10 Most Expensive Golf Clubs Ever Sold

In the game of golf, talent alone won’t get the ball very far. While spiked shoes, collared shirts and cigars are synonymous with the game, all you really need on the course is a club. And while there’s no promising that using a more expensive club will lead to a lower scorecard, there’s not harm in checking out the world’s most luxurious options, is there? So, lets visit the Insidermonkey and find out about the most expensive golf clubs in the world!

Golf club refers to the club that is used to hit the golf ball. It consists of two parts. One part is known as shaft that is used to grip the golf club. On the end of the shaft, there is a head of golf. Golf head is used to hit the golf ball. It is a game played by the elite class. It is a game that shows the status of people. Among all games of the world, it is the most prestigious game. As it is a game of wealthy people. So, many types of expensive golf clubs are used by the players. This article has listed the top ten most expensive golf clubs in the world. Japanese manufacturer Honma is famous for making gold and platinum clubs. The clubs made by this company are purchased by the wealthiest people of the world. These clubs cost thousands of dollars. Tiger Woods is the most famous player of the golf. According to him playing golf is a rare experience it will earn you fame in the world among the elite class. It consists of different sets of golf made by wood, iron and steel. But to add status symbol in golf its players use to buy their personalized golf clubs made by famous companies. Anyway, here is the list of top ten most expensive golf clubs.

You also should keep in mind that this sport can become more than just a recreational hobby for the weekend; it can provide a professional career. In fact, golf is a very profitable sport. Just check out another list of Insidermonkey on the 15 Highest-Earning Golf Players in the World.

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