25 Best States For Mechanical Engineers

At first let’s see a statistics: according to Bureau of Labor there are 277,500 mechanical engineers employed across the nation in 2014. There is planned growth of employment by 5% from 2014 to 2024 it shows us that there will be 14,600 more newly employed in this field. So if you are just thinking to study engineering now it’s worth starting it! Mechanical engineers’ job outlook depends on the area they work in. Now engineering, architectural and related services hire the most mechanical engineers. We can find the highest concentration of mechanical engineers in industrial machinery manufacturing. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 25 best states for mechanical engineers.

Generally speaking those mechanical engineers are more likely to be employed who are familiar with new software and the latest technological developments. The average annual earning of a mechanical engineer is $84,190. To get the right answers, Insider Monkey consulted sources like Projections Central, Bureau of Labor Statistics; and Missouri Economy. They ranked the states by costs of living, projected job rates, and annual median wage. We have picked three states from their list: Kansas, Delaware, and Missouri. If feel interested you can also check out our list of 25 Best States for Industrial Engineers.

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