8 Easiest Jimi Hendrix Songs to Play on Guitar

Jimi Hendrix was a music legend and one of the most iconic figures of 20th century. Even though he died at very young age, and thus not having a long music career, it can be said that all of the songs that were left behind him are very well known by generations and generations.

But, how easy it is to play Jimi Hendrix songs? It seems that chords and riffs used in his song are actually not hard. What makes Jimi’s songs hard if not impossible to copy is his playing style and unique way of improvisation and experimentation he had. For example, there is one chord which became his signature chord ever since:

…That is why, when looking for easiest Jimi Hendrix songs to play on a guitar, some would say that is impossible. That is why it cannot be easily decided which one is the hardest Jimi Hendrix song. What also made Jimi Hendrix guitar music recognizable is the “Hendrix chord,” or “Purple Haze” chord, which became somewhat of his signature chord. And that is dominant seventh sharp ninth chord (or 7#9), and that can be heard throughout his opus.

So, what are the easiest Jimi Hendrix songs to play on guitar? It is a simple question, but the answer might not be as simple. Because, as we have seen, if you want to copy Jimi’s style that might give you headache, but if you simply want to play his songs and get to know their structure than the job will be much easier. So it is rather a question of personal preferences than the level of hardness indeed. Now, if you want to try out playing Jimi Hendrix songs, you might check out the article we have found on this matter published by Insider Monkey - 8 Easiest Jimi Hendrix Songs to Play on Guitar.

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