11 Best Karaoke Songs For Tenors

Karaoke is fun, its fun for the person singing and its fun for the ones who are listening. If you are staring at a karaoke night coming up pretty soon, and you want to nail your performance then I think our today’s list is going to help you with that. Now, we all know that not everyone is a singer and not every song sound great sung in the same voice. Without getting too technical about it, I can say there there are two vocal ranges sopranos and altos. If you fall in the latter category, I mean if you are an alto, then I can assure you that this list is going to make your day. Insidermonkey experts made a list of best karaoke songs for tenors.

If you’re blessed with a really wide range, song choice might not be something that’s stressful for you, and for that, I applaud you. For those of you who are tenors, though, this is an important compilation. A tenor is one of the highest of the male voice types and it’s a classical male singing voice. The vocal range is in the high C range. Tenor is to soprano as baritone is to alto if you’re familiar with choral vocal ranges and that makes any sense to you. The point is, men with a slightly higher vocal range are typically tenors and should sing along to the songs on this list. For the altos in the world, take a look at the best karaoke songs for altos.

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