7 Most Expensive High Schools in the World

Nothing is more important than a sound, well-rounded education that takes the whole student into account. The molding of young minds, of directing futures, and nourishing lifelong goals is an extremely significant undertaking and not one to be taken lightly. For those with the monetary resources to ensure their young ones have the best of everything, sending a child to a expensive institution is a good option they would ever consider. High schools abound throughout the world but the best of the best are located in Europe and their tuition symbolizes the exclusivity of the social circle the children are expected to keep when they leave the doors. Following is a list of the most expensive high schools in the world.

What does the hefty price tag buy? State-of-the-art facilities; course offerings that rival those at some elite universities; a chance to study with the children of business tycoons and monarchs; and counselors with long-standing ties to the most elite colleges and universities. Some parents pay more to prepare their kids for the Ivy League than they'd pay for Ivy League tuition. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that annual tuition at the Riverdale Country School, a private school in New York City, is more expensive than a year at Princeton or Harvard.

Anyway, Insidermonkey compiled a list of the most recent reported tuitions at some of the world's most expensive high schools. Moreover, instead of the whole, if you are more interested in boarding school, make sure to check another article of Insidermonkey on the 10 most expensive boarding schools in the world!

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