21 Easiest Songs To Sing That Sound Impressive

Insider Monkey ranked the many easiest songs by the amount of key changes and commonality. If there are too many key changes in a song it can be very difficult to sing. So those songs that have no key changes got two pints, while the songs with 1 or 2 changes got 1 point in their article. Another important factor which song to be chosen if you know it or not. We all learn songs much easier if we know them or at least we are familiar with them. Gospel songs are defined in the article as Christian music, they can be sometimes hymns but not always. Insidermonkey experts made a list of easiest songs to sing that sound impressive.

We have picked three songs from Insider Monkey’s article for now: There’s Still Power in the Blood by The Collingsworth Family; One Scarred Hand by Gold City; and Lord of Eternity by Fernando Ortega. So grab your microphone and sing the songs with us. There’s Still Power in the Blood by The Collingsworth Family is a beautiful gospel song and has 1 key changes. The commonality is 9/10 of Google search results which equals 4/4 points, so the total score is 5/6. This song is upbeat and a jazzy a bit. You can also check our list of 11 best karaoke songs for groups.

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