10 Best Wall Street Movies

The instant classic The Wolf of Wall Street certainly shows a particular side of life in the big leagues. But countless other movies depict working life on the most fast-paces street in the world. Here’s a look back by experts of Insidermonkey, at some of the best Wall Street movies ever to hit the screen.

Well, it’s time to start holing up indoors with a nice cup of cocoa and good old Netflix streaming. But probably Netflix. At Insidermonkey the only thing financial experts love more than impatience is watching movies about Wall Street. So we went through and picked out our favorite financial movies that are currently available to Watch Instantly on Netflix. So if your idea of a good time is watching movies about the financial sector, this article surely will guide you!

There is no doubt films not only tell fantastic stories and entertain us, but some of them also recount and even influence history. And surely not all of them were based on Wall Street. So if you don't want to miss any of them check out this list on The 10 Best Business Movies of the Past 100 Years as well.

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