16 Creepy Craziest Worst Things Found on the Deep Web

Deep Web is often a topic of discussions and various myths. What can you find there, how to access it and who uses the Deep Web? One thing is for sure, it is the meeting point of criminals, terrorists and those who strive to find similar perverted minds. While the Internet is flooded with fake Creepypasta Deep Web stories, there is a large number of stories which are more than creepy and sick and yet they have proven to be true. Many mistake the terms Deep Web and Dark Web but these two are not the same. Deep Web is any page that is not indexed by search engines and Dark Web is a part of Deep Web and is known as a place where (among others) notorious criminals communicate and negotiate about human trafficking, child pornography and "business" transactions. Besides to those interested in shady and illegal activities, Deep Web is also appealing to all those who wish to truly remain anonymous while communicating with others. in order to access Deep Web you have to download TOR through which you can access the darkest corners of the Internet. Once you do that, if you are smart enough, full anonymity is guaranteed. 

Insider Monkey staff compiled a list of 16 creepy craziest worst things found on the deep web and the list is trustworthy since the author emphasized which stories could be fake and gave sources for other information in regards to what you can find on the Dark Web. Unfortunately, the scariest stories are true and they represent only a tiny, tiny portion of the horrific secrets of the Invisible Web. The largest portion of the Deep Web is dedicated to child pornography and abuse. Due to the complete anonymity of its users, it is almost impossible for intelligence agencies to uncover who stands behind these heinous crimes. However, breakthroughs do happen which uncover at least parts of well-protected Dark Web pedophile networks. 

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