15 Best States For Nuclear Engineers

If you ever read some of our or Insider Monkey’s previous articles, you might have noticed that for each career there are 25 best states. But since the situation with nuclear engineering is what it is, they had to reduce this number for 10 places. Just to get out of the box a bit, you should know that Virginia is still having the most job opportunities for nuclear engineers, followed by Washington and Pennsylvania. The nuclear engineering is very important for the whole humanity, which is why the salary of nuclear engineers is so high. The average salary that was found on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics was $102,220 on the annual basis, which means that the nuclear engineers are paid about $49.14 per an hour. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 15 best states for nuclear engineers.

But since this number is the result of all states in the US, you can be sure that, although some states are offering the higher salary than $102,220, there are also some that are paying only $65,570 to nuclear engineers. Luckily for everyone in this business, there are only 10% of nuclear engineers with this low salary, while the 10% of the highest paid ones are earning about $152,420. As a nuclear engineer, you have the opportunity to work in several areas. For example, the majority of nuclear engineers are working in Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Industry, while about 17% work for Federal Government and 16% are in Scientific Research and Development Services. You can also check our list of 25 Best States for Environmental Engineers.

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