10 Most Expensive Colleges in the World

No two things are more stressful to a prospective college student than the question of getting accepted and determining if they can actually afford attending the school of their dreams. The cost of college is no joke, and is something we have tried to put a spotlight on since Insidermonkey started ranking expensive colleges, as it is a troublesome debt many students will carry for years to come. And if you want to know the most expensive of them, check out this article of Insidermonkey on the most expensive colleges in the world!

Experts of Insidermonkey compiled a list of the colleges that are charging the most, breaking down how much students pay in tuition and required fees, as well as room and board. These numbers are solely what students would pay directly to the school, so they're still going to have to cover books, travel, a healthcare plan, and possibly beer.

Colleges present their fees in different ways; some offer one total price, some pair tuition and fees together, and some list every charge individually. For schools that didn't offer a flat total on their website, we added up the fees that a typical first year student would incur. Moreover, as you are interested about expensive colleges, you might want to know about these 10 most expensive boarding schools in the world as well.

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