10 Best Places to Retire in Iowa

When most people think of calling it quits on a career, they immediately think of a move to Florida. But not everyone wants to spend their golden years in Florida; some of us want to stay close to friends and family and within the great state of Iowa. But where exactly in Iowa? Well, there’s only one place to go for the answer — data. To that end, we have tried to identify the places in Iowa that are safe, affordable, and have plenty of things to keep you busy well into retirement. What did we find after pouring through all the data? Let’s just say we hope folks in Shenandoah don’t mind us spreading the word. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best places to retire in Iowa.

Sheldon is located in O'Brien County, Sheldon is a haven for retirees. With great access to doctors, recreation or fitness facilities, and a low monthly housing cost, it's no surprise that Sheldon was ranked the number one spot to retire in Iowa. To create our list of the best places in Iowa to retire, we first used Census data to find all places in the Hawk-eye State with a population of at least 5,000 that aren’t townships. This left us with 67 places from across the state. For these 67, we looked at the following criteria taken from the Census, the FBI’s Crime Report, National Weather Service, and Open-flights. You can also read our list of 10 best places to retire in Idaho.

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