10 Countries That Export The Most Diamonds in the World

A diamond, without doubt, is the most coveted precious stone. High-grade diamonds are rare. Therefore, to own and to don a diamond-studded jewelry means that the one wearing it is a person of high stature in society. Socialites and celebrities flaunt their pieces of jewelry during important gatherings or events. Each piece of diamond has a compelling story behind it. Diamonds are the hardest of all the precious stones unearthed. A diamond becomes highly expensive after undergoing polishing and design. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the 10 countries that export the most diamonds in the world.

There are several controversies and social issues related to the mining of diamonds. Regimes raise money to wage war or oppress their people because of diamonds, thus the diamond mining industry in Africa triggers conflict and civil wars, making the trade undesirable. This sparks global concern because of the bloody violence occurring among-st the people in African countries where diamonds are found. The Leonardo DiCaprio film Blood Diamond depicts the harshness of the mining industry. Countries outside of Africa, like Russia and Canada, are spearheading the development of stricter government policies on the diamond mining corporations in their respective countries. You can also check out our 10 countries that export the most gold in the world.

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