10 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands

When I am talking about expensive cigarette brands in the world the purpose of discussing these expensive cigarette brands isn’t to promote smoking habits or any other such thing to our visitors but only to tell them about it to enhance their knowledge and information about expensive things exist around globe. The smokers know well the quality and cost comparison and choose the best cigarette brand for them but they may also unaware about these expensive brands that even not available in their country. And to know about them, just check out this article of Insidermonkey on the most expensive cigarette brands in the world.

Cigarettes are used all over the world and are available in many varieties. It is estimated that cigarettes are the most used product in the whole world that almost 50 million people only in The USA are addicted to them. There are many companies that are making cigarettes in the world and have large businesses in which they are earning billions and are involved in making of all types and cigarettes and products related to them as well. Some brands in the world are working in this field for many years. It is not very expensive products but it is harmful to some extent, but still people are addicted to it. In some countries, its cost is high but in some countries it is available at very cheap rates. Cigarettes are not a luxury product, but companies are working to make them a quality product and luxurious as well. There is large competition among all the brands, and all of them are promoting their brands through an advertisement that brings the market share for the people to attract their customers and to capture the whole market.

Despite being a product consumed globally, cigarettes’ prices fluctuate between countries, as their price is both related to production costs, as well as commercialization. You might find it surprising that in some cities like Geneva, Singapore City, Sydney, and Tokyo, your usual cigarette brand can cost as much as twice what you’re used to paying in your country. Just check out this list on the Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for Expats as well!

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