most addicted, drug infested cities in America in 2017

Drugs can be so amazing, yet so dangerous. While everyone knows that drugs such as marijuana and LSD cannot result in deaths directly, they are viewed with the same negative outlook as the actually dangerous drugs such as heroin, cocaine and of course, Breaking Bad's favourite, methamphetamine. However, while these were the most dangerous drugs in yesteryear, opioids have caused an unprecedented crisis in the United States. They have been responsible for over 60% of the deaths caused by drugs and are causing the government billions of dollars in damages. As I write this, the Trump is about to declare the opioid crisis as a 'Public Health Emergency'. However, it is truly sad that it took them this long to get about to it.
There are a few bad eggs in the US which have led to this crisis spiraling out of control. This Insider Monkey article 'top 20 most addicted, drug infested cities in America in 2017' talks about the worst cities for drugs and actually seem to have researched the topic instead of just regurgitating other articles. While it addressed the drug crisis, it also makes some really good points about their legalization such as 'Deaths from drug overdoses and drug abuses have been a way of life in America; they are often easily available, and despite stringent penalties for possession and sale, little achievements have been made other than condemning people with a few grams of marijuana to life in prison. This is going on in 2017 when we are in possession of enough facts to know that the best way forward is the legalization of marijuana, which will regulate the industry, destroy drug mafias and earn billions in taxes.  Further, this will allow people with a drug problem to come forward and get the help they need, instead of being ostracized which in turn leads to them hiding their habit.' Be sure to check out this article!

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