10 Snake Breeders and Reptile Shops in NJ and New York

It is the same if you tend to have snakes, reptiles. According to a survey there are 11.5 million reptile pets throughout the US and most of them have been bought from stores. It is a very good thing because the stores can sell only examined, healthy animals and they have the necessary knowledge to tell you everything about that animal. Regarding to reptile pets you should raise a captive-bred animal whose ancestors have already experienced life with humans. If I wanted to purchase a reptile pet I would buy it from a small-scale breeder because they are devoted to that certain species and know everything about the animal I want to buy. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 snake breeders and reptile shops in NJ and New York.

Insider Monkey has created a list about snake breeders and reptile shops by going through many breeders’ and shops’ websites. Their main guideline comes from King snake website which has been specialized for snakes. They also used Reptile City recommendations for stores that are very good. They avoided using those breeders’ offers that didn’t have websites, only phone numbers or just an email address, because it would have been risky to use their offers without any insight. They focused on smaller reptile pet shops and small-scale breeders with experience in breeding these animals. You can also check out our list of 10 Websites to Buy Venomous Snakes Cheap with Free Shipping.

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