15 biggest US government cover ups of all time

The US government is often more shady than corrupt organizations. It has trillions of dollars in its hand and is often run by a bunch of sleazy, incompetent people which has never been truer than now. However, whenever people claim that Trump is the worst President ever, I point to acts carried out by the governments in previous presidencies and they fall silent. And no, I'm not talking about 9/11 truthers or people claiming that even Sandy Hook was a conspiracy theory. I'm talking about the time when the USA used chemical weapons on civilians or hired Nazi scientists to compete with the Soviet Union in space research.

While conspiracy theorists are often crazy and completely wrong about the conspiracies they believe to be true, the US government is no angel either. In order to further their agenda and promote only that which serves their interests, the US government has engaged in major cover-ups. And even though I have always been a fan of learning about the lengths the US government has gone to in order protect its interests, an Insider Monkey article '15 biggest US government cover ups of all time' managed to shake me to the core. The article details some of the absolute horrific crimes the government has covered up. If like me, you think that the US government is up to no good, check out the Insider Monkey article!

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