10 Best Places to Retire in Michigan

When thinking about retirement, one major factor to consider is where to live out your golden years. Do you need plenty of recreational activities? Do you love golf? What about access to doctors, grocery stores, and affordable cost of living? Using data compiled by Insidermonkey experts, we’ve ranked the 10 best places to retire in Michigan, based on several criteria.

Nearly 30% of this township's population is age 65 years and older. Crime is low, there's excellent opportunities to golf and good access to other recreation facilities. The town also boasts above average access to grocery stores and restaurants. The weather's not bad either, but access to doctors nearby could be better. So much to consider, huh? Other pieces of criteria included how many retirees relocated to a place and cost of property taxes. And of course, we’re not including all the cities in other states where Michiganders retire (Florida, Arizona, etc), only places inside the state. What will you take into consideration when it’s time to retire? Tell us in the comments below! You can also consider reading our list of 10 cheapest countries to live like a king as well.

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