10 Most Expensive Golf Memberships

We all know that golf is a very famous game all over the world, and most of the people now are indulging in this sport. The trends in the world are changing, and people are now more focused towards sports to spend their extra time and relax to their normal routine. There are many sports that are played all over the world and are very common as well, but it is very different kind of sports which is now gaining its position in the whole world. Golf is also considered as an expensive sport to play even if it is played at a local level. And if you want to know about them, visit the Insidermonkey and check out this article on the most expensive golf memberships in the world.

It's common to hear golfers moaning about membership costs at their local club and there's no doubt about it - golf is expensive. To make ourselves feel better, experts of Insidermonkey decided to research where the world's richest swing their wrenches and found the most expensive memberships on the planet. Golf courses have proliferated like rabbits over the past few decades, spreading across the globe. If you are a golf fan, you’ll probably want to know which are the 5 Best States for Golf Adventures in the U.S!

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