10 Easiest Jack Johnson Songs to Learn

Jack Johnson is a popular musician who plays acoustic soft rock influenced by other chill music styles such as surf, reggae or folk music. These influences should not surprise you since Jack Johnson grew up on Hawaii having a surf career before becoming a musician.

But living on Hawaii, during his life he has encountered the consequences of pollution and waste in the oceans and pollution in general. That is why he made big moves towards spreading the awareness of these important issues. As you might already be familiar with this:

There are several non-profit foundations and social networks launched by him and his wife. The first foundation started by Jack was Kokua Hawaii Foundation in 2003. It is oriented towards schools and education of children about ecology and problems our planet is facing with pollution. The second foundation was raised in 2008 by Jack and his wife Kim, the Johnson Ohana Foundation for promoting and “supporting organizations that focus on environmental, art, and music education.” In the same year he launched a social network called All At Once, just to name some of his social web activities (which are not foundations), where people interested in environmental issues can easily connect and do some action in supporting plastic reduction in their communities, or growing organic food and promoting Farm to School movement.

Anyway, in his music he also tends to draw attention at these import issues, such is the case with one of his latest videos for the song “You Can’t Control It”.

Putting aside the environmental issues, music of Jack Johnson is great for playing since it is easy to learn. If you want to see which songs in particular, we recommend you to check out the 10 Easiest Jack Johnson Songs to Learn article published by Inside Monkey.

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