7 Easiest Illegal Drugs to Make at Home by Using Legal Ingredients

Humans have been experimenting with drugs, it seems since ever. There have been many scientific researches that have shown that the use of psychedelic substances has a very long history with human species, and it seems that our extinct cousins Neanderthals knew about painkillers and psychedelics as well:

 Anyway, concerning human species, using psychoactive substances has a very long history. There is evidence for use of betel nut in Timor, which dates some 13,000 years back, which is still in the use today, just to name one example. Also, opium, mushrooms, marijuana, nicotine, and many other plants containing psychoactive substances have been found on many prehistoric archaeological sites throughout the world. There is also some evidence from 30- to 48,000-year-old specimens from El Sidrón cave in Spain that Neanderthals have also been using some painkillers and plants with psychoactive substances.

Since drugs have a long history, that means there has been a lot of experimentation with huge range of substances in order to make drugs. That is also what the recent centuries have brought, introducing synthetic drugs as well.

Many legal substances and chemicals when mixed together apparently can provide an illegal drug as a result. Since only a minor knowledge in chemistry is needed to produce these drugs, only the proportion and the amount of these substances is needed to know and almost anybody can make illegal drugs at their homes. And we are not counting thins like marijuana or shrooms here, since you do not do any chemistry in order to produce those. So, if you are curious to find out which illegal drugs can be made with some legal ingredients and chemicals, we have found an article dealing with, the 7 Easiest Illegal Drugs to Make at Home by Using Legal Ingredients.

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