11 Most Livable Countries in Asia

Southeast Asia has long been a budget traveler’s dream. Affordable lodging, abundant inexpensive food, and a sense of adventure have been pervasive in the region for some time. Today, location independent business owners are relocating to Southeast Asia by the boat load, drawn by the great cost of living and emerging opportunities in the region. On top of that, huge numbers of Southeast Asians are becoming increasingly affluent, leading to more livable cities. Insidermonkey experts made a list of most livable countries in Asia.

One factor that influences a country’s development is its income. The U.N. used gross national income in its calculation of the Human Development Index to reflect the standard of living in a country. In the most developed countries, gross income per capita is generally quite high. All of the world’s most livable countries had among the top 30 gross national incomes per person. Maybe you should check 11 most livable countries in Europe as well.

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