16 Countries with the Tallest and Shortest People in the World

The genetics of height are fascinating but how do they work across the globe? Are they different in the US than say, in Asia? Well surprisingly (and interestingly) yes, they are. Insider Monkey's article on the 16 countries with the tallest and shortest people in the world describes very succinctly how height genetics vary among various races. Here's a little snippet of the phenomena:

"Interestingly, if you see a white man, his height, i.e., whether or not it's above average, is about 80% determined by genetics while the rest is a direct impact of his environment, which includes nutrition, health and even social stature! While if you see a Chinese man, his "heritability" of height will probably be around 65%, as opposed to the white man's 80%."

So you see things are extremely dissimilar when considered in different parts of the world. Not only do our appearances differ when we consider one race to the next, our average heights also fluctuate quite considerably. That is probably why countries with the tallest people contain all European nations while countries with the shortest people have among them South American and Asian nations. What exactly the countries are, you will have to find out by clicking on that link! Along the way, I assure you, you will also get to read other interesting facts.

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