article. It is an amazing fact, that a Norwegian man invested $27 in bitcoins eight years ago, and now it is worth $886,600 – simply he forgot about it as soon as he invested in it. There are lots of cases for investing bitcoins – but we can find bitcoin thefts as well. The most infamous case happened in Tokyo, Japan. It involved Mt. Gox exchange, and hundreds of thousands of bitcoins were rumored to have been robbed, this bitcoin amount can be worth over $1 billion now! Insidermonkey experts made a list of 17 Companies That Accept Bitcoin.

There are bitcoin wallet apps that rob users of their bitcoins, too. Last year more than 10 apps were reported to rob bitcoins. When Microsoft announced that it would accept the concurrency, it was a big boon for bitcoin. It is a means to fund Microsoft Online accounts. From there, the funds can be used to purchase apps, Xbox games, or other digital goodies. The next one is Expedia Inc. which has been accepting bitcoin since 2014, but in the last months numerous of people asked what happened to it, as the option disappeared sometimes. And at last but not least we mention Dell Inc, whose websites accepts bitcoins as payment for almost everything, including physical products, too. You can see a FAQ on their website, where you can find every necessary information. You can also check our list of 6 Easiest Coins To Mine: Cryptocurrency Mining on A Normal Computer.
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