10 most racist states towards Muslims

It isn't easy being a Muslim in today's world. The world is progressing and modernizing, and is in the process of rejecting religion entirely. The biggest impact of this decision has been faced by Muslims, who are arguably the most religious people among all the religions.
On the other hand, the terrorists who claim to be Muslims haven't done their religion a favor either. Not only have they killed tens of thousands over the years, but they have generally only killed Muslims. Further, they have tarnished the image of Islam to a point beyond which it may never recover. This has led to anti-Muslim sentiment growing and is one of the reasons behind the recent spread of Islamophobia.
While the US claims to be tolerant of other religions, the facts don't portray a pretty picture. An article by Insider Monkey titled '10 most racist states towards Muslims' attempts to address this serious topic. Not only does the article address which states are most anti-Muslim, it also addresses the reasons behind this in the following paragraph
'However, that is never an excuse for violence. Unfortunately, you will be bound to find such incidents of discrimination towards Muslims in a country where the President himself is a racist, homophobic bigot who actively campaigned on the basis of discrimination and, won! Thus, it comes as little shock that hate crimes against Muslims rose significantly after Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States of America. America is supposed to be accepting of different cultures and identities. Some of its biggest cities have a large mix of people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. However, at the same time, mosques are being burned down, and Muslims are being killed for standing up for women, which begs the questions, why are things changing in this regard?'
Be sure to check out this article if you want to know the sufferings of Muslims in the United States today!

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