10 Best Places to Retire in Minnesota

If you’re looking to retire, whether you’re an adventurer, a bookworm, a foodie, or a little bit of everything, there’s a perfect retirement town in Minnesota for you. Insidermonkey experts did the research and ranked towns based on number of retirees and percent that are new, weather (which is all pretty low ranking in Minnesota as we know), safety, monthly housing costs, and access to healthcare and entertainment. Here is the list of the best places to retire in Minnesota.

We took #1 in the country according to Money Magazine, so it’s time to give everyone else a try based on these different parameters. Crookston scores the last spot on our list with a monthly housing cost of $667, a low crime rate, and decent access to recreation, libraries, doctors, and restaurants. Lake City takes top spot in this years list because of its high population of retirees (24.4% of the current residents), low monthly housing cost, low crime rate, good access to doctors. great access to golf, grocery stores, libraries, recreation and fitness, and restaurants. You can also read our article on the 10 cheapest countries to live like a king.

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