17 Easiest Marathons for Beginners in US and Europe

So, you have decided to run a marathon. And probably you are a very beginner in running. Well, then, before going through some of the easiest marathon races for beginners, you should consider some other things before that.
It is important to get ready for the race, and if you are beginner in running or in sport in general you should get some guidelines first. There are three important things beginners should have in mind when getting ready for marathons: physical readiness and exercise, healthy nutrition and mental readiness.

Physical readiness is the most important part of the procedure of how to prepare for a marathon. If you are very beginner, any distance might seem long for you. But don’t give up! In order to get ready for, say, half-marathon you will need about 15 weeks of preparation. You should consider running at least 30 minutes three times a week, each week prolonging your running distance, up to the phase where you can more or less easily run 13 or 14 miles. But be patient and don’t rush. Take an easy pace, the speed that suits you the most at the beginning, because injuries from running (and any other sport especially if you are a beginner) are often.

So, as you have seen, getting ready physically takes time. That also leaves you time to get your thoughts in order. Think positively, think about boosting your moral, think about the process of your preparation and not only about the final goal. And in the end, look for some advices for healthy nutrition which is very important part of anyone being physically active.

You will get a nice introduction on the things we talked above in an Insider Monkey’s article, and after that you will get the selection of the 17 easiest marathons for beginners in US and Europe.

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