10 Best Karaoke Songs For Sopranos

Have you ever noticed that guys like Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, and Adam Levine sing so high that barely any other guys can eke out the same notes? What about the fact that female artists like Sia, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry leave women in the same painful situation? You aren’t imagining things; the popular music industry has been overrun by high voices ever since pop was invented. It’s nearly impossible for normal people (without digital enhancement) to sing lots of popular songs. In fact, many of the original singers of these songs can’t reliably belt out those high notes night after night – it just isn’t healthy. That's why Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best karaoke songs for Sopranos.

You can practice singing those high notes while having fun with friends by performing some karaoke songs. There is no shortage of Soprano song choices when it comes to karaoke, from classic theater tunes to pop hits. We compiled our list of best Soprano karaoke songs from Quora. This site is a great source with tons of worthy song picks. Please keep in mind that our list is in no particular order, and was selected based on our personal tastes. If your friends need some help picking songs as well, please feel free to check out our list of 10 best karaoke songs for Tenors.

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