12 States with the Highest Percentage of African American Population

It may not be interesting for many to note how different races are distributed geographically throughout the country but Insider Monkey has managed to make the topic quite intriguing with its piece on the 12 states with the highest percentage of African American population. Listing the Blackest states, coupled with amazing facts about the state of racism in the country, the article ends up being quite thought provoking.

Check out this snippet from the aforementioned article: “Let's consider Louisiana, for example, that holds a very high spot on our list, but has also been considered the most racist according to an analysis of tweets conducted by Abodo, based on the overall derogatory language used in tweets. The state was also ranked number 3 in anti-Black tweets.”

The above fact quite clearly shows how density of minorities in a particular area does not mean that that place will be tolerant. Maybe it just gives the state more opportunity to commit hate crimes? Of course, not all citizens of the US are racist. It is merely some White supremacists that have besmirched the name of many. But that does not mean that racism should be dismissed as a nonexistent issue. It is in fact prevalent in America and is highly significant. The matter has been more under scrutiny since Trump joined office and for good measure, but let’s not go into that, shall we?

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