10 Best Cities to Retire in Maine

When many of us think of retirement locations, we think of warm balmy breezes and palm trees, or the hot craggy terrain of the Southwest. But some people, especially those who have spent their lives in New England, opt to find a little piece of heaven right there. People actually do retire in Maine, although many have an escape plan for January and February for someplace to warm their toes. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 10 best cities to retire in Maine.

Let’s face it, Maine gets cold and snowy. But,those who love outdoor winter sports and just plain being active are the ones drawn to Maine. With snowshoeing, great downhill and cross-country skiing in the winter, and hiking (the amazing Katahdin Mountain), boating and camping in the summer, Maine turns out to be the perfect choice for many. And let’s not forget hundreds of miles of ocean coastline for you beachcombers out there. You might also like our article on 10 cheapest countries to live like a king.

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