8 Countries that Produce The Most Uranium in The World

Highly reactive in energy-creating processes, uranium is far more common than silver and gold, and may prove to be far more practical than any ‘precious’ mineral in meeting the long-term needs of our planet’s human population. For our usage herein, ‘Uranium reserves’ are reserves of ‘recoverable’ uranium, regardless of isotope, on the basis of a fixed market price. Nuclear power capacity is said to have rose to about 372.5 gigawatts worldwide in 2012, with 437 active nuclear power reactors across 31 countries. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts about the 8 countries that produce the most uranium in the world.

Although countries like Japan and Germany have worked to shut down all of their reactors completely out of public outcry over safety and environmental concerns, others, like India, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia, have contrarily opened new nuclear reactors to help satisfy their energy demands. Considering that nuclear power plants are typically fueled by uranium, countries that have high reserves of uranium will be able to benefit from the ever-increasing share of the nuclear energy sector within the global energy market. By the way, don’t miss our article on five uranium stocks to buy according to hedge funds.

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