8 Countries that Produce The Most Solar Energy in The World

Although more can be done to harness the power from that bright fireball in the sky, several countries have taken the lead in capturing the sun’s energy and are using it as a viable source of electricity. By all accounts, the sun is not going anywhere any time soon. America could learn a thing or two from Germany, China, Italy and Japan when it comes to solar power. Although solar power was once seen as a niche market, these countries are proving that solar power is a legitimate answer to the world’s search for alternatives to fossil fuels. Insidermonkey experts made a list of the 8 countries that produce the most solar energy in the world.

Solar power is the third important source of renewable energy used after the wind and hydroelectric energy. Many countries around the world use this nature-friendly source and Germany is ahead of all the countries by using 32,411 MW of Solar Power. Italy uses 16,361 MW, China uses 8,300 MW, USA 7,777 MW, Japan 6,914 MW, Spain 5,166 MW, France 4,003 MW, Belgium and Australia uses 2,650 MW each, Czech Republic uses 2,072 MW. You can also read our article on five solar stocks to own after climate deal and tax credit.

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