10 Best Cities to Retire in Pennsylvania

When it comes time to say goodbye to the workforce, where are you going to go? If you’re in Pennsylvania, you should pack up your belongings and look for a home in Elizabeth town, the best place to retire in the state. For the past six months Insidermonkey experts been dutifully finding the best places to live in each state (Pennsylvania). Now we’re expanding our types of rankings to include the best places to retire in a given state. Here are the 10 best cities to retire in Pennsylvania.

To create our list, we used the U.S. Census (2010) to track down all the places in Pennsylvania with more than 10,000 people. There are a couple things to note about our criteria. We used Yelp to find the total number of libraries, restaurants, physicians, arts and entertainment locations, shopping establishments, and organizations that offer adult education. This became the number we used to analyze the total amenities per person. Additionally, our weather criterion is made up of two separate subcategories: the average summertime temperature and air quality. You can also consider reading our list of the cheapest countries to live like a king.

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